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Michael dangerously underate much of his life and on tour. How could they NOT know they needed to be concerned in 2009?

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Michael at a Florida House

Michael at a Florida House

My friend Justice4MJJ sent me some information she had compiled on Michael’s past eating habits. I always knew he had never been a big eater, but when I read all she’d sent me, all comments from either Michael himself, his mother Katherine, or close friends or family, I was shocked. Shocked that Kenny Ortega, Randy Phillips, et al somehow thought Michael was OK to tour in 2009? Or maybe they just didn’t give a damn.

Did they really think they didn’t need to be concerned about his weight? Or that he wasn’t eating or sleeping? That he had said in the past that he could not tour anymore or it would kill him?  And on top of that the added stress and pressure of them arbitrarily adding 50 shows and nothing being prepared in time. And Randy Phillips raising Hell with Michael and pressuring him (via Ortega if not in person)?


Does the prospect of money make people that blind and deaf?  Or, does it just make them not give a damn? Michael Jackson was a human being. Human beings need food and water and sleep to survive. Even Michael Jackson.  My God, how could they not have been aware of this or concerned about it, especially Kenny Ortega who had been on tour with Michael before?

The following is from ‘My Family, The Jacksons‘, written by Katherine Jackson:

On pg. 145, Katherine speaks about Michael’s diet & weight, even though he’s said that food was the only thing in his whole life that he had control over, everything else was controlled:

The other key to his good health, I believe, had been his diet. Before Michael had left on tour, his doctor had insisted that he go on a high protein diet, including fish, so that he’d be able to keep his stamina up. Michael had reluctantly agreed. Even before Michael became a vegetarian in the late seventies, I’d worried about his lack of interest in food. When the family would go out for hot-fudge sundaes, he’d be the only one who wouldn’t want one. “I’m not hungry“, he’d say. Now what kid turns down a hot fudge sundae? I’m ashamed to admit that sometimes La Toya and I would eat two of them a day. After Michael took Jermaine’s lead and decided to forgo meat, he became even less interested in eating then before. He employed a full time chef, but I dont know why he bothered. When she took him his food, he’d eat two tablespoons then leave the rest. “If I didnt eat to live, I’d never eat“, he told me. One day a week Michael fasted, “I’m cleaning my body out, which is a healthy thing to do“, he explained. But instead of laying low that day to conserve his energy, Micheal would dance non-stop for two hours on his portable dance floor. Michael enjoyed having the last word in our arguments about his diet. “You’re always worrying about me being too skinny”, he’d say, “but you know what? My doctor told me I was in number one shape. So stop worrying about me. I should be worried about you. You’re the one who keeps putting all the bad stuff into your body.” But the Victory tour had gotten the better of Michael physically. He suffered from exhaustion and dehydration. The memory of his illness was still fresh in his mind when his doctor laid down the law about his diet for his solo tour. I of course, hoped that after a year of eating three square meals a day, Michael had developed a permanent interest in food. But my hope was dashed the first time we talked after I joined him overseas. Happy as he was with the way the tour had gone to that point, he told me, “I’ll be glad when it’s all over, so I can start eating the way I want to again. I’m tired of forcing myself to eat.”

Michael on the cover of Vegetarian Times

Michael on the cover of Vegetarian Times

More quotes from Michael himself:

When I get upset, I stop eating, sometimes until I’m unconscious. I’m a great believer in holistic natural foods and eating and herbs and things, you know, God’s medicine, instead of Western chemicals, not those things, you know.

-Michael Jackson, 2005, in an interview with Jesse Jackson

I go through these serious food crises when I could go weeks without eating. I take stuff to keep weight on. What turns me off is that I don’t like eating anything that used to be alive and now it’s dead on my plate. I want to be a strict vegetarian, but my doctors keep trying to throw in chicken and fish.

-Michael Jackson, between August 2000, and April 2001, on tape with Rabbi Shmuley Boteach

Dick Gregory Took Care Of Michael’s Health

Dick Gregory, a nutritionist and former comedian, said in an interview to US tv show ‘Extra‘ that during the trial Michael Jackson’s weight had fallen to just 43 kilograms (94 pounds). Due to the stress and emotional strains the entertainer didn’t eat and drink enough. Because Michael’s family was very much worried, they turned to Gregory for help.

