It is useless to bask in a clean new house, it is useless to praise yourself whether it looks good or not, it is better to see with your own eyes.

The installation of new house began immediately after key was taken. This is now considered first installment batch in community. Hard installation just completed and tidied up. paste to dry smell. The effect is very good. Neighbors who did not install quickly. If you step on threshold, it is useless to praise yourself for looking good. If you post a photo, you will know with your own eyes!

In lobby, white shoe cabinet is custom made, with good looks and exquisite craftsmanship. The floor is made of wood-grained brick, not a floor.

Tongpu's wood grain brick color is really good. He looks very good. I ordered American style furniture. This side is dining room with built-in pantry, and behind sliding door is kitchen.

Actually, there isn't much space, and it's a thin type, so it will be very delicate at first glance.

All cabinets are custom made, but color has changed a bit. The kitchen cabinets are made from old blue which is very textured.

The latex paint on background wall of living room is same color as closet door, and even plaster decorative lines are painted in this color, very fine and fresh.

The master bedroom has a bay window. The window is small, but lighting is good. The milk tea color wall and warm yellow lamp make it as warm as possible.

The wall of master bedroom is also covered with a whole wall of wardrobes that are in same style and texture as custom made wardrobes, which looks very American.

The second bedroom is used as a nursery. Despite small space, lighting is good. Since it is a large window, it looks brighter so that children can learn and live better.

The bathroom is very small. If you install a shower room, it will be very cramped. Install a water barrier and shower curtain rod and set it aside when not in use in future. Just pull shower to separate dry and wet, which is very practical. Such an ornament of 86 square meters, what do you think after reading, Wang Po is not selling melons, right? Is it pretty good?

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The installation of new house began immediately after key was taken. This is now considered first installment batch in community. Hard installation just completed and tidied up. paste to dry smell. The effect is very good. Neighbo...
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