Dec 19 2010

Geniuses of the World: “What About Us?”

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Geniuses: What About 'Em?

Geniuses: What About 'Em?

My last post here was about Michael’s mentoring of Kobe Bryant, star player of the LA Lakers. Michael noticed that Bryant was catching hell for being “different“. Because he understood what Bryant was experiencing, Michael contacted Bryant and began to offer him friendship and encouragement, to teach him what it takes to stay focused, work hard, ignore the naysayers and detractors, and to go to the pinnacle of success and beyond – to achieve perfection.

Besides that article from Kobe Bryant, there have been others that have come to my attention recently that discuss how having a particular notable talent or skill while being “different” than the status quo can mean one is possessed with some level of genius in one area or another, be it music, sports, writing, painting, filmmaking, storytelling, dance or whatever ignites an unstoppable passion in a person while causing them to be looked askance at by society for being “different” than “everybody else” and for not “fitting in“. The impassioned “genius” may lack social skills, stutter, be painfully shy, seem aloof, even seem dumb in some ways, dress differently than others, having their own sense of style and what is important in life. They see the world in ways that most of us do not or can not.

This is another area where I have personally connected with Michael, having never been considered “normal” or having never “fit in” much of anywhere myself, and having always been considered “odd“, and an outcast. I never had many friends because I didn’t share the same interests as others my age or others of my sex. I have a creative talent or two and guess what my family and friends think of them? They don’t. They never have. They never will. As for family, I think they just hope that if they ignore it, it will go away. And in fact it did and I went with it. Oh I love my family and they love me. But in no way, shape, form or fashion do they begin to understand me. I was and still am to some extent painfully shy (my writing skills far exceed my social ones) and I still have a skin disease that I was teased for as a kid, and many times if I mentioned my dream to friends or family, I got laughed at or completely ignored. I’m the “crazy aunt” to my sister’s kids – the “weird” one in the family. My own father never wanted anything to do with me because I didn’t live my life in the way that he approved or understood. So, I understand being a weird outcast amongst the society and family in which I live, and being lambasted, negatively defined, attacked, ganged-up on, speculated about, and abused because of it. If I was really lucky, I was just ignored.

Now, I’m not saying I’m any genius, far from it! But I do know what it feels like to be “different” and to not fit in anywhere, to be painfully shy, to “look funny“, and to have a gift that is screaming to be developed and given to a world that doesn’t begin to understand the human being behind it, or even to care about that person unless it’s to negatively define them for fun and profit, or because they feel threatened by them. When society does not understand something (including a person), they fear and thus want to either control or destroy it, just like they did to Michael Jackson. The world doesn’t mind taking their gifts, but it too often seems to have no use for the human beings from which they emanate – denigrating, destroying, then tossing them overboard like so much trash. Sort of like the wrapper off of a candy bar. This is how and why it’s so easy for artists, musicians, sports stars, writers, etc. to be abused by those who are responsible for managing and marketing their talents, and further denigrated by a media hellbent on making profits by telling sensationalist lies about them. And the rest of society just eats it all up, the gifts and the lies, rarely ever considering the human being behind them – until well after they’re gone from this life.

There is an article that asserts Michael may have been the reincarnation of Mozart. Now, I don’t know that I subscribe to that but it speaks about similarities between the two musical geniuses and suggests that perhaps even Michael himself thought that possible. I’ve never heard of him mentioning such but according to this article, he did use “W.A. Mozart” as an alias when he wrote “Happy Birthday Lisa” for an episode of the Simpsons. Michael could be quite silly though, so this could have simply been some silliness on his part.

