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Mad Dogs and Media

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Mad Dogs and Media

Mad Dogs and Media

Ever wonder why Diane (Demon) Dimond was so loyal to Tom (Mad Dog) Sneddon? How she got exclusive notifications when yet another raid was being planned on Michael’s Neverland estate so that she could be there with her camera crew before the police and agents got there?

These two go back a long way it seems, in their attempts to frame and incriminate an innocent man. Their rabid obsession together goes back to 1995, at least.

Apparently, Michael sued Diane Dimond for slander in a situation where Mad Dog Sneddon was searching for a non-existent videotape of Michael molesting a child.

Never one to wait much less look for facts, Dimond got on her show ‘Hard Copy‘ and with zero information or evidence, claimed there was a videotape of Michael molesting a child. But unsurprisingly, no such videotape was ever produced. It was obviously a fully justified lawsuit Michael filed against her. And when it was filed, in swooped her buddy Mad Dog Sneddon in shining fangs to rescue her from the ‘evil‘ Michael Jackson who dared to defend himself from her ill-informed slander.


“It was taken right before Christmas, as the story goes, and it was recorded by one of Michael Jackson’s own security cameras,” Dimond said on the radio, touting her “Hard Copy” scoop. “Truly explicit,” she added, noting that she had not seen the alleged tape.

Sneddon, in an unusual instance of a prosecutor involving himself in a civil suit, signed a declaration supporting Dimond’s version of events. The trial judge dismissed the suit, saying Jackson couldn’t prove malice or false reporting.

Jackson appealed the judge’s ruling, and Sneddon’s declaration was cited extensively in the November 1998 California Court of Appeal’s decision affirming the summary judgment.

Neither Jackson’s lawsuit nor Sneddon’s role in snuffing it is disclosed in Dimond’s official bio on the CourtTV.com Web site or in the detailed history of her Jackson coverage, which includes her exclusive November 2003 interview with Sneddon.

You can read much more about Tom ‘Mad Dog‘ Sneddon, Paragon of Vengeance, and his partner in crime Diane ‘Demon‘ Dimond, Paragon of Deceit.  For instance:


There is, perhaps, a psychological reason for Dimond’s treatment of Jackson. Cognitive dissonance refers to the “psychological phenomenon which refers to the discomfort felt at a discrepancy between what you already know or believe, and new information or interpretation.”11 Such a description could easily call to mind the Court TV investigative correspondent, who clearly has turned covering Michael Jackson into a one-woman industry.

Blustering about those non-existent videotapes wasn’t the first or the last time Dimond stuck her foot in her mouth, of course. From the ‘surftofind‘ website, which is an excellent reference on all things Sneddon and his partners in crime are details of what I’m sure are many instances of this woman spewing pure garbage about Michael:

Dimond was also one of the first to report the erroneous story that the prosecution had seized love letters allegedly written by Jackson to the latest accuser. On a November 24, 2003 edition of Larry King Live,5 Dimond, along with famed attorney Johnnie Cochran, Chris Pixley and Court TV’s Nancy Grace, did not hesitate much when discussing them:

KING: Do we — hold it! Does anyone here — does anyone here — anyone — know of the existence of these letters?

DIMOND: I absolutely know of their existence!

KING: Diane, have you read them?

DIMOND: No, I have not read them, but I absolutely know that that was tops on the list of the DA and sheriff’s department, things to look for inside Neverland. Listen, Larry, these are letters that are written in Michael Jackson’s hand. They are said to be — no, I’ve not read them, but they — they went after them because they’re said to be so sensational and so salacious in nature that this could be a key to the prosecution.

GUESS WHAT?  They never found these letters.  Could it be they never found them because they don’t exist?

William Wegener had a few things to say about Tom ‘Mad Dog‘ Sneddon as well:

And too late to make any difference for Michael, of course, Martin Bashir decided to finally admit “I never saw any any wrongdoing myself“.

Certainly when I made the documentary there was a small part of that which contained a controversy concerning his relationship with other young people, but the truth is he was never convicted of any crime. I never saw any wrong-doing myself.

I think the world has now lost the greatest entertainer it’s probably ever known.

