I took my mother-in-law to see newly decorated house, it was so beautiful that she thought it was a model room!

When I got married, I didn't have enough down payment on house. I bought a house last year. The hard and soft furniture was made just a few days ago. I took my mother-in-law to see new house two days earlier. It's a newly renovated house, she was stunned to think she was looking at model room in sales office! Beautiful or not, post it for everyone to see!

In entrance hall, interior is made in forest tones, with a natural atmosphere of logs, even dressing stools are pile wood stools, which are very beautiful.

The porch clothes hanger is special, it is called hole board, it is practical and stylish, and very stylish.

The area of ​​the house is not very big, only 83㎡. Dining room and living room in one space. The TV wall is not figured, but an elk is installed. It feels like whole house is full of Scandinavian fashion.

As expected, I spent tens of thousands of dollars on soft decorations, flowers hanging on wall, and a wine storage rack. Although I have installed it at my house, I have never seen it elsewhere. plank wall, this design is absolutely perfect.

The kitchen is very small and there is no wasted space, countertops are all quartz stone, and old wood paneling of cabinets looks very much like solid wood, but in fact the boards are still different.

The little bedroom is too small and door is a popular barn door that saves space and my wife loves it.

This is master bedroom with a bay window and good lighting. Although overall tone is darker, this does not affect appearance and overall brightness.

A small bedroom is a small space, and parents can live in it in future.

This is an office that could be converted into a children's room in future, it's a bit compact, but whether it's wall decoration or shared furniture, it's full of vitality.

The last one is a toilet that is separated from wet and dry, and too small to fit toilet, just as comfortable to squat and get into water faster. The house is really beautiful, no wonder it will be used as a showroom!

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