Nov 27 2009

“I adored Diana. We talked so many times, much more than people realized.”

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Diana was a wonderful person with such a good heart. She went round the world as a philanthropist just like Mother Theresa. She proved that she really, really cared about people and children especially. The way that I do. She used to confide in me. She’d just call me on the phone and we would talk about everything that was happening in her life. The press were hard on her in the same way they were hard on me and she needed to talk to someone who knew exactly what she was going through. She felt hunted in the way I’ve felt hunted. Trapped, if you like. You can’t talk about that to your neighbor because how would they ever understand? No normal person could possibly understand, could they? I’ve had that attention since I was a kid, whereas Diana had it suddenly thrust upon her at the age of 19. I’ve had it all my life so I had the experience to tell her how to handle it. I just said to her, ‘Rise above it all’. I’d tell her how I would go on stage sometimes in the worst pain either emotionally, or physically with something like a toothache, and I would put whatever it was out of my mind and perform. I’d say, ‘Be strong and be determined and nobody can hurt you. Only you can hurt yourself – so be defiant’. I think she appreciated it and got something from my words. I think I was able to comfort her. I adored Diana. We talked so many times, much more than people realized. When I heard about the paparazzi chasing her, I just thought how lucky I was that it had never happened to me because I’ve been chased the same way so many times and you always wonder. Diana’s death was the saddest I’ve ever felt – it reminded me of when Kennedy died. It broke my heart so much, I just cried and cried. [Dodi] was wonderful, just wonderful. A really smart, charming guy. It was a terrible tragedy for Mohamed and my heart goes out to him and his family.

Michael And Princess Diana

Michael and Princess Diana

{ Michael apparently spent thousands of dollars on phone bills talking to Diana. When she died, Michael was heartbroken, and said he felt an “impending feeling of doom”. He said that he “felt there was another one coming, and I pray it’s not me.”

But now, the World mourns the loss of Michael, just as it mourned the loss of our beautiful Diana – gathering by the millions worldwide to celebrate his life and commiserate since his death. I hope Michael and Diana are together now: Two beautiful souls, reunited with a common sense of caring and many shared experiences. -Seven }

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2 Responses to ““I adored Diana. We talked so many times, much more than people realized.””

  1. elen felix says:

    I just knew it now. I never thought they were great acquaintances. They have the same attitude, love and concern for children. I guess they like each other best because Diana was not happy with her husband and her life with him. It was a prison cell for her. She knew Michael Jackson, and found a great companion in him. had Diana didn’t marry another man when she knew Michael, she could have married him. But they weren’t meant for each other,,and God willed it.

    Diana was not only lucky that she was a queen—Michael liked her a lot.

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