When he arrived to counsel Michael, Gregory was shocked to see how much the dehydration and not eating enough had effected the entertainer:

I got this strange call from Joe Jackson one day. He said, ‘You gotta fly out here. Michael’s been in his room for 30 days, drinking nothing but water. I was shocked when they gave him four IV drips. That’s how dehydrated he was.

Gregory then trained Michael Jackson’s personal cooks so they can mix vitamins and herbs into his food to help stabilize and build up Michael’s strength. “I took about three hours training them how to cook.”

Gregory also admitted that his client kinda collapsed after days in court when he returned to his Neverland Valley Ranch:

He was stronger at the trial than he was when he got home in the evening. That’s when he was able to collapse and deal with the pain and feel the hurt of his body. He was a zombie… He just didn’t have an appetite and he wasn’t eating. There was nothing he could do to get his appetite back.

-Dick Gregory, on Michael during the 2005 trial

Michael, from Moonwalk, page 227 – 230

When I first became well known, I had a lot of baby fat and a very round, chubby face. That roundness stayed with me until several years ago when I changed my diet and stopped eating beef, chicken, pork and fish, as well as certain fattening foods. I just wanted to look better, live better, and be healthier. Gradually, as I lost weight, my face took on its present shape and the press started accusing me of surgically altering my appearance, beyond the nose job I freely admitted I had, like many performers and film stars.
. . .

I’d like to set the record straight right now. I have never had my cheeks altered or my eyes altered. I have not had my lips thinned, not have I had dermabrasion or a skin peel. All of these charges are ridiculous. If they were true, I would say so, but they aren’t. I have had my nose altered twice and I recently added a cleft to my chin, but that is it. Period. I don’t care what anyone else says – it’s my face and I know.

I’m a vegetarian now and I’m so much thinner. I’ve been on a strict diet for years. I feel better than I ever have, healthier and more energetic. I don’t understand why the press is so interested in speculating about my appearance anyway. What does my face have to do with my music or my dancing?

Corey Rooney and Chris Apostle, former $ony Executives, talk about Michael not eating, drinking or sleeping when he toured:

This was years ago. I’m going to go back probably eight years ago and Michael told me, ‘Cory, I can’t tour anymore. I’m not gonna tour anymore. Ok?’ I said, ‘why Mike?’ He said, ‘Because it will kill me.’ That’s what he said to me. He said, ‘It will kill me.’ Why would you say something like that? He said, ‘Well, remember when I was preparing for my concert and I passed out at the Sony Studio?’ He said, ‘Well, it’s because when I get ready for a tour I get dehydrated. I don’t eat. I don’t drink. I don’t sleep. I put so much of myself into preparing for a tour.’

He said, ‘I’m not doing it on purpose. This is just something I don’t think about anymore. You understand? I’ve just become so driven that I can’t even think about these things anymore. They made me walk around with an IV last time’. He said, ‘So I just decided, my doctors decided that maybe you shouldn’t do this anymore’. He said he wanted to make the Invincible album work to the point where that was it. He’s done with the tour. He’s gonna do this Invincible album. He wanted to continue to put out albums. He said, ‘I’ll do albums till I can’t do it anymore, but I just can’t tour.’”

Remi Vila Real and MJ

Remi Vila Real and MJ

1984 – Brazilian Chef Remi Vila Real and Michael Jackson. Chef Remi shares her memories of Michael:

I met Quincy once at a dinner I cooked for some other musician. He loved my food and asked me if he could come and do something very important. He told me that he wanted to be Michael Jackson’s producer but every time he invited Michael to his house, Michael would never eat. He asked me if he could get Michael to eat some of my food. He said that Michael was a vegetarian and very picky about what he ate. I said I would try.

I went to Quincy’s house and there I met Michael for the first time. I took him aside and told him, “let me make you something very special. I know how to cook very healthy food from Brazil. All natural, all vegetarian. You will like it.” He agreed. I made him some black beans, collard greens, farofa and some other things and he ate four plates full!

Quincy was kissing me all night long and from that time, he has called me many times to cook for him.

I was living in West Los Angeles in a small apartment when I got a phone call. The person on the phone asked me to look outside. He said: “See the limousine? Get in it, now!” I told him I could not because I was taking care of a person off the street and could not leave him. They said that they would send someone to look after the person right away and for me to get into the car. I told them I had to change my clothes because I all dirty from cleaning. They didn’t care. Finally I agreed when the man arrived to take care of my guest and I was taken to a big building in Beverly Hills and up to the very top penthouse. It was very luxurious.