-Martin Bashir

Well no kidding, Martin. That’s because in your months of ‘Living With Michael Jackson‘ and in the months and years preceeding and following, there never WAS any wrongdoing. WHAT a revelation! Too little. Too late, Martin.

Why does this man, who like Diane ‘Demon‘ Dimond, built his tabloid “journalist” career out of slandering and defaming Michael Jackson, still have a job in this industry?

For that matter, with the facts being what they are, why do any of these people have jobs in this industry besides that they make lots of money for the corprat entities who own their media outlets by slandering and ruining the lives of innocent people for corprat profit. I guess that’s it.

MONEY. I’ve said it before. GREED is what killed Michael Jackson and will destroy all of us.

For more about the out of control mad dog media, specifically how NewsCorp/Fox News ties into the swarm of vultures who surrounded Michael Jackson in his life and helped send him to a premature death, see ‘It’s a Small World After All‘.


24 Responses to “Mad Dogs and Media”

  1. Dialdancer says:


    I am not sure of the validity of the statement found on this video, but if even 1/2 is possible………

    This is about bringing Sneddon to justice.

  2. Elizabeth cawobeth says:

    We must “stand up”, as Michael said in TII.
    Though I realize he wasn’t referring to himself, I am.
    To stand up for Michael & his truth is to stand up for life itself.
    For our truth is love which is all Michael has ever cared to share
    which he’s done in so many creatively beautiful & compassionate ways.

    Join in to stand up to these evil doers.
    please see this – – –

  3. Gavin Saunders says:

    To Blythe, are you perhaps referring to Diane Dimond’s comment about twenty-something men on the witness stand (my general recollection)?
    I thought it pretty sloppy writing and couldn’t work out if she meant 20 plus individuals or one man who was twenty plus years of age.
    What can you expect, I suppose, from a writer that thinks determination can overcome lack of study in her chosen field…… or even the truth for that matter?!!

  4. Gavin Saunders says:

    In my opinion the protagonists in Michael’s demise are feeling the heat and becoming sloppy in their growing desperation.

    For example, Diane Dimond’s interpretation of the released FBI files is so OTT it’s laughable. Article blogs are being slyly manipulated. Pathetically cobbled ‘Michael’s gay’ stories popping up coincidentally when Jones’ expose hit the airways. Damning Youtube videos being removed. Cut and paste journalism is being called out. Unsubstantiated claims challenged……… Etc, etc.

    What I hadn’t fathomed until now is the level at which my old basketball days’ dictum, offence is the best form of defence, was been played out.

    These deluded journalists haven’t appreciated that we can now all carry out our own investigating and are doing just that, growing ever more disgusted with what we are learning.

    In the future, the young will not be studying the dramas of Shakespeare nearly as much as they will be the shocking mauling of MIchael Jackson.

    With so much scope for uncovering the truth, there is coming a new consciousness that is palpable.

    Those writers that haven’t already been chastened will soon discover that the public will not tolerate unethical reporting and never have. Once critical mass is reached, the fallout will be enormous.

    The internet has galvanised truth-seekers in a way that has not been possible before.

    Through my internet wanderings I’ve sadly found statements such as this…. “Hearst was gratified by the Arbuckle scandal; he said later that it had ‘sold more newspapers than any event since the sinking of the Lusitania.'”

    It is inconceivable that history has repeated itself again so soon, only this time the target was even more exploitable as he was of world renown.

    Michael’s greatest legacy will be to put right the media’s misguided notion of ‘Give them what they want.’

    We didn’t want our basest instincts appealed to. The straight facts were withheld from us, not allowing us a choice in the matter!

  5. Beatriz says:

    Thank you for the article Seven.
    There are some of us who think there was a relation between Sneddon and Bashir. I was looking in Internet but couldn’t find anything.
    Do you think there is any source to look for?

  6. appleh says:

    I just want to vomit, when I see this evil woman. A few weeks ago she spits all her lies around again here in TV.
    This woman ist just sick, she has a huge psychological problem. I really don´t understand, why MJ´s familiy doesn´t
    sue her, I would do that. Maybe when his children are old enough, they will do that, I hope so.

  7. Seven says:


    If there were any truth to that at all, those people would have long since gone to the police, not Diane Dimond. It’s pure horse-puckey. Dimond is obsessed with Michael. She always has been. She even said once that her goal was to bring him down – can’t remember her exact comment but it was something to that effect. The woman is afflicted.