Other similarities in the article are listed as follows:

  • Both were born the seventh child in a very musical family.
  • Both were musically talented from a very early age. Mozart had mastered his first keyboard piece just before his fifth birthday; he was the toast of Viennese society by age 7 and soon became a child star all over Europe. By age 8 Jackson had already taken over singing lead vocals in the Jackson 5. He was deemed a prodigy with “overwhelming musical gifts”.
  • Both missed out on a normal childhood, spending the entire time immersed in a punishing regime of practicing, touring and performing, all imposed by a strict father. Mozart’s father believed that it was his God-given duty to exhibit his talented children throughout Europe, giving at least one performance a day, though this almost cost the boy his life on several occasions. Michael Jackson was physically, verbally and emotionally abused by his father from a young age, enduring beatings and even whippings. However, he also credited his father’s strict discipline as playing a large part in his success.
  • Both later fell out with their father and went their own way. Mozart’s ambivalent attitude towards his father continued to dominate his private and professional life as an adult.
  • Despite periods of great financial success, both were prone to extravagant over-spending and later struggled with debt.
  • Both maintained a child-like personality in adulthood.
  • Both enjoyed dressing flamboyantly and keeping a variety of pets.

The article also points out that “Mozart was described as small, thin and pale with large, intense eyes and a soft speaking voice which could be very powerful when required. All the same could easily be said of Michael Jackson. Bear in mind also Michael Jackson’s penchant for flamboyant 18th century European-style costumes.”

And then there’s this article written in 2009, which I was quite impressed with. It’s called: No One Who Was Normal Ever Made History: A Tribute to Michael Jackson.

The author says:

Very few people could understand Michael’s enigmatic life, and I’m not suggesting that I’m unique in that regard. However, as a student of history, what I do understand is that Michael’s life, when considered within the broader scope of highly creative people throughout history, was not really that unusual after all.

For instance, let’s consider Friedrich Nietzsche, the German existentialist born in 1844. Throughout his life, he was continually frail and plagued with illness, a consummate recluse, an alcoholic and considered very controversial for his day. His ideas on God made him a complete outcast to the conservative majority of his day. In college, I devoured Nietzsche mostly because he was provocative and deep. I also thought it was cool to be controversial. “That which does not kill us makes us stronger” became my mantra. Ultimately, Nietzsche suffered a psychotic breakdown, had two strokes which partially paralyzed him and died of pneumonia, still in his 50s.

Consider Walt Whitman, the nineteenth-century transcendentalist poet who continues to be one of the most influential poets in the world today. Yet in his time, many thought him to be a madman. His homosexuality or possible bisexuality just didn’t fly in the Civil War years. He refused to commit himself to any one religion, stating that all were equally valuable. He spent considerable time alone, and after suffering a stroke near the end of his life, he was too weak to even lift a fork and knife. He wrote, “I suffer all the time: I have no relief, no escape: it is monotony — monotony — monotony — in pain.” He died of pneumonia as well.

In the realm of religion, consider the Christian prophet, the man known as Jesus. He was born of Jewish descent, and yet he was constantly breaking Jewish laws and butting heads with the religious leaders of his own heritage. Jesus too is documented on several occasions as going off by himself and spending significant time in solitude. In one particular case, he spent 40 days and nights in the desert fasting. Pretty extreme. As you know, he was ultimately sentenced to death by crucifixion.

The point is that those who leave a major impact on the world are not marching to the same drum as the mass majority.

They often, as with Michael, live controversial and turbulent lives, and they’re often greatly misunderstood. Isn’t it unfortunate that if someone is 10 feet ahead, they’re considered a leader, but if someone is 10 miles ahead, a target? Michael certainly had his share of playing the target for the media. It’s easy to take shots at those at the top, particularly if they’re “different enough.”

Even though Michael was acquitted on all counts in his court cases, it didn’t matter. He would still be plagued with negative comments and jabs. The very creativity that brought the moonwalk, highly produced choreography and music that emotionally moved all ages and races was the same unique mind that drove him to live a very different life that defied societal norms.

In a nutshell, when you’re a unique thinker, you have a very hard time relating to mass consciousness. Small talk becomes painful, and your inner world more fulfilling than your outer world. This results in behavior that’s often misinterpreted as being aloof, arrogant or sometimes downright weird, which is too bad because people have no idea how very lonely it can be at the top. Furthermore, the contributions of many of these leaders are often never appreciated until long after they’re gone.