The man on the other side of the desk handed me a ticket and said “you are going to the airport right now. Here is your ticket.” I asked him why. He explained to me that Michael Jackson was having stomach aches and specifically requested me to be his “nutritionist” on the “Victory” tour. He was feeling sick to his stomach and refused to go on stage until they sent me to be his private cook. They were all very nervous. They said they were losing millions of dollars in canceled shows and I had to go right then.

I told them I could not and could only go in the morning. After a lot of arguing, the agreed to let me go home and they picked me up early in the morning and I was off to Birmingham Alabama.

I spent 8 weeks with Michael and his family on the road during the tour. It was an incredible trip I will never forget.

Michael and I became friends and I saw him number of times after that. I visited him in the hospital when his hair caught on fire and I saw him once in a while at an award’s show or party. I even cooked cooked for Michael Jackson and Elizabeth Taylor alone in Michael’s house. That was very special.


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20 Responses to “Michael dangerously underate much of his life and on tour. How could they NOT know they needed to be concerned in 2009?”

  1. Susan T says:


    I agree with you about his time with Lisa Marie. They loved each other very much. People can say all sorts of unkind things (they’re just plain jealous!) but she was good for him. She was fairly young and already had two children. Michael was a bit immature in his behavior and she had concerns about having children with him. But, instead of focusing on how wonderful it would be to have a child together, she feared custody battles, etc. That’s like getting married and worrying about the consequences of divorce rather than concentrating on pouring your heart and soul into loving and caring for the person you’ve chosen to share your life with. One of her goals according much of what we read about them was to encourage him to stop thinking of himself as a victim and to help him end his dependency on prescription medications.
    We don’t “fix” others, though, really. We can only work on and change ourselves. I can understand her desperate desire to save him from prescription drug abuse and the insane pressures surrounding him during the Chandler issue (she was thinking she had a chance to make a difference for someone she loved since she couldn’t help her Dad).

    People can speculate on all sorts of things in Michael’s life. I believe that he was a victim of his fame. Regardless of how strong and in control he was during periods of his life, there were always those in his realm that sought to manipulate things to what they perceived to be to his advantage. Some believed that Lisa was a threat to them and his career and between their actions and that of a hateful, unrelenting media, she couldn’t take it any more and divorced him. Had things been different in their lives, they’d still be married and instead of Debbie Rowe giving birth to two of Michael’s children, Lisa would have and he’d have truly enjoyed a loving, caring family life–something that meant more to him than traveling around the world doing concerts.

    I watched a special on his birthday on Sunday. There was a voice in the background commenting that we (fans, countless associates, media, music execs, and anyone with a chance to “gain” from his/her association with Michael) continued to want more from him. He had already given the world more than any other entertainer in history. I wonder if there were fans that wrote to him and expressed that he simply enjoy his life and his children and that we didn’t need him to perform any more. That he deserved to have a “life”. Oh, the rich and famous came out in droves for his very public memorial service. How many of them were there by his side during his darkest hour? I’m at a place now where I sadly realize that his life wasn’t his. It belonged to the world and the world wasn’t kind. He paid such an enormous price for his stratospheric popularity and success. He’s gone way too soon!

    The last time I saw Michael Jackson look really healthy was the 2007 Ebony magazine photo shoot where he’s pictured on the cover in an ivory tuxedo. The pictures of him throughout the article show him in great physical condition, excellent weight and he looks just gorgeous. He had more style and grace than any man on the planet. He didn’t appear stressed. He looked happy, confident and clearly interested in pursuing the next chapter of his life–acting and filmmaking.

    Looking at him in the TII documentary, you have to ask yourself, what was happening to him to have him look so terribly thin and gaunt in less than two years.

    For me, that Ebony magazine article speaks volumes and so does his appearance at the London press conference announcing the concerts.

    Something happened. Something really serious. Will we ever know the truth?

    Just my thoughts.

