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Michael’s dreams were thwarted at every turn in favor of the interests of others

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Michael’s dream of turning to film thwarted at every turn

MJ Talking To Director

MJ Talking To Director

It’s sad enough to be aware of the reason that Michael’s ‘One More Chance’ video was shelved. It’s heartbreaking to know the incomplete video that $ony didn’t see fit to release in 2003 is somehow now suitable for public consumption and why the video only shows shots of Michael from the back and side. There were more shoots to be done from other angles but they never happened because Michael was home was invaded, and he was charged with ludicrous and hideous crimes that he’d never even think of, much less commit. It could not be completed because once again as in 1993, a second public lynching of an innocent man had commenced. Charles Thomson’s recent article at Sawfnews details the heartbreaking story of Michael’s ‘One More Chance’.

Michael Jackson dreamt of a triumphant return to showbiz after years of seclusion with the music video of One More Chance in 2003, only to have the dream turn into his worst nightmare.

Michael did finally get “One More Chance“, but it was neither the one he wanted, or needed. Many pieces of information I have indicate that at least as far back as 1993, Michael’s dream was to stop touring and performing live and to instead concentrate on films. Even beyond that, as far back as 1988 Michael wanted to stop touring. His mother Katherine had apparently talked him into going on the ‘Victory’ tour according to her first book and he’d said that would be his last tour. Touring was obviously hell on Michael because he put so very much into it, giving all he had to make sure everything was as perfect as it could possibly be.

Ghosts‘, which Michael financed completely on his own, was the kind of magnificent, imaginative work we might have seen much more of from him had he been able to realize his long-desired dream. But he never got that chance because every time he tried, Tom Sneddon and other criminal parties were there to destroy his dreams with an extremely hateful and self-serving agenda. Or, others had different ideas for Michael instead.

Also from Thomson’s article:

In 1993 he had a deal in place with Sony to begin making movies but the plans were scrapped after Santa Barbara DA Tom Sneddon raided Jackson’s home and the star found himself accused of child molestation.  . . . “He didn’t want to really start again with the music,” says Dieter Wiesner, Jackson’s manager from 1997 until 2003. “After he was done with Sony, he had a whole other plan. His focus was just not that much on the music part anymore. His feeling was that he had really made the best in his life for the music part. He created everything. He made Thriller and things like that and he knew it could be very hard to top these things. For him it was very important to be successful as a director and an actor, directing movies, making short films, things like that. He was really into it.

What happened with $ony – there was no ‘reconciliation

Once he got away from them, it is quite evident that Michael never intended any further contracts with record labels, much less $ony.

According to Peter Lopez, Michael’s former business lawyer (who is interestingly now dead), Michael neither had nor did he want further contracts with $ony or for that matter any label, once he got free of $ony whenever and however that was – and it definitely was. The only thing in dispute about this is the exact date or year this happened. But it did happen. Michael’s contract with $ony normally would have ended March 21st, 2006 or thereabouts, but apparently prematurely ended sometime around 2002 or 2003 or so. Some accounts hold that he was manipulated into being unable to rid himself of the contract when he thought it was finished (2001-2002), and had to sue to get out of it. Others say $ony accused Michael of not completing his obligations under the contract and therefore considered him in breach. This is ironic considering $ony’s refusal to properly promote the “Invincible” album under the same contract. Either way, it’s evident that there were no contracts after the early to mid-2000s with $ony. They did retain distribution rights to much or most if not all of his music however.

In regards to $ony around the time of the making of the ‘One More Chance‘ video (2002-2003), Charles Thomson’s article states:

…A decade after his film-making dreams had been squashed, Jackson was finally about to begin making the transition from music to movies. But before that he had one burning priority, and that was to release himself from his Sony contract.

He wasn’t ever really right back on good terms with Sony,” says Stuart Backerman. “The Beatles Catalogue is one thing but after the whole Tommy Mottola business, it was over. It was not gonna really be happening with Sony again.

As concerns releases after that time (Thriller 25 for instance), it is unclear as to how they were negotiated. From an article quoting Peter Lopez in 2007 there was no contract with $ony:

What’s more, Jackson has no immediate solution to make money. Many older pop stars have found gold in live performances. Elton John, Celine Dion, Gladys Knight and Bette Midler, for example, have made Las Vegas their headquarters. But Lopez, the new attorney, tells me the beleaguered pop star has no interest in touring or performing. “He feels he’s done that,” Lopez said.

