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Who is ‘Save The Children’ Saving?

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Who is 'Save the Children' saving?

Who is 'Save the Children' saving?

I was shocked to learn of this story and therefore want to share it with you. While organizing a group, a Michael Jackson fan found this was also a good way to raise money for the charity ‘Save the Children‘ in the UK. Michael’s fans often find opportunities to raise money or give to charity in many ways because that’s what Michael did. They of course want to carry on this legacy.

But because of the negative stigma attached to Michael by years of twisted and untrue stories from money-grubbing extortionists and media for decades, ‘Save the Children‘ UK declined to be associated with any effort linked to Michael’s name. Deborah tells the disappointing story:

Through running the initiative “Holding Hands for Michael World Record Attempt” on FB, I proceeded to set up an accompanying website (fansholdinghands4michael.webs.org). Knowing that (hopefully) we were going to be having at least 30,000 fans passing through, I thought it would be great to have a charity on board that would also benefit from this. Save the Children just now had a big fundraiser in the UK to get people to donate to raise money for vital vaccinations for Cholera and Malaria and Dysentry in third world countries, which is unnecessarily killing thousands of babies and children. Bingo!! I had my charity…one which I also felt would most certainly have been close to Michael’s heart had he been alive. I contacted them that day to request permission to install a ‘donate‘ button on the website. My euphoria at having found my charity soon turned to shock and complete outrage when I found myself listening to some ‘representative‘ spout on about how they could not be connected to anything with links to Michael! Half an hour I spent, before I gave up and then went and penned the letter you see below, praying that with a bit of “faith, trust & pixie dust” it might just make someone see sense. You will see from their response obviously, although a ‘Childrens Charity‘ ‘Peter Pan‘ most certainly does not reside in their hearts!

Although a blow, it has hardened my resolve in the belief that as Michael’s fans. our vocation on this earth in his absence is to ensure that every dissenting Charity, every lie printed in a paper tabloid or broadsheet, every sensationalistic untruth spouted on TV, needs to be challenged in the most intelligent, informed way possible. This is where we can use the advantage of our numbers and the information that we have built up about Michael over the past 20 or so months. If we keep doing this, if we keep challenging, then I am convinced that slowly, bit by bit the tide will begin to turn until one day we will have the charities banging on The Estate’s door begging to be linked with Michael. The media will no longer find money in printing lies nor will the programme makers.

This is where our role really lies as Michael Jackson ‘disciples’….to spread his word!

Here is the letter Deborah sent to STC UK in an effort to instill some common sense into the organization after she learned of their shocking decision to decline association with Michael’s fans:

Save the Children UK
Supporter Care Team
1 St John’s Lane,
27TH January 2011

Dear Sir/Madam

Re: Recent request to link World Record attempt with your Charity

Who we are

We are a group of dedicated Michael Jackson fans (most of us in our 40’s) who have set up and are running an initiative to attempt to break the World Record for the thread with the most postings on a Social Networking site (Facebook). Since the current record is 29,217 posts, we have quite a record to beat!! We are doing this by encouraging fans to go onto the site and state that they are ‘Holding Hands’ with their fellow fan above them. Guinness rules state that there can only be one posting per person for this attempt to count. At present we have just over 2,000 fans holding hands. We have also set up an associated website to enable us to keep the fans updated as to the progress of the attempt. My fellow team members and myself thought it would be a good idea to link the World Record Attempt with a Charity and at the same time raise some valuable funds. Since we are hopefully going to be having near 30,000 fans pass through our doors.

Michael & Charity

Michael was all about giving to Charity and is in fact in the Guinness Book of World Records for the most Charities supported by a Pop Star. Unfortunately such facts a this and those following went largely unreported and unnoticed by the world, who chose to read and believe the more salacious reports the media put out about a ‘Wacko Jacko’!

The one thing that divided Michael from other stars in the Entertainment Industry was that he used his money to help others rather than to keep it for himself which explains why his entire $200+ Million earnings for the Dangerous Tour WENT TO CHARITY. That’s 70+ concerts in jam packed stadiums in the world which he performed with blood, sweat and tears absolutely FREE because all earnings went to charity. Same with his Victory Tour earnings- countless hours of hard work he did for FREE to help others making up his total charitable contributions to $350 Million USD- the largest ever for an entertainer in History.

The Child Abuse Allegations and 2005 Trial

Here I could write reams. However, I have no need since it is all at your fingertips, suffice to say that at the end of the Trial the Jury found Michael NOT GUILTY ON EVERY SINGLE COUNT!

(It has become our duty since Michael’s death and as his followers to right all the wrongs that have been written about him in the media.)

Aphrodite Jones – Michael Jackson Conspiracy
Published by IUniverse


I could go on and on here. However, I think that is plenty for now.

