Mar 30 2010

Such a One


Once again our ‘Inner Michael‘ friend and Shaman, Ms. Barbara Kaufmann lays it all out about Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger, Hiding in Plain Sight. This is a must-read from a visionary about a visionary. Even the article comments are ecstatic. If you read this, I promise you will come away inspired once again by Michael Jackson, and by a woman who has proven she can best express what he meant to this World spiritually. This is comfort for our aching, battered souls.  What I’ve included below are only snippets. Please DO read the entire article and the comments HERE.

I’ve said so many times that this World has absolutely no idea what it’s truly lost and I still say so. Michael was Such a One as we shall never see again in any of our lifetimes.

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Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger

Michael Jackson: Spiritual Messenger

There are those rare visionaries who come along, maybe a few every millennia: the Bodhisattvas of the world. They are usually empaths who begin in childhood to literally feel the pain of the world and make vows to the cosmos early in life to change or improve it. They go about spreading awareness and mobilizing forces for change in order to make the world a better place. Counted among them are: Gandhi, Martin Luther King Jr., Mother Theresa, John Lennon, Lady Diana Spencer, His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mattie Stepanek, Nelson Mandela and a little Moonwalker.

The most famous man on earth literally stopped the world and the Internet when he became immortal on June 25, 2009. Michael Jackson was such a one— a cheerleader for humanity and a force for coalescing compassion and mobilizing global forces for change, philanthropy and social reform. A global messenger, Michael’s rise to stardom afforded him visibility and a worldwide platform from which to broadcast his message. His boldness and artistry garnered attention and Michael knew how to get attention. When he pulled enough people in and had everybody’s attention—he emphatically delivered the message. It was cloaked in a form that everyone could understand—the universal language of music.

As a child, he acutely felt the pain of the world and especially the world’s children. Michael’s words in his book Dancing the Dream reveal a thread of spirituality and mysticism rare for one so young. His body of work is filled with myth, metaphor and musical and visual story that encodes a stunning spiritual message for the human race. One has to look closely and deeper for the real message: his Ghost short film holds a jaw dropping message about humanity, mirror and shadow.

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. . . Michael was the impetus behind Live Aid, Band Aidand he is responsible for starting the trend for musicians and celebrities to engage in fundraising and philanthropy.

His environmental anthem and epic music video Earth Song, was a prominent feature of his planned comeback concert This Is It. Earth Song carries the message that we must become not only custodians but stewards of the planet or risk destroying or losing it. His spiritual messages in the form of self-reflection, commitment and action boldly took on: racism, inequality, war, poverty, gangs, illicit drugs, apathy, the misuse of power, evil, at risk youth, education, family bonds and a host of contemporary social issues. Videos of Earth Song Live can be found on You Tube stunningly raw in their emotion and stark in their message.

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Michael’s international concerts featured a military tank screaming onto stage and a soldier who lays down his weapon for a child who extends an offering of peace. He organized concerts at the world’s troubled spots like the demilitarized zone between North and South Korea asking his promoters to send him where he was needed. He teamed up with Pavarotti in benefits for the Warchild organization to help children in Kosovo and Guatemala. He organized a series of benefit concerts in Germany and Korea. He recruited Slash, The Scorpions, Boyz II Men, Luther Vandross, Mariah Carey, A. R. Rahman, Prabhu Deva Sundaram, Shobana Chandrakumar, Andrea Bocelli and Luciano Pavarotti for the Michael Jackson and Friends concerts. The proceeds were donated to the Nelson Mandela Children’s Fund, the Red Cross and UNESCO.


What more can WE Give?

After the 9/11 terrorist attack in New York City, Michael Jackson helped organize the United We Stand: What More Can I Give benefit concert at RFK Stadium in Washington, D.C., which aired on October 21, 2001 and included dozens of major artists. His song What More Can I Give was written for the benefit and he donated it to the 9/11 families. He founded the Michael Jackson Burn Center at Culver City Memorial Hospital in California. Attending President Clinton’s inauguration, he asked for more funding for AIDS research after Ryan White, another child he had befriended, died from the disease. Michael Jackson is listed in the Guinness World Book of Records as supporting the most charities of any entertainer—thirty nine of them.  He met with heads of state and marched with armies round the world.  The arm band he wore every day on his sleeve was homage to children and he vowed to wear it until there were no more wars on the planet and no more hungry children. His taped fingers were to remind him and us that there were still injured and suffering children in the world.

~ ~ ~

Most of Jackson’s work asks us to be emissaries of change and the evolution of human consciousness. The man leaves in his wake, an unparalleled humanitarian legacy, planetary midwifery and the alchemical power of the Bodhisattva used to enhance humanity and the planet. Using voice, magic, majesty, artistry, dance, mystery, sensuality, musical genius, enchantment and colossal talent to get their attention, pull people in, and marshal forces to deliver his message Michael trumpeted the message: Heal the world, make it a better place; make that change and change the world.”

