Jun 22 2010

When the lame$tream media stops telling lies about Michael Jackson, we’ll stop telling the truth about them.

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Boy, just when you think they can’t sink any further into the depths of the sewer than they already have, one of them comes up with something like this sophomoric, putrid, factually anemic (completely lacking, actually) hate-filled gem from one of Murdoch’s lackeys, Andrea Peyser. We’ve not seen such a severe case of psychological projection in long time. It must truly suck to be her.  I understand the little Murdoch wench likes all the attention so we’ve taken steps to see that she gets a lot of it – namely from the NY Attorney General’s Office.

I’ve done more than a few pieces on the media here. The corporate-owned media are and have been for decades the diarrhea-like oil uninhibitedly polluting our social and political ‘Gulf of Mexico‘, destroying lives and helping to bring others to premature ends with their sensationalist, twisted lies-for-profit. Lives like for instance, Michael Jackson’s.

My most recent pieces were ‘Mad Dogs and Media‘ and ‘More Mad Dogs and Media‘.  One could write a book on the four plus decades of the media’s lynching of Michael Jackson – one book for each parasite. I won’t bother listing them all because it would take up my whole post. But I will go into more detail about a few of these corporate-owned mediawhores and their slanderous malfeasance when it comes to Michael Jackson.

Lame$tream media networks play dirty pool (hardly a surprise, eh?)

Let me tell you about a video I found after Michael left us and took notes on. The video was on YouTube and it was an interview Jay Leno did with Tom Mesereau on June 17th, 2005. In that video, Tom Mesereau exposes the myths and lies about Michael Jackson’s ‘bedroom‘ and who did and did not stay in it and under what circumstances, as the media and the prosecution had defined it. Well, disturbingly, I found that (MS)NBC had blocked Part 1 of the interview due to some ‘copyright violation’. But only Part 1. Part 2 of the video was still widely available and viewable. Now, if Part 1 of this interview was a copyright violation, wouldn’t Part 2 be as well?  A logical person might think so. Then it occurred to me that in all likelihood, the lame$tream media simply did not want the truth to be known about ‘Michael’s ‘bedroom‘ at Neverland. After all, how could they continue to suck in rivers of money by defining Michael Jackson as a guilty pedophile if the truth got out there?  So – they blocked that part of the interview.  Well, thanks to some tenacious friends, I’ve a copy of that interview which you can watch here.

Here are some relevant quotes from Part 1 of that interview that (MS)NBC apparently does not want the public to know:

It’s a result of spin from the media and not knowing the evidence. If you really looked at the evidence in the case, they had nothing. They had absolutely nothing. You can’t spin a conviction. You’ve got to have evidence to support it, the evidence wasn’t there. (Re: why so many think Michael is guilty)

His room is a 2-story duplex. A huge duplex. Women stayed there, mothers stayed there, kids stayed there, there parents stayed there. Anytime a child came up to him and said “We want to play in your room” which he had arcade games there and that kind of thing, he always said “I want your parents here right now and I want their permission” and the parents were free to stay and we had parents testify that did stay. (Re: Michael’s “bedroom”)

The prosecution tried to bury that because they wanted to make him look like a monster and they failed. (Re: Michael’s humanitarian and philanthropic work)

They had their own agenda, they misstated the facts, they didn’t understand the significance of what was going on in the courtroom and that’s why their major critics were stunned by the verdict. They (CourtTV/media) were humiliated because they never understood what was going on in the courtroom. (Re: the media)

He (Tom Sneddon) flew to Australia at one point in the mid 1990s to try to find an alleged victim and the person said ‘take a hike, get out of here’. He had a website at the sheriff’s dept. to see if he could find witnesses to build a case. It was like an open casting call on Michael Jackson and the best he could come up with was this family that we thoroughly discredited from A to Z.

I saw it as tremendous injustice.