To end with

I cannot express how absolutely ‘gobsmacked’, for want of a better word, I was when your Fund Raising operative conveyed to me that such a predominant charity as yourselves believed the rhetoric that the press and the media conveyed about Michael. In spite of the fact that he gave so much of himself to the world and to others. As I hope I have proven above all these allegations were completely unfounded and had their basis in people’s greed, ignorance and prejudices. Unfortunately if Michael was guilty of anything it was that he trusted too much. It was that Trial that killed Michael! They took everything from him then. The problem was that the Media had convicted him long before the Jury had made their deliberations. When the verdict finally came out, was there mass apologies and wide spread reporting of the exact results in the media? No!! Very little was actually made of it and the press still continued to dwell on the negative aspects of the case!!

We had hoped now that we have truely lost Michael that things would start to change (and they are slowly) but it is when we come up against organisations, such as yourselves who are still peddling the same old line, that we despair!!

To end ignorance we need Charities such as ‘Save the Children’ to boldly come forward and take a stand. After all if such Charities as UNICEF are happy to be linked with Michael….what is the problem with you guys?

To say at this present moment in time that you have shot yourselves in the foot by declining our offer , is an understatement. I have said above with 30,000 odd fans hopefully using the website, there are funds there to be tapped and your present fundraising initiative for desperately needed vaccinations in third world countries for malaria, pneumonia and diarrhea obviously is need of those funds.

So to surmise, we desperately hope that the above information will make you reconsider our offer. I would love to be able to link the World Record Attempt with Save the Children because of those valuable funds that are needed right now. If though this letter though we have changed someone’s perspective of Michael, that in itself will have been worth it.

The world is only just waking up to what it has lost through the untimely death of a uniquely gifted human being.

Yours sincerely

Deborah Longshaw
Co-ordinator Holding Hands for Michael Jackson World Record Attempt

• • •

Her letter was to no avail. Here is their response to Deborah in reply, still declining much-needed funds for children from Michael’s fans due to decades of lies told about him:

Letter from Save the Children about not saving children, but their "reputation"

Letter from Save the Children UK about saving their "reputation"

All this begs the question: Who is ‘Save the Children‘ UK saving?  How many children could have been helped or saved by the funds from all these Michael Jackson fans? It seems that ‘Save the Children‘ is more concerned with saving their reputation than saving children. Worse, they are concerned with saving their reputation against something that doesn’t even exist! And that is a media-manufactured and extortionist-created caricature of Michael Jackson as criminal boogeyman – a version of him that never even existed in real life. The organization insists that it’s not suggesting he was a criminal on one hand, but on the other they explain that they must save their reputations from ‘bad press‘ about him. If they do not believe the manufactured caricature of Michael Jackson is real, then why do they feel they must save their reputations from it – and particularly at the expense of children who might be helped by these funds? It not only beggars belief but logic as well.

Actions speak louder than words. It’s an old and trite saying but true nonetheless. Their words in the letter above state they are not suggesting he was guilty. But their actions in refusing association with this fan group (and thus refusing any money they might have raised to truly save some children) tell the truth. They do believe he’s guilty and that’s exactly what they’re suggesting. If not, why refuse association with a Michael Jackson fan or fan group?

What about the truth? And what about justice? And yes – what about those children this charity purportedly exists to save?

Another friend has told me she offered to leave money to ‘Save the Children’ UK in her will in Michael Jackson’s name. Once again ‘Save the Children‘ UK declined her offer with the same type of response: They did not want their name associated with Michael Jackson.

I’ve donated money to Save the Children US in the past and I am sorry to say I will not do so again. There are many other charities who appreciate my money and who will use it to help children – whether I am a Michael Jackson fan or not. And this is really sad because those hurt most by ‘Save the Children‘ UK’s pretentious, ignorant and boneheaded stance here – are the children themselves.

In contrast, Dreamwalker in Hong Kong had a dance tribute to Michael in 2010 and charity proceeds went to ‘Save the Children’ in HK. Perhaps their policies vary from region to region. You can learn more about Dreamwalker raising funds for STC Hong Kong here: http://www.savethechildren.hk/eng/channel.php?action_type=detail&channel_id=176&sub_channel_id&content_id=229. Maybe the lies about Michael don’t hold as much sway in Hong Kong or other regions as they do in the UK/US and one wonders if local branches are less concerned with false media caricatures of Michael and more concerned with just getting funds for the children (as all of ‘Save the Children‘ should be if their priorities actually match their name!)

Some friends are checking with ‘Save the Children‘ in other regions to see if their stance matches ‘Save the Children‘ UK’s. We’re hoping they do not.

Michael Jackson existed for the purpose of helping children all over the world. He said that on more than on occasion. Truth and charity were two things that were very important to him. To have a children’s charity refuse association with fans who wish to carry on his charitable legacy – and to have them refuse due to lies about him – is a slap in the face to Michael, his memory and all he lived for. It is the very antithesis of truth and justice and it only serves to perpetuate those vicious lies by behaving as if they’re truth. It is a slap in the face to Michael’s fans, his family, and most of all those he loved most – the children.

