Aug 16 2010

Now Michael is to blame for 70 lost jobs at Teva? And time he spent in Ireland is just too “strange” to believe?

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Love You, Michael!

"Why not just tell people I’m an alien from Mars.Tell them I eat live chickens and do a voodoo dance at midnight.They’ll believe anything you say, because you’re a reporter.” -Michael Jackson

You know, they never run out of ways to use and abuse Michael Jackson’s name.

It’s being used per usual as a cheap -n- easy magnet for increasing website traffic by the Orange County Register in California, as well as by most of the rest of the media(loids).

But this is another way I’ve been seeing it abused more often lately: Michael’s name is being hung out there as a target of blame for the loss of 70 jobs at the Teva plant where propofol is manufactured.

Of course this is pure horse-pucky. Not that the jobs are being lost because of course they are. But it is pure horse-pucky that Michael Jackson is in any way to blame for it.

The reason Teva is halting manufacture of the drug is not because Michael was murdered with it, but rather because Teva couldn’t seem to find a way to manufacture it in sanitary conditions ie: it was making people sick due to the vials being contaminated. Certainly not  Michael’s fault!

This is the lamest case of ‘blame the victim‘ I’ve seen yet in regards to Michael Jackson, besides the dirtbag “doctor” named Murray trying to blame Michael for his own murder. And the media of course will try to pin anything on Michael.

If you want to let the author of this piece of crap know (not that she doesn’t) that her tactic of abusing Michael’s name for this piece is abusive, transparent and cheap, you can contact Mary Anne Milbourn at [email protected]

Here is the truth about TEVA and propofol:

TEVA/Baxter international have close to 250 lawsuits against them, NONE of them related to Michael Jackson. The damage was done long before he passed away. Their decision to cease manufacturing and lay people off had everything to do with money!

In 2008, propofol was connected to a hepatitis C outbreak that infected as many as 114 people. Vials of propofol were allegedly used to treat more than one patient each, spreading the liver disease. Close to 250 lawsuits have been filed in connection with the outbreak.

Earlier this month, a court ordered Teva to pay $356 million to a man who said he contracted hepatitis C from a vial of propofol. Teva’s partner, Baxter International Inc., was ordered to pay $144 million. The plaintiff said Teva and Baxter encouraged unsafe reuse of the drug by selling it in unnecessarily large vials.



One reader got a rather catty response from Ms. Milbourn which you can read in the comments below. She basically admits they used and abused Michael’s name to draw attention to the article, claiming “no one would have recognized the name propofol or Teva, but they do know that the drug is associated with Michael Jackson’s death. I ran the story by two editors and both said that it was OK. So you and I will have to disagree.

So, her editors OK’d the abuse of his name for the article – strictly to draw website clicks and readership. The problem is these “journalists” have been for months associating Michael Jackson with TEVA’s legal problems and blaming him for their loss of money and jobs, when Michael Jackson has not a thing to do with it! It’s cheap, greedy, abusive, disingenuous, and they need to lay off this nasty little tactic. I’m so sick of these people.

Oh, and did you know that Michael’s spending time in Ireland was SO strange it could hardly be believed, especially in the face of his “bizarre and twisted life“?

Ohhh GAWD how tiresome and overused these adjectives are when describing Michael Jackson and everything about his life, even the most normal, completely understandable and mundane things as him simply wanting to escape the press and paparazzi after his 2005 trial and get some normality and peace in his life for himself and his children.

And all done just to capitalize on his name and to attract the readership of the lowest sensation-seeking, hate-mongering public with their ignorant mob mentality when it comes to all things MJ.

Here is the story and the relevant snip:

Even in the context of the bizarre, twisted fairy tale of Michael Jackson’s life, the time he spent living in a converted cowshed in rural Ireland shortly before he died takes some believing. But in the summer of 2006 . . .

Jesus Christmas on a pogo stick, I’d have thought better of the Guardian but I guess they’ve gone tabloid along with all the rest.  You can contact them about this tiresome  (not to mention grossly unprofessional) negative definition of Michael here: [email protected]

And if you want wonderful stories about Michael Jackson in Ireland without the negative media spin, you can of course find them here on  After clicking the link, scroll down for many, many stories, bits and pieces about Michael’s time there.

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55 Responses to “Now Michael is to blame for 70 lost jobs at Teva? And time he spent in Ireland is just too “strange” to believe?”

