Feb 11 2010

Michael’s Autopsy (just like the FBI files) Reveals the TRUTH – But You WON’T Hear it From the Media

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The excerpts below are from Reflections On The Dance, where Deborah Campise Kunesh has analyzed the autopsy report. We encourage people to seek TRUTH and not swallow wholesale the LIES and sensationalist propaganda that the media spews on a daily basis – and which will only increase in the months ahead as the trial of Conrad Murray gets underway, and as the media further seek to DISTRACT the public’s attention from the FACTS about Michael’s life – and his death. To see her analysis in its entirety, click HERE.

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by Deborah Campise Kunesh,  Reflections On The Dance

Would it surprise you to learn that Michael was telling us the truth all along? I’ve known that all along, as have others, but there are still many who never really listened to him when he was trying to give us the truth as media and tabloids were on a witch hunt to destroy him and his image.

The truth of the matter is that, indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson was telling us the truth, about himself, and his life. We just weren’t listening!

The truth of the matter is that, indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson was telling us the truth, about himself, and his life. We just weren’t listening!

Truth matters. Would you believe me if I told you that Michael Jackson…

Did indeed have vitiligo (confirmed in the autopsy) and did not “bleach” his skin to become white
, and that despite your hearing how he was a junkie, that the only meds they found in him were regular prescriptions, the drugs used to try to resuscitate him and the propofol? It’s all in the official autopsy report.

The truth is, blaming Michael Jackson for his own death is just another lie being spread by the media. Why? Because sensational stories that have drama, intrigue, lies and negative news, SELL! News and stories about do-gooders don’t attract major attention (which is why most of you never heard about Michael’s non-stop charity and helping people and the lives of so many children that he saved). The ugly, sensationalist stories make the newspapers and television media outlets money. The more people watching or buying, the more advertisers they get. The more advertisers, the more money they make. It’s a business, pure and simple.

I felt a need to write this because, with all of the garbage you are going to hear in the coming months, I thought you might want to hear some real, honest truth, straight from the hip. I’ve talked with people, I’ve researched, and I read the autopsy report from top to bottom.

The truth of the matter is that, indeed, Michael Joseph Jackson was telling us the truth, about himself, and his life. We just weren’t listening! The FBI files prove it, the autopsy report proves it (though I don’t agree with the FBI files and the final autopsy report being made public as again, it’s is a gross invasion of his privacy.)

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A man’s life was taken (long before this murder). His life was stolen from him because of all of the lies that were spread about him…by the tabloids, the media, and by everyone who spread those rumors and lies they heard and read as a way to entertain themselves and their friends. After all, it can’t hurt to make fun of someone else, to defame someone’s character, to call someone a freak, to tear another human being apart. That’s what we tell ourselves. What have we become as a society! This could easily have been you or me. It could happen to anyone. So if you don’t care because it doesn’t relate to you, it DOES! You are not immune.

Here is a perfect example of just one of the millions of lies Michael had to endure, day in and day out, courtesy of those who proclaim to be reporting “truth”:

…there was a news program talking about him being in Europe with some little boy. I was sitting next to the guy while the news is making this crap up. He just looked at me and said “this is what I have to deal with.”

Rob Hoffman
A sound engineer that worked with Michael

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Some things that the autopsy report revealed

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1. Confirmation that Michael Joseph Jackson did INDEED suffer from the devastating skin disease, Vitiligo

Straight from the autopsy report:

Sections of skin show no melanocytic pigment. Melanocytes, although present, are reduced in number. There is focal depigmentation of the skin, particularly over the anterior chest and abdomen, face and arms. Diagnosis: Vitiligo.

2. Michael was not a “junkie” or “drug addict”

Michael suffered from severe insomnia. He was not a junkie!

But you are going to be hearing the opposite. Why should you believe me? I’ve read the reports. I’ve spoken to people who knew Michael well and for many, many years. Michael, at one time, did have a prescription drug addiction to painkillers. This was after his scalp was burned during the filming of a Pepsi commercial, causing excruciating pain. He was put on painkillers to help him deal with the pain. He admitted his addiction at the time and sought help. Everyday people become hooked on prescription pain killers all of the time. I personally know some of them. Michael got treatment for that. Michael was ALWAYS against drugs.

The truth is, Michael was on prescription medications. Everyday prescriptions that millions of others are on. Just put yourself in his shoes for a second. People (the tabloids, media, public) were constantly lying on him, calling him a freak, making him out to be something that he wasn’t. Many people betrayed him and to this day, still try to pass themselves off as experts on him or friends of his. There are many who watch these people on television, and believe their lies. This is just another example of something that wasn’t true, being sensationalized.

Just to look at things from the opposite point of view for a second: Even if he were to have had a prescription drug addiction, a treating physician (or physicians) would not ethically prescribe more of these drugs to someone with a problem. No matter the amount of money. Prescription drug addiction many times comes from the nature of the drug. Many drugs are addicting, even in people who won’t so much as normally take an aspirin.