Michael Jackson gave over $300 million to more than 39 charities in his lifetime. He consistently used his money and celebrity to help the most helpless and downtrodden among us, at times giving entire tour proceeds to charity, and visiting hospitals and orphanages in every city he toured in. One time he refused to go on stage the next day until the dismal conditions in one orphanage he visited were dealt with immediately – and he paid for it. He touched the lives of countless children, always striving to give them tenderness, an attentive ear, hope when they felt they had none, hugs and gifts, joy and happiness, a big brother, a father, a mentor, a friend, and in some cases saving their very lives, such as the case of Bela Farkas. Michael was in the Guinness Book of World Records for being the pop star who gave the most to charity. The only thing Michael was ever guilty of was innocently trusting too many and giving too much – sometimes to those who had ulterior motives against him and who should not have been trusted. Given all this, if Save the Children UK does not see fit to be ‘associated‘ with Michael Jackson, then Save the Children (UK) may truly be a lost cause as a charity. That this organization would so willingly discount not only the truth about Michael Jackson but all he did during his life for people and children all over the world in favor of sensationalist tabloid lies is a painful reminder of the injustice he suffered all his life while only trying to help others and improve the world we live in.

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  1. Seven says:

    Heal The World for Children is a charity set up by MJ fans after his passing to carry on the work of Michael at orphanages and hospitals throughout the world. They are now a registered charity in the UK, other countries likely to follow.

    Their website is:


    And their Facebook page is here:


    Other charities Michael supported in his lifetime are as follows, should you care to support any of them:

    AIDS Project L.A.
    611 South Kingsley Drive
    Los Angeles, CA 90005
    [email protected]

    American Cancer Society
    Email form: http://www.cancer.org/asp/contactUs/cus_global.asp

    American Vitiligo Research Foundation

    Angel Food
    922 Vine Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90038

    Big Brothers of Greater Los Angeles
    800 S Figueroa St
    Los Angeles, CA 90017-2521
    (213) 481-3611
    [email protected]

    BMI Foundation, Inc.
    320 W. 57th Street
    New York, NY 10019
    [email protected]

    Brotherhood Crusade
    200 E. Slauson Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90011
    (323) 846-1649 – General
    Email form: http://brotherhoodcrusade.org/contactus.html

    Camp Ronald McDonald
    A program of Ronald McDonald House Charities® of Southern California
    1954 Cotner Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90025
    [email protected]

    Childhelp U.S.A.
    15757 N. 78th Street Suite #B
    Scottsdale, Arizona, 85260
    Fax: (480) 922-7061

    Children’s Institute International
    711 S. New Hampshire Avenue
    Los Angeles, California 90005
    Phone: (213) 385-5100
    [email protected]

    Community Youth Sports & Arts Foundation
    Website: Information not found
    4828 Crenshaw Blvd
    Los Angeles, CA 90043-1819
    Phone: (323) 294-8320

    Congressional Black Caucus (CBC)
    1720 Massachusetts Avenue, NW
    Washington, DC 20036
    Phone: 202-263-2800
    Email form: http://www.cbcfinc.org/contact-us-form.html

    Dakar Foundation
    875 Arwin St
    Pasadena, CA 91103
    [email protected]
    [email protected]

    Dreamstreet Kids
    Patty Grubman
    9536 Wilshire Blvd. Suite 310
    Beverly Hills, CA 90212
    [email protected]

    Dreams Come True Charity
    Knockhundred House
    Knockhundred Row
    West Sussex GU29 9DQ
    Tel: 01730 815000
    Freephone: 0800 018 6013
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Elizabeth Taylor Aids Foundation
    P.O. Box 55995
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91413
    [email protected]

    Juvenile Diabetes Foundation
    120 Wall Street
    New York, NY 10005-4001
    800) 533-CURE (2873)
    [email protected]

    Make-A-Wish Foundation
    http://www.wish.org/ National Office – America
    http://www.worldwish.org International Office
    http://www.make-a-wish.org.uk United Kingdom
    3550 North Central Avenue, Suite 300
    Phoenix, Arizona 85012-2127
    (800) 722-WISH (9474)
    Fax: (602) 279-0855

    Minority Aids Project

    Motown Museum
    2648 W. Grand Boulevard
    Detroit, Michigan 48208
    Phone: (313) 875-2264

    4805 Mt. Hope Drive
    Baltimore MD 21215
    (877) NAACP-98
    (410) 580-5777
    Email Directory: http://www.naacp.org/about/contact/form/

    National Children’s Museum
    955 L’Enfant Plaza North, SW Suite 5100
    Washington DC, 20024
    (202) 675-4120
    Email: [email protected]

    National Solidarity Fund
    P.O. Box 34781
    Washington, D.C., 20043
    [email protected]

    N.S.F. in TUNISIA
    85 Avenue de la Liberté
    1002 – Tunis
    Phone (+216) 71 792 322

    Operation Christmas Child

    Rotary Club of Australia
    Rotary International
    1560 Sherman Avenue
    Evanston, IL 60201 USA
    Phone: 847-866-3000

    Society of Singers
    15456 Ventura Blvd., Suite 304
    Sherman Oaks, CA 91403
    [email protected]

    Starlight Foundation
    5757 Wilshire Blvd. Suite M100
    Los Angeles, CA 90036
    (310) 479-1212

