The wedding date was busy and wedding hall was decorated in a simple way, I didn't expect my natal relatives to laugh at me!

The wedding hall I prepared was out of plan and more than half a year late, and wedding period was very tight, so decoration was very simple. It took more than 20 days to install and install it. let it hang for 10 days before settling. There was almost nothing. Better to be simple, save money and look good, it looks spacious and clean. After my honeymoon, relatives from my original family came here to play and invited them to stay at home for day. A few days later, word spread around my hometown that marriage is not good, house is rented out, it is poor, and there is no future. Is it really so ugly? ?

The shoe cabinet in hallway is a finished product, relatively narrow, with an inclined insert type, hallway is a living room, aisle is tiled, and living area is covered with wooden floors.

Don't look at small bay window in living room, it's still very bright.

I bought a simple sofa in trendy colors. On wall in background is a framed photo of husband who received award.

From passage here is kitchen space, walls are not painted in other colors, everything is white, simple and clear.

The kitchen is made semi-open, there are beams on sides of house, and shaped ceiling is wrapped accordingly. All white, very fresh.

A simple dining table and chairs are placed next to kitchen, although it looks simple, it is still very fashionable.

This is an office and a bathroom, combination of logs and white looks nice, neat and clean.

The decoration is really simple as long as two people live happily.

This is a bathroom with little space. It was originally a cabinet type washbasin, but it took half a month to deliver my favorite brand washbasin, so I felt this small size would save space, so I just installed it. From this angle, corner of bedroom is still visible. Although such a house is very simple, it is not too poor, and it cannot be called a rented house, right? It turns out that rumors spread in this way, I was educated!

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The wedding hall I prepared was out of plan and more than half a year late, and wedding period was very tight, so decoration was very simple. It took more than 20 days to install and install it. let it hang for 10 days before sett...
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