May 05 2010

Now I’ve learned that love needs expression, but I’ve learned too late. He’s out of my life.

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She's Out of My Life

Michael in those 'Off The Wall' Days

The song ‘She’s Out of My Life‘ was written by Tom Bähler in 1977.  Bähler was in NYC with the crew dong backgrounds and vocal arrangements for ‘The Wiz‘. Before Michael ever sang the song, sound engineer Bruce Swedien’s wife Bea heard it while Tom played it for her on piano in the studio then. It was a song relating to a failed relationship in Bähler’s life.

The next year, when they were working on Michael’s first solo album ‘Off The Wall‘, the song was recorded with Michael. Bruce was baffled that Michael could sing the song with such sincerity since he doubted that Michael at that point in his life had had such experiences yet.

Bruce writes:

When we were recording Michael’s vocal, he broke down and cried at the end of every take. We recorded about six or seven takes. At the end of each take Michael was sobbing, actually crying. I know he was sincere, because when we finished the last take, Michael was too embarrassed to come in the control room. He just tippy-toed out the back door of the studio, got in his car, and left the studio building. Quincy said to me “Hey — that sob at the end, that’s supposed to be. Leave it on there. Leave it there.” Of course, I left it there. We didn’t see Michael again until a day or two later!

We were recording the basic rhythm for She is out of My Life at Cherokee Studios… At that time Michael absolutely did not curse or say a bad word. He is still pretty much this way (Although in the past few years I have seen him get mad and say something nasty. I think he’s entitled). It was the day that we were to record the music track for ‘She’s Out of My Life‘. It was about 1.00 p.m. We were rehearsing in the studio. Michael was seated at the drums., singing his heart out! Everytime we came to the third verse, and the line “Damned indecision and cursed pride” Michael couldn’t say the word “damned“! He just couldnt bring himself to do it! He would stop singing and with his foot, hit the bass drum foot pedal as loud as possible!! He just couldn’t curse! When the rehearsal ended, Quincy quitely told Michael that he would absolutely have to sing the word “damned” for the recording. Michael nodded and said to Q, “I know”. He did

-Bruce Swedien

In his book Moonwalk, Michael explains his feelings about singing ‘She’s Out of My Life’ and what the song meant to him:

‘She’s Out of My Life’ is about knowing that the barriers that have separated me from others are temptingly low and seemingly easy to jump over and yet they remain standing while what I really desire disappears from my sight . . .

But I got too wrapped up in “She’s Out of My Life”. In this case, the story’s true – I cried at the end of a take, because the words suddenly had such a strong effect on me. I had been letting so much build up inside me. I was twenty-one years old, and I was so rich in some experiences while being poor in moments of true joy. Sometimes I imagine that my life experience is like an image in one of those trick mirrors in the circus, fat in one part and thin to the point of disappearing in another. I was worried that would show up on ‘She’s Out of My Life’, but if it touched people’s heartstrings, knowing that would make me feel less lonely.

When I got emotional after that take, the only people with me were Q and Bruce Swedien. I remember burying my face in my hands and hearing only the hum of the machinery as my sobs echoed in the room. Later I apologised, but they said there was no need.

-Michael Jackson, Moonwalk

A sweet testimony to how much Michael cared about the children all over the world and how much he loved his mom Katherine, the album credits in ‘Off The Wall‘ included: “ I dedicate this to the year of the child and my mother. –Love M.J.

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{ Thanks to Bruce Swedien, author of the book ‘In The Studio With Michael Jackson‘, and to Deborah Campise Kunesh, webmaster of the Reflections on the Dance website, for their contributions to this sweet memory of our Michael. -Seven }

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13 Responses to “Now I’ve learned that love needs expression, but I’ve learned too late. He’s out of my life.”