It’s a shame that our indifferent, narrow-minded, rigidly conformist society, infected by a mob mentality, and saddled with a ‘profit-at-any-cost‘ media manages to crucify anyone with a gift who is “different” than “the rest of us“. It would be a true evolutionary feat if we could learn to love our “odd” geniuses when they’re with us as much as we love the gifts they bestow upon us — instead of chewing them up and spitting them into their graves while some psychopathic corporate entity or other – before the body is even cold – proceeds to manipulate a steady profit stream off of their posthumous work for decades.

I’ll keep hoping and dreaming that some day, humans will evolve beyond this knuckle-dragging “be like us and fit in or we’ll destroy you!” mob mentality, as well as its insidious, incessant greed and jealousy. After all these years and after having witnessed the brutalized life and suspicious death of the gentlest genius I’ve ever known in my own lifetime – Michael Jackson – I’m cynically uncertain we’re capable of it.

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32 Responses to “Geniuses of the World: “What About Us?””

  1. carina for mjj says:

    Hi Rose!An interesting site you gave.I don´t know enough about reincarnation,but it sounds intriguing.That MJJ`s previous incarnation was Charles Dassoussy, a close friend and collaborator with Moliere rings right.Moliere is by far my most loved playwright. Have seen his plays in London and NYC.No wonder then that Michael wanted to make movies as a second Carrier.
    Maybe next he will be a playwright.-On an other site there is a contributor that insists he will return.She does not go for any of the usual proofs that he is still around, like photos and sightings.Who knows?

  2. carina for mjj says:

    Michael seems to have been prescient regarding the events of his life as expressed in some of his
    songs; “Money” and ” wanna be startin somethin”, Re the latter he is being eaten and in a version
    that used to be on Youtube there is a scene where a human body is laying on a table, decorated with various edible things, around this table people are feasting and some scantly dressed females are dancing.It can no longer be seen as Sony has removed videos they had something to do with.
    Another thought I had, this about beeing the 7th child of a musical family.Such a child was exposed to music already in the womb.

  3. Sherry Davis says:

    Hello! Thank you for writing on this topic. It’s very deserving of our attention. 🙂 I’d like to invite you to read the entry that I wrote in July 2009 entitled “Michael and Mozart: A Corresponding Virtuosity” on my blog, The Chronicles of a Modern-Day Mozartian.

    Here’s the URL:

    Once again, thank you for writing such a lovely article! It’s wonderful to meet other writers who share this passion. 🙂

    Merry Christmas!

  4. jmmm says:

    Just beautiful message! Want to see Amadeus again and enjoy the genius. Seven I can’t tell you how much I appreciate all of your hard work and really enjoy coming to your site and learning more about Michael and how he gave to us. God bless you. Namaste Jane

  5. rose says:

    Hello Seven

    I read about the possibility that Michael could have been Mozart in a previous life before. I found another site that I don’t know if you have read it but I thought you might like to know.

    BTW You are doing a great job… rock!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. carina for mjj says:

    Like Michael Jackson Mozart was a prankster too.

  7. carina for mjj says:

    I recommend everybody to see the movie about Amadeus Mozart. You can probably get it on a dvd as it came out a few years ago.

  8. Theresa Gallagher says:

    Fantastic Article Seven!!! Yeah, what is “normal?” The definition: “conforming to a standard.” But, to whose standard are we conforming to?

    I often wonder what more we would have seen from Michael had this world cherished and nurtured his beautiful and creative soul. Imagine the things we would have seen from him and the miracles he would have created. Fear, ignorance and jealousy makes people destroy others. Our society will not change because human nature will not change.

