May 08 2011

Why there are so many negative stories about Michael Jackson

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Deborah Kunesh of Reflections on the Dance has written an important piece on how the media operates and why. She explains in detail how they deliberately ignore, ‘black out’, manipulate, or bury the truth about Michael Jackson in their stories. And she explains how, even when they do a “positive” story, it is tinged with negative innuendo that feeds the negative characterization of Michael in people’s minds and perpetuates doubt about him and his character. Deborah used to be in that industry and so she has first hand experience with how it operates on the inside. Thus, this information she shares is very important for the public to be aware of. Even if you’re not a Michael Jackson fan, it’s important to know how the media (and I don’t mean just tabloids), operates to manipulate public opinion. Below, I’ll share some excerpts from this article on her site, while encouraging you to to visit her site to read the entire thing. I guarantee you it’s time well-spent.

Angle“- This is a journalistic term used to indicate what an editor, publisher, producer, television station manager, etc. wants a particular story to convey.

Gavin Arvizo and Michael

Gavin Arvizo and Michael

Who can forget this image and how it was twisted? But, how many know the true facts behind this and how Gavin Arvizo, the boy in this photo, was COACHED to put his head on Michael’s shoulder and to hold Michael’s hand? This was all a set-up to make it look as if Michael was guilty and to twist what was being said. It is said that Martin Bashir himself coached Gavin to put his head on Michael’s shoulder. Many, including Aphrodite Jones, Attorney Tom Mesereau and others who are credible have testified to the fact that the Bashir documentary, “Living with Michael Jackson” was a setup.

. . .

For instance, an editor may tell you that he wants your particular story to concentrate on said celebrity’s marriage. That is your “angle” and what you will, if you want your piece to be accepted, concentrate your questions on, and lead the interview and your research in that particular direction.

. . .

Sometimes in writing, an editor or the station manager for television, will say to the writer or reporter…”this is the angle I want this story to have.” In other words, the main concentration, emphasis, feel…what they want the audience to feel, hear, and think about…the lasting impression they want to convey from the article or story.

In fact, the “lead“…in an article, the first paragraph, and in television, that opening statement, the whole purpose of the lead is to draw you in, make you want to read or hear more, and if done correctly, is very powerful.

. . .

The same to some degree happens in all creative fields, including writing and television. The difference is, Michael used his creative genius for good, but in writing, journalism, television, that is not always the case. This skill can be used for good and to bring about positive, or, it can be used for evil…to sway the public’s opinion by spreading half-truths and making the story “angle” one of negativity.

For instance, they might be told that the angle that is being looked for is Michael’s child molestation charges or his eccentricity or the plastic surgeries or his changing looks or his white skin, that he bleached his skin or his love for children gone awry or his money woes or his “careless spending”…it is all calculated in the words and headlines used, right down to the images (some photoshopped at times) that will be shown to you….it’s all in what they want you, the public, to think about this particular person or to think about in general.

. . .

But Why?

Because, newspaper and magazine publishers and television stations all have advertisers and sponsors and it is their job to please the sponsors. The sponsors and advertisers want people to tune in because they are investing money in commercials, ads, etc. So, they obviously want as many people as possible to see their ads and to buy their product.

So, the juicier and crazier the story, the more sensationalized, the bigger the audience, and, the more revenue that the sponsors and advertisers make, and hence, the publication or television station makes. If the advertisers are pleased, they continue to advertise with said publication or station, so all continue to benefit.

The losers in all of this? The people being lied about, and the people being lied to (the secondary being you and I, Joe and Josephine Public).

Tabloid Headlines

Tabloid Headlines

Tabloid Headlines

Tabloid Headlines

Tabloid Headlines

Tabloid Headlines

Michael Jackson is BIG NEWS. They, the media, the tabloids…know that whatever they publish about him (and the nastier the better) will bring an audience. He was known everywhere in the world and he didn’t give them much to go by, so, they made it up. They had to in their own minds because it was the ticket to their livelihood.

. . .

Michael lived his life helping others, giving of himself and his money and his time, to help those hurting and in need, much of which he kept to himself as to not do it for an audience, but for the One whom he gave all the credit for his talent to, Almighty God.

Michael visiting burn victim

Michael visiting a burn victim

Visiting a sick child

Visiting a sick child

That kind of feel-good news won’t get the kind of readership and television audience needed in most cases because, sadly, we’ve become a society that would much rather talk trash about others and gossip, then hear good news, celebrate it and let it inspire us to do something good as well.

