Sep 21 2010

Meet The Hypocrites

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Today's Queen & King of Hypocrisy

This Week's Queen & King of Hypocrisy: Diane 'Demon' Dimond and Ron "In Mah Own Zone' Zonen

Well, two of them anyway. Certainly there are many more than these two who have helped make Michael Jackson’s life miserable and helped send him to a premature grave but for now, let’s look at these two, who have resurfaced from beneath their respective rocks in Hell to posthumously drag Michael’s name through the mud once more. If they are so badly in need of attention, let’s give them some, shall we?

Diane ‘Demon‘ Dimond is out there hawking her new book. In an effort to promote it the witch has written an article telling us about how “the media lies to you-beware!“. And guess what her new book is in part about?  How the media exploits stories and how the media lies to the public. Am I joking?  Nope. Part of the title is “be careful who you trust“.

I guess she’d know this subject well since she is a member of said media and the veritable Queen of Media Lies and exploitation of media stories, particularly those about Michael Jackson. Now, she’s wagging her finger at the rest?  The irony and hypocrisy are stunning and certainly not lost on us. Here’s part of what Ms. Hypocrisy duJour says in her little rant:

Too many of today’s professional journalists, augmented by mostly inexperienced internet bloggers, are all too eager to jump on the story-du-jour for fear of being left behind. Too bad they don’t take the time to research facts before parroting what others have reported before them. -Diane “Demon” Dimond

Let me take this sentence that Ms. Dimond has so deftly twisted from truth into fiction and twist it back around to the truth so you can understand what the truth is:

Too many of today’s unsuspecting public are misinformed by mostly self-serving, abusive “professional journalists“, who are really tabloid trash-peddlers like Diane Dimond who are all too eager to jump on the story-du-jour for fear of being left behind (not to mention the benefits of those tidy corporate profits for their bosses). Too bad these “journalists” don’t take the time to research facts before trumpeting what others have alleged.

First of all, Dimond is a notoriously biased, rabidly vicious tabloid reporter, not a journalist. Furthermore, she was known to be a mouthpiece for the prosecution in the 2005 trial and very close friend of DA Tom “Mad Dog” Sneddon for decades. Sneddon bailed her out of a defamation of character lawsuit filed rightfully against her by Michael Jackson. She has no room to wag her finger about media lies and exploitation of media stories. She has been a living epitome of them for decades.

Remember that Dimond was so utterly obsessed with finding “victims” of Michael Jackson, she was hoodwinked by some Canadian street kid claiming to have been victimized by Michael Jackson. This kid’s alleged “guardian” was a Michael Jackson-obsessed nut who was sending letters to tabloid show Hard Copy (instead of more appropriately, the police) claiming Michael had molested the boy. Dimond flew all the way to Toronto only to find out after dragging the kid to the Canadian police to “tell his story” that the kid was set up to lie about Michael by a man named Rodney Allen who wanted to ‘get back‘ at Michael for some imagined wrong Michael had done to him. The story was false, empty, zilch. Yet Dimond had prodded Court TV chairman Henry Schlieff for money to “dig out” the story and bragged to all and sundry about it.

I’ll share some of the text from which further details this incident:

In an effort to save face, Dimond pretended to be a victim in the entire scam when she turned in her report to Hard Copy.

You can view the video of the entire Hard Copy story for yourself here: or here at MJEOL:

Dimond herself has already begun to see the “rewards” of her Jackson scoops, whether they turn out to be true or false.

Despite heavily pushing a false story about “love letters”, which turned out to be from a London tabloid, she’s been given a promotion: hosting her own show on Court TV called Hollywood At Large.

Yes, a false story about love letters. Another one? There she goes again, like a dog chasing a plastic rabbit.

Then, there is that video footage that Dimond vehemently claimed to have where Michael had allegedly molested a child on film. Of course she chased this down based purely on heresay of Victor Gutierrez and never produced the footage, as much as she might like us to forget that. Why? It doesn’t exist! This is in fact what Michael sued her and Gutierrez for. Michael won his suit against Gutierrez, but the worm has fled the country and thus far has avoided paying the damages. Tom Sneddon rescued Dimond from the defamation of character suit Michael filed against her. This woman has never produced one fact that shows Michael Jackson was guilty of anything. So for this self-important, brain-addled, tabloid-trash peddler peddler to be wagging her finger about how the media lies to people is the absolute peak of hypocrisy and irony. Is she worried her lies about Michael will be exposed and thus attempting to launch a pre-emptive strike against those who are likely to expose them (ie: the “inexperienced bloggers“)? Seems like it.

