Oct 22 2010

Michael is in the Picture: Heartwarming Gardner Street School Update

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You can’t see him, but he’s there. That is to say, I hope he knows about this and and can see the incredible photo below of Principal Kenneth Urbina and the kids in front of Michael Jackson Auditorium at Gardner St. Elementary School. He would absolutely love this photo! The kind and wonderful Mr. Urbina sent it to the campaign today.

Principal Urbina and Gardner St. Students in front of Michael Jackson Auditorium

Principal Urbina and Gardner St. Students in front of Michael Jackson Auditorium

Principal Urbina also left a very kind comment on the Uncover MJ’s Name Campaign’s Facebook page. Mr. Urbina said:

Thank all of you so much for all your PROFESSIONAL dedication in making this happen. You were fortunate to have such a logical and persistant leader here in LA as Jennifer to work with me and guide the process on your end. We have sent her a video of the removal of the boxes from Michael’s name which she will post, thanks to Christina and Michael Bulbenko, two phenomal parents of former “Gardnerville” students. We are all working with the executive producer of the Jackson family events in planning an official media event to rededicate the auditorium in December. Stay tuned for updates and SPECIAL thanks to all who are sending donations to my school. You can be assured that every donation will go towards the effort to support our arts and music programs in Michael’s name.

– Principal Kenneth Urbina, Gardner St. School Principal

We can’t WAIT to see that video and the re-dedication in December!  Something else very worth mentioning, and which Mr. Urbina alluded to in his comment above is that the campaign has organized a plan for MJ’s fan-mily to donate funds and/or supplies to the Gardner School and other needy schools in LAUSD. They are sorely in need of copy paper, pencils, and notebooks to write in – yes, just basic supplies!  Sadly, the schools in LAUSD are struggling right now like many across the nation and we want to help. Michael would want that too, I believe. He’d want to help the kids.  Details are on their Facebook page here, and I’ve also provided them below. The campaign is also donating remaining funds they collected for the campaign to Make a Wish Foundation (one of Michael’s favorite charities) and to an international charity for either Afghanistan or Haiti relief.

If you want to donate to the school, the paypal address that has been set up for donations is: [email protected].

Send supplies to:
Gardner St. Elementary School
7450 Hawthorn Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90046

School needs – #2 pencils, copy paper, and notebooks

Send checks to:
*same school address*
Name on cheque: Principal Kenneth Urbina

NOTE: All proceeds will go towards the purchase of school supplies for Gardner St. School and other LAUSD schools in need, as well as funding for arts and music programs at Gardner St. School (portion of the donations).

I’m gonna make a change, it’s gonna feel real good

Here’s a heartwarming video of Michael unveiling his name on the auditorium. You can clearly hear him say “This is the happiest day of my life“…

I hope Michael is smiling again now, wherever he is.

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19 Responses to “Michael is in the Picture: Heartwarming Gardner Street School Update”

  1. MJGlobal Family Wants Michael Jackson Avenue in Detroit | mjjjusticeproject says:

    […] bar none. Let’s use our collective power as we did before, when his name was restored to Gardner Elementary School Auditorium after a massive  year long letter writing campaign and  our  petition against  and MJEstate […]

  2. AMB says:

    Another great picture from Gardner School! All the kids and teacher!.
    Thank you Seven. Thank you for the great video too. Michael’s happy!! Everybody’s happy!!.
    Will be making a contribution to Gardner School now that they are again on the right road/path!! And give them extra encouragement!
    And I think it won’t be long before we, see, the kids and perhaps their teachers too!! give a great performance of Beat It!! and/or Bad!!!

  3. Jeanne says:

    Seven , this picture is awesome with all the happy faces and the peace signs and the love and I was wondering is there a possibility to get a copy of this photo ?

  4. Ieva says:

    Ohh video is wonderful, it make me to cry! Michael in video is so happy.I wish he could be here with us!

  5. maria odette says:

    Thank you to all involved. Great work.. Michael would be so proud and i am sure he must be smiling on us.. I have started my package of school supplies and will take the box to the post office tomorow.
    Blessings to all of Michael’s fans. Let’s work together to achieve Michael’s dream.
    Blessings , maria Odette from Canada,

  6. Susan T says:

    A beautiful scene of love.

    Love is patient and kind; Love is not jealous or boastful; it is not arrogant or rude.

