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In Vulture-Speak, 10 Shows is 50

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AEG et al like to deny that Michael only agreed to do TEN shows at the O2 last year. But, here we have a video of the advert that ran in May 2009 regarding the ‘This Is It‘ performances. Notice it says TEN shows.

Then, notice this flyer/press release put out on March 5, 2009 that AGAIN says TEN shows:

Flyer March 3, 2009 - Ten Shows

Flyer March 3, 2009 - Ten Shows

Press Release March 3, 2009 - TEN Shows

Press Release March 3, 2009 - TEN Shows

And then there’s this lovely poster, which also says TEN shows will be seen at the O2:

Poster Says TEN Shows

Poster Says TEN Shows

It appears, at least to me, and I said this in a previous post – that somebody got a bit greedy and killed their cash cow: Michael Jackson. That’s OK though because there was a Plan B (intentional or not) that saved them. Randy Phillips outright admits he’d help kill Michael Jackson again for greed and money, too just the same way. We know Michael and Randy did not get along. Randy Phillips mocked Michael and had no respect for him whatsoever. Michael is easily the best entertainer who ever lived, and Phillips treated him like a wind-up marionette. Michael agreed to do ten shows – maybe up to 30 at most. But overnight, AEG added 40 more, without Michael’s knowledge or approval. Michael even told fans he was very upset about this. Even a week or two before the shows were to begin in London, nothing was ready. Costumes were not finished, full dress rehearsals not done, pyrotechnics not tested, and many other things. Michael knew the production was way behind schedule. Michael is a workaholic and a perfectionist. This overwhelmed him, knowing things were not ready. And this was not HIS responsibility to have these things ready, it was AEG’s. Michael himself KNEW his music and his dance steps. But while they were calling him every day pressuring HIM, AEG’s team were not ready themselves. Far from it! Michael was afraid, anxious, and very upset about how it was going. He was exhausted, unable to sleep, and rehearsals were physically draining for him.

Because he was unable to sleep, he was given Propofol, which killed him, this being secondary to the stress, upset and anxiety he was experiencing. And, he only agreed to do TEN shows! Many fans and others who worked with Michael on these shows and who knew him for years were there every day and saw this firsthand and talked with Michael about it. He said it himself. They have no reason to lie or be dishonest about what they saw or what Michael said to them. And personally, I choose to believe them rather than the media and the story line (which is ever-changing and contradicting) given by AEG and/or $ony or John Branca about what happened back in March – June 2009.

Randy Phillips claimed: “I told Michael, it’s been great, we need to add more shows. He said, ok, do it.

This contradicts what Phillips himself said the 13th of March 2009, when he stated Michael phoned him, crying, begging him not to add more shows. One day later, AEG added 20 more shows. That video can be seen HERE, and the relevant quote is around 6:10 in the video.

The ‘This is It‘ film footage was an interesting piece of very deft editing to make it look like Michael sang an entire song and things were going great. Notice all his costume changes during the performance of one song. That’s because the video was spliced together from several days’ footage to complete the song on video. And the footage used is from only 2-3 days of rehearsals, June 22nd, 23rd, and 24th. Ever wonder why that is? The places where things clearly were not going well were cut out. You won’t see them. And it’s what you do not see and what those involved do not say that are the problem. That’s where the truth is about how Michael ended up dead while trying to fulfill his obligations to these people – obligations they kept adding to and increasing. They had him right where they wanted him. Over a financial barrel and they knew it.

They give me everything they want and nothing I need.

-Michael Jackson, in regards to the ‘This Is It‘ Production

As for AEG, and Mr. Phillips, have I used the word psychopath to describe these vultures yet? Well, if I haven’t, there it is. $ony as well, due to their years of manipulating Michael financially in order to get and keep control of his half of that catalog as well as his own catalog.

My friend Bonnie’s blog goes into even more detail about why Randy Phillips ought to be called to the witness stand in regards to this entire deal and Michael’s subsequent death.

This video, created just a few days ago, should add additional depth to the subject of this world Michael Jackson lived in (please excuse the language in one part):

Randy Phillips Says He'd Do It Again

Randy Phillips Says He'd Do It Again.