Now, I could provide a link to her little diatribe and her new book – but I won’t. You can find it yourselves if you must subject yourselves to it. I simply refuse to give a piece written by this nincompoop any website traffic and I’m certainly not going to help her promote her latest trash.

On to Hypocrite #2, Ron Zonen, the chief prosecutor in the 2005 case who practically re-read his closing arguments at the recent CE seminar, according to attendees. One has to wonder what ‘Zone‘ Zonen lives in. It doesn’t appear to be the same one the Truth resides in.

In this 2007 Podcast at around 83:00, Zonen has the audacity to criticize Mike Nifong, the prosecutor of the Duke Lacrosse players, for malicious prosecution. (Really. Has Zonen never met Tom Sneddon?) Ironically, he says that Nifong was heavily influenced by the weight of people descending on him to control the direction of the investigation. People like Rev.’s Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton who wanted to prosecute because they initially believed the accuser. Of course, this same thing happened with Sneddon, where people like Diane “Demon” Dimond and Gloria Allred pressured him to investigate Michael after the Bashir mock-doc aired. What interesting hypocrisy Zonen demonstrates here.

He also said that Nifong should have used better judgment when evaluating the credibility of the accuser, which he admitted was zero. Now, coming from Zonen, this is pretty hypocritical and ironic, considering what he did to Michael Jackson and the fact that his accusers lacked any credibility as well. This is why Michael was declared innocent on all 14 counts against him – the jury clearly saw that. Were they somehow in a different courtroom than Zonen? I don’t think so.

There is a stark contrast between a person who walks his talk, like the honorable Tom Mesereau, and a blazing hypocrite like Ron Zonen who admonishes others to do what he refuses to do himself.

Zonen describes how the Duke players had legitimate alibis. Well, so did Michael Jackson.  In response, Zonen and Sneddon simply rearranged the dates of the alleged molestation. We call that malicious prosecution. Would Ron Zonen know what malicious prosecution was if it jumped up and bit him in the face? Apparently not. Simple logic does not reside in the same ‘Zone‘ Zonen lives in either, apparently.

So I hereby decree that this week, Diane ‘Demon‘ Dimond and Ron ‘In Mah Own Zone‘ Zonen are the Queen and King of Hypocrisy. Of course there are many others, but for this week, I chose these two since they wanted so badly to be noticed that they rose up from the bowels of Hell to be seen and heard once again.

I’ll have more about hypocrisy, particularly that of the media, soon . . .

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35 Responses to “Meet The Hypocrites”

  1. Taaj Malik says:

    Love it Seven, well done, NO ONE SHOULD BUY THAT BOOK!!! LOVE YOU♥

  2. Nancy says:

    Ali, I think there may be even more to the finger taping than just to draw attention to his hands. I think I remember it being said that Michael also used it as a reminder to himself to always be aware of the suffering in others. 🙂 Nancy

  3. Sina says:

    Incestuous liaisons = corrupted minds

    Its hard to take the hate and agression of these people against Michael.
    Especially disgusting is ‘familyfriend’ Sbrown who made it his business to drag Michael through the mud supporting the likes of Ddimond and the inflated jurors.
    All for the almighty dollar.
    What kind of creatures are they? No soul, no heart, no conscience, nothing human.

    I am intrigued by the collective consensus on a great part of the public, that anything can be said, written or done against Michael Jackson and they can get away with it . Like a mass psychosis.
    Sadly the other half of the public was in collective denial at what Michael was going through at the hands of his hangmen.
    Different circumstances and scale, but exactly the same tactics that were used in nazi germany against the jewish comunity, to fuel the publics hate against them. It worked then and it worked with Michael.

    Its time these people are named and shamed for their doings, there is enough documentation of it.
    I hope for Michaels and justice sake that Michaels fans unite, join forces and ACT against these people,instead of the animosity against each other that I see on some blogs and websites.
    It would be a shame if with millions of fans, the truth will not get to the masses and the smear campaign can go on.
    And these people can walk away as if nothing happened.