  1. roxanne says:

    Thanks so much for posting the link to the Harvard Seminar with Tom Mesereau speaking. I’d never seen it in its entirety. What was most enlightening to me was to hear Mesereau’s response to the question about the Beatles/Elvis songbook. Honestly, I had always thought that this idea that ‘someone’ was out to get MJ over the songbook was sheer paranoia, but Mesereau framed the issue in a larger way – connecting the staggering number of civil suits against MJ over the years to the possibility that there were possibly (‘maybe’ was his response to the question – very lawyerly but clearly he knew something more) many people ready to lay claim to the assets should MJ be convicted….this was way beyond the songbook issue – really profound. I apologize for my own ignorance and lack of trust in this case.

  2. Seven says:

    Sue – thank you for posting that – very well done and very wise to draw those parallels!

  3. Sue M says:

    I thought you might be interested in the email I sent to Phil Griffin, president of MSNBC, regarding the hiring of Martin Bashir. Given that the Bashir announcement coincided with the Sharon Sherrod/Andrew Breitbart fiasco and MSNBC was highly critical of Breitbart, I took the opportunity to draw parallels.

    Mr. Griffin,
    I am profoundly disappointed in MSNBC’s decision to hire Martin Bashir. My skepticism and mistrust of the media began when I understood the cut-and-paste, agenda-driven methods behind Bashir’s “Living with Michael Jackson” and the devastating ramifications of such irresponsible reporting. It’s fair to say that Martin Bashir was the precursor to the Andrew Breitbarts of the world.

    Rather than being seduced by the high ratings of “Living with Michael Jackson,” I suggest you take a look at Bashir’s manipulative and biased approach to reporting. Like the Breitbart/Sherrod fiasco, you will find a reporter with an agenda presenting the public with an incomplete story that became a runaway train. Fortunately, Mr. Jackson was wise enough to have his own filmmakers keep their cameras rolling over the course of the documentary. When side-by-side footage was presented at the 1993 molestation trial, jurors clearly saw how manipulative and unfair Bashir was to Jackson and, given the full and fair picture of the documentary along with the rest of the evidence, they found Mr. Jackson not guilty.

    But sensationalism trumped the facts in that trial and the public was deprived of understanding why the jury reached its verdict. Again, the full picture was missing. Thankfully, I had reporters like Aphrodite Jones and Charles Thomson to turn to because virtually all other mainstream reporting failed to tell the full story. I guess fairness doesn’t generate high enough ratings.

    It saddens me to see MSNBC cave in to the tabloid culture and the shoddy tactics of reporters like of Martin Bashir. Like most of the public, I am desperate for honest, honorable, fair-minded journalism. Unfortunately, I won’t be looking for it at MSNBC.

  4. Seven says:

    SWB –

    Just IMO if they are tabloids it’s best to do just that. However, these are both purportedly reputable outlets – not tabloids. And those outlets need to be lambasted when they start with this tabloid garbage. We expect it from tabloids. When regular outlets “go medialoid” – they need to hear how unacceptable it is and that people are not buying the BS from them – and that they ought to know better and that we expect better from them.

    Speaking of boycotting advertisers, boycott and write to the advertisers of M$NBC – who hired Martin Ba$hir from ABC. He is to begin work with M$NBC in September. Now THERE is a place where contacting and boycotting advertisers is worthwhile.

    DETAILS HERE on writing to M$NBC and to their advertisers about hiring media assassin Martin Ba$hir:

  5. Ali says:

    Thats OK Seven. I was a bit upset at first cos i was shocked but I know how easy it is to get miscommunication in either direction with email et.c. words don’t always come across how we think them cos we tend to assume the other person can read our minds which of course they can’t! I understand also that when one is passionate about something this tendency increases and the tendency to react with our passion – and we are both passionate about Michael Joseph Jackson!
    no worries.

    How are you planning to spend the 29th? I haven’t decided yet. I was wondering about going down to Thorpe Park, a theme park in south of england to join people from MJ Community but I’m a bit shy cos i don’t know any of them, and also money is a bit tight at the moment – mind you if i stopped sending for so much Michael stuff from the internet I’d be better off! But I can’t stop till i’ve got enough and i’ll never have enough of Michael Jackson.

  6. SWB says:

    It would be good to ignore headlines that trash Michael’s name and, of course, the stories, but seems everyone obliges by clicking on the websites and then complaining. How about not letting them count you. Don’t click on their site …. please. If you must, note the advertisers and let them know you won’t be buying their products.

  7. Sue M says:

    @June#47 – Thanks for your comments. My post is actually a merging of two emails I sent to Milbourn. I received her canned response to my initial objections to the article and followed up with alternative headlines. I heard nothing from her on the follow up despite her claim that “hearing from readers – even critics – helps me become a better reporter.” I plan to continue the same tactic with other reporters when similar situations arise.