    The Carter Center’s Atlanta Project
    The Carter Center
    One Copenhill
    453 Freedom Parkway
    Atlanta, GA 30307
    (404) 420-5100 or (800) 550-3560
    [email protected]

    The Sickle Cell Research Foundation
    212 ½ NW 20th Street
    Oklahoma City, OK 73103
    (405) 922-5774

    1629 K Street, NW Suite 1100
    Washington, DC 20006
    Tel: 202.223.1960
    Fax: 202.223.1966
    [email protected]

    United Negro College Fund (UNCF)
    260 Willow Oaks Corporate Drive
    P.O. Box 10444
    Fairfax, VA 22031-8044
    Email form: http://www.uncf.org/contactus/index.asp

    USA for Africa
    Los Angeles, CA
    (323) 954-3124
    [email protected]

    Volunteers of America
    1660 Duke Street
    Alexandria, VA 22314
    (800) 899-0089
    [email protected]

    Watts Summer Festival
    944 W. 53rd Street
    Los Angeles, CA 90037
    [email protected]

    Wish Granting
    161 Furey Avenue
    Tiverton, RI 02878
    [email protected]

    YMCA of the USA
    101 North Wacker Drive
    Chicago, IL 60606
    (800) 872-9622
    [email protected]
    Support Michaels’ Pets & their sanctuaries

    Center For Great Apes
    P.O. Box 488
    Wauchula, Florida 33873
    [email protected]

    The Roar Foundation

    PO Box 189
    Acton, CA 93510
    6867 Soledad Canyon Road
    Acton, CA 93510

    (661) 268-0380
    [email protected]

    PO BOX 2004
    Page, AZ 86040
    Phone: 928-645-8845
    [email protected]

    Annie Sue (Giraffe)


    Jabbar Jr.” aka “JJ” (Giraffe)


    Princess Jasmine aka “Princess” (Giraffe)


    Rambo (Giraffe)

    Rikki (Parrot)

    Sabu (Tiger)

    Thriller (Tiger)

    multiple macaws, nine parrots, three pythons, two caimans and two anacondas

  2. Joyce says:

    I am so saddened and angered by this incredibly ignorant, cowardly and heartless action by a so called charitable organization whose mission is suppose to be “Saving Children”. As so many others have commented, I will most certainly never contribute to “Save The Children” again. There are so many other wonderful organizations that provide help in so many areas to so many children around the world. I also include the words “In memory of Michael Jackson” when I make a donation and have never once received a negative reply.
    I was so impressed with Deborah Longshaw’s letter to STC UK. It is truly sad that STC’s embarrassing reply showed that they choose to just keep their heads buried in the sand and remain ignorant to the truth. They most certainly do an incredible disservice to the children they claim to want to “Save”.
    I will be sending a letter myself to reinforce Deborah’s very well written respectful letter.
    Seven, your final paragraphs and the beautiful video you included say it all. Michael dedicated his entire life to helping children all over the world and showing the world that we can each make a difference in our own small ways. How sad that there are still so many who refuse to see the truth. I have to keep hoping and believing that we are making a difference.

  3. lucie says:

    i started donating monthly to this charity in january. of cause in mjs memory. im upset and disgusted. ive stopped my direct debit and emailed them with the reason. shame on them. i guess it cant be that bad for the starving and dieing kids of this world if this charity are being so picky. shame on them. ill be donating to a charity that has no issue with mj now

  4. Sina says:

    No response so far from STC in my region. Probably some serious talk going on behind the scenes.

    To Debora I would say , dont waste a minute more on this organisation. With the list of charities Seven presented here it will be more of a challenge to find the 30.000 fans than to find another suitabe charity.

    I agree with Lulu (CQ)#30 that it would be a good idea for all the Mj charity organisations to work together. Could be under an umbrella, but could also be by together making a kind of shortlist of projects which fans could support as a group. The good thing is there is a variety of initiatives so anyone can choose one of their preference. But I think it could be much more effective and have more impact for Michaels name if we supported one project at a time, implement it with Michaels name on it and go to the next. Could be a school, a scholarship, planting trees, equipment for a hospital or a foodproject for homeless in LA ( per Janet Jackson, something she and Michael used to do).

    With some projects its good to work with an international organisation like UNICEF or Heal the world . Some projects are better done with local organisations.

    But to name a project after Michael we will need the approval of the estate executors and that is not a real possibility. Anyway Im open for brainstorming what to do and how to do it to get maximum benefit for the children and for Michaels name.

  5. DiDi says:

    This is on the STC website!!!

    At Save the Children we want to delight and surpass your expectations.
    After all, without your support we would not be able to continue dramatically changing the lives of children around the world.

    However, we know that there may be times when we do not meet our own high standards. When this does happen we want to hear about it, deal with the situation as quickly as possible and put measures in place to stop it happening again.

    We take complaints very seriously and we treat them as an opportunity to develop. This is why we are always very grateful to hear from people who are willing to take the time to help us improve. We always thank people who contact us about their problems, concerns or worries.

    _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _

    I hope they are grateful for my letter!!!