If one digs underneath the hype, sensationalism and medialoid portrayal of Jackson, one finds a visionary and true humanitarian. If one looks beyond the label of “crazed” attributed to his fans, one finds mostly intelligent, thoughtful people who quite possibly are the greatest legacy he left this world.  As the world’s most famous and visible global humanitarian and cheerleader, he leaves behind a worldwide family of 250 million admirers who are taking his teachings seriously. Michael always said his fans were his legacy. Many in the media have given them a cursory dismissal because of the “fan” label. But they got the message and they mean to be the change they want to see in the world and make it a better place. They are an army of humanitarians who are being the change. They mobilize themselves and resources for causes like the earthquakes in Haiti and Chile and others. They got Michael’s message and are weaving it into their lives.

Perhaps it’s time Michael Jackson is recognized for who he really was and not for the media frenzied and tabloid portrayal that pandered to a sophomoric public drunk and fixated on the cult of celebrity. His genius is there for anyone who wants to take a closer look, who wants the truth and not the tabloid caricature version. If he were recognized for his real accomplishments we would see an unappreciated visionary and genius, a spiritual teacher among us who was hiding in plain sight and masquerading as a Moonwalking Maker of Magic. If you feel impelled at all to take a closer look you may find your mouth agape and your surprise staggering. And you might even come to understand the Force that was Michael Jackson; then the real legend continues.

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8 Responses to “Such a One”

  1. Seven says:

    Thank you luvangel. I really enjoy doing the artwork! I also understand what you’re saying about carrying on for him.

    I also do not believe Michael lived and died for nothing. To the contrary – I believe he was sent here to deliver messages to us all. This man had a purpose, which he fulfilled beautifully – though I do not believe his job was complete before he was so abruptly taken from us.

    As much as enlightening the World and the World’s children about what Michael wanted to communicate, I think we cannot stand by and let his name and legacy be – to put it bluntly – raped – by greedy entities like John Branca and $ony, knowing that Michael likely would have never agreed to these deals and these releases.

    They’re only being done so that $ony can profit off of his name. This entity that so abused and manipulated him in life is now stealing the bulk of his legacy from his children.

    Adults lead by example. I’d rather not set an example for any children of allowing such things to transpire in this World without at least trying to do something to stop it or at least raise alarms about it, futile as the effort may be.

    The lesson is that we should speak out when we see what we feel are wrongs being done. Whether we can ‘change the world’ or not, we must speak out. Michael did. When Michael sang of changing the world, this behavior on the part of Mr. Branca and $ony is likely just some of the behavior Michael was referring to with that song, particularly in regards to protecting the children.

    I think it’s important to stand up for what Michael stood for too. He stood strongly against $ony because they behaved the way they’re behaving how, with ulterior motives for getting their hands on those two catalogues which rightfully belong to his family and children. They finally got all they wanted now, with Michael gone. They are stealing his legacy right out from under his own children – and Michael is no longer here to protect them or his legacy.

    And just as much as we need to enlighten the children of the World and others about Michael’s message, we also need to at least try to save his legacy for those children it rightfully belongs to most – his own – so that they too can carry it on as he taught them and not have that opportunity stolen from them by profit-seeking corporations before they even have a chance!

    Who better to carry on Michael’s legacy than his own children whom he raised himself?

    I think both of these things are equally important. We have to get out the truth and the messages that Michael lived his life trying to communicate to us through his music. And we have to protect that same legacy (his music) from the same vultures who endeavored to steal it from him when he was alive, now that he is no longer here to protect it himself, or to protect his children and their interests.

    I don’t care about ‘bringing down’ $ony at all. In fact I think that would be quite impossible. That said, I have no personal interest in whether they survive as an entity or not.

    But I do not want them profiting from Michael Jackson’s death by stealing his legacy (his music catalogues) from his very own children, either. Those catalogues are the bulk of what that estate is worth and it doesn’t belong in $ony or John Branca’s clutches.

    Bringing them down isn’t the objective. I don’t care about that.

    Protecting his children and their father’s legacy that rightfully belongs to them is important though, IMO. Michael isn’t here to protect his interests or his children anymore and $ony and John Branca are taking blatant advantage of that. It’s shameful. I can’t believe Michael would approve. I think he would not.

    And their behavior is incredibly contrary to what Michael taught and how he lived. Michael was not a greedy person. To the contrary, his humanitarian resume is as remarkable, record-breaking, and storied as his creative one.

    There is a lot of work to be done in many different areas regarding carrying on Michael’s legacy.

    First and foremost would be trying to carry on the messages of love, unity, world healing, and peace that he worked so hard to reach us with through his music. $ony and John Branca themselves would do well to sit up and take notice of Michael’s generosity and love but unfortunately, all they apparently think of are lining their own pockets.