    Oprah is, indeed, the “Ghost of Jealousy.” She does need psychological help because she seems to be obsessed with Michael. To her Michael is still on trial. She was molested as a child, and has obsessively projected her pain onto Michael. I say let her keep behaving this way and maybe the world will eventually see her 15 year pattern of behavior toward Michael. At no time has her obsession been more obvious than during this past year of interviews. Maybe someone close to her will see it and try to get her some help. For all her money, I think she stands alone, childless, unhealthy, scared, and frustrated that she will never be as great as Michael. Karma has come back to bite her on the butt and she is crying over being made fun of by the media (ie: accusations of being a lesbian). She is reaping what she has sown.

  9. Ellen says:

    What a beautiful article and oh how true it is. I love Michael precisely because he was “different” from most others with all his creative gifts and gentle, loving heart. How wonderful it would be if more people could be so “different”. The world would definitely be a much better place. It is so heartbreaking that all the geniuses are never fully appreciated by the masses until long after they have left this earth. I am so very grateful that I recognized and appreciated Michael once I learned what he truly was all about. For me, the brightest star and sweetest angel in God’s heaven is my Michael. God, thank you for this wonderful gift and bless my angel for all eternity. No one can even come close. Rest in peace, beautiful Michael. I love you and miss you so very, very much.

  10. melinda says:

    Geniuses like Mozart , Michael Jackson and many others should never be made fun of their talents by people who are living in jealousy. It’s very sad that people appreciate them when they die than when they were alive. Society needs a change to treat others the same just like the Golden Rule : Do unto others as they do unto you. Maybe someday gifted people will be appreciated than missunderstood and live their life in true happiness .

  11. Max says:

    I just read the first article-link in your piece, Seven. The writer claims there were two other incarnations between Mozart and Michael. One of these was a French musician/composer who had a thing for young boys. So, naturally, he has something in common with Michael, is implied. This tees me off. I know about the “Messages from Michael” teachings, but I’ve always taken them with a grain of salt. Now if Seth or Abraham/Hicks had said something similar, I’d be more willing to listen. But neither of those spirits advocate such rigid, ritualistic structures for reincarnation, nor do they say that reincarnation is linear. I’m with them on this.

  12. carina for mjj says:

    There are indeed many paralels between the lives of Amadeus Mozart and Michael Jackson.
    Many books have been written about Michael, but it is not yet the time to capture his very essence and historical perspective.

  13. Lisa D11:11 says:

    When Michael passed away I was not a fan of Michael Jackson, in the “classic sense” Yet-I always admired his creative genius, and never believed the lies..NEVER.. I didn’t reserach I only looked into his heart..a gift I have had since my earlist memories..I have been reading and admiring geniuses since I was a child. I have always known Michael to be a genius. Because I respect them, and honor them..Before Before Michael, I studied and admired Albert Einstein, Lenarado Di Vinci, Mozart, Beethoven, Jane Austin, Victor Huggo..the list goes on and on…As for me..I have alays been different–I totally think outside the “box”..I have always felt and seen spirits, I have always had a person relationship with GOD,I am always thinking about trying to the world a better place to live, I love the arts-passionately. I love the creative process of writing, of words, of phrases..and as for my own brain–it will not allow for me to make these things happen..I LOVE that there are different cultures, ethnicities, etc..Different to me is BEAUTIFUL..and will never be dull..Dullness is what kills the soul..and I will not allow that to happen-with God’s help. When I read about Michael in depth..after his death..I was beyond words of my feelings and thoughts- everything that I wanted, admired, respected in a human being as well as a man..Michael transcended all expectations..Than I feel in love with his heart..That was it..His compassionate, humility, as well as his genius..I cani’t even find the words to say..maybe I need to come up with a few–espcially for Michael..I love Michael more than I have loved anybody in my life..and I have loved a few deeply and loved many more unconditionally. Michael is my hero, my mentor, my spiritual guide, and my beloved. RIP My King-My King of HEARTS..

