The 138-square-meter decoration cost 260,000 yuan, and curved balcony is made of round tatami mats, which is very beautiful!

New house with an area of ​​138㎡. As a three-room office, since study is relatively small, two rooms can be said to be relatively large, and area of ​​each functional room is not small. It cost 260,000 yuan for a hard finish, and shapes are different. They are all beautiful, and interior looks like a villa, especially master bedroom balcony is curved, with a round ceiling and round tatami mats. The finished product is really beautiful, show everyone!

There is no passage in vestibule, but two halls at once, but they are separated in middle. The parquet on floor is very new and curved. Many friends say they feel beautiful as soon as they walk in door.

There is no passage in hallway to build a closet for shoes and hats. I can only use passageway leading to bedroom to install a shoe closet. I think it's very luxurious.

To left of entrance is dining room and kitchen. The suspended ceiling has multiple layers and solid wood dining table and chairs look very stylish.

The kitchen is a U-shaped cupboard with a small window to sun and very good lighting.

The background wall with TV is done in black and white, and materials and colors complement each other. Despite simplicity, it is quite stylish.

The master bedroom is relatively simple, with a separate glass bathroom and wardrobe, and the space is very spacious.

This is a semi-circular balcony made of tatami and a round ceiling. Such a balcony for relaxing is almost impossible for villas.

The color scheme of second bedroom is relatively dark, parents like this color scheme, they choose furniture and bed themselves, which is more in line with their preferences.

The only small room is office. For now, it will be used as an office, but in future it can be turned into a nursery with a little modification.

The bathroom is pretty big too, with wet and dry partitions, and there's a matching storage closet next to sink, so you don't have to worry about having nowhere to put things in bathroom.

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New house with an area of ​​138㎡. As a three-room office, since study is relatively small, two rooms can be said to be relatively large, and area of ​​each functional room is not small. It cost 260,000 yuan for a hard finish, and ...
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