What they were saying was that this kid had cancer and that he (Michael) intentionally plied him with alcohol so that he could molest him and if you know Michael, you say ‘this is absurd’. They were also saying he masterminded a conspiracy to abduct a family and bring them to Brazil. Michael Jackson wouldn’t even know how to conceive of such a thing. Michael Jackson is an artist. He’s a creative spirit, he likes to sit in a tree and compose music and he freely says that.

-Tom Mesereau, Jay Leno, June 17th, 2005

And you’ll love this one: A CBS news producer was so confident that Michael would be convicted that he and his wife actually trademarked the name “Jesus Juice” along with an MJ silhouette on cross with a fedora and glittery glove. They were going to mass-produce and sell a brand of wine called “Jesus Juice” in an attempt to capitalize and profit from his conviction. One of the pieces of junk they were going to sell with this moniker on it was the “Off The Wall Clock“.

This juvenile stunt – from someone in a position to influence what stories get produced and shown on CBS? Linda Mason said of her husband Bruce Rheins’ idea: “in retrospect, he realizes it was terribly inappropriate.“.

Well. Isn’t that a monumental understatement. Pfft. Thus is the collective mentality of our lame$tream media, apparently, and now you know why I call them “lame$tream” – among other reasons. Intellectually, they’re still six years old. And they think Michael is ‘wacko’? Did I mention psychological projection yet?

Look, if anyone out there trusts these people to give them the truth or even a remotely accurate story about anything, you’d better think again. And I don’t care if it’s the National Enquirer or CBS news – you had better question every thing they tell you and research for yourself. Because I guarantee you they are only telling part of the whole story. The part they choose to tell is twisted beyond all recognition of what the truth really is and the part they don’t tell at all is the part you furthermore need to worry most about because they’re hiding it for a reason. Usually money.

And I distinctly remember Dateline NBC jerking Michael around about a special they were to do about him. Dateline NBC tried to blackmail Michael into doing an exclusive interview in February 2003 by offering him $5 million dollars and more importantly promising him the cancellation of an episode of Dateline NBC that would discuss the 1993 allegations. When Michael refused, they retaliated by extending the Dateline special to 2 hours. Here’s the NY Times article about this dirty little game of NBC’s:


As you would expect, the Dateline special was compete garbage. Only Ray Chandler and Victor Gutierrez were interviewed, while Geraldine Hughes and Mary Fisher not, making it completely one-sided, just like all their reporting typically is when it comes to Michael Jackson. Many, many more details of NBC’s largely fabricated and one-sided reporting in this special can be seen here. I promise you if you read what’s at the aforementioned link, you will be (if you’re not already) sickened to no end at the lengths to which the lame$tream went to define Michael as guilty – to publicly lynch an innocent man – so as to keep that river of money (via ratings and tabloid rag sales) flowing in. Scandals sell. And if there isn’t one, they just make one up!

Speaking of who’s in bed with whom, Diane (Demon) Dimond was in bed with Sneddon and the Prosecution

And, Besides being so cozy with Tom Sneddon, who protected her from a slander lawsuit filed by Michael (well-justified I might add), and besides her being such bosom buddies with the prosecution and the SBPD, you’ll love this little story about how the Demon itself got caught chasing liars in an effort to give their lies a platform on national television.  This seems to be an epidemic these days in the lame$tream media. They are the platform and mouthpiece for all and sundry liars and ignorants whilst totally closeting anyone who has actual facts or common sense to share, or even just a different viewpoint. Yes the seedy underbelly of the Demon’s (and the media’s in general) modus operandi has in fact been exposed. And what did she get for it? Why, promoted, of course. Thus is the moral code of these corporate-owned entities. They are psychopathic predators, to put it mildly. They’ll promote any lie about anybody or anything if they can make a buck off of it.

The below is from http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/diane-dimond-s-suspicious-involvement-bullet-54.html, though I’ve read the story elsewhere as well.

When she was still working with the now defunct tabloid TV show Hard Copy, Dimond was chasing a story that completely blew up in her face. Some time after the 1993 allegations, there was a “street kid” in Canada claiming to have been “molested” by Michael Jackson.