  8. Susan T says:

    You’re so welcome,Seven! I wrote to both the OC Register and the Observer. I do hope everyone here takes time to write. It’s the only way we’re going to get this important message across. The squeaky wheel, as you know, always gets the grease. We can all be a gentle “thorn in the side” to the media. And, like you say, if we do it right, we simply won’t be ignored for long. We are bound to get the attention of those who may finally recognize that what happened to Michael Jackson is truly a great American tragedy. It should never have happened. We can work together to make sure the American public learns the truth and thereby prevent something so ugly from ever happening again.

    On a lighter note–I’d have given my right b–b to have been a fly on the wall during those impromptu jam sessions Michael had with Paddy and others. I understand he was a very skilled musician–he could play the guitar, piano and drums very well. Ah, heck! What couldn’t he do? He simply was “The Best!”

  9. June says:

    @Sue M #43 – your email to Milbourne was very persuasive in that you presented a different slant to the problems with her article. Please let us know if she replies to you and if you get the same canned response the rest of us have received, to the effect that nobody would know about propofol unless she used MJ’s name and she ran it by two editors who approved it. Her lack of journalistic integrity is nearly as appalling as her lack of judgment.

  10. Seven says:

    @Susan, Yes, I think “gently but firmly” is the best way to point out these problems. Hysterics, profanity and hate never work.

    But calm firmness, facts and honesty about our feelings can make a difference. THANK YOU for all the information you’ve provided to help with this!

    @Inga – thank you for your love and support. It really DOES help me keep going!

  11. Susan T says:

    Seven, what a poignant response!

    “His pain is ours now.”

    May it be a constant reminder and a compelling force for each of us to be that “change” and to inspire others to give back and turn our world into the place that Michael invisioned it should be.

    I tried to find an e-mail address for Luke Bainbridge,the author of the Obesrver article. Failing to do so I did find this:

    Observer readers’ editor How to contact the readers’ editor To make a correction, or raise an issue about the Observer, with the Readers’ editor:

    Write to: Readers’ Editor
    The Observer
    Kings Place
    90 York Way
    N1 9GU
    Tel: 020 3353 4656
    Email: [email protected]
    Now tell us what you really think
    This page means you can air your views the minute you have them
    Observer talk:

    We need to let them know how much we enjoyed the article and the video clips, but to also gently, but firmly, point out that the use of the words “bizarre and twisted” was cruel and unnecessary and referring to him as “Jacko” (a name he loathed) was very repugnant and unnecessary. Regardless if a senior editor added these tabloid terms, the paper needs to know that it’s not appropriate and we expect better from them. People are eager to know the truth about Michael. They don’t need outlandish and stupid headlines to attract their attention. The mere mention of his name is all that’s necessary most of the time. I want to believe that people do care and would like to know the truth. The news media needs to take accountability for helping to restore Michael’s good name and the respect he never got when he was here.

  12. June says:

    About the TEVA matter as published in the Orange County Register, I wrote an email to Howard Weitzman, attorney for the estate executors calling his attention to this malicious and outright fraudulent article, and the fan/supporter outrage it had sparked. Really, I don’t expect him or the estate execs to give my request the time of day, but one never knows unless one takes some ACTION.

  13. Sue M says:

    As a Michael Jackson fan, I am deeply offended by the media’s exploitative use of MJ’s name to draw attention to stories that have nothing to do with him. As a citizen, consumer and taxpayer, I am also offended that issues relevant to me are buried or ignored beneath sensational MJ headlines. The Teva story is another infuriating example of this trend. Since Ms. Milbourn claims she could not have written the story without using MJ’s name, I made the case that she could have told a stronger story without him. The following is my email to her.

    “Using Michael Jackson’s name to draw attention to your Teva story is another disheartening example of the sorry state of journalism. Employees at Teva were laid off because of contaminated vials that made patients sick and the corporation’s profit projections. That’s the news I want to hear. That’s what’s relevant to my life and health. It has nothing to do with Michael Jackson. The headline that would have caught my attention would have been something along the lines of “70 O.C. jobs lost to unprofitable pharmaceutical products” or “70 O.C. jobs lost to questionable pharmaceutical practices.” Believe me, the public is hungry to know why companies are laying people off, whether corporations are observing quality control and federal regulations and the imbalance between huge corporate profits and the stagnant or declining wages of average Americans.”