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I can’t quite put into words how I feel but I will give it a go. Disgust,dismay,sadness, disbelief,shock!

    All these feelings came after hearing that Save The Children (UK) stated, when someone offered to raise money in Michael Jackson’s name, that they did not wish to associate themselves with Michael Jackson in any way.

    So your title is a misnomer, it’s not really about saving the children is it? It’s all about your reputatation, your image.

    I am sorry that you never got to hear about the real Michael. I’m sorry you were manipulated and lied to by the tabloids. It’s really sad. For in being misled, you missed something really important. Michael Jackson was one of the biggest humanitarians in world history. He devoted his ENTIRE life to children and this planet, even when he was persecuted for it.

    But then again you chose not to seek the truth (which is so easy to find)

    As E.B. White once said ‘Prejudice is a great time saver, you can form opinions without having to get the facts’

    Your stance has spread like wildfire amongst the Michael Jackson community in less than 48 hours, at the last count there were nearly 29 million Michael Jackson fans on facebook alone.

    I have read today of people cancelling their direct debits, and most (myself included) will never donate to you again.

    We will, in future, donate to those childrens’ charities who will accept our money with the love in which it was raised, because we, like Michael, care most about the children.

    I have put into words how I feel, maybe I can suggest one for you – SHAME.

    Yours sincerely

  6. okunuga says:

    I read somewhere,I don`t know if its your site or ravens that quoted aphrodite jones in saying that only Boys and Girls club of america was the only charity organisation that supported michael even during the dark days of the trial,if this is so then that is the only charity we should be supporting.

  7. Seven says:

    I remember Aphrodite saying something about B & G Clubs of America being the only charity that supported him during the trial.

    STC (UK) evidently figure they can afford to lose money from millions of Michael Jackson fans worldwide because they (perhaps erroneously) assume that accepting donations which are publicly associated with him will cause them to lose more money from others who’ve also bought wholesale the media’s lies about the man. Of course they also choose to treat those lies as truth by behaving in this manner, thereby perpetuating and supporting them. I hardly find that the behavior of integrity or charity.

    Let them sit with that then. There are many other charities to give to if we want to help the children of the world.

    I’ve been scolded here by a very rude commenter whose comments I refuse to post because she was quite abusive. She called this post “hyperbole” (?). She attempted to lay a guilt trip on myself and other fans by insinuating that we are somehow hurting children by exposing this policy of STC’s and subsequently choosing not to donate to them (those of us who choose not to) because of it.

    But the bottom line is that it is not Michael Jackson fans who are hurting children with this issue – it is Save the Children themselves who are hurting children with with this issue and with their stubborn, ignorant, boneheaded stance on this. They are losing what is to most of us (perhaps not to them) a large amount of potential funds from Michael Jackson’s fans worldwide due to their wish to avoid being associated with his name.

    And that, is THEIR fault, not ours. It is THEIR decision. Not ours. And they will live with and bear any consequence of their decision large or small – as well they should.

    That said, I don’t discourage anyone from donating to them. Each of us will do what we think is best in our own hearts. I did say that I myself will no longer be donating to them. I will choose other charities through which to help children. Each of you must do what you feel is best in your own hearts.

    Nonetheless, I will not take the blame nor will I allow other fans to shoulder the blame for Save the Children’s willingness to treat lies as truth due to their backwards priorities. I will continue to place any blame that is to be meted out right where it belongs: On THEIR doorstep.

    The abusive commenter tried to have it both ways: she explained that STC UK considers Michael’s fan donations negligible enough that they can easily afford to take this stance – but at the same time that she insisted we are ‘hurting children’ by not giving them our money because of this. The logic does not work. It does not work because if Michael Jackson fan donations are so negligible that STC UK can afford to have this attitude about them, then they are not badly needed. If they are badly needed, then STC UK should not be taking this stance about them. Pretty simple. You can’t have it both ways!

    I don’t doubt that STC UK (and perhaps other divisions of STC) considers the donations of Jackson fans negligible. Obviously they do. And that’s pretty sad. But, I’m happy that they’re swimming in so much money for those children that they needn’t be concerned about ours.

    Once again, I am not urging anyone not to donate to them. Everyone should do what they think is best. However, I think it’s important for Michael’s fans to know STC’s (at least STC UK’s) attitude about Michael Jackson should you care to donate due to his loving influence or in association with his name.

  8. Cynthia Kent says:

    Oh..I agree with So Many of you!! Karen, my father allways tought me to “kill them with kindness” so to speak. EDUCATE in a “LOVING” manner..Michael tought us this!..to be hopefull..I will Also be putting future donations I make in Michaels memory..DIDI your letter was awesome..perfectly written! The world needs more like you! Susan..I’m behind you 100% about creating a charity. All is possible if we all remain positive & united.You all are the best!I could hug you all!!! Seven..I myself have always said that Michael was Not treated well here in the U.S.. People are so easily led like sheep. I’ve even been so frustrated at times at the ignorance out there that I had this brainstorm idea. A little crazy But wouldn’t it be great to send a message to each and every TABLOID/NEWS MEDIA outlet out there Before this trial gets underway? Fans from all over buying up all the Tabloid papers at all the convience,gas stations,grocery & department stores-(thats mostly where people see this stuff) & send a message..make a change! Michael often quoted “We should all have a tabloid burning”. This is part of what destroyed him.. & his good name. I know the ideas “out there”..What do you all think?:-)

  9. Nina Hamilton says:

    Here is the letter I am writing in response to your letter from Save The Children in London.