And they asked me if I would do this again given everything that has happened. And the answer is “Hell Yes.”

-Randy Phillips, AEG

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{ Thank you to my friends, Katja and Brandan for the videos and images in this post. -Seven }

50 Responses to “In Vulture-Speak, 10 Shows is 50”

  1. Amazing says:

    Amen. The evildoers can’t hide for GOD sees and knows ALL and will guide us to the TRUTH. And as Michael said, “There’s nothing that can’t be done if we raise our voices as one!”

  2. katerina says:

    about that last quote of this leecher. he would do this again given everything that has happened? is that what he’s saying? that he would go all over it knowing that this could kill him? this is outrageous!! hell whatever happened to the meaning of respect of human life? I am so pissed right now!

  3. Seven says:


    That’s what he said. Unbelievable, isn’t it? Like Gavin said, it’s mercenary. Psychopthic, IMO.

  4. Ali says:

    OMG!, I feel physically sick.
    Seven your post about the dancers linked above I think gives some light to the concerns I had about the film as i posted earlier – it makes sense now in terms of Michael not seeming himself at times in it and at other times he was – he was as Kryss says. Thank you.
    I wish I could remember who that interview was with, I think I have it in my favorites on my desktop computer which crashed a few weeks ago from lack of memory – too many downloaded Youtube videos of Michael for it to cope with! I have it back with extra memory now but its not set up yet, as soon as it is I will try and find the interview, it grabbed my attention cos the guy had definately been told to be careful and to backtrack on earlier comments, he looked quite nervous.

    I also feel we should get behind Joe Jackson more. I don’t know him or his motives so I won’t say anything about him, but I do know, because he said it, Michael loved and respected him and said he had forgiven him for stuff. The media is supremely hypocritical – they keep slagging him off for ‘just being after Michael’s money’ like the media has no interest in doing things just for money or in not trashing Michael Jackson!!! They have no right to trash Joe or pretend they are Michael’s best friends because of what they did to him – But its interesting isn’t it that by doing this they can trash his efforts to find the truth and get any justice or public awareness for the truth about whats happened to Michael. It makes me so frustrated when i read comments from fans buying into this and trashing Joe, because they are not seeing that perhaps the man is just trying to do the best for his son and get the truth out by whatever means he can – suing Murray gets more access to official information and more publicity, now he is asking for the info about how much money has been made, perfectly legitimate question and I am sure we all would like to know that and how much the children get and how much the vultures get, not out of nosiness but to reveal whats really going on here.

    Also maybe we should start saying we want to see early footage of the rehearsals.

  5. june says:

    All this on the Sony/Colony/AEG connection, now that it’s laid bare, is heartwrenching. Six months ago I would not have bought into a conspiracy theory but after all this research and digging, I am convinced. Sony used Michael’s financial situation as a wedge to destroy his career and get his catalog and other assets. Ever since Michael’s troubles with Sony concerning the Invincible album in 2001, it was all downhill for him. Sony/Matolla 2001-2, Bashir interview, 2003, criminal charges, 2004, court acquittal/media conviction, 2005, loss of earning power leading to Sony/Branca/AEG’s re-entrance into MJ’s life, and the final chapter (2006-9). I’m encouraged to see so many more sites advocating the boycott of Sony products, as much as we want to purchase any new MJ material, we must not do so.

    I was wondering how long the confidentiality agreements signed by those working on the TII tour are in force. Two years is pretty standard, and with the trial moving at a snail’s pace, perhaps the dancers, crew, backkups, will be released from the agreements so they can freely testify if and when subpoenaed to Murray’s trial, as to Michael’s perceived condition during rehearsals. But it’s probably folly and naivete to expect Cooley’s minions to call eyeball witnesses to the stand.