  1. debby says:

    This particular piece you wrote impacted me more than you will ever know Seven… especially tonight when I viewedan image of Michael that a friend sent on my wall that I had never seen before… I was flooded with emotion and immediately a beautiful poem created itself… I feel Michael’s presence in my life in such a beautiful way and reading what you shared above just confirmed that Michael would understand completely the creative process and what a sensitive artist feels in processing the emotions that plumb the depth of the inner spirit. Giving voice to this through musical expression or the written word is essential in adhering to the message of what is fusing together through the deepest part of myself… Blessings, Debby♥

  2. Seven says:


    Michael was a master. He understood the creative process and the connection to and union with the Divine inherent in that better than anyone I know of. He understood the ecstasy of it and how it nourishes the soul like nothing else.

  3. mjangel says:

    Seven, as always you made me cry.This is beautiful.

  4. BG says:

    He was such a sensitive soul. Reminds me of something I read from a YANA girl. After she had been in Michael’s arms on stage and was back in the audience, his eyes sought her out. They made eye contact until the concert ended. There was a sadness about the story the way she told it. People might think she made it up but it sounded genuine to me as I read it and reading Michael’s comments it reminded me of the YANA girl’s story.

    “‘She’s Out of My Life’ is about knowing that the barriers that have separated me from others are temptingly low and seemingly easy to jump over and yet they remain standing while what I really desire disappears from my sight . . .”

    I need to watch that video again….beautiful, beautiful man.

    Thanks Seven and Debby.

  5. DFfrench says:

    You are right Seven, Michael is a Master. I am struggling right now in my life as I try to be even one iota of what Michael was. Is the pain and the longing for him part of our longing for the joy and love we know to be our true nature?

    It seems unbelieveable, monstrous that a being,a person of such beauty was treated the way he was. People did not listen to their knowing, they listened to the mob.

    Trusting our knowing is the next leap in evolution, our grand step into multi-dimensionality.

    Michael made the leap for us.

    There are no words to express what he did, it was beyond sacrifice – it was a demonstration of unconditional love.

    Are we worthy?

    He thought so.

  6. Rosa Alers says:

    I can not prevent, the story behind “She’s out of my life” it makes me cry, cry and cry. This song says much of the sensibility of Michael, his inner soul ………….
    sorry, but I can not say more, I’m going to cry…..

  7. Seven says:


    He did think we were worthy. I believe that’s why he always said: “I love you MORE”.

    I too am struggling with the same – to reach inside and outside myself for the Divine Ecstasy that he showed us was possible. That place is the only place I can be with Michael – where he is now and where his heart and soul always lived, even when his body did not. Now they are all One with the Great Creator.

    Mob mentality is something I can’t pretend to understand when it comes to Michael. People didn’t listen to their hearts. They listen to the mob and the jingling of money in their pockets much more easily.

  8. DFfrench says:

    In the fullness of time we will meet this soul physically again. But if we truly acknowledge the oneness of life the truth is this: Michael is with us, here and now – and always will be.

    Seperation is an illusion.

  9. Inga says:

    Lovely,like all the other poetry you write Seven. Thank you so much for that!
    I thought about your headline: When Michael was alive, and you had made such wonderful dedicated poems and art
    to him, would he have detected it and would he have got a good feeling than? Yes, I think so.
    But Michael lives from the soul now. I also think, he was a MASTER, and he was an excellent teacher.

    There is a great videotribute from MJACKSONEYES on Youtube “Insatiable” (Darren Hayes)
    It’s in HD and best quality, but warning, maybe you cry, I did…

  10. Karin says:

    DFfrench, “Separation is an Illusion” – I do agree.

    I have experienced the grief of losing loved ones – people who are irreplaceable in my life and always will be. However, two have left an indelible part of themselves behind with me. I have found that the larger the heart of the person, the greater the spiritual force and emotional attachment that seems to remain with me.

    Their memory and spirit always seem to be there no matter how much time passes. The longing I’m left with never leaves but there is comfort believing that they have gone home. Only two people have affected me in this way and Michael is one of them and they were both spiritually enlightened human beings.

  11. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    Thank You Seven 🙂

  12. Caroline Howe says:

    This is just such a wonderful glimpse of Michael the man. Thank you so much. I always say, and I always mean it: Michael breaks my heart and heals my soul.

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