    Dear Sir/Madam,

    I feel compelled to respond over your letters to the MJJ-777 website author, ‘Seven’. I was surprised at your narrow blinkered attitude and comments.
    After Michael Jackson’s earth-shattering death in 2009 – an event said to have been a megaphone to wake up a deaf world – I was amazed how it affected me, and I am no crazy fan, but a mature ex-journalist.
    So I began researching him, and was astounded at 45 years of musical genius as a gifted singer, unique dancer and songwriter of 200 top hits; but particularly his prowess as a caring humanitarian and philanthropist, which went largely unreported by the media, who preferred to dwell on ‘bad’ news to sell more papers for profit.
    Unannounced, he paid for many children’s life-saving operations, gave away free concert tickets and all profits to deprived children, and once completely equipped a Romanian orphanage; the list is endless in his sphere of influence.
    One of his main charitable concerns was Great Ormond Street Hospital in London, who don’t seem to mind donations being made in his name and memory.
    His name has been uncovered on his former L.A. school, statues and monuments are springing up across the world, from China to Hong Kong to London to Gary, Indiana, in tribute. His numerous achievements are listed in the Guinness Book of Records, in an extraordinary life.
    Michael Jackson is emerging as a huge historical figure and there is no doubt in my mind that he has changed the world.
    Millions of people are fighting to clear his name after so many false accusations, lies, extortion attempts, jealousy and greed, nearly destroyed the gentle soul of an innocent man; but not his message.
    I think a great many in power felt threatened by his power, fame and wealth that challenged the status quo, and so tried to being him down through the media, afraid of him.
    I am donating £5 a month to Save The Children, because that’s what he did, save children, and it makes me feel better, a sort of comforting, healing process.
    I don’t seem to have any control over this desire, as if some hidden silent force is driving me, as with many other charitable voluntary acts.
    He is on my mind 24/7, even now, after 20 months, and there are millions like me who have vowed to always defend his good name.
    I find myself wondering if these uprisings in Tunisia and Egypt, now Libya, Iran and Bahrein, are perhaps due to his desire to urge people to change, heal the world. I saw protestors making the ‘V’ sign for victory as he used to, and I swear I saw one wearing a single white glove!
    Do you still want my money to help Save The Children in Michael Jackson’s honour and memory, or shall I cancel it?

    Yours faithfully,

    Nina A. Hamilton (Mrs).

  10. Nina Hamilton says:

    I have realised a mistake and have altered the first line of my letter to Save The Children in London to say ‘…….your letters to Mrs.Deborah Longshaw (Holding Hands for MJ)’. Sorry! I have also added a PS to say I was one of the 2000 people to add my name to the Facebook (Holding Hands for Michael Jackson) attempt.

  11. Seven says:


    Thank you.

    I was frankly shocked by their stance and that’s why I chose to publicize it here.

    They probably don’t mind taking your money, as long as it doesn’t have MIchael’s name somehow publicly associated with it.

  12. Joyce says:

    Seven, I am sorry that you are having to bear the brunt of rude comments aimed at all of us. I applaud your calm and thoughtful response. As I stated in my previous post, I also will no longer be contributing to Save the Children. I hope that my other donations to many other childrens charities will continue to support all of the many programs that provide care and hope to so many children in need around the world. It is most certainly a decision to be made by each individual based on what they feel is best. I’m sure Save the Children will proceed with their own decision as well. We have the right to be angered and disappointed in that decision and then do what we feel is correct.
    @DiDi, Your letter is wonderful. I followed your lead and sent an email to STC as well. It is important that we remain respectful and calm but continue to present our concerns and disapointment in a thoughtful, concise way just as your letter did.
    @Cynthia, the best way to hurt the tabloid media is to ignore them and encourage everyone you know to NOT BUY any of it!! They survive because people continue to feed them by buying it, and clicking on their websites.

    I also encourage everyone to check out the most recent post on Inner Michael by Rev. Barbara Kauffman, titled “A New Voice for Michael” She has some wise words regarding the tabloids, the media, and all those who continue to perpetrate the hatred and cruel lies about Michael and the importance of how we respond.

    Thanks again Seven and know that we appreciate all that you do!

  13. Lulu (Q.C.) says:

    Some addl. notes on what I wrote earlier (#30):

    Perhaps we could have a coordinating info-gathering and disseminating unit that will handle data on the various efforts being undertaken in MJ’s memory, whether these are by individuals or by groups including such organizations as Heal The World For Children. It could be a virtual unit that will gather and consolidate hard data on the progress and the results of various efforts — nature/what (educational, medical, advocacy, etc.), where, when, who benefited (if possible individual profiles incl. age, gender, circumstance, etc.), who were the local partners, supporters, donors, etc. To get this going, those behind current as well as future efforts can send info to this unit. With a simple but comprehensive and updated database, we can easily track which group did what, when, with whom and for whom and with what outcomes. Photos can accompany the data. This way even donors who are not necessarily within the MJ fan-mily can be assured that their money is being put to good use.