  8. blythe says:

    i went to diane’s site back in march and she is still claiming that there are these mysterious groups of children about twenty or so who she claims came to her with their parents and said mj molested them but because of their families and not wanting their name in the media the declined to testify. so i challenged her to find a way to prove to the fans that what she saying is true and she gave a lame statement aobut not giving up her sources for legal reasons. i said it’s horse manure and she blocked me from her site. she is so lame. i also told her how sick it is to keep this charade up after all these years and it seemed obsessive and that maybe somewhere inside he she may have desired him. she was stark raving mad about that statement. but who cares. she can go to the land down under.

  9. June says:

    I have heard that Bashir’s brother was Mattola’s driver but dismissed that as too coincidental. Is there proof somewhere of that connection? I also read many places that Michael wanted to do an interview, didn’t know whom to trust to do it (naturally), but was impressed by Bashir’s interview of Princess Diana and that’s how Bashir was hired. Also, that Di sent Michael a note praising Bashir for his work on her interview. Truthfully, if Bashir’s brother was Mattola’s driver, that’s the missing link to this entire thing, coupled with that Mattola remark (which I’ve heard before) about “one day ’93 will come back to haunt Michael”.

  10. Seven says:

    Yes. Martin Bashir’s brother was Tommy Mottola’s driver. That was in 2002 or so. In 2003 – viola! There is Bashir with his hit piece on Michael. After Michael called him out on his crap & had him removed from $ony, Tommy Mottola said something to the effect of: “One day ’93 will come back to haunt Michael”

    Seems a little too convenient to be coincidence.

  11. June says:

    Seven – there is a connection between Tommy Matolla and Martin Bashir; I can feel it, but I can’t find it: chronologically, it’s something like Matolla (2001-2002), Bashir (2003), Sneddon (2003-2005), Dimond (2003-2005), (Sony, Branca, Thome, et al. 2006-2009 always in the background, waiting to grab), Murray (2009); is there any visual or printed evidence of a connection between Matolla and Bashir regarding enhancing the Arvizos’ role in it all in 2002-2003, I wonder……

    Michael may be peaceful in Heaven, but the rest of us are not peaceful, we are restless and full of unanswered questions …..

  12. Seven says:


    Now you see why I didn’t provide more clips of the article! I think it is not only a ‘should’ but a ‘MUST’ that fans write to editors about the unfairness and inaccuracies in these articles and ask them to correct and/or retract the falsities in them.

    It’s a rare article about Michael that doesn’t contain either blatant or veiled insults like the ones you pointed out. I think fans SHOULD complain about them!

  13. May says:

    Sorry I meant to say that the choreographer Michael Jackson worked with on Thriller was Michael Peters in my comment above.

  14. May says:

    Hi Seven,
    I’m not sure how to contact you about inaccurate and unfair media stories but I am concerned about the upcoming Vanity Fair article:

    Although there are some good points, in this preview, Vince Paterson simultaneously trashes and praises Jackson in this article. They interview him even though he was not the choreographer for Thriller. The choreographer Peter King, who died in 1994, and was shown in the “Making of Thriller” working on the choreography with Jackson. Ola Ray has spoken in a few interviews about working with MJ on Thriller and describing him as sweet and innocent, and that the world was not ready for that. But here they seemed to have framed her comments to put them in line with Paterson’s.

    Lisa Robinson also closed her mostly positive Sept 2009 tribute piece with disrespectful & inaccurate statements that suggest that MJ brought on the media destruction only after the time she knew him, that none of the things (to which she attaches negative adjectives to portray the as weird) were part of his life during their ‘friendship’ from 1972 to 1989. The below listed things were a part of his life and only became the focus of speculation and distortion when the media decided they were out to destroy him, after he purchased the ATV catalogue.

