Jul 05 2010

David Nordahl Created ‘Camelot’ Painting for Michael and Lisa-Marie

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I’ve presented the works of a few artists on this site in the past. One of them was David Nordahl, who was Michael’s personal artist and spent years working exclusively for Michael.  Here is another piece Nordahl evidently did for Michael.

SOURCE: http://www.michaeljacksonart.com/details.php?image_id=2203

Michael and Lisa-Marie

Michael and Lisa-Marie

In November, 1994, I spent 2 weeks with Michael and Lisa Marie at the Trump Towers in New York. I was there to work on 2 projects for Michael while he was in the recording studio. Michael and Lisa Marie were great together and a lot of fun to be with. In 1995 Michael asked me to do a painting of the 2 of them. Not one to do a normal portrait, he came up with a creative vision of how he wanted to portray their love for each other.

Michael gave me a list of things he would like to see in the painting. I made a sketch and sent the original to him. He called me when he received it. He said he loved it and not to change a thing except to make the castle more ‘fanciful’.

At this time, I was working on 3 or 4 projects for Michael. I asked if I should set aside these projects in favor of this painting. Michael told me to finish what I was working on and to do the painting afterwards. Sadly, by the time I got around to this painting, Michael and Lisa Marie had separated.

-David Nordahl

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25 Responses to “David Nordahl Created ‘Camelot’ Painting for Michael and Lisa-Marie”

  1. Steph says:

    That is such a beautiful picture.. I wish it had worked for them both, however they made each other physically ill, one ended up in hospital with irregular heart beats and the other ended up with digestion problems..Lisa said she couldnót stomach ánything but brocolli and poached chicken for a year or so after the marriage ended, and Michael was rushed to a hospital in New York with irregular heartbeats and dehydration..According to Frank Cascio, he said Michael didn’t appear to broken hearted when the marriage ended, and Lisa wanted to argue and fight all of the time, and Michael could not stand the arguements.. His career was brilliant, sadly his personal life, much like mine, was a mess.. I put that down to, he never found his twin flame (life time soul mate) from many past lives.. May GOD take good care of his soul.. he had a beautiful one..

  2. Michael's Girl says:


  3. Judith says:

    A lovely painting and IMO highly significant beyond the image itself. Interesting that Michael selected the Camelot theme to express their love. Maybe he wasn’t thinking about about how tragic this story really is — or maybe he did. Camelot tells of noble and beautiful intentions marred by betrayal, mortal wounds and death. The main characters are King Arthur, Guinevere and Sir Lancelot. Is Michael King Arthur or is he Sir Lancelot? Either way he is wounded for his love. As King Arthur he is betrayed by his wife when she falls for Sir Lancelot. Lancelot is filled with guilt and remorse for betraying his friend and runs away. Guinevere is also deeply remorseful for her betrayal. Arthur forgives her but doesn’t take her back. Guinevere enters holy orders where she seeks redemption. Arthur temporarily loses his Divine Connection with the Creator which is the heart of his Kingship. He is bereft and falls ill while the land he loves languishes. Ultimately he is renewed once more by the Creator and goes forth one last time to wield Excaliber in the name of all he was meant to be and accomplish in the world. He is redeemed but mortally wounded in this final quest, and his body is set afloat toward the sunset. It’s a magical tale full of triumph and sadness, just like Michael’s life.

  4. klk says:

    I have seen this painting before and it is breathtaking. I wish Lisa Marie could read the things you have written?Maybe she has.,I think she still loves Michael. It’s awful to love someone so much and then have to watch them inploud. I also had a marriage like that and it hurts till this day. It’s obvious it still hurts her too.

  5. Lisa says:

    I love this painting..it shows that Michael was a true romantic. I do believe that he and Lisa-Marie did love each other. Yet, even Lisa said it herself, unless her insight was marred with anger and pain,she said that Michael loved her as much as he could. It seems she was more in love with him, then he with her. I was not there I am only going by my own observation, from everything I have read and saw during interviews, etc.. And when she tried to get him back after she changed her mind about having his children it was too late..He did not return to her. And already had decided to have children with Debbie Rowe. So it seems that she was correct in her statement. It seems that Michael seemed to have one true love and that was Dianna Ross And he admitted of being in love with Brooke Shields,but she did not feel the same. And there are the women Who loved him but he did not; Debbie Rowe,Stephanie Mills, Ola Raye, Shana Managtal, and Tatyana Thumbtzen. So when it comes to TRUE LOVE, it was hit and miss…the same for allot of us. I am allot like Michael when it comes to love, a romantic but also a realist. And most realists that I know including myself-once you hurt me or I find out that you are not the person I think you are-I move on. And although they saw each other after the divorce…many times, -why didn’t they reconnect? Still, it is a beautiful painting of a dream that could have been. RIP King of Hearts, King of Pop..

  6. Sheena says:

    Just tells me how much Michael loved Lisa and adored their relationship. The painting is grand, romantic and meaningful. Michael truly loved Lisa and wanted a fairy tale life with her.. Alas..

