88㎡ Nordic two bedroom restaurant cork bulletin board is fashionable and literary!

The new house is a small two-bedroom house of 88㎡, with a gift area of ​​about 7㎡. This is a typical apartment with a small bedroom and a large Gonggong area. The TV has a partial floor. background wall, and cork bulletin board is pasted on wall of restaurant, which is fashionable and artistic!

Because this is a bungalow, entrance and passage are not too narrow. One side is equipped with top and bottom shoe and hat lockers, while other side is equipped with a full-length mirror so you can organize your look when you go out.

The dining room is not a square dining table and chairs like other Scandinavian styles, but a simple round log dining table with colorful dining chairs, which is very atmospheric. A cork wall panel is installed on wall, and all memories or messages are displayed here, full of memories.

From dining room into living room, space is open and entire public space looks spacious enough, and light gray sofa also sets off overall Scandinavian style.

In general, there is no great shape. The Scandinavian style is basically a simple decoration. The walls are painted gray and background wall of sofa is hung with just one Scandinavian abstract painting, which is quite artistic.

The TV wall is just a blank gray wall, but floor is on side of the wall. The combination of dark and light wood colors is more natural and fashionable.

The area given as a gift has been directly converted into an open small office. Although area is small, it can be considered as an antique.

The background of bedside table in master bedroom is same as TV wall. It is floor-decorated and matched with plaid Nordic bedding, which is full of fashion sense.

The children's room is relatively small. In order to give children freedom to use their imagination, whole wall is painted with an orange board, and they can draw graffiti and create as they wish.

The bathroom is not only separated from dry and wet inside, but sink is installed right in aisle and overall gray tiles are very textured. Look, it doesn't take any fancy decorations to be able to walk out of a stylish and expensive home, what a sense of accomplishment?

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The new house is a small two-bedroom house of 88㎡, with a gift area of ​​about 7㎡. This is a typical apartment with a small bedroom and a large Gonggong area. The TV has a partial floor. background wall, and cork bulletin board is...
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