“Thriller 25” will be issued by Sony because it’s part of that catalog. But Jackson has no recording contract and, frankly, no interest from record companies.

The quote above speaks to Michael’s financial situation, it speaks to the fact that he had no contracts with $ony new, old or otherwise, and it speaks to his reluctance to resume touring and performing live again. Also remember that Michael told his friend Cory Rooney, former $ony executive, that he could not tour again because it would kill him. In 2007, stated that any new releases from Michael would be done via the internet and social networks, not any commercial or corporate record label.:

MICHAEL JACKSON’s new album will only he released on the internet, according to his studio collaborator WILL.I.AM. THE BLACK EYED PEAS rapper insists THRILLER icon Jackson is still such a huge star, he will top the charts on the strength of download sales alone. The 31-year-old says, “Michael is the one act who doesn’t need a record label – he can do it all through social networking sites.” And Will.I.Am is confident Jackson’s record will be a hit because he hasn’t lost any of his musical talents during his break from the industry. He says, “We sat there in Ireland writing strong melodies that are gonna affect people emotionally and rhythms that are gonna make people dance.

From that Cory Rooney interview in 2009:

CR: “This was years ago. I’m going to go back probably eight years ago and Michael told me, ‘Cory, I can’t tour anymore. I’m not gonna tour anymore. Ok?’ I said, ‘why Mike?’ He said, Because it will kill me.’ That’s what he said to me. He said, ‘It will kill me.’ Why would you say something like that? He said, ‘Well, remember when I was preparing for my concert and I passed out at the Sony Studio?’ He said, ‘Well, it’s because when I get ready for a tour I get dehydrated. I don’t eat. I don’t drink. I don’t sleep. I put so much of myself into preparing for a tour.

He said, ‘I’m not doing it on purpose. This is just something I don’t think about anymore. You understand? I’ve just become so driven that I can’t even think about these things anymore. They made me walk around with an IV last time.‘ He said, ‘So I just decided, my doctors decided that maybe you shouldn’t do this anymore.He said he wanted to make the Invincible album work to the point where that was it. He’s done with the tour. He’s gonna do this Invincible album. He wanted to continue to put out albums. He said, I’ll do albums till I can’t do it anymore, but I just can’t tour.’”

An answer to my query a while back to someone who knew Michael right up until the day he died, regarding whether Michael would have ever signed another contract with $ony, the answer was a blunt: “Hell no!” Thus, there is every indication from multiple sources that Michael had indeed severed ties with $ony in the early to mid-2000s and had no plans to sign again with Sony or any label for that matter.

He told his nephew Taj Jackson as well as others in his family that he wanted to do films after the O2 shows. And we’ve heard from his managers and others who were there in years prior, that this was his dream for a long time before that. That’s where his heart was: film. While he was used for his image and name, while he was abused and extorted for money, Michael never got the chance to truly realize one of his most cherished dreams. A quote from him during the O2 rehearsals is very telling:  “They give me everything they want, and nothing I need.” It seems this could be applied not only to the ‘This Is It” shows, but to other areas of his life prior too.

'Field of Dreams' in Michael's Neverland Formal Dining Room

'Field of Dreams' painting in Michael's Neverland Formal Dining Room. Unfortunately, Michael's own dream of doing films was never fully realized.

Financial pressure forced him back to the stage

The O2 concerts Michael was roped into with AEG in late 2008 were due to the impending foreclosure of Neverland. I previously detailed the connections that led to Michael’s ultimate demise in my piece “It’s A Small World After All“. But let’s look at a detailed explanation of the events that led to Michael’s being forced back onto the stage, which are explained in an article titled: “Monetizing the Celebrity Meltdown“. My friend Nikki tweeted a day or so ago that “Michael erroneously signed with “2 Seas Records” in 2005 while in Bahrain“. The excerpt below confirms this. Nikki stated that “Nothing panned out concerning “2 Seas Records” except another lawsuit which was partially paid off by AEG according to Leonard Rowe.“. The excerpt below states that it was Colony Capitol that paid off the lawsuit, however it may have been both of them.

