It costs 450,000 yuan from a rough finish of 144㎡ to registration, and everyone who has seen it says it's worth it!

The house was renovated as soon as it was built. This is a 144㎡ three bedroom house. It took more than 4 months to finish and furnish. At moment, it cost 450,000 yuan. My friend came two days ago and they saw and said that their villa was paid for. There is no such effect, so I'm secretly happy, and I'll show you!

The living room is to left of hallway and only has an upper and lower closet-style shoe cabinet. The color tone matches furniture, and even floor is made in same tone.

After installing a central air conditioner and installing a false ceiling, I always feel that a regular false ceiling is ugly. I heard from designer that gypsum decorative strips are installed, and the effect is more majestic and beautiful than this luxurious false ceiling.

The background wall of TV is very simple, it is also decorated with plaster lines, and a wall lamp is installed. All the money is spent on solid wood furniture and high-quality basic materials, and in finishing everything is chasing simplicity.

The dining room is a solid wood round dining table and side cabinets are also finished products. My favorite is sliding door in kitchen. I have found many houses with same wood color. The effect is really different, with a rustic look.

The master bedroom has been converted into a walk-in closet and all bathrooms are independent. The common furniture is made of solid wood and variety can be seen at a glance.

The balcony is open and there is a small desk on it, which is convenient to work, study or change clothes.

The second bedroom is relatively small with a small bay window, curtains and fabrics are fresh and elegant, even solid wood furniture doesn't feel heavy.

The children's room is divided into two zones, one of which is a study area.

When you enter it, you will see a children's playground. The space is relatively spacious and children can play freely on their own.

The last thing is kitchen. Cabinets made of solid wood are monotonous. The solid wood sliding door in kitchen is too eye-catching, adding a lot of points to effect. No wonder my friends love this door too. Do you think 450,000 total solid wood trim is worth it?

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The house was renovated as soon as it was built. This is a 144㎡ three bedroom house. It took more than 4 months to finish and furnish. At moment, it cost 450,000 yuan. My friend came two days ago and they saw and said that their v...
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