Add to that the inherent angle of jealousy, hatred, ignorance, racism and prejudice, and you have a very powerful concoction for what you are seeing on the 7 o’clock nightly news, hearing on your radio and reading in your local paper, magazines and tabloids.

So instead, this is what you saw:



ALL LIES…all garbage. They didn’t want you to know the real Michael…the man who gave millions to charity, the man who visited sick children all over the world and helped save some of their lives, as many as he was able, the man who payed for the funerals of other celebrities whose families were too broke, the man who cared about this earth and the children, the next generation, so much, so deeply from his heart, that he gave his all to that mission.

Because, they knew that if you knew that, you wouldn’t buy their trash magazines, tune into their shows, read their articles…and they wouldn’t make money!

Next, Deborah explains how two recently published/broadcast stories about Michael featuring his mother Katherine, were manipulated to present Michael and his mother in a negative light, even though on the surface they were “positive” stories.

In the past day or so, RadarOnline published an article with the headline: Authorities: There’s Never Been Evidence Michael Jackson Was A Pedophile!. Many of us thought it was great that these media(loids) finally admitted what we already knew: that Michael was innocent.

In fact, that DCFS report which fully exonerates Michael and called the allegations against him “unfounded” after officials conducted a full investigation has been out on the internet since 2003, but the media for reasons explained above and that I’ll further explain below, has chosen to ignore, or censor it. It’s a ‘media blackout‘, as this tactic is commonly called.

Also, just a couple of days ago, I shared Mrs. Jackson’s birthday appearance on the Today show with Matt Lauer. I also called out Lauer’s emphasis on the phrase “HER OPINION” when he spoke of Mrs. Jackson’s efforts to clear her son’s name of those false allegations. Mrs. Jackson said that the allegations that her son was a pedophile was “the biggest lie ever told“. But that is not only “her opinion” as Lauer suggested. It’s the truth! In my previous piece, I explained why, including that DCFS report which called the allegations “unfounded” and indeed they were.

Let’s briefly look at what Deborah says about how these stories are manipulated. First, she deals with the RadarOnline story:

The lead “With Katherine Jackson ratcheting up the debate about her son Michael Jackson’s relationship with children.”

As I’ve stated, the lead is what draws you in…and already a negative word, “ratcheting” is being used to describe what Mrs. Katherine Jackson is doing, when what she is really doing is, basically, defending her son’s honor.

But the writer does not say this…she uses the phrase “ratcheting up the debate” to already put Michael and his mother in a negative light, even though, the news that follows is positive and clearly shows that Michael cooperated with authorities and was found NOT to be a child molester! The subtlety is already at work to sway your opinion in the direction that the writer and the publication, wants it to go.

. . .

Did Michael put himself in precarious situations that most normal people wouldn’t? Absolutely …

Notice this? They are saying by subtle word mastery that Michael was NOT normal. THIS is what they want you to think. They’ve already stated in this article that Michael cooperated fully, did not understand why he was being charged and how the DCFS, after a full investigation and interviews with Michael, found NO EVIDENCE to make them believe he was a child molester, and yet, the writer is making sure that you don’t forget that Michael wasn’t “normal“.

And next, the interview with Mrs. Jackson on the Today Show:

For instance, Matt Lauer leads in to this interview saying that he asked Katherine Jackson why she felt she had to be there every day for this preliminary hearing, as if that would be an odd thing for a mother to do.

You’ll notice that the lead in to this story is fairly subdued and kind in the You Tube version. The first opening question starts with the fact that Mrs. Katherine was at the preliminary trial of Conrad Murray every day and how it “struck” the interviewer because she didn’t have to be there and “why did you feel the need to be in that courtroom”, and yet, I would bet that if any of us were in her situation, we would be at court every single day too. That was her son.

. . .

Now, this is VERY important. Listen to this closing comment by Matt Lauer after the interview is shown on the Hulu link:

“A lot of strength, but you can also tell there’s an awful lot of pain that is in her heart over the loss of her son (okay, doing okay so far)…but WAIT…they cannot maintain it: ( …”and I think anger, in what is HER OPINION, about some of the stories that have been told that are not correct“).

Meredith Viera then says “Absolutely and she wants to speak out, which I found very interesting too.”