  14. gigi says:

    David & Seven

    I have part 4 and part 5 of that 93 pre-interview Oprah did before her sit down with MJ. I don’t know why I didn’t download part 1-3

  15. carina for mjj says:

    Thank you Seven for this beutiful article. It resonates with my thoughts.-Too bad that the part 5 of the video you mentioned cannot be shown.If you have seen it maybe you can recall it and write about it.The most touching in Michaels home videos are the moments with his daughter Paris.He loved all his children ,but Paris was “daddy´s little girl”.
    Happened to see a video of Barbara Walters interviewing Oprah and asking about her sexual orientation ( BW another obsesser)Oprah started crying, still she does not hesitate plunging a knife into the hearts of others and giving it a twist or more.

  16. Vicky says:

    Seven, I cannot thank you enough for all your beautiful writings and all your love and support for Michael. I have learned so much about him through your articles, it’s unbeleavable. Keep up the amazing work. Your site is an oasis in the desert.

  17. RosieDD says:

    Brilliant writing Seven. The mob mentality prevalent in this world is downright scary. Add racism, intense jealousy and envy, and dollar signs and horrendous acts WILL be perpetrated against true innocents as the world looks on offering it’s blessing, led around by the nose, herded like a pack of mindless sheep. This torture happens all over the world everyday to countless victims. Michael’s torture was magnified for all the world to observe for 30 years.

  18. martina says:

    Seven, thank you for this wonderful article – and your love to Michael.
    love from Germany. Martina

  19. Carmina Brasil says:

    Different Beings – Artur da Tavola (Senator, lawyer, journalist, Brazilian writer, deceased).

    “Different is not who wants to be. This is a copycat of what has not been imitated, never one to be different. Unlike the one who was given some more and some less on time, wrong place and time. For others. What laugh of jealousy of not being so. And fear does not hold if one day they will. The other one is always be as close to perfection. The other one is never boring. But he is always confused by people with less sensitive and notified. Supposing find a flat where a different talents are rejected; victories are postponed; hopes are dead. A different fearful, but this ends up becoming a bore. Chato is a different one that did not work. The very intelligent understand different why others do not understand. The angry wind up having different reason alone against the world. Unlike that values of those who understand why the attacks. The different begins to suffer early, since primary school, where the other hand given, and even some teachers by default (especially the thicker ones) come together to transform what is uniqueness and potential, crippling and caricature. The different loads early nicknames and stamps on which turns out to be. Only the most different stronger than the world has turned (and turn) in their major modifiers. Different are there: the sick, lame, bruised; fat, too thin, beautiful, smart too, too good for that office; exceptional; noses, woolly ; joelhudos, big foot, ugly, the wrong clothes; pimply; of mumunha, malice or baba, there are different, and donating hurt, but trying to be, getting to be, and much more. The soul is made of the different a light beyond. The star of the different addresses is amazing that they keep to the few able to feel and understand. these addresses are the greatest treasures of human kindness. different from that only they can. Never mess with the love of a different . Unless you are strong enough to support it later. “

  20. Solar says:

    Oprah’s continuing desperate efforts to destroy Michael and his legacy shows not only that she’s EATING her HEART OUT with JEALOUSY and ENVY, but also that she’s really crying out for PSYCHOLOGICAL HELP!

    Try as hard as she may, there is absolutely NOTHING that Oprah can do to erase Michael’s GREAT WORK on this PLANET! God’s messenger, Michael’s light shines BRIGHTLY and INFINITELY!

    What GOD has blessed, let NO man or woman put asunder!

  21. Seven says:


    Suggestion taken, link removed. 🙂 (Sorry David!)

  22. Zahra Brown says:

    Could we remove that Desiree woman’s link from the comment? There’s point in sending more traffic her way.

    I used to visit a MJ forum and felt at home with all the nice things said. Then they started chatting about how great the new album, tour, and game would be, and I deleted the website. I was disgusted.

    Thank you for filling that void. Not only was MJ a lovely person, but you seem just as nice. I too can relate to feeling like an outsider, sometimes even with family. Thank you for another heartfelt post. I look forward to reading even more.