  6. katerina says:

    I don’t think the word psycopath could really fit here. I mean a psyco doesn’t really have any consiousness about what he’s doing. they killed him fully consiously! FULLY!!! and only one man is charged and that with just an involunteraly manslaughter! when everything just keep screaming MURDER. anyway I’d rather stay clear of that field because it’s outrageous. I guess words like justice don’t exist for some individuals. I was so mad yesterday I forgot to thank you for this post. you’re doing a very nice job here. and given LAPD is doing absolutely nothing and leaving us no other choice but to do our own research with a very few meanings in our disposal posts like this could be very useful. keep up the good work 🙂

  7. Amazing says:

    What can be done to get justice for Michael?

    1. Michael Jackson’s family, fans and supporters need to do everything in their collective power to get the case moved out of corrupt LA, CA.

    2. Based on available information, many believe that ticket holders should at least demand a refund for a tour that was a blatant fraud — it was NEVER going to happen!

  8. Amazing says:

    What can be done to get justice for Michael?

    1. Michael Jackson’s family, fans and supporters need to do everything in their collective power to get the case moved out of corrupt LA, CA.

    2. Based on available information, many believe that ticket holders should at least demand a refund for a tour that was a blatant fraud — it was NEVER going to happen!

    3. Demand the release to the public at NO CHARGE of all of the raw footage of the rehearsals.

  9. Amazing says:

    In the US:

    2009 – Bernie Madoff – sentenced to 150 years in prison for DEFRAUDING people billions of dollars.

    2010 – Scott Rothstein – sentenced to 50 years in prison for DEFRAUDING people over one billion dollars.

    WHO’S NEXT??

  10. Tayah says:

    Jeanne, Ali… –

    I AGREE!
    There HAS to be something we can do as a whole!?
    Reading the posts on this site, (DEEPLY THANKFULL for your WORK SEVEN),
    makes me wanna get out there and DO SOMETHING.
    Everyone knows he’s been murderd.
    They just don’t care – they don’t know how he sufferd, they don’t WANNA know.
    Everything he did, he did out of love.
    He preached the same things over and over again.
    Unity, Love, Respect, Understanding…
    This was a man who donated over 300 million dollars to charity!

    I’m getting so fed up with the ‘Justice System’ in the US.
    I just simply don’t understand.
    I mean, look at what they did for Polansky in Hollywood..
    HE GETS AWAY WITH IT! He has not been ridiculed, prosued, stripped down naked,
    had taken pictures of him, sued, trashed, broken down like they did to Michael.
    Michael is STILL being mocked as a childabuser.
    Makes me SICK to my stomach.
    I don’t understand – I just simply can’t.

    We NEED to do something.

    There are so many of us.
    Can we bring Messerau in this.. I know he feels just as we do.
    It doesnt’ matter at what cost..
    I’ll sign money over RIGHT NOW to pay any fee and I KNOW
    many others would do the same!!
    It’s been a year! Murray isn’t the only one! He’s just the scape goat.

    Seven, I’ve got a question about the ‘new’ material of Michael.
    Sony bought all the rights to them.
    How could this be, I understand that with Branca being the executor
    of that false Will there’s a way of doing so, but I can’t believe the Jacksons
    would have allowed it.. Is there something I’m missing?
    Isnt his mother the ‘CHIEF’? Doesn’t she get to decide what happens?
    Is it possible they can do what they want without her permission?
    I feel so so bad for her and I’m so concerned..
    at her age, dealing with all those volgures.

  11. Ali says:

    Tayah, yes , I would give money too. I haven’t loads but I would and could happily give some if i knew enough others would do the same for us to be able to do something. I don’t know how much a good lawyer would cost and it would need to be someone LIKE Mesereau who has integrity and will get the job done, but Mesereau is a defense lawyer, he doesn’t do this sort of thing and great as he is, he may not necessarily want to take something like this on, he does a lot of pro – bono work doesn’t he which he clearly loves and he would end up spending no time on it probably.
    If only we knew how many fans there are worldwide and how many would be prepared to give.

    eg (in British pounds)
    1 million fans give £1 ( price of 2 bars of chocolate) = £1 million – easy!
    1 million fans give £10 (price of a paperback book, or 2 bottles of pantene shampoo, or 2 bottles of medium cheap wine from supermarket) = £10 million
    1 million fans give £100 ( just less than the original price of the OPUS book on Michael Jackson) = £100