  7. luvuangel says:

    Hello Seven. I haven’t been around for awhile… I’ve buried myself in work…kind of been curled up in
    an emotional fetal position around the end of June…
    trying not to feel anything. But I have been hungrily reading your posts every single day and wondering
    what I would do without you. You express such intense love for Michael and all he stood for, so eloquently
    in words, with art, with all your tireless work to bring him justice. Forgive me too for sneaking in a
    comment… as a patriotic but objective American living abroad, I am awed by your writing about
    Independence Day. It’s an example of your clear-sighted view of the world as it is and your courage and
    eloquence in
    expressing it. How in the world do you FIND all this incredible info, interviews…? I am truly awed.
    I love this painting… as I love all the work Nordahl did for Michael. These paintings
    reflect how our precious Michael was so cultured, so learned and yet so child-like, as he escaped it all
    by fleeing to his fantasy world where all of us would love to be. I also loved Michael and Lisa together.
    Just to see the pure joy on his lovely face when he held her hand… he deserved so much love, poor soul.
    But Seven, how can we spread this message so that the “snakes” and “larvae” (as Lisa said) out there in
    corporate America can at least know that there are people who feel the way we do and demand an answer?
    I love your page but I want it out there for ALL of them to see!
    Thank you Seven, with all my heart and soul… for keeping me “in touch” with our angel.

  8. gaoqiangz says:

    So beautiful~

  9. Donatella says:

    Oh my God…this incredible man keeps on surprising me,for the amazing culture that he had in arts,history and…well,he even knew symbols in medieval painting!!!!….I have no words,again…that’s the encyclopedic and eclectic nature of Michael’s mind….Michael was so many steps forward from many people….Seven,thank you once again for sharing and for showing us this beautiful Michael’s side,still too unknown.THANK YOU.

  10. Susan T says:

    Lovely! I love horses so this painting really appeals to my senses. Who doesn’t still dream of their “knight in shining armor” astride a magnificent white horse? I’m sure Michael is aware of this beautiful expression of their love. I’m sure He will, in His own magical way, let David know how it has captured His heart! I wonder if David has shared it with Lisa. He should. And her husband should be chivalrous enough to understand how special it truly is.

    Their marriage was like a fairytale in many ways. The media just chewed them up and spit them out–they were treated so badly! They loved each other very much and would have stayed together forever had it not been for the “fame monster” that guarded Michael and manipulated nearly everything in his life. The love and passion were clearly evident in their relationship; all they really needed was the time to really “know” one another.

    The “manipulators” never stopped and sadly, their marriage was doomed. Perhaps in another space and time they will be together again for all time.

    David Nordahl’s work is wonderful. Michael had such a sensitive appreciation for all things beautiful. His taste reflects so exquisitely in his appearance and the things with which he chose to surround himself.

    Thanks for sharing this beautiful image of Him and Lisa with us. I hope all of David’s paintings of Michael find forever homes with caring, trusted guardians. I so hope His family can turn Neverland into a museum. Regardless of the pain that Michael associated with Neverland, He didn’t want to lose it. I hope His family can preserve it for all time.

  11. Gracie says:

    BRAVO! Well done! please forgive I just waned to Thank you on your blog of America’s independence day-I am American…
    As much as it hurts the truth needed to be said.

  12. Jacqueline M. says:

    David Nordahl is such a great artist, isn’t he? This painting with Michael and Lisa is very beautiful, but I’ve seen others paintings of Michael made by him in your blog, Seven, and they are all amazing. The most beautiful, in my opinion, is the one which Michael sits under a tree with a book in his hands and many kids around him, just the way he liked to be.

  13. magee says:

    The painting was let us know that Michael & Lisa had the wonderful moment
    before …..

  14. roalers says:

    Just… magical…..

  15. Jeanne says:

    Seven I too was happy for Michael and Lisa and I thought this painting was so beautiful . Imagine being loved like this. In fact I often saw that Michael had such romantic ability to make a woman melt like butter with his gentle soulful energy . How fortunate for Lisa . I imagine she never again felt this kind of love and held their once shared romance in her heart to this day. In her blog , she said she tried to save Michael . I am certain he saved her first .

  16. mjangel says:


  17. Seven says:

    I remember being so excited about those two. It really seemed such a wonderful pairing for so many reasons. But — so many pressures on high-profile relationships and with all the vultures around MJ to deal with…just too much.

  18. Annie says:

    Thanks for sharing, Seven!
    This is such a beautiful and ramantic painting
    I once wished their love could last forever and support Michael to go thru all the dark moments…
    Though it could never happen, but the painting is a good way to celebrate their love!

  19. BG says:

    Beautiful painting of Michael’s vision. LMP quote is great – if only things had been a little different then…

  20. Joy John says:

    Well, Michael was truly artistic…with a great taste in all arts. As for the painting…I’m so jealous 😉 I always wanna have one made of me!

    Michael was in tune with every form of art around him, I must say. Performing arts, painting, potraits, sculpting etc etc…so beautiful!

  21. Michelle says:

    What a beautiful painting!!!

  22. earthgirl says:


  23. Seven says:

    I love that LMP comment Anne! Thanks for the link too! For others, here is the comment Anne is referring to, in its entirety:


  24. Anne Mette Jepsen says:

    Thank you Seven! This is the first time I see this 🙂 Very beautiful and romantic <3
    Reminds me of something LMP said on one of the photos from the VIBE photoshoot: "Michael is a true artist in every facet of it's nature – extremely aesthetic and very, very romantic. This is who he truly is despite degrading comments made in the past by certain larva."

  25. Ivana says:

    Beautiful…just beautiful.