    >> “Before the animal companions..crotch grabbing..hospital stays..friendships with aging legends..insomnia..fantasyland ranch..Michael Jackson was one of the most talented, adorable, enthusiastic, sweet, ebullient performers I’d ever interviewed. From 1972 to 1989, I spent time with Michael” My rebuttal:
    – Bubbles was adopted in the early 80s and there were many animals e.g. llamas, snakes, etc. at the Encino family home throughout the early 80s. Katherine Jackson has said they always had pets as children.
    – Crotch grabbing debuted on the Bad Tour which ended in 1989 and on the Victory Tour (1984), Jackson put his hand over his crotch area as a dance move that was a precursor to the crotch grab.
    – His “friendships with aging legends” began in childhood. Fred Astaire was a friend since he was 6, Liz Taylor since he was 16.
    – He had insomnia as early as in the early 80s and had a clock like device where he could listen to stories to sleep.
    – Neverland was purchased in 1987.
    >> “before the disfiguring plastic surgeries, before the peculiar disguises,”
    – Again there were surgeries & disguises during 1972-89. His first surgery after he broke his nose. Disguises allowed him to go out with some privacy.
    >> “before the suspect marriages, before the mysteriously conceived children”
    – Again very disrespectful distortions. He had issued a statement that the children with Debbie Rowe were conceived by “natural conception” and given extensive interviews about his marriages. And of course there is LMP statement about the marriage after his death. The media chooses to convey what is wants to.

    I’m concerned to see Vanity Fair continuing to promote themselves as offering “honest” tributes to him. VF has been far from ‘honest’, fair or accurate in its articles on Jackson e.g. Maureen Orth has written stories with false information about Jackson in VF and called him a “failure as a human being” in interviews after his death. Lisa Robinson and others carry on in the similar fashion by mixing slanderous and false statements with praise and nice pictures.

    Should fans write to the editors about the unfairness, inaccuracies & slander and ask that they retract their false statements and publicly issue corrections? Especially Orth’s stories about the abuse allegations. And also express concern about the upcoming July 2010 article on Thriller I mentioned above? Paterson’s comments don’t seem suitable as part of a tribute and he even wasn’t the choreographer.

  15. Monica says:

    I can never understand what they got from all this speculation and lying. Their greed killed a man! If I was them, I’d rather go sit in an assylum…I mean it! I mean, will they ever live in peace knowing that they destroyed a man’s life? God help them! Forgive them!

  16. Inga says:

    Thank you Seven for this article
    there was a”Doku” aired on TV in May on VOX in germany (four hours) about Michael called “König Einsam”. It was a very negativ piece.Diane Dimond said horrible things about Michael. I can not believe, that a sick ***** like her
    can spread her poison and lies around the world!!!? People who want to know something about Michael Jackson and
    see this broadcast, they have a low opinion then, if they don’t know what she is about. She was and is obsessed to destroy Michael even in death. I was totally upset when I saw it.Is there no possibility to keep her mouth shut?
    Bashir, Dimond, Sneddon, how Susan said, are cheerleaders and responsible for Michaels living hell!
    Sorry for my english, it’s a bit difficult for me to write in this language.
    I’m sure there will be justice one day, for we never give up! All for LOVE Michael…

  17. Seven says:


    You are absolutely right and I’ve said it before myself: The only God these people know or worship is MONEY. The media have caused the deaths of others too – remember Lady Diana. They would not leave her alone and lo and behold she died because of them chasing her. (or paparazzi chasing her in order to sell the photos to the media who pay BIG $$$ for them!) And our legal and political system can be VERY abusive and too often is – brutal, inhumane – right along with the media. They are killers just as much as any doctor overdosing a patient or a person with a gun or knife.

    THANK YOU for sharing that wonderful story about the little boy. It’s not wonderful that he got hurt, of course, but it IS wonderful that Michael went to see him and let him know he cared and that the boy was thrilled to meet him! What a memory for the boy to have. I’m sure he will never forget Michael.