Instead of going to the police, his alleged guardian wrote a letter to Diane Dimond. Dimond flew all the way to Toronto to get this kid’s very elaborate and highly researched story. Like the family now, he too claimed he only wanted “justice.” Dimond, of course, took the bait, got his “confessions” on camera, and took him to the authorities so he could “tell his story.”

As it turned out, the kid was being fed very detailed lies from a Jackson-obsessed nut named Rodney Allen, who felt it was his mission to make Michael Jackson “pay” for some imagined wrong done to him. Rodney Allen, the “guardian” writing the letters to Hard Copy, admitted on camera he fed the information to the child and made the kid lie over and over again to both Dimond and the authorities at first. After the kid was questioned for hours by the police, he finally admitted he lied about the entire situation from beginning to end.

Here’s a YouTube video about the whole debacle:

CANADIAN police exposed this lie/scam, but interestingly, not the LAPD or SBPD. In California, justice is a clown-show. At least the Canadians take the concept somewhat seriously.

Continuing with the text from http://site2.mjeol.com/mjeol-bullet/diane-dimond-s-suspicious-involvement-bullet-54.html . . .

In an effort to save face, Dimond pretended to be a victim in the entire scam when she turned in her report to Hard Copy. You can view the video of the entire Hard Copy story for yourself here: http://www.cmjfc.ca/scam.rm or here at MJEOL: http://site.mjeol.com/dimondscam.rm

Dimond herself has already begun to see the “rewards” of her Jackson scoops, whether they turn out to be true or false.

Despite heavily pushing a false story about “love letters”, which turned out to be from a London tabloid, she’s been given a promotion: hosting her own show on Court TV called Hollywood At Large.

Many people thought she dropped off the face of the earth after the first Jackson scandal in 1993. This resurrection has been rather surprising.

She has also admitted to knowing the accuser from 1993 as well. Thus, she does have a history of seeking out scam artists who have leveled abuse allegations against Jackson. So what does all of this mean? It may mean that both the public and Jackson’s defense team should look at the peculiar coincidences surrounding Dimond’s involvement with these allegations of abuse, if they haven’t already done so.

Integrity in the media? Don’t hold your breath. Michael always said throw away the tabloids. Don’t read ’em. Seven recommends that you throw out all the media. Turn off your TV, stay off their websites. Get your information elsewhere. “How do I know it’s true or accurate if it’s not on TV or CBS?“, you ask?

Well, grasshopper, I can almost guarantee you that it is not accurate if you’re getting it from TV or any of the media owned by the Big Six. That includes television and cable networks, newspapers, magazines, websites, even radio. Six huge corporations own it all. Medialoids/tabloids – the whole shebang, most owned by one of them. And they have one agenda and one agenda only: MONEY.

Getting your info just about anywhere but those outlets and networks will be a safer bet. And for God’s sake do your own research before believing anything you hear on TV or read on the networks’ websites or any websites owned by the Big Six. These entities are not there for public service. They are there for self-service and their #1 priority is profit via ratings, website clicks, paper and rag mag sales.

They don’t give a mosquito who or what they destroy to get those sales and that money, either. That ought to be apparent by now. Truth and facts have long since been tossed out the window with these folks in favor of profits.  Integrity = zero.

_ _ _

{ Thanks to David Edwards for doing the majority of the research for this piece and to Katja for finding that video that MSNBC tried to block. -Seven }

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20 Responses to “When the lame$tream media stops telling lies about Michael Jackson, we’ll stop telling the truth about them.”

  1. Simona says:

    thank you so much for your hard work, when I have my terrible lame$tream moments, when the anger and the sickness and the anger (yes, again) seem to just be too much for me to stand, I come here and I can breathe again, I feel yuor strength and it invigorates me, it really does. You help me – and so many of us I’m sure – to stand up and fight for Michael. Sometimes it feels like the medialoids will never stop it, but I know it’s up to us to stand up for truth and justice, right?
    Thank you so much, from my heart.