The meds they found in their toxicology reports are standard prescription drugs. What wasn’t found in his system? No alcohol, marijuana, barbiturates, cocaine, no morphine or other opiates, only the prescription meds he was on, the drugs used to try to resuscitate him, and the propofol.  Should he have been given propofol? No, absolutely not.

The official cause of death? Acute propofol intoxication that was ruled as a homicide.

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6 Responses to “Michael’s Autopsy (just like the FBI files) Reveals the TRUTH – But You WON’T Hear it From the Media”

  1. MJJ-777 » SOME things just should not be tinkered with . . . says:

    […] him (like the media did) of “bleaching his skin”. Now, the coroner’s report validates without a doubt that Michael did indeed suffer from vitiligo. Thus far, I am not aware that Quincy Jones has […]

  2. Jennifer says:

    I think the media made people believe Mr. Jackson was a addict. They made it as if it was truth just like natural, everything was processed from the false fact. I mean, in my opinion, the investigation went wrong from the first. Anybody who killed (on purpose or recklessly) Michael used the false image of Michael to escape from investigation. There are lot of things unclear for this investigation and after I read this I was outraged. Please go to http://www.petitiononline.com/mod_perl/signed.cgi?TINIxMJ&401 and read carefully #6316 signature comment. What do you think about that?

  3. Seven says:

    I have the same concern Susan – with the media’s continuation of their “MJ is a freak” mantra. If they suddenly decided to start reporting on the TRUTH about Michael Jackson – as facts in the FBI file and the coroner’s report does, then the media would have to subsequently ADMIT that they have been LYING about him for decades.

    I seriously doubt they will admit their own culpability in destroying the man and secondary to that, in sending him to a premature death. Thus, they have to continue with their M.O. of lies, distractions, and sensationalism.

    The media has already convicted Michael as GUILTY in the court of public opinion. GUILTY – somehow – of his own MURDER – whilst they portray the sociopath called “Doctor” Murray as a mild little innocent bystander to it all.

    But that propofol didn’t get into Michael’s system by itself, and Michael didn’t self-administer and Murray was the only other one in the room . . . however the WILLFUL and deliberate ignorance of the lame$tream media continues – and they pass it on to all the Ignorami and Tabloid Junkies out there who are lazy enough to believe it.

    Sad, indeed.

  4. Susan says:

    I made a point of watching every news program and entertainment “tabloid” program to see what they would report regarding Michael’s autopsy. As usual, they went for the sensationalistic. I heard Mary Hart (ET) in a quiet voice mention the vitiligo; then it was over to Diane Dimond for her tsk, tsking about his tatooed eyebrows and lips. They never ponder why? He had lost the pigmentation in his lips and hair loss from lupus is also quite common, hence the need for eyebrow and lip tattoos. Also, and I hate bringing all of this information up, but Jordan Chandler supposedly described Michael’s private area as being circumcized, and though I had seen other reports that he was NOT circumcized, at least now the autopsy confirms that he was not. I would say that was a major component of a description to get wrong. Not too many media types picking up on these facts. I am truly concerned with how a trial will play out in the media. Michael will once again be made sport of and his dear children and family, not to mention Michael’s legacy, will bear the brunt of the world’s bigotry and ignorance.

  5. Seven says:

    You’re right Karin. They gloss over the vitiligo and concentrate on irrelevant details about Michael’s appearance (whilst ignoring EXTREMELY important facts in this report and in this case) like they ALWAYS have done when it comes to Michael. That’s how they succeeded in so negatively defining him in his life – same tactic. Now, they’re doing it in his death too. They have NO shame.

    And the man who MURDERED him may get off scot-free due to their propaganda, distraction tactics, and their sensationalized misinformation campaign. NO ONE in the public will know the facts – only what the lame$tream media tell them – no one bothers to check the facts for themselves, like Deborah did.

    If the media mentioned the vitiligo in any significant way, they’d have to admit that they LIED and crucified this dear sweet man for 20 YEARS for a skin disease that he could not possibly help and had no control over. HOW UTTERLY BARBARIC!

    IMO, PROFUSE apologies are in order from ALL the media bout this – to Michael, his children and his entire family. I won’t hold my breath waiting for that to happen though.

    The media have NO integrity whatsoever when it comes to Michael Jackson – or any other topic for that matter. They leave 2/3 of the story out of their “reporting”, they lie about what they bother to mention at all, they blow insignificant details out of proportion in order to sensationalize them, take things out of context and twist things around to fit their agenda and their desire to make PROFITS – no matter WHO or WHAT they have to destroy or KILL to do it.

    I don’t mean just tabloids either – I mean ALL the media – they are all just tabloids these days. They all employ the same tactics. None of them are any different.

  6. Karin says:

    Strange how even today the media won’t focus on the truth. Any negative details are being reported such as tattoos and scars but I have only read a few that gloss over the fact about the vitiligo. They don’t want to admit they were WRONG ALL ALONG. I first heard Michael mention the vitiligo nearly 20 years back in his Oprah interview but for how many years did they continue to accuse him of wanting to be a white man after it? In fact I can’t recall anybody from the media coming out and saying, “Michael Jackson told us the truth about his skin colour” Michael also had lupus and would have needed different medications for it.