  18. Jaqueline M. says:

    Hi, Seven, as Jeanne said “the picture says it all”. These people, Bashier, Diamond, Sneddon, they tried to destroy Michael. I always ask to myself why and how can a person feel happy hurting another? Specially hurting a so gentle, Lovely, innocent and beautiful person like Michael. As I always say, I only believe in God’s justice. Of course, these people don’t believe there is a God, but I do. Their “god” is called money. I hope they enjoy their money here, because when they die they will pay for what they did to Michael. I really believe that with all my heart. That’s why I know Michael is happy and peaceful, because he was an angel in this world. Now he is in Paradise, he deserves it. Michael was a wonderful human being. Some days ago I was watching a dvd with some reports of Michael when he came here, to Brazil, where I live. It was 1993 and I don’t remember because I was very little, but he came to do a show. Then, when he was leaving the hotel, his car, or one of the cars, knocked a little boy down. Of course, It was not Michael’s fault, he didn’t even see what happened. The boy went to the hospital and five minutes later Michael was there to visit him with gifts and toys. The boy’s mother said Michael stayed there 30 minutes and she saw that he was the most gentle person she had ever met and her son was happy for being knocked down because he had the chance to see Michael. Michael was so special… He cared for the people…

  19. Michelle says:

    Oh, these people are so evil! Especially Martin. Too little, too late!!! Thanks, Seven.

  20. jeanne says:

    The picture says it all.

  21. Silkie4MJ says:

    Seven, you are so right.
    In addition to money and greed, I would add envy and power, pandering to the lowest level, a mentality of anything goes and everything is allowed. Indeed we have become a sad society which seeks to know all about the rich and famous, how they got that way and even better, how they fell from grace or were pushed. If we weren’t, people like “demon” would not flourish. But how can we have changed so much to where lack of integrity is so rampant or virtually unknown? How can such injustices be so ignored and in fact perpetuated and even rewarded?? How can there be no negative consequences for blatant malice? Money, greed, power. The unholy trinity.
    And lastly. Let me see if I understand this: Sneddon signed that declaration which supported DD’s statement. BUT no tape was ever found because it didn’t exist, BUT Michael’s case was tossed because he couldn’t prove malice or false reporting and because of Snddn’s false statement. So the fact that no tape was found was not sufficient to prove his case? And Sneddon gets a free pass!
    Seven,you pose a lot of good questions. Too bad no one in the “industry” of “journalism” will answer them.

  22. Susan says:

    Hi Seven;

    This is a topic I had hoped you would address, as I believe the media, and dimond, in particular, were the cheerleaders for Michael’s destruction. The zeal she displayed is beyond the pale. maureen orth is another in her league with her regurgitation of tabloid lies in her 5 articles in Vanity Fair. Even Roger Friedman stated that orth did no investigation of her stories – just copy and paste “journalism” from National Enquirer, The Sun, etc. But dimond is clearly delusional. She threw anything she could think of out there for mass consumption and unfortunately, a lot of people believed her. She must know she’s lying, so how does she live with herself?

    There is a book called “Tabloid Baby” written by Burt Kearns in 1999, who was a producer of “A Current Affair” and “Hard Copy”. It states in the book – “diane dimond is no friend of Tabloid Baby or freedom of the press. When Tabloid Baby was released 6 Novembers ago, diane led the media boycott of the book. She was hosting a CNBC show with Geraldo Rivera at the time. She didn’t like the way she was portrayed in the book so she stopped the author from appearing on NBC.”

    So exactly what kind of power does she have to do something like that? I don’t know if it’s my imagination or not Seven, but NBC always seemed a tad more agressive in their Michael coverage – all those Dateline stories. Then you had maureen orth being married to Tim Russert of “Meet the Press”. Just a little to close for comfort.

    Last night I saw Jesse Ventura on Larry King and he was saying how years ago, the 4th Estate used to be like the fourth branch of government in that there was a system of checks and balances that would ensure the truth would not be suppressed, but he said those days are gone – it’s money that now runs media and well, you see the damage that’s been done.

  23. Johanna says:

    There was a documentary on E! after Michael’s death and they invited the Demon to speak as a Michael Jackson expert (?!!) and of course she had to make a very disparaging comment (that Michael was asexual). Strangely enough, even she looked like she did not believe what she was saying. So I can only conclude that she is an attention whore. Sneddon probably knew that and exploited her fully to say on public tv things that no other credible journalist would utter without checking first. She’s probably not evil, just very starved for attention.

    Basher had likely been bought over by Tommy Mottola.

  24. Tayah says:

    Devil Dimond has a book called ‘be carefull who you love’…
    (deleted URL so as to NOT call attention to or promote the book)
    Isn’t there a way that she can be sued by the family for slander?
    Or something. How can she still get away with this kind of horrific junk.