  2. UnoU1it says:

    Thanks Seven, for all your hard work on all your articles. The truth needs to be out there to contradict the B.S. that the media perpetrates. Regardless of what lies were told about Michael, he remains the most giving Humanitarian (Guinness Book of World Records) and has received the most entertainment awards of any performer. Additionally, Thriller is the best-selling album of all time. Complement all these achievements with the “firsts” and the time he gave to helping sick children, Michael has only one legacy…he was simply “the best” and will remain so forever.

  3. Jeanne says:

    Tell ya what I know , Halprin dressed in drag ,,,, said he was undercover ,,,,, Yeah right . My opinion is he WISHED he was undercover,,,, under Michaels covers ,, he lusted after Michael . Now that my dear friends is the truth . This guy Halprin is in a closet and needs to come out .. His lies about Michael are obvious . Obvious . Listen ,, Halprin ,, You pretty much told on yourself . What I just said here IS truth in reporting . !!!!

  4. Michelle says:

    Thanks, Seven, I really appreciate this. Can’t these backstabbers and haters get a life?! Seven, God bless you!!!

  5. SerenityLife says:

    One thing I learned early from Michael Jackson is to only listen to the person who is in question. I honestly believe when he started saying this more was when J Randy Taraborrelli was about to publish his book. I try not to listen to the trash but the mainstream media has made me so irritated that I stopped even watching much TV because I refuse to feed into a system that continues not only to degrade Michael but even President Obama.

    This is why I feel Michael created Neverland and didn’t allow people who were his guests to take pictures there. I guess that was his way of protecting his sanity. I don’t blame him ONE bit!

    Thanks for this amazing information, Seven!

  6. Joyce says:

    I saw the despicable NY Post article by that vile, hate filled excuse for a human being the other day. Needless to say I did not read past the first few lines. I could not believe what I was reading. Where do such hatred and lies come from? I just do not understand how this is not considered Libel! I tried looking up the actual legal definition of Libel and how it applies to living vs. deceased individuals. I know this is a bit long but here is what I found as a brief explanation and there is no mention of how there would be any difference in the case of a person who has passed. I would think that any Libel “injury” can be passed on to family members. Feel free to delete this if it is too long but I am just at a loss as to how these so called “journalists” (it pains me to even call them that) continue to get away with what is blatant Libel in my mind. I can hardly see straight I am so angry and disgusted right now. This has to stop!!

    Here is the info about Libel from “About.com/Journalism”
    What Is Libel?
    Libel is published defamation of character, as opposed to spoken defamation of character, which is slander.
    •Exposes a person to hatred, shame, disgrace, contempt or ridicule.
    •Injures a person’s reputation or causes the person to be shunned or avoided.
    •Injures the person in his or her occupation.
    Examples might include accusing someone of having committed a heinous crime, or of having a disease that might cause them to be shunned.
    Two other important points:
    •Libel is by definition false. Anything that is provably true cannot be libelous.
    •“Published” in this context simply means that the libelous statement is communicated to someone other than the person being libeled. That can mean anything from an article that’s photocopied and distributed to just a few people to a story that appears in a newspaper with millions of subscribers.
    In order to win a libel lawsuit, private individuals need only prove that an article about them was libelous, and that it was published.
    But public officials – people who work in government at the local, state or federal level – have a tougher time winning libel lawsuits than private individuals. Public officials must not only prove that an article was libelous and that it was published; they must also prove it was published with something called “actual malice.”
    Actual malice means that:
    •The story was published with the knowledge that it was false.
    •The story was published with reckless disregard of whether or not it was false.
    The use of the “actual malice” standard to prove libel has been expanded from just public officials to public figures, which basically means anyone who is in the public eye. Put simply, politicians, celebrities, sports stars, high-profile corporate executives and the like all must meet the “actual malice” requirement in order to win a libel suit.
    For journalists, the best way to avoid a libel suit is to do “responsible reporting”. Don’t be shy about investigating wrongdoing committed by powerful people, agencies and institutions, but make sure you have the facts to back up what you say.