Here is the relevant excerpt:

Barrack had received a call from Tohme Tohme, a fellow Lebanese-American who had become Jackson’s business manager. Jackson hadn’t released a new album or done a world tour in years, but he had three significant assets: the Neverland property, the MiJac catalogue of his own music, and the enormous Sony/ATV catalogue, which included, among other songs, most of the Beatles’ oeuvre. Jackson was facing a crisis, Tohme said. The holder of $270 million in loans to Jackson was foreclosing on Neverland and planned to sell it in five days. Would Barrack meet with Jackson? “It’s so not Tom’s thing,” Lowe says. “Getting roped into spending half an hour with Michael Jackson in some weird house is just not on his agenda.”

Somewhat grudgingly, Barrack arrived at Jackson’s fifties stucco rental on Palomino Lane. “Not one blade of grass,” Barrack says. “The house was old and musty.” The 1,000-plus-page Sony/ATV catalogue was on the table between them, and Barrack was quickly won over. “For sure, the guy is an absolute genius,” Barrack says. “He was remembering not just songs but every performance, every date, every script.When it came to business matters, though, Jackson was lost. He knew only that if Neverland was foreclosed on as scheduled, it would trigger a cascade of financial devastation. For the past decade, he had repeatedly staved off financial reckoning by borrowing. Now he was out of options.

As a rule, Barrack is drawn to distressed situations. One of his rules for success.

Barrack had a relationship with the loan holder, Fortress, and was able to get an extension to give his Colony team time to crunch the numbers. They concluded that the only way to make a deal work would be for Jackson to start generating new revenue, which meant performing old material. Two days later, Barrack called Jackson. “I told him: ‘Where you are is an insolvable puzzle unless you’re willing to go back to work. If you’re willing to do that, then we can help, but if you’re not willing to do that, it’s just presiding over a funeral.’ ” At first, Jackson demurred. “He really had a hard time with that, and he struggled for about three days. Finally, he calls back and says, ‘You’re right, I’ll do it.’

Colony agreed to bail out Jackson; in return, the firm would take ownership of Neverland and arrange for AEG, the concert promoter owned by Barrack’s friend Phil Anschutz, to stage a comeback. An unforeseen complication arose when Barrack received a call from the King of Bahrain, whom he knew from Sardinia, where Barrack owns much of the Costa Smeralda; astonishingly, Jackson had apparently forgotten that while being hosted in Bahrain, he had signed over a number of recording and performance rights to the king’s son. Colony had to buy out that interest. Jackson moved into a gated $100,000-a-month mansion in Bel-Air to prepare for a run of 50 concerts in London that would relaunch his career. Instead, it ended it.

If Michael had been able to realize his dream, what kind of films would he have made? Well, I understand Michael liked films with ‘pathos‘ so no doubt they’d be that type of film. You could see this concept in all the work Michael did: in his music, his lyrics, his performances and his music videos and short films such as Bad, Ghosts, Thriller, You Rock My World, etc. He always drew the audience in by telling a story.

From Wikipedia: Pathos represents an appeal to the audience’s emotions. Pathos is a communication technique used most often in rhetoric (where it is considered one of the three modes of persuasion, alongside ethos and logos), and in literature, film and other narrative art.

Emotional appeal can be accomplished in a multitude of ways: by a metaphor or story telling, common as a hook, by a general passion in the delivery and an overall emotion and sympathies of the speech or writing as determined by the audience. The pathos of a speech or writing is only ultimately determined by the hearers.

Pathos is often associated with emotions, but it is more complex than simply emotions. A better equivalent might be appeal to the audience’s sympathies and imagination. An appeal to pathos causes an audience not just to respond emotionally but to identify with the writer’s point of view – to feel what the writer feels. In this sense, pathos evokes a meaning implicit in the verb ‘to suffer’ – to feel pain imaginatively. Perhaps the most common way of conveying a pathetic appeal is through narrative or story, which can turn the abstractions of logic into something palpable and present.

The values, beliefs, and understandings of the writer are implicit in the story and conveyed imaginatively to the reader. Pathos thus refers to both the emotional and the imaginative impact of the message on an audience, the power with which the writer’s message moves the audience to decision or action.

Now, even though Michael didn’t want to perform live or tour again, he certainly was not about to disappoint his fans! He intended to give his all as he always did, and to fulfill his obligations to the very best of his ability. But to Michael, this couldn’t be something he did just for the money. There was never much of anything Michael did just for money. He had to have a bigger, more humanitarian reason. He wanted to change the world and be inspired and inspiring. Thus, for the O2 shows he made the theme all about putting more L.O.V.E. into the world, and about healing and saving our planet. And God knows we need those things very badly right now. But it seems pretty likely that if he had his choice of how to do that, he’d have chosen films instead of live performances and a tour.