    10 million fans give £10 = £100 million

    in dollars?

    just ordinary fans.

    then there’s the very rich fans there ARE worldwide including other artists who owe a lot to Michael Jackson, especially those that have moulded their performances on him and peform many of his dance moves in their own routines and copy his style of performances. If they were concerned about backlash from Sony if they are signed with them, they can donate anonymously.

    it IS possible to do something if the money could be got hold of – but how to choose the right lawyer? someone with enough credibility for fans to trust sending money to and someone with the right knowledge of the US legal system and the lawyers, would need to organise this, but if the right person stepped up, this could be done. but it could be a dangerous job so they might need some protection.
    How many of Michael’s fans are in fact lawyers? could they work together and assist the chosen top lawyer to do some of the work?

    Headline – “Lawyers representing Michael Jackson’s fans worldwide are launching an independent investigation into the untimely and mysterious death of Michael Jackson.: – Millions of fans believe that Michael Jackson’s death has not been properly investigated, that key information has been ignored and that Dr Murray, whilst guilty of the improper administration of propofol, is merely a scapegoat whilst those really responsible go unpunished. Fans from all over the world have banded together and raised money in excess of $100 million to employ top lawyer – XX – to uncover the truth and bring some justice for Michael Jackson and his children”
    “Lawyers representing Michael Jackson’s fans worldwide are suing AEG, This Is It concert promoters, and other corporations, for the role fans believe they had in causing Michael Jackson’s untimely death…..”

  12. Tayah (Hayat) says:

    EXACTLY. Everything you said – EXACTLY what I KNOW we could accomplish.
    I’m a simple 27 year old girl but I would IMMEDIATLY donate money.
    I wish we’d done this before to help Michael with his debts – maybe then he
    wouldn’t have been forced into those shows.
    Too little too late, but thats why I feel we need to show those vulgurs that
    we will NOT just stand by doing nothing.
    If its the financial matter thats a problem, we should be able to solve it
    very easily and quickly!
    Fans are donating for Sunflowers, so we must be able to do so for Justice.
    – Get the trail OUT of California;
    – Demand a full thurrow investigation on everything that happend in the case;
    – raise money to hire lawyers and keep protesting untill we have what Michael deserved:
    J U S T I C E!

    Man I wish I lived in the US, cuz I’m just sitting here in Belgium trying to find
    ways to get out there in the frontlines and DO SOMETHING.

  13. Justice4MJJ says:

    This was planned for many years by $ony, since 1992, read Lynton Guest’s book everyone!

  14. Dialdancer says:

    Seven, Thank you for being here, for you levelheaded and insightful information. We say something must be done, but what is to be done.

    Whom do we trust for information at the heart of the Jackson camp. How many will help without thought of gain of any kind, who does not have an agenda of their own other than justice. How many know what the truth is themselves.

    We Fans & Supporters are beginning to understand our power when working as a collective. We out number any organization when it comes to researching, assembling and analyzing information. All we need now is a vehicle to present the facts to a wider global audience of non and inactive fans. Randy subtly let it be known if it had not been for Tony Harris his interview wouldn’t have happened. Others aren’t interested in reporting for people to hear or will not get Network approval for the story.

    Michael would not have accepted our money, but maybe there is something that can be done now.

  15. Susan T says:

    Seven, this is just one of the most insightful web threads. Thanks for doing what you do.

    Justice4MJJ, thanks for mentioning Lynton Guest’s book. I was reading book reviews at Amazon several months ago and I noticed a reviewer mentioning this book and also referencing a certain company as Phony. I read the book twice and I’m convinced the plan to eliminate Michael Jackson began years ago, even before the ’93 accusations. Sure, Guest benefits from the sales of this book, but he wrote it not as an over-the-top fan but as a music insider, privy to all the ugly deals and manipulation of the big players and because he is highly skeptical of Michael’s death.