  2. Ali says:

    I recently watched a video from 1974 of Jackson 5 on a TV programme and I had to gasp at how underweight Michael was on it. he wasn’t just thin, he was always thin and many of the young pictures show him as on the thinner side of thin but OK. on this video he was 16 and his clothes were hanging off him, unusually, and his body was way smaller than it should have been in relation to his head. I am not exagerating to say i felt he looked as if he had not eaten ANYTHING for ages. If I had been in his family and, with all due esteem to Katherine and not meaning to criticise, especially if i had been his mother, I would have been SERIOUSLY worried about him then. He really does look in it as if he should have been receiving medical help, and perhaps he was, I wouldn’t know that. But he should have been stopped from energetic performing at that time and steps should have been taken to balance his eating et.c. and have some counselling. Though maybe, being Michael,he was unstoppable. Also I am not sure how good the help for eating disorders was then, its may be in more recent years its improved, and also anorexia used to be erroneously considered a girls issue rather than one boys suffered from.

    I agree with FF, you can see that when he retires from public he gains a much healthier weight and then it plummets when back in the public eye.

  3. Theresa Gallagher says:

    I agree with the fact that AEG/Sony and Co. were not interested in helping Michael to stay alive. He was worth more to them if he weren’t. They will answer to God for their part. Their greed and contempt for human life will be their downfall. One way or another there will be justice.
    The healthiest I believe I have ever seen Michael was when he was with LisaMP. If you look at pictures of them he was at a good weight and very happy. He had love and companionship in his life, and all human’s need that to survive. She was on the set with him when he made the promo video for the HiStory album. Remember him walking with the military and adorably waving to the crowd. He was really happy! I agree with what was said about Michael being wounded. He was wounded too much for someone with such a sensitive heart and soul. He was like this little sweet bird with a bunch of big mean crows pecking him to death. It drives me crazy thinking about how much he suffered. The only thing that eases my thoughts is watching clips of times when he was laughing, giggling, smiling and having fun on stage. It helps knowing that he knew how much we loved him and how we loved him more. It’s painful but this too shall pass. Michael is so proud of us as he is giggling in Heaven.

  4. Karin says:

    Thanks Seven for this great piece. My belief is that Michael had an eating disorder and it was caused by the fact that he was an abused child and sensitive soul who carried around his personal pain and the pain of the world inside of him. I don’t believe that pleasure for the sake of pleasure was an activity that Michael pursued during his lifetime. Yes, he enjoyed fun and enjoyed seeing other people, especially children, having fun. However, Michael did not seem to be obsessed with food or sex for that matter. These are pursuits of the modern Western world, especially the wealthy, but it is not unusual in certain Hindu and Buddihst culture for people to lead an aesthetic life in their quest for spirituality and Michael was a spiritual man. His obsession was more of a giving nature and seeking a path to rectify the unjust imbalances of the world.

    Michael has been criticised for his spending habits but many people who knew him well such as Michael Bush, Dennis Tompkins and David Nordahl all say that Michael enjoyed simplicity in his day to day life and even liked to dress only for comfort when home.

    Our Michael was a wounded, very complex, highly intelligent human being with a beautiful soul. Although he had suffered pain, he used that experience in a positive way to alleviate the suffering of so many others.

  5. Justice4MJJ says:

    Grace is indeed very evil, many of his friends have said it, she brought many things into his life that led to his demise….I’ve said it before but I dont want to list all the links again here.

  6. Cookie says:

    FF – excellent psychoanalysis. 🙂 That really makes sense.

    Seven, here’s an article on how Michael almost died in 1995 after not eating and drinking at rehearsals.

  7. Susan T says:

    This was an insightful read. From what I can gather,from Michael was in desperate need of help. Karen Faye and others tried desperately to intervene–to get Ortega and the AEG group to postpone the concerts. At first view, watching Michael in TII, you are tempted to think he was up to the challenge and only slightly thin.
    Well, He was extremely thin! Most of us who never saw him perform in a live concert were overwhelmed at seeing him in the film–it was like being on stage with him. Once I started collecting his previous concerts and short films, I saw the stark reality.

    It’s no secret he suffered from Lupus. I had also heard that he had chronic problems with his lungs. Add to that all of his past injuries and the pain he was forced to deal with, and everyone can understand that prescription medications were necessary to help him manage his pain.

    I can scarcely imagine the sheer anxiety he felt in attempting to condition his body to be ready to perform 50 concerts! It would take a younger person months to meet that strenuous schedule. Michael was 50 years old and hadn’t performed at that level for more than 10 years.

    And we wonder why he left us that fateful day in June 2009.
    Maybe we will never really know the truth. Dr. “Convict” Murray injected the fatal dose, but the evil masterminds need to be brought to justice. They know who they are…and so do we!

