The new house was decorated in an American style and was used as a model room for three months after completion. It was so beautiful!

A brand new 132 square meter four-bedroom home for a family of five. It was decorated in an American style with big discounts and reduced prices. The completed furniture and upholstered furniture were aired for three months. , During airing, decoration company also use it as a model room, effect is highly praised by whole community!

The entrance was originally small, and a new shoe cabinet was built along the wall to create a spacious and practical independent entrance space. There are shoe and hat cabinets on both sides, which is why there is so much storage space.

In hallway is a living room with a black American-style sofa and a waxed leather drum stool. Every little detail shows elegance and fashion.

All furniture from one series. The living room has a simple false ceiling and stucco for decoration. Only sofa wall and the TV wall remain empty, which looks simple and elegant.

The newly built office is used as a partition between entrance and living room, when viewed from living room, dining room and kitchen are on opposite side.

The shared solid wood dining table and chairs in restaurant have a small balcony with storage cabinets, and fridge can just fit on balcony. The decoration on back wall of restaurant is very warm, and small green house-shaped locker is beautiful and practical.

The kitchen is specially designed for cabinets with high and low drops. The designer said that this is more in line with working habits of cooks. The classic black and white word combination in this kitchen is more elegant and temperamental, which gives kitchen a much higher look.

The master bedroom has a bay window and overall combination of solid wood, blue and light green makes bedroom space feel fresh and comfortable.

The children's room is made in nautical colors, which feel American Mediterranean, which is more in line with preferences of boys. The colors are warm and elegant and kids love it.

The study room is narrow and long, and area is not wasted at all, entire back wall is lined with storage cabinets, and effect is generally neither beautiful nor practical.

Despite fact that each room is small, it is enough to have independent small lockers for everyday storage. Since space of guest bathroom is reduced, dressing room is built with a walkway outside. The family has this wardrobe for storage. And there is enough wardrobe in office.

​The toilet is small and small, and it is also separated from wet and dry, and a separate shower room is installed to satisfy daily washing of parents and children. Once installed, it really is perfect in hearts of family members, and it's time to move to a new home after drying!

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