    Im very grateful for the information from Seven and other webhostst, of David and others for their research . Your dedication and hard work inspire me a lot.
    We may not all have the skills and energy of Seven, but there are things we can do that dont take much effort but can be meaningful. One is sending a postcard to Michaels school to reveal his name on the auditorium.
    Seven I hope you dont mind if I give the info of the petition. It can be found on HIS NAME petition

    Justice for Michael!!

  4. Ali says:

    Suzy, i just had breakfast and you give me that to read?!! i am now trying NOT to see same breakfast again!!

    These individuals are such sick people.
    actually i have a copy of that book (DD’s), (bought second hand for virtually nothing but postage),started to read it and decided the minutes of my life were worth more than spending them on such trash. however if there are reviews like this around i will pick it up again when i have finished current job application and post a review of it somewhere, amazon or the link you’ve given if i can do it there, not checked it out yet.
    one thing that i read i thought made it so obvious to anyone she knew nothing of the man she was writing about – she said that after the chandler stuff was kicking off, Michael went back on tour and “Oddly the tips of several of his fingers were wrapped in adhesive tape” ( LOL!) and she later learned he used it to “hide the darkened area beneath his fingernails – the area that was impossible to reach with the bleaching cream he reportedly applied to his body” !!! page 27. Without getting into the ignorance of the skin colour, under finger nails and skin bleaching – and i think its been discussed here before, – and all that shows she has done NO real research into MJ at all – also she presents it as if thats the first time there was any tape on his fingers, which any us and many other non-fans know to be a lie indicative of NO KNOWLEDGE of Michael Jackson, also the reason he wore it!
    i’ve mentioned that here because it demonstrates that even without getting into the intricacies of the allegations crap, her ‘knowledge’ and ‘research’ is proved unreliable by objectively ‘measurable’ facts as we all know the tape wearing went back years and i’m pretty sure – anyone correct me if i am wrong – it was to draw attention to his hand movements for both the audience and also for the band and backing singers, to be able to see his cues. just like the socks drew attention to his feet movements in dance.

    When i read it first i was thinking, well thats nothing to do with anything anyway and now she’s making judgements on his performances as well which she sure as hell hasn’t any expertise in, but i am glad she put it in because it shows to anyone the book is unreliable and she hasn’t researched properly, even if they are not totally convinced about his innocence.

  5. Suzy says:

    Stacy Brown a “family friend”? Look, here is his review of Diane Dimond’s book on Amazon. What a great friend he is!

    “Click the image to open in full size.
    12 Years In The Making, November 16, 2005
    By Stacy Brown
    Click the image to open in full size. (New York, NY) – See all my reviews

    This review is from: Be Careful Who You Love: Inside the Michael Jackson Case (Hardcover)
    Diane, first of all the book release party was absolutely fabulous. We all had a ball. One of the many fascinating facts I immediately encountered was you and your producer’s meeting in 1993 with L.A. Department of Child Services workers who pleaded with you to not allow “another Jackson case to be swept under the rug.” Most in the media – and elsewhere- never knew that there were “other” cases at the time of the Chandler investigation. It appeared that Michael Jackson had been investigated at least three other times prior to Chandler in 1993. Even after the Chandler matter was settled, many thought that there was just one other “payoff” and that was to Jason Francia. However, they were sadly mistaken. There were several others and investigators were plenty aware. Michael Jackson, the supremely talented King of Pop, proved to have lived a lie for so many years. The hatred directed toward you is only from those who just can’t stomach the fact that their idol is what he is…. at the very least a person who, with reckless abandon, destroys the lives of children and others. The aptly titled Be Careful Who You Love is filled with anecdotes that some (a small some that is) still believe is Off The Wall; your accounts make for such a Thriller of a read; it exposes Michael as very, very Bad, and Dangerous to children; with its wonderfully versed chapters that highlight the racketeering, conspiracy, cover ups and recklessness, it shows a Jackson History that has spilled so much Blood On The Dance Floor and although in the California justice system he may be Invincible, you really do a great job in tackling the Essential Michael Jackson.””