Putting together all these accounts from all these people and situations over the years make it very clear what Michael’s wishes and intentions were regarding live performing and touring again, what his feelings were regarding $ony Corporation, and what his true and most heartfelt dreams were, which was to concentrate mostly on doing films since at least as far back as the late eighties to early nineties. The fact that his dreams were trashed, destroyed, and thwarted at every turn before his short life ended is not only his loss, but ours. Now, we’ll never know what amazing films and musical productions Michael might have created to delight us, to inspire us, and to change our world in the way that only he could.

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© 2010 Seven Bowie, excepting photos and quotes from other sources.

{ Thanks to my friend Nikki whose bits of tweeted commentary & info I included for this piece. Also thanks to Justice4MJJ who reminded me of Katherine’s book and that MJ wanted to stop touring as far back as 1988! -Seven }

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Nov 01 2010

David Nordahl Reflects on 20 years with Michael Jackson

David Nordahl and Sketch of Michael

David Nordahl and Sketch of Michael

Michael’s personal artist David Nordahl had been featured here a few times many months ago, well before many knew much about who he was. You can read those posts about him here, here, and here.

When Michael was alive, Nordahl was never one to talk to the media, especially about Michael, during their 20-year friendship. His friendship with Michael was private and though he had plenty of media trying to get him to speak badly of Michael, he never spoke to them.

Now, Nordahl lovingly remembers his friend and as he said earlier regarding the media’s penchant for wanting negative stories about Michael, “they wanted to talk about negative stuff, and I don’t know anything bad about Michael.

After the posts here about David Nordahl, AllForLoveBlog interviewed him, and that interview was discussed briefly here. It’s an amazing read, so if you missed it, do take time to read that one.

Most recently, Reflections on the Dance has interviewed David Nordahl and I want to share some excerpts of that interview with you here. The interview at Reflections also includes audio, which is a very special treat, so do have a listen. Deborah will have a written transcript up soon, but meanwhile she has provided the audio and some amazing quotes from her conversation with Nordahl:

In regards to to the constant barrage of extortion attempts against Michael:

Michael would get between 50 and 60 extortion attempts per year. Most of them were paternity. Women claiming that Michael was the father of their child, and a whole bunch of other ones were over music. Somebody had written a song or something and they claimed that Michael had stolen their music or their words. All of those things got thrown out of court because once they got to court, they couldn’t back it up.

He was so much fun to be around. It wasn’t all darkness. We’d laugh so much. He had a great sense of humor, loved practical jokes….We’d be walking along and he’d break out into song. But not like Michael Jackson. He would sing like it was a man in the shower, just singing. I hated to see that joy go out of his life because he was a very joyful person. He was a happy person and just great fun to be around.

About Michael’s behavior and his parenting abilities:

I’ve never met anybody who was more well-adjusted or more normal. He was just such a normal guy. So intellectual and so bright and so normal.

He was an absolutely fabulous father. I’ve never met a parent that is as good or better than Michael. Those kids were an absolute delight! I’ve never met kids in my life that were like those kids. I spent a lot of extended time around them. I never heard them cry, I never heard them beg for anything, never saw or heard them throw a fit.

David knew Michael for almost 20 years:

He was just so genuine and so warm and so caring. All of the time I knew Michael, almost 20 years, I never ever heard him raise his voice at anybody. Never happened. He was just such a good person. Just a really deep-down good person.

First Meeting:

He had a red corduroy shirt and black pants on and loafers that were kind of broken down in back. That’s the way he dressed most of the time when I knew him. When he wasn’t in public. He lived so simply. Michael never wore any jewelry, no rings, no belts, no watches, nothing, ever. The only time he wore those things were onstage. I was just so impressed with how simply he lived.

(About a cream-colored Bentley as a gift from the Korean Government & Michael’s true nature): When David asked Michael if he had ever driven it….”no, no, no, I’ve never driven it”. It was too flashy. That just wasn’t Michael. It wasn’t the way Michael was.

