Feb 04 2010

Continued Injustice Against Michael – A Way to Take Action – SUCCESS!

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This Advocacy Action Request is officially closed, since it has been an astounding success! Michael’s name was uncovered on Gardner St. Elementary School on October 15th, 2010!  There will be an official re-dedication ceremony on December 10th, 2010. For more details see here and here.  See all articles on MJJ-777 pertaining to Gardner St. Elementary here.


Michael was a 6th grade student at Gardner Elementary School back when he was a normal 11-year-old. He attended class there in the daytime and performed as an emerging musical superstar at night with his family group The Jackson Five. In return, Michael adopted his old school by paying the salary for the school’s music teacher, planting memorial rose bushes near the playground, and even leaving his famous signature on the wall of his old 6th grade schoolroom.

In 1989, Gardner Street Elementary named the school auditorium after “the gloved one” with gleaming silver letters across the front of the building that read: “The Michael Jackson Auditorium“.  Michael himself showed up for the unveiling:

• • •

• • •

Here is a picture of the auditorium that they named for him.  Beautiful, isn’t it?  Gleaming silver letters!

Gardner School Auditorium
• • •

Now, look what they did to it after the 2003 allegations

MJ Auditorium Covered
and that is how it remains – like the picture above, with Michael’s name boarded up so as not to be seen.

• • •

Aside from the fact that he did a lot for that school, I cannot imagine how heartbreaking it must have been to have them board up his name like that, and to have them continue to keep it covered – EVEN after he was acquitted on EVERY bogus charge against him.

This should simply not be.

They didn’t even rename the auditorium. They just boarded it up and left it that way. That speaks volumes.  Why continue to shame an innocent man like this?

It is beyond time this is changed. A few people have emailed and have been told that it is “under review“, that it is “on the table“. But, it’s time to get it more than “on the table“. Let’s get those boards removed and Michael’s innocent name restored!

To be clear:

We are NOT suggesting any kind of rally. Please DO NOT disrupt this school or do anything crazy. But, we do want to have this changed. It is unfair, it is hurtful, and it is extremely unjust.

Here is how you can help if you want to take action:

JOIN the Facebook page dedicated to this cause. This group has been working VERY hard to try to have this situation rectified. They’ve collected letters in the past and delivered them to school officials.

If you remember, they previously met with Kenneth Urbina, Gardner St. School Principal, and Earl Perkins, Assistant Superintendant, and learned that the holdup was Superintendant Raymond Cortines. In order to state the case for having Michael’s name uncovered, the group learned they must appear before the School Board Committee. The group finally secured a place in one of the board’s committee meetings and the date of that meeting is October 19th!

They have collected many more letters from fans to be delivered to the Committee on October 19th. The official letter count: 2,361. The final group letter count: 5 with a total of 2,572 signatures. All of these will be bound into books and shown to Supt. Cortines and the LAUSD board members during the October 19 Committee of the Whole.

Jennifer Marino will present the letters and speak at the meeting on the 19th. What YOU can do is join their Facebook page and spread the word! They are not collecting more letters at this time but they need your support in other ways. If it is voted to uncover Michael’s name on the 19th, this will be a huge and historical event and we all want to be part of it!

The team has sent this message to fans in regards to the October 19th meeting

We do not advise people to attend the actual meeting at the LAUSD building unless you are one of the official speakers for the campaign. However, if you would like to drop by and watch, please ask for permission from the team first by contacting Jennifer Marino (LA rep) at [email protected] or [email protected]

We do not want fans and supporters to cause a commotion that will jeopardize the chances of being heard and winning the fight. We want to come across as civilized and respectful. If you decide to come, please present yourself as a concerned citizen – i.e. no MJ apparel, no disrespectful signs or banners, no loud rallying and protesting, no shouting in the middle of the meeting at the board room.

The entire board meeting will be streamed live via the LAUSD website or via our Ustream account (links will be posted again few days before the date), so you will be able to see it as it is happening.

Thank you very much and we hope you will consider our requests.

– Uncover MJ Team

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35 Responses to “Continued Injustice Against Michael – A Way to Take Action – SUCCESS!”

  1. MJJ-777 » Michael Jackson 20th Anniversary Gardner Elementary Dedication + Luckiest Kid In School (very touching video) says:

    […] Please help us get Michael’s name rightfully restored to visibility on his old school’s auditorium. SEE WHAT YOU CAN DO and read more HERE. […]

  2. MJJ Archives says:

    We’re trying to setup a campaign all over the internet so we made a Facebook fan page too. Please support our campaign to uncover Michael Jackson’s name on the Gardner St. School Auditorium sign by being a fan of the page, thank you!

    Be a fan of the page here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Uncover-Michael-Jacksons-Name-The-Gardner-St-School-Issue-Campaign/339260689115

    Also join the MJTP (Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait) group:

    We need more supporters so we can grab the attention of the authorities. Please spread the word.
    Thanks so much!

    Please also invite others to join the group to make it bigger.

    For more info, please visit: http://mjjarchives.weebly.com/2/post/2010/02/the.html

    Thank you!

    — Uncover MJ Team

  3. Michael Jackson Beat says:

    As much as I would love for them to uncover Michael Jackson’s name, I believe it’s up to the parents to decide. If they don’t believe he’s innocent(despite overwhelming evidence) then I’m afraid it won’t happen.:(

  4. elissar says:

    Dear Mr. Perkins you know how much Michael gave to humanity and its time the world shows him real endless love. Im writing this on the behalf of the millions of die hard core fanatic MJ fans.

  5. Catherine says:

    Please display Michael’s name again. This poor man suffered so much in his life. He deserves some justice at last. He done nothing wrong. RIP Michael. You are a legend and will never truly die.