  14. Inga says:

    Seven, you must be strength, like Michael was. You make the best job here on the internet.
    I didn’t find any better! Your unconditional love for him is most wonderful. You can not change anything
    he suffererd in life, but his spirit is everywhere. Energy does never die. I know it! He exists of energy now,
    thats what we all feel.
    You do not take his pain alone, we all take it!
    I changed so much people in thinking of our angel, everybody should do that! Some of them said, oh, I didn’t know, that he spend so much for charite.And they say, I thought, that there was something very wrong on 2005, and now,
    you tell me that….
    It is just an illusion,to change scum, really stupid people, but I’m blessed, not to know so much of them.
    Keep the faith!
    With much love from Berlin.
    Thank you for your excellent work!

  15. Seven says:

    @ Ty The remainder of the article is very nice. Everyone in Ireland loved Michael and were very kind and protective of him and I’m so grateful to them all for providing the man some much-needed solace. And like Mr. Paddy Dunning, I can’t help but think that if Michael had stayed there, he may be alive today.

    The lead-in though, was SO trite and unnecessary.

    @Lauren – I’ve thought the same thing myself. Michael needed some professional counseling from a very young age and that he likely suffered from PTSD after 2005. But he was probably afraid that would be publicized too (even though such counselors are sworn to patient confidentiality – look at the other details of Michael’s life some “medical professionals” have sold to tabloids) – no doubt the media would have a FIELD day with that – and his therapists or counselors would talk for the right amount of money. I just figured maybe he was afraid of the publicity that might surround it – but there may have been other reasons he had too. Even so, I really wish he’d have gotten good (and confidential) counseling and emotional support. It may have made all the difference.

  16. Ty says:

    I don’t know but the article on Ireland except for the horrid first paragraph (the hook) is actually describes
    michael in quite a respectful fashion. I love to read these tidbits that show how Michael mingled with average people or said funny things. I just wish the opener had been kinder

  17. Lauren says:

    I also wanted to comment that a very smart lady I know
    believes that Michael suffered from Post Traumatic
    Stress Disorder with all it’s associated symtoms
    and problems. He definitely needed deep counseling after
    2005 and even as early as 1993, and to go back further,
    professional help to deal with childhood trauma. It
    wasn’t enough to go to a rehabilitation center–the
    emotional and spiritual wounds Michael suffered were much
    deeper than that. Ireland must have felt like heaven to
    him–though it was short, I’m very happy that he experienced
    the peace he had there.

  18. Seven says:

    Oh OK Ali. Sorry I misunderstood.

    As for him feeling unwell and losing weight, I know Michael was under a GREAT deal of pressure getting ready for those shows (and he truly did think he was doing 10 and then woke up to find out they had scheduled 50 – he was very upset). Michael always worked himself nearly to death (literally) preparing for tours and performing. Many stories out there about how he didn’t eat, drink, or sleep – having to run about with IV’s in his arm for nourishment or fluids. His previous doctor told him that if he toured again, it would kill him and he said that himself. It leads one to believe he was threatened or manipulated into doing the O2 shows (financially and I know there was some of that going on – his brother Randy attests to it as well). AEG had complete financial control over Michael. Imagine the pressure…no wonder he could not sleep.

    To make that worse, AEG was pressuring him even more and certainly Kenny Ortega, having toured with Michael before, knew how he gets. It just seems no one was looking out for him. And no one was concerned about the warning signs. His little girl Paris said “they’re working him too hard!” She was SO concerned for him.

    I just see a great deal of carelessness and negligence that went on there. Of course the pumping of all that propofol into him by Murray is what finally did him in but the poor man was run ragged before that – trying to fulfill the obligations they’d piled on him – possibly against his will.

  19. TLS says:

    P.S. To those who’ve commented about the parts of the Guardian story they enjoyed: I got the feeling reading it that the reporter might have turned in a straightforward article and then an editor and headline writer did their dirty work–inserting “Jacko” and writing the titillating lead, which provided the attention-grabbing headline. I’ve been a reporter for more than 30 years and have seen it before.

  20. TLS says:

    @June: I completely agree with you! I didn’t mean that the Register shouldn’t also be called to task for what they printed; I just wasn’t familiar with their publication, whereas the Guardian is recognized globally. When I commented here, I’d already sent a letter to the Guardian. Now I’m going to read the Register article and shoot something off to them, too (I just might use some of those phone numbers provided by Susan T. as well!) Thanks to both of you.

  21. Ali says:

    I wasn’t saying Michael died of a bacterial infection, its very clear it was the propofol and murray, I just thought maybe there was a possibility something like that could have contributed to him feeling unwell and losing weight prior. I didn’t say it very well and I’m sorry if it was an unnecessary distraction.

  22. Seven says:

    Susan T,

    I understand completely. I feel that same pain every day. It’s ours now. I’d not have him back if it meant him having to have that pain and loneliness back again. I’d rather keep it myself so he can be free of it finally.