David Nordahl's 'Field of Dreams'

David Nordahl's 'Field of Dreams'

The Difference He Made:

Michael spent a third of a billion dollars on helping children, paying for surgeries, building hospital wings, orphanages, a burn center and on and on and on. The good things he did he would never talk about them. You’d always have to hear it from people who were around him because Michael always thought if you did a charitable act and then you talked about it or bragged about it or something, all of the good you’re trying to do, that it negated all of that. So he never would talk about those things.

I asked him, ‘Michael, how can you do that? How can you spend the time with these children who are dying and then go from that, on stage and give that kind of performance?’ He said, ‘How could I not? If these children want to see me. I know I’m not important, but Michael Jackson the superstar is, and if I can make a child live an extra minute or an hour or a day or a month, then wouldn’t that be worth it?’

Michael was always that way. If he would get a call from somebody and a child was dying, he would get on a plane and go and he would tell them, ‘I’m going to be back in 2 weeks to see you,’ and a lot of times he extended little kids’ lives that way. It gave them something to look forward to down the line. You have to admire something like that.

Michael disparaged his own looks…His Inner Light & Those Eyes:

Oh God no. We had many talks about that (his looks). He had that inner light and he always considered himself to be extremely ugly. He said he’s not a handsome man. ‘That’s why I don’t do interviews and I don’t go on talk shows.’ He said ‘First of all, I don’t lead an interesting life, I work all of the time’ (and that’s what he did, he worked all of the time).

He never did really understand that he had that inner light.

Sitting and talking to Michael I would look into his eyes and I could see for 1,000 miles. He had these most incredible eyes. They come off good on film, but nothing like in person. When you’re actually sitting across there looking at him. Those eyes were unbelievable. There were times it would just stop me in my tracks and there were times I’d be around him where I’d kind of forget who he was and then it would dawn on me….’I’m sitting here next to Michael Jackson.’ I never really got over that. There were times he would do these quick little step things and they were like lightening. It was just so quick, so precise and just amazing.

Michael, the Media, Friendship and the question about drug use:

I don’t know if people are making things up or if they’ve been paid to say things, to give interviews. (Mr. Nordahl was offered many paid interviews, which he declined). “(They wanted to do the interview) as long as what I talked about was what they wanted to talk about. So there was a lot of money floating around. Like Star Magazine was traveling around with briefcases full of cash.

I never saw Michael with the effects of doing any kinds of drug or alcohol or anything like that, and I saw him all different times of the day. Early in the morning, late at night, all during the day. He was always totally normal. Totally there. So I don’t know.

The last couple of years, if that happened to him, I don’t know. There’s so much misinformation about Michael, except for anything I know personally, I just don’t trust it. People are so willing to, I guess to get on TV. I don’t know what it is, but they’re just so willing to offer information.

It used to piss Michael off because he would say things like ‘I saw an interview with my hairdresser and she’s talking about me and my hairdresser doesn’t know anything about me!’

He kept himself really separated and I got to be really good friends with him so we talked about just about everything that was possible, but for most people, Michael did not do that, just out of fear of people turning around and talking with someone else about it. Private things. I never did. I never gave into those interviews or anything during that time. He felt comfortable with me. He felt we could talk about things and I wouldn’t turn around and talk about things that we were talking about, to other people.

(I would say to him) ‘Why do you let them make up all of this crap about you?’ and he said, ‘first of all, if you’re going to be in this business and you’re going to be as visible as I am, these are the things they do. No matter what you say, you’re not going to stop these people from doing this stuff.’ But, that also led to his downfall because he did not speak up early enough. . .They treated him without any respect for the fact that he’s a human being and his whole life has been based on doing good deeds. Like, how can you do that to this poor man?

Accusations, Insomnia & True Friendship:

I spent a lot of time with him during that time, especially after that 2003 thing, and he couldn’t sleep. Michael usually tried to turn in around 11 o’clock and sometimes he’d fall asleep, but even if he did, he’d wake up again and so he’d always ask me, ‘is it okay if I wake you up?’ and I said ‘Hell, yah, come bang on my door,” which he would do, and then he would always worry. He said, ‘Oh, you’re not getting any sleep,’ and I said ‘Well, if I’m too tired, I’ll go grab a nap in the afternoon.’ We’d just hang out like that in the middle of the night until morning came.

