The minimalist decoration of new house is completed, whole house is painted white, and log furniture costs only 140,000!

The only necessary housing is just a 92㎡ two-bedroom house. He also learns minimalist decoration of design master. The whole house is only in white and log colors, and some colors are built into accessories later. in general, it is simple and atmospheric, and whole house is only painted white. , furniture is all log, and total cost is only 140,000. Is such an effect beneficial?

Besides anti-theft door, which is dark wood, even entrance door is made of log color. The inside of shoe cabinet is also straight wood, and door is white, which makes it look much simpler.

A drawer to left of door also became a sideboard, a simple log dining table and chairs, and a four plate decoration on wall became one of few interior walls.

The living room and dining room are connected by bedside tables and sofas as soft partitions in middle, and wall decorations are just a few artistic hanging paintings.

The overall effect of living room: TV wall remains empty, TV cabinet and coffee table are made of wood, balcony and living room are connected, and glass sliding doors are installed to provide interior lighting. From experience on Internet, ceiling is installed on one side, house looks spacious and spacious, it's really good.

The wall and floor tiles in kitchen are cement gray, and log cabinets are generally matched with white quartz stone countertops, which are durable and have a good overall effect.

The master bedroom did not originally have a bay window, so low cabinets and drawers were purposely installed to make it look like a bay window, and a small table was placed. This is also a very artistic sitting area.

The entire study room is made of tatami, and material is also carefully chosen. The area of ​​the main house is small, and storage should be well done. So it becomes a study room as a whole, which is space-saving and practical. It is still very trendy and trendy design method. Why not?

​The tiles in bathroom are same as in kitchen, all cement gray, walls are slightly tilted, after processing space is maximized. It is worth learning design of washbasin cabinet, such a hanging type is more moisture resistant, and you don’t have to worry about bottom, it’s still very thoughtful, right?

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The only necessary housing is just a 92㎡ two-bedroom house. He also learns minimalist decoration of design master. The whole house is only in white and log colors, and some colors are built into accessories later. in general, it i...
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