    This database could then be a basis for media releases, stories about the warm bodies whose lives were changed, all because an individual or a group believed and pursued MJ’s call for love, selflessness, and concern for others. Without being openly adversarial and with hard facts backing up our claims, these releases could eventually knock some sense into the heads of persistent MJ bashers and detractors. They will paint the real picture of the caring individual MJ was and how his spirit continues to foster happiness and goodwill beyond music and dance.

    It might also be worth having one slogan and/or logo. These will serve as unifying elements and as some kind of branding for public recall.

    If we can swing this, we need not worry about such organizations as STC. If anybody is interested and would like to give this a try, I’d be happy to help.

  14. Sumi says:

    I also wrote a long mail to STC with a lot of attached rebuttal information as a proof for the truth. It’s a shame for such a well-known charity!

    @Nina: I like very much what you wrote!

  15. DiDi says:

    @ Sina #34 You mentioned planting trees. Have you heard of the amazing site A Million Trees For Michael?
    Michael loved trees so much. MJ fans have so far bought over 2000 trees and they are all planted in his honour/memory.
    It costs $15 for 15 trees and you get to choose the words for your own certificate,which they to send you.
    Here is the link and there is a Facebook page of the same name:


  16. Lisa Geller says:

    Seven have a look, this is our experience with them WHO WILL “SAVE THE CHILDREN”? ~ PREJUDICE IS IGNORANCE ~ http://xltweet.com/show/?id=54525C5C53

  17. Seven says:


    Thank you for sharing your story. So, STC Italy also has taken the same stance that they do not want any money from Michael Jackson fans because they don’t want to be associated with his name. How disappointing.

    On another site that shared this story, a person who said they used to work for STC US was not surprised by their stance.

  18. Lisa Geller says:

    This is the second charity we tried to contact. I’m losing hope… http://img7.imageshack.us/img7/387/sosvillaggi.jpg

  19. Sina says:

    @Lisa, I can understand your disappointment but please DO NOT GIVE UP, Michael never did. He said even if the whole world is against you, rise above it, be determined, believe in yourself. Michael was all alone when he was fighting the attacks against him. People who were paid to help him, lawyers, PR people, doctors,managers, sabotaged him instead. But he never gave up. You are not alone , we are with you. This is just the second one, and probably many more will say no. Dont waste time on them, imo the energy is better spent in positive action. But you dont give up. Defending Michael is not for the faint hearted.

    Im sure there will be organisations that will welcome your help for the children and welcome Michael. Maybe not the ones with the fancy names eager to protect it, but the ones that really need it.

    Maybe a small change can get you there.

    Some suggestions: send letters to as many charities as you know at the same time and ask them who is interested in your project.

    First gather the potential donors before contacting the charities so you have something to offer. Charities like to have huge database of potential donors. An organisation may prefer to have 1000 names/adresses instead of 30.000 passers by on a website. Organisations actually buy these address databases.

    My experience as a volunteer fundraiser for an organisation for teen moms is that out of a direct mailing to 100 adresses maybe 4 will respond. So you can find out at what point it becomes interesting for them.

    And why not team up with Heal the World for Children. They have a legal charity status now, they work in Michaels name, (not sure if officially approved by the estate executors) and they are an upcoming organisation who can use some exposure.

    Didi, thank you for the link to the million trees for Michael website. Lovely project.

    From now on evrything I give to charity I will do in Michael’s name and only to charities that are Michael friendly.

    Lulu (GQ) I m interested in helping with the MJ charity database if there is some sort of coordination and maintanance. I m a nitwit at design and details of databases so for that Im of no help. I can search / research data, help fill the database and help with maintanance.

    I would also like a database of tributes and memorials for Mj.

    Two of them that Id like to recommend are the Sunflowers for Michael project (see a link here on Seven’s website) and the Michael Jackson Garden to be established at the National Museum of dance – Dance hall of fame. http://www.dancemuseum.org/ Michael was inducted in the hall of fame last year.

    Imo its a fitting memorial for Michaels art and a very important project for his name as its a prestegious institute and as far as I know the only dance museum / hall of fame in the US.

    Lets make it happen !

  20. Karen in Houston says:

    To all who have commented above – please never give up! This is going to be a long and sometimes trying journey, but with love, persistance and courage we will win this battle in the end. I know I am finding that people are more wiling to talk about Michael in an open minded way lately than there ever has been before. Yes there are haters out there but they are only hurting themselves with their ignorance. Michael was an amazing person and you didn’t have to know him personally to know this. You only had to read between the lines and have a heart to feel his giving character and spirit. I pity the people and organizations who will not take the time to find out about Michael’s true character. I pray maybe some day they will open their eyes before it is too late

  21. Lulu (Q.C.) says:

    Seven, your space is really growing lots of efforts to keep MJ’s legacy alive and make the world see him for what he really was. Thanks so so much.