Michael's Vitiligo

Michael's Vitiligo

Vitiligo, Makeup & The Press:

Then of course, I noticed, because he didn’t have any makeup on, I noticed the Vitiligo. It was on the right hand side of his face and down his neck and also on the back of his hand. I don’t remember which one. I don’t know how far it went up his arm because he had a long sleeve shirt on, but I noticed the Vitiligo and as time went on, the Vitiligo spread and spread and spread and it was difficult for him when he had to appear in public or perform, to get the right kind of makeup, because…that skin was white, not like Caucasian white. It was white like a refrigerator, snow white. In the beginning, he did use darker makeup to cover that, but then as it spread, it got more and more difficult to make that white skin the color of the rest of his skin, so he would have to go to lighter and lighter and lighter makeup.

Of course the press got on him about that, about trying to be white. Which is the farthest thing from the truth. Michael never wanted to be white. He was proud of who he was and where he came from, but he had no choice. He one thing he never ever did, he never complained about it. He had every right to.

A painting and perfectionism (David was working on a painting for Michael at the time):

He asked if I finished it and I said that I’m just about done. I’m just kind of wrapping it up and he said, ‘Would you mind driving it over so I can see it?’

I said ‘Sure, I’ll do that.’ So I drove over to the recording studio and when I walked in there he grabbed me and said, ‘Come on in here,” and there was like a store room. So we’re standing in this store room and he said ‘Those guys are mad at me,’ and I said, ‘What happened?’

This is Slash, Jimmy Jam was there. All these top flight musicians and these guys are used to laying down a track one time. The first time they nail it. Michael’s keeping them there till 3 or 4 o’clock in the morning! Going over and over and over the same passages, you know? Just wearing them out. Michael didn’t feel comfortable until he had explored every avenue, you know what I mean?

He had to know if there was a way he could make it a little bit better. He did that not for himself. He did it for his fans. I never met a man who was so consumed with how his fans were being treated. The shows he put on, the concerts, they had to be the best they could possibly be. He wanted people to get their money’s worth.

Michael thought of everything, including the safety of all of the kids who visited Neverland:

The children that came to the ranch…all the rides and everything there was wheelchair accessible. Everything was modified. All the rides were modified too. He had extra cages built so arms couldn’t flop out or hair couldn’t flop out and get caught in something. He was concerned about the safety. Hte guys that ran the rides…they went to Kansas City every 6 months and took special training to be able to extracate physically challenged children. All those bases were covered and even up in the theatre, there were 2 rooms and there were glass walls that had hospital beds set up so that critically ill children could sit in the hospital bed and watch the movie. He thought of everything.

The children that came to the ranch…all the rides and everything there was wheelchair accessible. Everything was modified. All the rides were modified too. He had extra cages built so arms couldn’t flop out or hair couldn’t flop out and get caught in something. He was concerned about the safety. Hte guys that ran the rides…they went to Kansas City every 6 months and took special training to be able to extracate physically challenged children. All those bases were covered and even up in the theatre, there were 2 rooms and there were glass walls that had hospital beds set up so that critically ill children could sit in the hospital bed and watch the movie. He thought of everything.

I assure you there is much more of this amazing interview to be seen and heard on the ‘Reflections on the Dance‘ website. Please be sure to listen to the entire thing and for God’s sake share this interview with anyone you can, because contrary to the negative definition of him from the media, this is who Michael Jackson really was, from one of his closest friends who knew him almost 20 years.

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Oct 09 2010

A Man Within The Mirror

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Michael, it seems, had a habit of leaving messages around the house. I don’t mean the little post-it notes the idiotic lame$tream media made a big deal of. I do that myself. I’m not sure I could survive without post-its! They are my crude tickler system when I don’t want to forget something. When I say Michael left messages around the house, I mean on the furniture and other displayed items. Beneath tables, behind mirrors, on the bottom of statues. Some fans say the writing does not look like Michael’s at all and they think this may be a hoax. What do you think? Does anyone have further information on this? Here are a few of the pieces:

"Let them praise his name with the dance - MJ"

"Let them praise his name with the dance - MJ"

Jewelry box, topside

Jewelry box, topside

On the bottom of this jewelry box, Michael writes:

Psalm 149

Let them praise his name with the dance –MJ

Handcrafted Table - Underside

Handcrafted Table - Underside

Handcrafted Table, Topside

Handcrafted Table, Topside


The bottom of the table reads:

Handcrafted by ‘Eduardo’ ~ From Surrounding Tree Stock of Neverland Ranch ~ August 16, 1990