    That last line says it all. The lamestream media has no concept of what responsible reporting means!! Facts mean nothing to them anymore. So, I ask again, how is this putrid NY Post article, among many others, not Libel?!
    I understand if this is too long for submission but I just had to put it in words. Thanks for the outlet to vent!

  7. 111FAS says:

    I could fill up this little box with what Michael would say about all this crap, but I’ll only choose a few:

    no matter what you do, I’m still gonna be here Through all your lies and silly games I still remain the same,I’m un-break-able (as long as Michael’s fans are alive, so is he – the Mediawhores hate that!)

    That you’ll even sell your soul
    Just to get your story sold

    Your worst nightmare is me, I’m everywhere, In one blink I’ll disappear, and then I’ll come back to haunt you

    The joke is on the MediaLOID …. they’ll NEVER “get rid” of Michael Jackson.

    7 – you are the best for putting all this together. Thank you. I hope the big 6 get a wake up call.

  8. Galina says:

    Hi Seven! Thank you for doing a great job!I see that you are praising Canadian authorities.I am from Canada and like to read your posts every time. I wanted to copy you this message about documentary running 3 times this week on the main Canadian channel right after National news featuring Diane Diamond, Victor Guttieres and so on.They did interview Tom Mesereau but downplayed his comments saying if Tom Sneddon had better evidence and not so emotional about it he would of won for sure, it was so close. It is a very sick documentary.Please read:
    I just saw this horrible documentary about Michael on the main Canadian channel last night after National News. Thousands of people saw this and going to see it again. The bottom line of it Michael Jackson was fascinated with boys and Jordy Chandler was the love of his life. Michael wanted media attention and came up with all the crazy stories about sleeping in oxygen chamber, monkeys etc. There is more… I can just keep going on. After he paid Jordy off he was never happy and self-destructed…
    It is complete crap with people like Diane Diamond describing Michael as a child lure and abuser never got caught. They are going to show it again twice this week. I feel so very upset and wrote them already twice.
    The name of the person who made this garbage is Jacques Peretti, he is on Facebook and making another documentary about MJ. I wrote to him also. Maybe you can write some comments too and spread it around..
    Link for this channel:
    Contact form:

  9. Dialdancer says:

    Thank you for providing guidance to eddectively deal with Andrea Peyser.

  10. Amazing says:

    The medialoids/tabloids are saturated with individuals who have pure raw sewage running through their veins! So what does the public expect to come out of their mouths? Michael continually warned the public about them. It’s time to see them for what they are!

  11. monica says:

    They sold themselves out. The entire case was a fluke. The mother in 2003 case was crazy. She even said they tried getting out of Neverland in an air balloon (and had the court laughing at her). It’s rather surprising that Sneddon would bring THAT TWISTED FREAKY MOM in the court and believe her accusation who is clearly delusional and has a history of extortion. None of the so called evidence and prosecution’s testimonies made sense. Yet they wanted the money. Every single one of them!

    Seven, I appreciate what you are doing…and those too who help you! God bless you!

  12. emma says:

    I believe every human being with clear state of mind and with feelings can see these are just hateful, attention grabbing writings. If you give attention to them you just feed the lying media. The only thing this tabloids are going for, is attention from the readers and they will write ANYTHING to get that attention. I know it is hard, but the only thing one can do is not to pay attention to this rubbish. Giving links to this tabloids one just contributes to spread the lies. One should spread love and understanding.

  13. Karin says:

    Seven, same dirty tricks with the 2005 video as Bashir – if you can’t make somebody look bad then just edit, edit, edit. What a victory for you and your friends to have found it. Totally reinforces everything Charles Thompson and Aphrodite Jones have been claiming about the media conspiracy against Michael.

    In these past twelve months I have become shocked at the lengths to which these huge media corporations go to manipulate consumers in every possible way from influencing politics, social and foreign policy, wars and just about every other issue they choose. Michael remains an acute example of the lengths they will go to push their own agenda which seems to be underpinned firstly by absolute greed and secondly control of the populus.

