Experts have experience, a new house of 83 square meters costs only 80,000 yuan, and effect of 200,000 yuan is imaginary!

The area of ​​the new house is small, only 83㎡. There were too many quarrels during finishing process. Luckily, end result is really beautiful. Relatives and friends all praised. They thought it was worth 200,000 yuan. For decoration, we spent 80,000 yuan for hard decoration and almost 140,000 yuan for furniture. The furniture that was installed last month is being dried, let everyone dry it, and next month it will be ready to move in!

In hallway, a dressing room was built on wall, and under it a shoe cabinet was carefully installed, a curtain-door was fixed, which is ventilated and lets air in, and it is not so stuffy in shoes.

The overall style is small and beautiful, there are no luxurious ceilings. The designer said that such a ceiling is beautiful and economical, and also has a false ceiling effect that reveals atmosphere.

The TV wall is made of gypsum, and American-style wallpaper is pasted in middle. The wall is a little cramped, but it looks very atmospheric.

The dining room is located immediately behind kitchen, with a small balcony, and refrigerator is placed on balcony. When not in use, dining table and chairs line up along wall without taking up space.

The kitchen is separated by sliding doors. White oversized cabinets feature smoky gray stone countertops that match colorful square bricks on wall for a trendy and fresh look.

The walkway leading to bedroom has a simple false ceiling and walls are adorned with photo walls, practically reducing distance between walkways.

What I like most about master bedroom is design of bay window. The original bay window was relatively small, but it was directly smashed and expanded to make tatami mats. There are also floor-to-ceiling wardrobes. on both sides, which is beautiful and practical!

The children's room is relatively small, with a solid wood single bed. Instead of buying a bedside table, put it directly on top of a desk that doubles as a desk.

​The bathroom is separated from wet and dry, and washbasin is cut directly from living room part to create a dry area tiled in retro style, which is beautiful and elegant and goes very well with overall style. . How about this, do you also misunderstand cost of decoration?

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