  23. Sue M says:

    It’s such a sad commentary on human nature that our attitude toward geniuses has not evolved. The real tragedy is that we deprive ourselves of the gifts these individuals have to give when we vilify them. It should come as no surprise that we have a culture that insults our intelligence, denies our humanity and anesthetizes us to the point that we begin to think ho-hum is okay. After all, when you ignore, marginalize and exploit the very people who could make a difference, what other outcome could you expect? Unfortunately, those who hold the corporate purse strings will do all they can to turn genius into a commodity and, in doing so, kill its essence. Michael’s valiant efforts to fight against these powerful interests and continue to follow his muse is an inspiration for all of us.

  24. David says:

    Seven, I noticed that you referenced the song “Happy Birthday Lisa” from the Simpsons. I absolutely LOVED that episode when I was a kid! Even though MJ provided his own voice for the character he played on the episode, and recorded his own version of the song, contractual issues prevented the show’s producers from using MJ’s version of the song, so they hired an impersonator to sing it instead. (Gee, does that sound familiar? LOL!)

    Anyway, in case you’ve never heard it before, here is MJ’s version of “Happy Birthday Lisa”!!

  25. Emz says:

    I’m almost in the same boat as you, Seven. I have a skin condition, a rare, incurable one. I’m pretty much teased for it always. I’m learning to not heed what others think of me, but it’s difficult. I’m painfully shy, and I literally crave the acceptance that I’ve never had. At my old high school, people wouldn’t even TOUCH the things I do for fear of contracting my disease. Which, it can’t be given that way, it’s a hereditory disease…. I don’t want to seem like I’m only saying this for attention; I’m not. Many times I’ve been called an “attention seeking, overdramatized brat.” Not from my family, they know I’d go ballistic if I did (I’m very hot-headed,)but people like supposed “friends” have even said this to me. Of all the friends I have, I trust two of them… I’ll leave it at that I guess… I could go on and on.
    xXx Emz.

  26. luvuangel says:

    I have been thinking about Michael as a misunderstood genius for a long time. If I dare to
    tell anybody my thoughts, I get some weird looks and even “Bah Humbug”. I don’t want to
    deify him either… so I hesitate to mention Jesus, although I could defend that. I’m
    thinking about LEONARDO DA VINCI, a misunderstood genius who was crucified by medieval
    – was obsessed with learning
    ( he even dissected dead bodies to find out how we tick and make his art more realistic)
    – was put on public trial twice… once accused of sodomy and then of worshipping
    the dead. This was so humiliating for him, he had to leave his native Italy and live
    out his final days in France.
    – his sexuality was constantly being questioned
    – his rivals did nothing but put him down
    – he was a loner… surrounded by boys (pages) but no REAL friends
    – although his paintings were well-known and appreciated, his true genius could only
    be recognized by the rest of us long after his death.
    – he was an innovator – using painting techniques no one had ever dared to or even
    thought of before
    – when he was creating, he was so absorbed in his work that he lived for nothing else
    – he was SO learned, not only in art, but in history and science and physics and anatomy
    *** because he was SO FAR AHEAD of anybody else, they put him down, cast him out, made him
    suffer, humiliated him, depreciated his work…***
    Remind you of anybody?
    18 months on Christmas Day. Too soon to know.. but I don’t hesitate to put Michael on a
    par with DaVinci, Mozart, Jesus… and other geniuses who “don’t fit”. I also hope that
    human beings can be gentle some day, like Michael was… but it doesn’t seem to be in
    our nature. At least not yet. God bless you Michael, love you more.

  27. Jackie says:


    See,people consider those who don’t “act” and “slave” to the soicty’s rules as “not normal”.
    What actually “is not normal” sick and twisted is their rules.

    I hate the “word normai” because IMO It’s the most fake and not actual word.

    What is “Normal”? There’s not such a thing!

    The fact everybody loves other things,makes this miserable word not actual from first place.
    I hate that word!

    “Natural” Is a word I like and use much often. Because We are human being,nature,we all are from the nature,humanes!