  23. Susan T says:

    Thanks so much, Seven, for sharing that great article from the Guardian and accompanying video clips. I do want to drop a note to the chap that wrote the article and call him on the use of “jacko”–it was so UNNECESSARY!

    What a lovely respite Michael had from the cruelties of the American media. I’ve wanted to spend time in Ireland since I was a teenager. I hope to visit before I leave the planet.

    Ireland is truely a beautiful, serene, magical land. I wish, as Paddy related, that Michael could have stayed in Ireland with his kids; maybe even have met a pretty young lass who would have spoiled him rotten and loved the pants off his kids. He deserved the love and devotion of a caring woman. He desperately needed a special person who could have been a strong and spiritual partner. His battered heart and mind needed soothing. He also never received the professional intervention so necessary after his trial. He suffered just as a war-torn soldier coming home with battle fatigue. God! it eats at me to know how he suffered.

    And even among all that tranquility, enjoying his stay hidden away in the beautiful countryside, the reporters and paparrazzi were beginning to rear their ugly heads. No one could ever imagine how isolated and lonely this beautiful man’s life must been. We take so much for granted. He was the most famous person on the planet and was adored by millions, yet you just can’t help but feel his loneliness.

    As much as I miss him, I just want the peace of knowing he’s finally free to be and do everything that “spirit” allows him to do and he’ll never know pain and heartache again. Knowing that eases the ache in my heart.

    I pray daily for his children. I ask God to please watch over them and bring into their lives people that will protect them and help them to understand the truth and all that they mean to their father. We all know that they adored him and that he was a most exemplary father. What he taught them will not depart from them. They will be his greatest legacy.

  24. Seven says:

    THANK YOU Susan T!

    From tabloids we expect lower standards. However, from a paper like the OC Register we expect more integrity, respect, and ethics – particularly from a paper that is, as another reader pointed out – in the LA area – and which has the ability to influence the public’s (and potential juror’s) opinions about the charges against Conrad Murray. In fact, I have to wonder why they don’t call this “The Conrad Murray Drug” – since he was the one illegally obtaining and administering it, not Michael. I’m certain the world knows who “Conrad Murray” is, right? Why not use HIS name?

    I can guess why: because the media intends to make this trial a trial of Michael Jackson, and not of Conrad Murray. Why? It garners more ratings ($$) and attention that way, and that’s all they care about – justice or ethics be damned. It has always been thus with the Media and Michael Jackson.

    And YES we are Michael’s voice now and I agree with what Susan has written – ALL of it. It matters. Contact them.

  25. Susan T says:

    To everyone here who has read the article by Ms. Milbourn at the Orange County Register–take a moment and write to the president of the newspaper and the editorial head and tell them in no uncertain terms how much the article she wrote offended your sense of decency and how it failed miserably to qualify for ethical journalism. We must all come to the realization that this is our way to right some of the wrongs done to Michael. It certainly won’t be easy, but I firmly believe that when you know in your heart that what you believe in is right and just, and you won’t back down under any circumstances, you will prevail.

    I copied the names of the individuals at the Register. I’m not sure the “live” e-mail links will come through or not, but the phone numbers for each of these people appear too. If nothing else, CALL THEM! Let them know that this disgusting abuse of Michael’s name won’t be tolerated and must end.

    If you can, write a letter to be published in the Opinion section. I’ve been busy responding to people’s unkind comments regarding articles wherever an article appears about Michael. I replied with my own “op-ed” to my local newspaper’s opinion piece regarding Neverland being proposed to become a California State park. They used very hurtful words to reference Michael. I just couldn’t stand it.

    Here are the names:

    Terry Horne, President & Publisher • (714) 796-7740
    Larry Riley, VP, Circulation • (714) 796-6864
    Kent Johnson, VP, Advertising • (714) 796-5005
    Tom Kelly, SVP, Advertising/Marketing • (714) 796-3860
    Michael Henry, GM and VP of Finance • (714) 796-3552
    Lelani Bluner, VP, Marketing • (714) 796-3530
    Cathy Taylor, VP, Commentary • (714) 796-7946
    Dianne Ippolito, VP, Human Resources • (714) 796-2269

    Rick Sant, VP, Print Operations • (714) 796-7717
    Keith Gilpin, VP, Advertising Distribution • (714) 796-3578
    Ken Brusic, Editor • (714) 796-2226

    He can’t defend himself. WE must be his voice now. Remember the words of the great civil rights leader Martin Luther King, Jr. “Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter. Michael means the world to us. He matters!