Now, did you catch that? Leading into the interview, the lead is used to make you think that it’s odd somehow for Mrs. Jackson to want to be in the courtroom every day for the preliminary trial of someone who was responsible or partly responsible for killing her son. Do you see how they are directing your thinking?

. . .

There are exclaimed points made to the fact that “it is HER OPINION” that the stories of her son are not correct, and that, it’s very interesting that she wants to speak out.

Again, do you see how, sandwiching this apparently kind interview, your mind is being twisted to believe that not only is it odd for Mrs. Jackson to attend the preliminary trial of someone responsible for her son’s death, but also that it’s only her opinion that the media’s lies weren’t true about her son and that it’s “interesting” that she wants to speak out against them.

If someone lies about you or someone in your family, do you not speak out against it in truth? Yep, I thought so. Not so “interesting” after all.

Remember what they did to Lady Diana. There was a lot of talk about changes in the media after her death but that never happened. In fact the media has gotten worse when it comes to celebrities. Michael and Lady Di were good friends and talked on the phone often. He was very upset when she died and even canceled some tour dates. One thing they shared in common besides their sweet hearts and humanitarian work: the fact that the media hounded and lied about them relentlessly, causing great damage in their lives and in both cases, a horribly premature death. Michael’s career was destroyed with their help and he ended up in a horribly raw deal with AEG for the shows he was working on before he died. In financial bondage and under tremendous pressure, he had trouble sleeping…and it went downhill from there. The media had their part — yes, they did, in the premature deaths of both of these people.

Don’t tell me about “Freedom of Speech” or “Freedom of the Press“. It shouldn’t belong to the media. It shouldn’t belong to the media because they have tremendous power to create and shape public opinion. Along with that power ought to come tremendous responsibility to embody integrity, accuracy, and fairness in their reporting. But they ignore virtually every good journalism rule I’m aware of – and they violate the lives and destroy the livelihoods of these people (and the minds of you and I) every day. All for money. All for Profit.

It’s wrong. It’s immoral. It’s destructive of innocent lives. It’s deadly. And it shouldn’t be happening. We need media integrity laws in this country. Badly. And I don’t mean just the tabloids. I mean ALL of the media.

DO visit Deborah’s blog to read this entire article. It’s incredibly important for Michael and non-Michael fans alike.

Share it with your friends or family who doubt Michael’s innocence and the media’s stranglehold on and manipulation of our minds and opinions –not only about Michael but about every celebrity and subject. This is important public information.


Another case of the media’s deliberate censorship of information that supports Michael. This time they appear to be working with Conrad Murrays’ defense

We won’t hear this from our outlets but it has been publicized in Ireland, home of Dr. Patrick Treacy, who treated Michael in Ireland in 2006-2007.

It turns out that the media, in cooperation with Conrad Murray’s defense, may be deliberately censoring Dr. Treacy’s appearance with Aphrodite Jones on her Investigation Discovery program recently. In that interview Ms. Jones did with Dr. Treacy, Treacy said that Michael would never allow the use of anesthesia without a certified anesthetist present and that Treacy found it hard to believe therefore, that Michael would allow this on June 25th, 2009.

It certainly is a stretch of the imagination to believe that somehow Michael suddenly would allow himself to be injected with propofol by an unqualified doctor (Murray) in a home setting without appropriate monitoring, when he would never allow this when he was in Ireland being treated by Dr. Treacy.

Because this information would support Conrad Murray’s guilt in murdering Michael, it’s being censored by our media allegedly per the defense’s request. I’m guessing that means that this program cannot be (re)broadcast on US media now. Here’s the graphic where the story is told by the Irish Sun. This is unfortunately a tabloid, thus I am happy to provide a graphic rather than a link that would only help drive traffic to their website.

ID Program with Dr. Treacy Censored?

ID Program with Dr. Treacy Censored?

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13 Responses to “Why there are so many negative stories about Michael Jackson”

  1. Seven says:

    The establishment media will drag Michael’s name into any trash they can to keep the caricature of him they carefully built up and built an industry on over decades – alive. They’ve already murdered him with their lies. And yes, I do mean to say that the media has his blood on their hands as well. But they have a money-maker by dragging his name into any smut and filth they can and so they will continue.

    They are after all, parasites.