    It’s sick,because if people don’t fit and think just like you said to the “socity form” which it totally sick and twisted form- that means you are not “normal”

    I always want to kick and punch those who come and say “I am a normal person”
    There is not “normality” in this world.
    And we can see this on what people are so proud of “the twisted socity form”

    I hate our socity!! It’s the most twisted,judging and sick socity!

    I don’t see myself part of it and just thinking about that possibilty makes wanna vomit!

    I am happy that Michael was “different”, and didn’t let the form to take over him!!

    It’s sick that because just we think different,act different,have Great Amazing talents which the avarage people don’t have-it’s consisdered as “different” or “not normal”.

    Michael was the most “not differnt” human being in this planet!!

    Just because he is a famous artist and has differnt life because of that doesn’t make him different In His Soul And His Heart!!!

    We all are the same!!! It doesn’t matter if you don’t think like the socity or if you do!
    We all are the same!!
    This discrimination and words should not even be exsist!!

  28. Max says:

    I have often thought that Michael and Mozart had many similarities. Mozart also “received” music from the universe in its full form, every note complete in his mind before he transcribed it onto the page. And while Michael chafed under Sony, Mozart was a slave to a ruthless and very wealthy and corrupt Catholic Archbishop who controlled his output, which was why Mozart was forced to write church music and hide his genius behind it, since he was not allowed more worldly tunes. And not only did those in authority consider him cute as a child and weird as an adult, but he was maligned and viciously gossiped about in Vienna. But although he died a pauper and was buried coffinless in a paupers’ mass grave, at least Michael’s family saw to it that he had a gold-plated casket and a good burial spot.
    This is a splendid article you wrote. It’s good to be different. People who fit in stop thinking for themselves and go along with mass consciousness too easily. Most creative people, by definition, need to treasure, explore, and nurture their difference. They come to lead the rest of us onward into the future.

  29. Seven says:


    Those dirty birds! Isn’t it intereSTINK that Harpo only claimed copyright to part 2? What are they wanting to hide in that particular video? I wish I’d downloaded all those videos now but I did not. And that is most definitely part of it (as I’ve experienced in my own life – even now) – jealousy! I’m certain that is partially what was behind the persecution of Michael. In fact, that they blocked that particular video just confirms what I’ve suspected all along about Oprah. She is apparently seething with jealousy over Michael and probably did not want people getting a clue into what is truly behind her decades-long abuse of him.

    I remember the seemingly deranged and obviously quite ignorant Desiree yes. I’ve never heard such a silly claim about the treatment of girls at Neverland before. She is likely the only one asserting it.

  30. David says:

    Seven, I wanted to transcribe what Brooke Shields and Liz Taylor had to say about MJ to Oprah in 1993, right before her big interview with MJ. Remember a few months ago I sent you the videos of that episode, and you made a post about it? Well, guess what? Harpo Inc. made a copyright claim on part 2, which included Brooke’s and Liz’s interview! Arghh!!

    Here is the post:

    I wanted to include it because what they said completely corroborated what you said in this piece about geniuses being labeled as “different” and oftentimes the teasing is rooted in jealously of their talents.

    Unfortunately, part 5 is “private”. This is the part that had the little girl and her family who talked about their relationship with MJ. I emailed the youtube user who uploaded the video to see about making that particular video public, or possibly emailing it to us for our own possession. It’s too valuable to be private!

    That video refutes the filth that this hater Desiree spews on her blog! I don’t know if you’re aware of her, but she’s a chronic MJ hater that has trolled mine and Raven’s blogs, as well as many MJ videos on youtube. Here is her latest entry where she says that girls were treated as second class citizens at Neverland! She also has posts that “prove” MJ was gay! She cherry picks her sources, whether its tabloids or court documents, and uses conjecture and speculation to come up with her “1+1=3” logic. I read her blog to keep up with the lies she’s saying, but I don’t engage her anymore!
    (link removed – because commenter below has a point, no sense driving traffic to an Ignorami’s site)