    As a vegetarian, I know that you can live and thrive in great physical condition without eating meat. Michael preferred this food preference not only because of how it made him feel, but because he cared about animals and he consciously chose to avoid consuming them. You have to educate yourself about protein substitutes.

    Overall, the fame monster succeeded in destroying Michael Jackson. He needed people in his life who were strong enough to tell him “NO” and mean it and to show him that they really cared about him, the person and there were solutions. He could count those people on one hand and thanks to the grifters in his life, those people were frequently removed–either by firing or other means.

    When he frequently lamented that “he was the loneliest person in the world”, we now believe him.

  8. BlueLotus says:

    First of all let me thank you for what you do for MJJ. Thank you.

    Coming to your observation, it might seem foolish to believe the chef, “Key Chase” because of her contract with AEG but it is obvious to me that she is not worried about it since she mentioned in her interview that Michael once told her during June 09…”They are killing me”. This is direct indictment and cannot from a person who is afraid to tell the truth? In fact her whole demeanour comes across as very sincere and classy.
    My understanding takes me to believe that something was not right in June or ending May…but what I donno…

    PS (unrelated): In fact, the chef comes across as more likeable than Michael’s kids nanny Grace. I watched her interview, God I donno I don’t like her too much :-/…her body language is very similar to LMP during her interviews after divorce to MIchael…those eyes…that attitude…they reek of resentment. Micael Jackson being the Michael Jackson had no attitude, near zero ego and yet people who worked for him including helps had egos bigger than Mt. everest!

  9. Heidi says:

    Michael fasted to become a clearer, cleaner channel for the spiritual energy that he knew flowed through him and literally DROVE his body. Michael was very much aware of prana, chi, and what is known in the western world as vibrational medicine. This is why he had classical music playing at all times throughout the grounds of Neverland. He was acutely aware of low energies vs. higher energies, and the healing power of higher energies. Many sages and gurus throughout time never ate much at all because food was not their SOURCE. They instead were tapped and tuned into something of a higher realm. I believe Michael would have been JUST FINE if left to his own inner guidance. It was the endless stress and relentless hell dumped on him every time he turned around that made his physical essence finally succumb.

  10. FF says:

    Michael had an ‘interesting’ relationship with food.

    I know he was ill during the trial because during the rebuttal recording of Neverland, Larry Nimmer, point out a note on a chalkboard left by Michael’s daughter Paris, saying in effect that she loves her dad and hopes he feels better soon.

    Michael’s chronic illnesses, lupus and vitilligo, were also exacerbated by stress – in general he wasn’t having a great time but add that to his inability to eat when stressed and it’s compounded.

    He also said in Moonwalk that he took a lot of his father’s anger out on himself rather than taking it out on anyone else and it focussed on his body – and as I understood it, ‘perfecting’ it so that he was beyond criticism. But then, of course, when his father couldn’t call him fat, he just started on his facial features.

    Michael was a complicated individual, I wish I could here his side because often his own words explain his situation and where he was coming from on an emotional level.

    I think he was a perfectionist who was extremely emotionally sensitive – and his way of dealing with stress was to fast, having cultivated that habit from a young age. He also became vegetarian to combat teenage acne – and it worked – so he saw controlling the way he ate as healing, as well as a way to stave off/deal with criticism. Or at least that’s how I figure it.

    It’s no wonder his weight plummeted the most at moments in his life when he was in the public eye and receiving excessive criticism. You can see his weight become healthier whenever he retires from the public eye and plummet when he’s back in it.

  11. nessie says:

    SO very nice, I can’t get enough of these Michael tales. Oh Seven, THANK YOU!
    However, I also had to stop and cry for a minute when I remembered how sick I felt at the autopsy report of an empty stomach–all those meds on an empty stomach! I’ll skip all the evil thoughts which just flitted through my brain, and just say that I’m praying every day for justice, and I hope it counts even if I’m not sure ‘who’ I’m praying to!

  12. Justice4MJJ says:

    Thanks for posting Seven, great job.

    Anyone who is taking Chef kai chase’s words as facts on Michael’s food habits is a fool! She was hired by AEG, she was fired and re-hired by them as well, they controlled MJ’s $ through Tohme controlling it. She has a two year contract the same as the rest of AEG staff involved with TII prodction, which makes them all silent on negative things about it. They are only allowed to speak to media if allowed by AEG and they can only say positive things, she never knew Michael before she was hired, so why take her words as absolute truth??