    The time is well overdue for laws to be enacted in the US to give protection to a deceased person from slander. Peysey’s disgraceful article acutely demonstrates this. I refused to post a comment in response to that piece of trash because it is just so filthy. To write something like that a few days before the first anniversary of Michael’s death was the lowest possible act I can conceive.

  14. Joy john says:

    MJ was right when he wrote the song “Money”. Its for them…suits them..and “D.S” too with his Juliet “Demon” and all that corporate media put together!

  15. Seven says:

    So Hairpin made a lucky guess? Or, was he part of the plan to kill Michael? Whatever. So much of all else he’s said is pure poppycock so he has zero credibility with me, no matter what he ‘predicted’ in January.

    @David – exactly. You’d think The Demon would know better eh? Pfft. It’s the same sitch as with Chandler. If the boy was molested his dad should have went to police. Instead he goes to a lawyer. Why? Because he wasn’t after justice. He was after MONEY.

  16. Justice4MJJ says:

    Another great one, all things I knew though, but excellent for anyone who was in the dark (which there are a lot of). I remember seeing Part 1 also, and I had it saved to youtube, and the Hard Copy episode last Aug. Thanks a lot Seven for your work!

  17. David says:

    If Dimond thought that the boy’s story was so believable, then why didn’t she just call the Canadian authorities herself? Why did she feel the need to hop on a plane and fly to Canada to investigate herself?

    Oh, wait a minute! I know why!!! It’s because she wanted the pleasure of saying that SHE was the one who discovered MJ’s latest “victim”!!!

    The fact that this alleged “victim” mailed in a videotape to Hard Copy should have been a signal that his story was BS. If you were molested by a celebrity, do you call the cops, or do you call a tabloid show like Hard Copy or TMZ? I think the answer is clear and simple!

  18. Joy John says:

    I didn’t actually read the book…but there was one about books that are published and their reviews. Ian’s book was on that page too…and I read a part from the book. That was enough to disgust me. Someone said, he predicted that MJ would die with 6 months (he saw/met MJ in January) I don’t know if that is true or not….but I don’t understand why people are paying too much attention to his baboonish claims. He also said MJ cant sing….he’ll be lip syncing …ridiculous

    You know what’s gonna be funny? If all of them get slapped in the face. If what they were so badly fighting for gets out of their hands. I hope it will…one day! I believe in truth, you see. What goes around comes around. They’ll be suffering a lot…if they dont realize what they did!

  19. Seven says:

    All I’ll say for now is that Ian Hairpin is a parasite and a dirtbag DuJour. Not a bad idea to pay his tawdry little operation a visit.

    Not surprisingly, that oh-so-UNethical lame$tream media looks up to old Hairpin and regularly gives him a platform to spew his BS, propaganda and lies every chance they get. If that alone doesn’t tell ya where the bull sh*t in the buckwheat, nothing will.

    I friend of mine wrote something that aksed the question: “Who is behind Ian Halperin?” – well I think that’s a good question. How is it that this half-baked butt-sniffer gets media time whilst actual journalists with integrity like Charles Thomson and Aphrodite Jones get shoved in the closet?

    Well, ’cause the lame$tream media isn’t about truth or integrity or facts. They’re about MONEY. And that’s all.

    I still wanna know who’s behind ol butt-sniffer Hairpin though. It’s a good question and one worth looking into.

  20. Joy John says:

    Seven, do you know what you are doing? This site should be like MSN..? You should have done this waaaayyyyy before…Those backstabbers and haters need to get a life. They are like termites or maybe lice…feeding off of something else. Thanks for letting us all know. Hey, would you pay your “respects” to trashy talker Ian Hairpin. He blows it off by saying Michael was a homosexual. There were a lot of other things….but this is where I lost it! I really wanna know your thoughts about Ian’s claims. Thank you again. God bless you!