“Home gives you love to complete your life.
Home gives you sunsets to warm your heart.
Home gives you friendships to brighten your being.
Home gives you patience to accept the truth.
Home gives you comfort on a difficult day.
Home gives you rainbows beneath the clouds.
Home gives you hugs when your spirits sag.
Home gives you faith so that you can believe.
Home gives you courage to know yourself.
Home gives you beauty for your eyes to see.”
— MJ

Backside of Mirror - 'A Man Within the Mirror'

Backside of Mirror - 'A Man Within the Mirror'

Frontside of Mirror

Frontside of Mirror


The inscription on the back of the mirror reads:

A million eyes upon me
defines my greatest fear
This music that surrounds me
defines my every tear

Just close your eyes and listen
the music will appear
for I am just a man
A man within the

-MJ 2-3-87

These Neverland items are temporarily on display and sadly, to be auctioned soon, along with many other items from Michael’s home. It is my contention that they belong in a museum dedicated to Michael and his family, not in the hands of moneyed collectors scattered hither and yon around the world, never to be seen again by Michaels fans or family. Last I remember, Tohme-Tohme emptied Neverland into several storage warehouses and refused to sign the items over to the estate on request. The estate was to initiate legal proceedings to compel Tohme to sign the items over. I’ve heard no more about that and have no idea now what the status of this issue is now. However, more and more of Michael’s Neverland items continue to appear in this or that exhibit, soon to be auctioned by Juliens or some other auction house. Juliens has insisted that some the items (not these particular ones but others) are not from Neverland but rather items given up by family, friends, and fans for auction.

Jun 05 2010

More Michael Jackson in Ireland: Bishopstown House Was to be His Irish Retreat

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Oh how I wish he’d have stayed there. Ireland. Which Michael clearly loved and could have had an actual normal existence there (well except that son of a Bush who outed him to all and sundry just before he left).

Here’s a little tidbit that came out just yesterday, about Bishopstown House. Michael’s friend Paddy Dunning, owner of the lovely Grouse Lodge where Michael recorded while there, was apparently secretly having this dilapidated house renovated for him to be used as a retreat for himself and family.

Here’s the place. Notice the new wooden wing at the back of the house.  Here is an advert for its rental now as a self-catering mansion/retreat.

Bishopstown House

Bishopstown House

Bishopstown House - Master Bedroom

Bishopstown House - Master Bedroom

Bishopstown House Dining Room

Bishopstown House Dining Room

Bishopstown House Alternate View

Bishopstown House Alternate View

A HOUSE which Michael Jackson was refurbishing as an Irish retreat is to be launched as a self-catering holiday mansion.

Bishopstown House in Co Westmeath was bought in trust for Jackson in 2006 by the well-known entrepreneur Paddy Dunning who owns the nearby Grouse Lodge Studios which are popular with artists such as R.E.M, Manic Street Preachers and Snow Patrol.

Jackson spent time in Ireland in 2005 after his trial on allegations of improper relations with minors and fell in love with the house which was in a dilapidated state.

The house was being renovated just before Jackson’s death last year and was left in limbo.

It was while recording demos of his new album in 2006 that he decided to look for a more permanent home in Ireland before discovering Bishopstown House which is in Rosemount.

In 2008, Dunning applied on his behalf for planning permission to Westmeath County Council to refurbish the house and add a number of maisonettes. There were also plans for an indoor swimming pool. At the time the fact that the work was being done for Jackson was kept secret from the public.

All restoration work was stopped on Jackson’s death, but Dunning decided to finish the job having got permission from the Jackson family to do so. The renovated house has six spacious bedrooms, most of which feature four poster beds, and it can sleep 13. Most of the rooms are en suite with large bathrooms on a new wooden wing all featuring outstanding views of the surrounding countryside.

Dec 15 2009

I Have This Dream

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I Have This Dream

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I Have This Dream‘ is an (as yet) unpublished song by Michael.  A friend tells me that he wrote this song with David Foster and Carol Bayer Sager.  It was recorded in 2005 – unbelievably right amidst one of the worst times of his life. The phrase “I See People Turning Into Angels and God Giving Them Their Wings” is also referenced HERE on this site. There are several versions of this song on YouTube.  One is included below. As recorded, though, it’s mostly instrumental – and this particular version (below) is a little silly, including some funny video footage of Michael. Enjoy!  It is a beautiful melody and a beautiful sentiment from a beautiful heart and soul:

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