May 11 2010

“I believe he was uniquely attuned to children”

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MJ and Little Ones

MJ and Little Ones

When considering Michael’s behavior around children, the public-at-large would do well to shut off their televisions, put down the magazines, avoid most of the entertainment and gossip websites, and heed the knowledge of those who actually spent significant time around Michael and who also had nothing to gain (and did not seek personal gain) from their time with him. That would exclude almost all of the media and members thereof, most particularly anyone by the name of ‘Bashir’ or ‘Dimond’, both of whom launched their careers off of negatively defining (ie: lying) about the man, and sites like TMZ (ie: Trash Media Zone) which only seeks to generate website traffic for sensationalist content, truth-be-damned.

Those considering Michael’s behavior around children may also wish to educate themselves about his lifetime of humanitarian work, as well and ask themselves if such a generous and caring soul could possibly be the demon he was defined as.

That said, here are some observations about Michael from a writer who spent almost a year around him.


During the time we spent together, he put my efforts as a father of three to shame. He was certainly strict. As a result Prince and Paris were among the best behaved, the politest and happiest (kids) I’ve known. And they weren’t spoiled.  I believe he was uniquely attuned to children. Once, in a noisy restaurant, he held his hand up to stop everyone because he heard a four year old’s tiny voice ask something. He asked her softly what she’d said, she asked for a glass of water. Michael poured it and took it over to her.  -Jonathan Margolis

The below is by  the same author. It was bravely written immediately post Bash-Ear and briefly mentions the cynicism and paranoia of the adult population, which I’ve previously insisted was projected onto an innocent-minded Michael Jackson, and the hypocrisy and double-standard under which Michael was judged as compared to other Hollywood parents:

I am sure, however, that he is not a child molester, inadvisable sleepovers or not. . . He has studied childcare with dedication. He is committed to thoughtful, non-violent parenting. He handles Prince and Paris with a skill and patience that puts mine to shame. And, no, they never wore masks when I was with them. Nobody I know thinks ill of Michael’s parenting abilities either, even post-Bashir.

Aware that I am acquainted with him, a variety of people rang me last week to say how angry they were. Have we become so cynical and paranoid, one professional man demanded, that it is impossible to love kids quite asexually without provoking suspicion? ‘For Christ’s sake,’ he ranted, ‘when I was small I had books about Noddy and Big Ears sleeping in the same bed, and nobody thought anything of it.’

. . .

Michael’s is an eccentric domestic arrangement, but infinitely better, I suggest, than the average experienced by Hollywood kids. Moreover, he chooses exceptionally sensible, middle-aged women as nannies.

Nobody thinks anything of it when celebrity mothers exclude fathers from their children’s lives. Liz Hurley has been lionised for doing so.

I would say Michael Jackson has given more thought to parenthood than most of us parents who don’t suffer from the sobriquet, ‘Wacko’.

– Jonathan Margolis

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4 Responses to ““I believe he was uniquely attuned to children””

  1. Ben971 says:

    Thank you for this. As a teacher, I’ve always been impressed by how loving, patient and understanding Michael was with kids. He taught me a lot, both in my personal and professional life. He simply was a real human being, which most people have forgotten how to be. Our society has become cynical and tends to see sex everywhere. Hugging a kid you you’re not related to doesnt make you a pedophile.
    He simply was real.

  2. Jaqueline M. says:

    Hi, Seven. Thank you for sharing this post. I wish more people could be like Michael. The love he had for children was so sweet. I can’t believe that one day people called him a pedophile. This is horrible. Michael loved children of an innocent way. People who judge him should do the same. I remember when I was a little I went to my friends house and i loved to sleep with them. It was funny. If someone put me to sleep alone I would not like it. That is NOTHING bad on this. Michael was a wonderful person. He said: Jesus sad love the children. How can someone judge this innocent man:

  3. Cat says:

    Michael was an exeptional human being, he knew how to love, and was (is) loved by his many fans all over the world. Also he was a target for those who can’t accept love for whatever reason.
    They don’t understand him and therefore have to think there’s something wrong going on. My belief is that Michael even felt sorry for them, as they do not understand love..
    Mike..whereever you are, i hope there’s all the love you need..

  4. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    With such a beautiful free, imaginative & fun child-like spirit,
    what child wouldn’t love Michael ? I’m sure children trusted him
    because they could easily sense how much he loves them. Especially for children
    who have suffered early in life, trust is difficult. I just know in my heart that Michael has given many children trust enough for them to not only heal, to also grow into life with a more optimistic outlook.

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