  13. Seven says:

    Thank you very much Maria! I will add this to my post! I only wish I could understand what she’s saying! LOL!

  14. June says:

    June 2009 had AEG really revving up tour rehearsals; everything was “behind” according to many sources; they overworked Michael. He announced the tour in March, the dancers weren’t hired til mid-April; how could a show of that magnitude come together in just a few months. IMO, Michael was terribly pressured; the film TII depicts only the last couple days of Michael’s life, from everything I have read; he should have been nurtured and cared for; watch the film again, attempts are not even made to hide Michael seeking water to drink after a performance, nor are any attempts made to hide Ortega’s condescending attitude toward Michael. AEG was there in the wings just waiting patiently for what eventually happened. We have to hope and trust in God that some type of justice will come from all this.

  15. Seven says:


    Thank you for sharing Remi’s comments on Michael here! I wish her interview was on YouTube. I’d post it if it were. She seems like a wonderful person who really loved Michael. The way she describes him and his sweetness (and his pickiness) really does sound like him! LOL!

  16. Jacqueline says:

    Hi, Seven
    When I first saw Michael on this is it, I really thought he was very thin. You could see that he wore three shirts and still appeared thin. But I tried to say to myself that Michael was always thin, I thought it was normal to him, you know, some people eat, eat but never gain weight. But I knew he was very thin and wasn’t healthy. How could anyone believe that he would be able to do 50 shows?!
    I get sad when I think about him during that trial, several days without eating, drinking only water…It must have been such a difficult time to him to recover from that trial.
    I am from Brazil, Seven, and some months ago chef Remi came here and gave an interview to a tv program. She said beautiful things about Michael. Among them, she said that she loved to see him walking hand in hand with Lisa Marie, and that she (Remi) even visited some hospitals with him and saw for herself how sweet he was with children. Another thing she said was that if there was a thing he really liked to eat it was a piece of watermelon. She said everytime she see a watermelon she thinks about Michael. She even said that she argued with Michael once because he didn’t want to eat an egg she had made for him because he thought it wasn’t right. Then, Remi explained to him that he didn’t need to worry ’cause she hadn’t killed any hen to catch the egg. I don’t know why, but I laughed a lot when she said that.

  17. Cookie says:

    I have never heard the story about the Brazilian cook. That was so sweet.

    AEG knew very well all of Michael’s weaknesses and they exploited them fully. Their intent was never for Michael to perform, it was for him to renege – so that they can seize his assets to cover their “losses”. Assets including Neverland, the catalog and the publishing rights that were reverting to him. It’s all written in the contract, no secret there.

  18. BlueLotus says:

    Hi Seven,
    Good research. While I agree that Michael had health issues during previous tours, I will make a few points:
    -I think Michael was happy about the first 10 shows that he had agreed to do. The 50 shows was cheating.

    -This interview of his chef during This is it “Kai chase” says that Michael was eating very healthy and she did not see any eating disorders while she was there from (March-May). She looks sincere, I don’t see a reason to disbelieve her?

    -Kai Chase was relieved for 3 weeks in May and she came back in June and said that in June Michael looked “different”…he was thinner than when she had seen him last. She also said that Michael told her..”They are killing me”.
    This version is supported by fans who had been “following” Michael during his rehearsals. The fans on the “Thisisnotit” site say that Michael looked fine until May but something was not right in June…in fact one of the fans wrote a letter to Mike on 24th worrying about his health.

    -I think Michael was working hard to keep himself fit but something happened in June, 09 which took a toll on him. Both the chef and the fans who used to see him daily have made a note of that.

    I wonder what happened in June? when were the 10 shows made 50?

  19. Joy John says:

    Seven, you answered the question yourself… they were all just pushing Michael into this bottomless pit of pain and pressure and suffering. He had had enough! And now he is gone…

    I am a very strict vegetarian and I know that the energy that protein diets and meat give you cannot be given by all those vegetables… but they have certain advantages to them. They should not have pressured Michael into this… and didn’t he have nutritionists and doctors there to tell him? Wasn’t Murray there to tell them he couldn’t do it… but then again, they didn’t give a damn. Murray needs a justice trial…take his license! ANd the rest will just get repaid with time!