Installing a new log style home cost 170,000 yuan, but my friends complained that it didn't feel like decorating a house like a studio!

The area of ​​the new house is 128 sq. m. For a freelancer, you need to work from home. The older members of the family have a separate living area, you can also organize a studio. The hard decoration cost 170,000 yuan. Fresh log style is very comfortable. I don't know what went wrong. When a friend came to visit, he said that it was like a studio. Is it really that inconvenient?

In hallway, floor is tiled with Scandinavian-style hexagonal tiles, and there is a shoe cabinet on top of it, looks so good.

When you enter, you will find a large living and dining area. There is no curvaceous form here, and in general it is relatively open, which is very convenient to look at.

The living area is relatively light, with a row of tatami mat booths in low cabinets by window. The gray fabric is matched to match, which looks elegant. It really looks like an office, but simplicity of a home is not yet warm.

Simple log dining chairs and sideboards. Needless to say, storage space is relatively large. The TV is directly replaced by a curtain. Watching TV with projection is more pleasant. From time to time you can arrange a small meeting with friends. here watch ppt or directly This is a video clip, which is very convenient.

The kitchen is not big, but I like western style pastries and appliances are well prepared.

The bed in master bedroom is more individual, and a lot of effort went into customizing it. This pure solid wood bed is not only comfortable in design, but also in quality.

The bed in children's room is also simple and solid wood, but if decorated, not to mention a four-poster log bed, it can look like a princess.

The study room is essentially a workshop where unexpected inspirations can be jotted down on board. The environment is relatively calm, and the work is more comfortable.

​The floor tiles in bathroom are same as those in hallway, and they are all hexagonal elements in a Scandinavian style. There is also a niche on wall that can store a lot of toiletries. Such a room is very warm, it is comfortable for a family to live in it, how can it look like a studio? Do you think so too?

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The area of ​​the new house is 128 sq. m. For a freelancer, you need to work from home. The older members of the family have a separate living area, you can also organize a studio. The hard decoration cost 170,000 yuan. Fresh log ...
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