    I am game, @Sina (#49)! How can we link up directly to kick this off? Perhaps Seven can email you my email address? I can draft a matrix that will help us consolidate the info. Perhaps even a form of sorts which the various “doers” could fill up and send back to us? Anyway, we need to link up directly first via email. Let’s try to do that with Seven’s help. Or would you have any other suggestion? Will keep checking here for any notes from you.

  22. Ali says:

    I am very shocked to read this, its unbelievable they are prepared to deprive the children who need this money so badly.
    I think it is a very good idea to work towards setting up a charity in Michael’s name, with the blessing of the estate preferably, and also to work with Heal the World for Children. But my idea for an in initial response – if Deborah is reading here? – is to change the “power balance” for want of a better word. because just for sheer number MJ fans do have the power to give millions.

    can you for now just focus on raising money for ‘A children’s charity’, I suppose it would involve setting up an account or something – then when the massive amount has been raised, then contact various charities, including STC UK, tell them that eg a milion pounds – lets aim for 10 million at least- has been raised in the name of Michael Jackson for the children who need these vaccinations et.c and invite THE CHARITIES TO ASK for the money. turn the tables on them. if they think the money would be insignificant, show them it isn’t and make them want it. when its raised then the decisions can be made exactly what charity uses it. if STC changes their stance, all well and good, if not then another charity can use it (the publicity for turning down a million quid or 10 million wouldn’t be great for them)and STC cannot say they thought it would have been insignificant.
    that way, the money will still go to the children, and STC have to re-evaluate their stance, and there is testament to the love many hold for Michael Jackson which can then lead to a more public airing of the evidence of Michael’s innocence because when the money is handed over PUBLICLY, with many fans and some press present, a speech can be made.

  23. Sina says:

    @Lulu(GQ)and Seven.
    If Seven agrees Its oke if she sends you my email adress or vv to have one on one contact.
    Suggestions for the database are welcome.

  24. Taelyn says:

    Well I say Screw this Biased judgemental so called foundation.. Its probably from the sound of it, one of those that are more concerend with Profit than saving Children.
    How about contacting St Judes Childrens Reasearch Hospital. We know how much time Mike spent at hospitals, and how many many sick kids had arranged vacations at Neverland. They are a great Charity and I would be shocked if they responded in such a manner as save the Children.
    One thing is good about this, I no longer will feel my gut ripped out by their commercials.. Now that I know they are more concerned with profit than children, and think they are too good to be linked to Michael.

  25. Ali says:

    If anyone is interested Save the Children UK are advertising for 2 jobs today in the Guardian:
    Head of Policy – £39K
    Deputy Head of UK programmes – £40K.

  26. Seven says:


    I hope they can fill those positions with some reasonable and intelligent people.

  27. Ali says:

    I hope maybe people who admire Michael. I encourage anyone who fits the person specs to apply, lets take control.

  28. Nina Hamilton says:

    I have received a reply to my letter to Save The Children see my comment of Feb 16th – and it reads much the same as the original to Deborah, the only difference being at the end where an Alwyn Boustead says ‘we would hate to think that this matter would deter you from supporting the work that we do in saving children’s lives throughout the world’.

    So I wrote again today, saying that ‘I was greatly saddened by your standard letter. I/we have to defend Michael Jackson’s good name and HIS reputation, which was damaged by media lies, as a moral duty, as he can no longer do it himself anymore.

    Many pioneers in history who unfortunately were undervalued and ‘disposed of’ because they upset the norm i.e. Galileo and William Tyndale (burned at the stake in England for printing the Bible in English. Two hundred years later his translation was used in the new St.James Bible by Henry VIII), but were proved right in the end.

    I went on to say as I may have already said, Mr. Jackson had become so powerful, influential, rich and famous, tdhat many in the American government were very afraid that he was threatening the status quo – i.e. their positions in some countries, that they used the Press to undermine/weaken his affect. Maybe it is happening now after all? What about Julian Assange?

    Michael said; ‘I would never do anything inappropriate to harm a child. I would slit my wrists first. I love achildren.’ ‘Lies runs sprints, truth runs marathons.’

  29. Nina Hamilton says:

    I ended by saying that I shall continue sending money for the children as I am sure that is what Michael would want me to do. Till my last breath I shall uphold what he stood for and his message. He was on a higher level.

  30. Johanna says:

    Wow, thank you, Deborah. I don’t know why but this is the first time that it sank in for me just how much $350 million is. That is a substantial amount of money!!! Michael gave his everything for others. He truly gave of himself, and not like other celebs who give for show.

    If you are reading, Deborah, I hope that you will send them a copy of the GQ article which is short and easy to read, instead of asking them to read so many websites, which I’m sure they won’t bother to. I think the doubt that remains in their mind pertains to the accusations of 1993, which was never resolved. I myself did not find out the truth until after Michael died, simply because it was never reported in the media. So I can understand where they are coming from – ignorance. It would be good if you could send them that article so they could read at least one piece of truth.

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