    Secondly, many MJ fan-mily feel they must also try to protect his interests and the interests of his children from abusive vultures as best we can now that he isn’t here to do so himself.

    All of it is done through sharing information and through education, which we all do, each in our own various ways.

    I love Barbara’s writing. No one else whose writing I’ve read about Michael can speak so well to Michael’s spiritual legacy as she does. I’m always happy to share it here because it is IMO, part and parcel of the many facets of protecting and propagating Michael’s legacy – both artistic and spiritual, because these two facets of that legacy are inseparable.

  2. luvuangel says:

    Hi Seven… I also love your collages that come with this article. I have been in touch with Barbara
    Kaufmann now for a few months. I have shared with her some spiritual experiences I have had connected
    with Michael’s life and death, and being a follower of his and a believer in his message. I want to
    share it with others. I just believe that he hasn’t died for nothing if we carry on for him in any
    way that we can. It can be to bring down $ony or to enlighten some children about what Michael wanted
    to communicate to all of us. I’m working on where I fit in this right now. I want Michael to LIVE
    through us, you know? luvu my angel…. 4eva.

  3. Saskia says:

    Thank you Seven and Karin for understanding me! No one around me does, they tell me not to be so sensitive, but I don’t see it as being sensitive (like you said Seven). To me it’s being normal.

    And yes this world is getting incredibly superficial. Everything is about looks and possesions. What about love and respect!

    I bet AEG are not going to give half of the money they are making of Michael right now to charity. They are just as bad as $ony.

  4. Karin says:


    There are some people on this earth who open their mouths first and completely disregard the impact their words or actions will have on another person’s feelings. Michael was the opposite to this. I read some time back about a friend of Michael’s saying that the most important thing he felt to teach his children was never to hurt somebody’s feelings. I suppose Michael learnt this lesson young when he himself was taunted and teased about his appearance. He was shy and timid and didn’t cope with it. There are many forms of cruelty but emotional or mental cruelty leaves scars which can last a lifetime. For somebody so caring and trying to practice the true Christian message of universal love, I can’t imagine the pain that he must have suffered day in and day out from the media labelling him a freak or a weirdo. He was being retraumatised every single day of his life for the last 20 years or so.

    I am proud to be a follower of Michael’s. I am glad that he reached out and touched me and reminded me to practice the true values which really matter on this planet. It’s hard to overlook the other stuff, the superficial consumer driven world we live in where a big ego and possessions only seem to count. That’s why we have Michael – a man who gave almost half his income to those who needed a leg up in life.

  5. Seven says:


    I understand. Words can be weapons. They can hurt as bad as a fist or a bullet. They can do as much damage – not physically, but emotionally. Michael was hurt by words too – very much so.

    People who don’t understand that need to learn empathy. It’s not that Michael or you or I are ‘over-sensitive’ people. It’s that people who are verbally abusive like your friend are INsensitive and they need to learn to consider the feelings of others before/when they speak – or at least try to sometimes.

    You are not alone. 🙂

  6. Saskia says:

    This touched, moved, hurted, saddened and most of all inspired me.

    Reading these things makes me confused. Makes me proud to be a Michael Jackson fan. To have learned from him, to be part of his legacy, no matter how small or big my contribution will be.
    I wish I could do more and I really want to, but at the moment my health doesn’t let me. But I try to do my best.

    A collegue said something that made me mad today. I can’t understand how he can do this. He’s a joker and in his jokes he can be very harsh to people. He doesn’t mean it, but he still says hurtfull things. His opinion is “oh well they don’t hear it anyway”. Every time he does that I tell him it’s not nice to do so and I really dislike it. Todat he said to me “you really never say hurtfull things do you?”. And I said of course not, words can be very hurtfull and why would I want to say awfull things about someone.
    Yes I make a lot of jokes and I love pranks (we pulled the most beautifull april fool’s day joke today.. haha), but I don’t hurt people, I try not to dislike people and give everyone a fair chance.

    I can’t really explain but it frustrated me that he had this ook in his eyes, like I’m crazy or something, for being like this. It made me think of all of Michael’s fans. I take pride and comfort in it that there are many people like me out there.

    I hope we can all be as inspiring to others as Michael was!

    Hopefully my story makes sense. I find it very hard sometimes to expres myself in English.

  7. Karin says:

    Seven, thank you so much. I love Barbara’s messages to us about Michael. She understands completely the spirit of Michael the person.

    Your art work on this page is utterly breathtaking.

  8. Rita Jackson says:

    Thankyou for putting into words something I have always believed but, have never been able to put into words, I still don’t think the world realises what it’s lost.

    Michael shared his hopes,dreams, joys and sorrows with the world through his music but, it’s only now that we are hearing the message.