Feb 05 2010

“Most creative” •”Shyest”• “Best-dressed” – That’s our man!

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Michael’s High School graduation year would have been 1977, though I understand he did not graduate from any particular school. Primarily schooled by private tutors, he did attend California Preparatory High School for a while.  Here are some pages from the 1976 CalPrep Yearbook where Michael was voted ‘Most creative‘, ‘shyest‘, and of COURSE ‘best-dressed‘.  There’s also a nice piece of artwork by Michael included . . .

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{ THANKS to my friend Dana for this awesome piece of memorabelia! -Seven }

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8 Responses to ““Most creative” •”Shyest”• “Best-dressed” – That’s our man!”

  1. Lani Rey says:

    California Preparatory School was located at 5300 Sepulveda Blvd. Changed name to Stratford Preparatory School then changed name again to Infinity Internation something.

  2. Karyn says:

    I went to Cal Prep with MJ in 1974 (have the yearbook – and that year we got it right – he was voted “Most likely to succeed,” in addition to “Most artistic!”). I only went half the year, so it is quite possible that he did as well, but he definitely ended the year at Cal Prep, not Montclair. Randy, Marlon and Latoya also attended.

  3. Seven says:

    MizT – yes, that’s his, apparently!

  4. MizT says:

    That’s his artwork?

  5. anna says:

    This is just adorable. Thank you so much for sharing this! Michael, angel love you always

  6. shine says:

    Aww… Mike… I miss the man soooo much! 🙁 Most creative… WOW! Most (or well) dressed—- I am attracted! Shyest.. I am speechless! 🙁

  7. luvuangel says:

    Adorable. Just too adorable. Of course he was the shyest, best-dressed and most creative. When just a
    teen, he was already awesome. Thank you so much for this jewel. Michael, I love you most.

  8. Gerri says:

    That is just way too cool. Most creative… is that the understatement of all time or what!!! Thanks for posting this, what a treasure!

  9. Bonnie Cox says:

    Wow. MIchael, love your “HIStory”. Thank you for sharing this whoever sent this. ♥