    Con(v)ict Murray was simply the weapon. Follow the money trail and you’ll understand what is really going on. I believe that Michael’s fans will not sit by and allow one man, only, to fall on the sword to be sacrificed. One of the main stumbling blocks to getting to the truth is being able to one-by-one, examine each and every person who was part of MJ’s world–a daunting task but not impossible task. Some of the things I’ve now read make me skeptical of those who I thought had his best interest at heart. Many people who were part of his world in the last years of his life may now feel threatened to speak out in his defense. After all, if the “enemy” had no qualms about “killing the King of Pop” to achieve their ultimate goal, silencing, or even eliminating, those with secrets to tell is not even a consideration. They’ll stop at nothing to prevent the truth from being uncovered and sadly, because so many aspects of Michael’s life were manipulated and misconstrued by the press, the “enemy” has an advantage.

    The Phony execs with their high and mighty sense of self-importance and honor felt personally attacked when Michael was cruelly accused in ’93. It was then that they hatched their plan to wrest away his enormously valuable catalogue of music and destroy him.

    Like many fans, I’m now painfully conflicted about buying music, DVDs, etc. How many of us saw This Is It multiple times at the theatre and couldn’t wait for the DVD. Knowing what we know now, we are held hostage by this evil conglomerate. What do we do? It’s like David taking on Goliath.

    There are only a few people I believe we could trust to get to the truth. Clearly, there’s no shortage of Michael warriors who are wiling to put on armor and do battle, but we need a leader and hopefully in the coming weeks that leader will emerge and begin a plan to do serious battle to not only vindicate Michael once and for all, but shine the bright light of scrutiny on those ULTIMATELY responsible for his tragic death.

    Power corrupts and absolute power corrupts absolutely!

    Count me in. I love to dig. Nothing would please me more than to one day very soon read front page headlines…PHONY, A-G IMPLICATED IN MICHAEL JACKSON’S DEATH! and see the power mongers brought up on conspiracy charges to murder Michael.

    Stand by…This Is NOT it!

    –Susan T

  16. Ali says:

    I think it needs to be coordinated by someone in US who is not a public figure but knows a lot of figural people, including as Dialdancer says, someone from Jackson family, with a key repesentative of a coalition of official fan clubs from each country because I would think a lot of people would feel unsure about sending significant amounts of money to someone they don’t know in another country. It needs to go through a proper fan club – or a group /committee that fan clubs can support and signpost to so that fans know its legit and so they get communication back and information or instructionms about tasks they can take on and report back on, eg if something needed some investigation.
    From roaming round the internet its clear loads of people are saying similar things and want the same things, justice and truth, but there is no coordination.
    The fan clubs need to work together and they need to put a call out to ALL fans and interested people who care to join this movement, and even if the individuals running them aren’t taking on the extra work themselves it doesn’t matter, i think it needs to come through them as a massive coalition, within countries and across the world, because they have the contacts – then WHEN we have got justice for Michael and his children, WHEN the criminals are exposed and dealt with, we can then work for the healing of the world too – millions of us coordinated together! We would be formidable!

  17. Ellen says:

    There is nothing I want more than the total vindication of Michael Jackson and that all those responsible for his untimely death be brought to justice. I cannot stand injustice of any kind, but Michael has been such a target and such a victim for so long that something really must be done. I think that if Tom Mesereau cannot be involved in this for whatever reason, he would know the right people who could. Why not start by contacting him and take it from there?

  18. Seven says:

    Tom Mesereau has been petitioned, contacted. His response was this:


  19. Karen S says:

    I have been researching everything about MJ’s life and death since his passing. I’ve been a fan and supporter of Michael since he hit the airwaves. I am sickened by what he has been put through over the years and his death and the circumstances around it make me physically ill and angry. This article and the comments made are good. I have posted a link to this on my Twitter page. I also tweeted Randy directly to see if he knew of any kind of investigation into AEG, Sony, Colony Captial and others. I hope he will reply if he can (I would hope someone in the family is trying to follow up on these leeches, but they may not be able to speak about it although they have commented they think others are responsible.) Keep up the good work and everyone should spread this link on all of their social networking sites to get more fans on board.

  20. Karen S says:

    I miss Michael so much and this song says it all…..http://bit.ly/cJzD5Y
    Warning…it will make you cry.

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