    Love does not insist on its own way; it is not irritable or resentful; it does not rejoice at wrong, but rejoices in the right.

    Love bears all things, believes all things, hopes all things, endures all things. — 1 Corinthians 13:4-7

    I wonder if this verse was written with Michael in mind. After all, Michael is love.

    What a beautiful photo and to hear the innocent voices of the children singing We Are the World in the video clip is so uplifting.

    Thanks so much for sharing, Seven.

  7. Sunny says:

    What a wonderful positive story!!

  8. meigadas says:

    ….Feeling great…. I can see him on this photo….magic

  9. Ali says:

    its wonderful, thats such a great picture. Mr Urbina looks like a nice man, a good man.

  10. Michelle says:

    I am so happy us fans and the team behind the school had the time to uncover Michael’s name. I hope Michael is smiling ear to ear!!!

  11. Solar says:

    As the saying goes, a picture paints a thousand words.

    It would take infinity to express all the words to describe Michael’s divine impact on this planet, the pure love, joy and happiness that he was sent to bring to us.

    God does work in mysterious ways!

  12. Lauren says:

    This picture of happiness is so confirming of what Michael
    said…it does start with the children. I love the smiles
    on the faces and the glee that shines out of that photo.
    So looking forward to the dedication in December.
    Thank you to everybody involved with this effort…
    Just terrific.

  13. Deborah Ffrench says:

    Beautiful Seven. I saw this last night and went to sleep smiling. After the nonsense, of which there may be more to come, this picture more than anything tells me — the most important people — i.e the Gardner Street school and its students — want this to be.

    I could say more, but I won’t. We all feel it.

  14. maris says:

    This is truly a wonderful news, Seven. 🙂 I am smiling from ear to ear. 🙂 🙂

  15. Jeanne says:

    When I joined this effort and wrote my letter , I suggested that they unveil Michaels name , knowing that this will be a reward that will keep on giving as in doing so not only are they teaching children something very important but that too , the gratitude will pour out in ways that will benefit the school. So lets all do this . Lets reward them abundantly . And lets make this what we , the fans, the people , are all about . Rewarding goodness. This is the beginning ,, and the continuation of doing what is right for the children and for ourselves. ( “Its a choice were making , were saving our own lives as we come together as one , we are the world , we are the people , we are the ones who make a brighter day so lets start giving “) Those words were written from love . Pure love . I am proud to be a part of the people who did something to made this day a brighter day, and would like to thank you so very much Seven for providing the information to us and Jennifer and all who wrote letters who did all they could to make this a brighter day. We all took a very important role in making that change so lets continue and to all my Michael family , I love you, with all my heart , I love you so much. It may have been only a prayer , or only a letter , but as you see together , as one ,with the same heart ,good things happen . This is only the beginning .

  16. Lulu (Q.C.) says:

    I have goosebumps till now. It’s so heartwarming to see the times when Michael seemed truly happy. He must be grinning from ear to ear! Can’t wait to see the December rededication. We should try our best to look after the needs of the children at GES to keep MJ smiling wherever he is. This is also an opportunity to show the world just what kind of people MJ’s admirers are. Thanks for posting this, Seven. Thanks Jennifer and all those who contributed towards the uncovering of Michael’s name.

  17. Simona says:

    Thank you for sharing this!!
    It really brightened my day and put a huge smile on my face!!!
    Those smiling kids, yeah, it’s so heartwarming, so Michael.

    Mr. Urbina is clearly a very kind human being, I feel so thankful, and so grateful for the Campaign’s relentless work…. Blessings!

  18. emma says:

    what a nice thing! so happy 🙂

  19. Wendy Ascher says:

    Seven, when I saw the photo tonight on the uncover mj name page, I literally started crying. This is one of the most beautiful things I’ve seen happen to date since his death–and the photo has Michael written ALL over it. I am so glad that Jennifer (and crew) took this on, and that us as “fan-mily” were able to provide support and contribute in any way we could with the information they provided to help. (I sent a boatload of letters when we were asked to help with this). I thought for awhile there that it just wasn’t going to happen! But now that it did, it just amazes me – what an impact “joining together” as fans, makes things happen. WTG Fan-mily, and Jennifer and gang— all the hard work was worth it!!!!!!!!!