  2. carina for mjj says:

    The DSK-case was up on TV station France24 just about once every half hrh.The case
    itself is outside the scope of this blog.What disturbed me was that MJ was dragged into the show.The attorney Benjamin Brathman had a very marginal role in 2004-05,
    briefly during the transition from Geragos to Thomas Mesereau.Brathman had nothing to do with the 1994 settlement that is referred to in the DSK programs.Attn. Brathman states that people who come to him “are in desperate situation”..”we have prevented more suicides than any psychiatrist”-There is then a clip showing Michael stepping out of St.B. courthouse with his umbrella.-This TV station is a French news station, not tabloid. -It has cooled down for now as DSK got bail w. el bracelet,etc,but it will take off in Sept. 8th again when the trial is to begin.
    This clips of MJ should not be shown and the incrrect statements corrected. They
    broadcast 24 hrs world wide.

  3. Doris Gorgo says:

    Why was their show sensored and the other “crap shows not sensored. As to Matt Lauer, we should get together and write some “nice” letters. He can join the likes of Diamond, Oprah, Bashir, Sawyer and all the other trash reporters out there who are bent on bringing Michael down, not only while he was alive, but even after his death.

  4. Hayat says:

    I don’t understand how those ‘magazines’ make so much money out of ruining people’s lives… I thought, after Lady Di passed, (hunted down and killed – cuz that’s what happened) I hoped, that there would be ‘laws’ and ‘privacy bounderies’.
    I mean, they are PEOPLE of flesh and blood, just like you and me! To be honest, I don’t understand why anyone would ever buy any of that crapp. I don’t get it.
    Can you tell me, honestly, what the difference is between Osama Bin Laden and the TABLOID MEDIA? They are leeches, sucking ‘celebrities’ dry because they think they have the right to eat a piece of the pie?? THE MEDIA killed Michael – its as simple as that! THEY destroyed him, they broke his spirit and abused him.
    Why won’t the Obama administration go after THOSE TERRORISTS?!!
    When will the War on Tabloidterrorism START?!!
    Those magazines make me sick and in my opinion all those writers/workers should just go to hell. With those who keep the truth about Michael in the shadows.
    I can’t believe that those pshyco’s (Sneddon, Diamond, Arvizo, Bashir, Geller) can actually wake up every day and stand to see their own faces.
    Chandler, is a different story.. I am absolutely certain that he really has issues with what happened; and I hope to GOD AlMIGHTY that he will come forward VERY SOON.
    I’ll never stop hoping for him to do so.

  5. Michelle says:

    This is why I never buy those kind of magazines! People have to got to stop now.

  6. Ellen says:

    This just shows and accentuates the ugliness of too many people. It is absolutely pathetic that trash should sell and make people rich. Michael will always be a beautiful, magical, loving entertainer and humanitarian, the greatest we have or will ever see. I pray that some day the beauty and love he tried so hard to share with everyone will be honored and used as a role model for everyone to live by. There are just too many disgusting, greedy, evil and jealous people around, but I believe they will reap what they have sown. Michael was and always will be an angel sent to us from God and what has happened to him is a great human tragedy. He should still be with us today, but is in our hearts forever.

  7. carina for mjj says:

    Greet, I hope you are right and Dr.Traecy will be a witness.

  8. june says:

    I saw the Matt Lauer interview with Mrs. Jackson and heard him refer, at the end, to “her opinion”. I asked myself what if Matt were interviewing Diane Dimond or Maureen Orth concerning Michael Jackson. Would he have ended the piece by saying Dimond or Orth just addressed an issue on Michael Jackson in “her opinion”? Hell, no, it would be more like, as it has ALWAYS been, “Diane Dimond has just reported to us on Michael Jackson”. If any of those tabloid trash types had ever stated anything about Michael as being “their opinion”, perhaps less of it would have been accepted as the “gospel” they portrayed, rather than the salacious lie it truly was.

  9. Sarah says:

    The world is so topsy-turvy, it is absolutely crazy. A heroic, amazing, beautiful man who should have been held up as an example for others, but instead look at the utter ugliness with which he gets treated. enough to make you wanna SCREAM! And more.

    Thank you Seven, for this piece, it’s an important one addressing a crucial question. Thank you also for all the work you do here, this kind of a voice for Michael is so needed. May God Bless.

  10. Greet says:

    Marlena : “If there wasn’t a public demand for their slander….” Exactly the same that I think. If nobody would buy it, the tabloids would stop existing. But most of the time, people do not think they are doing something wrong by buying. They don’t think at all.
    I was wondering if in the end it is not a good thing that this interview is banned in the US. I don’t know how law and legal things are, but suppose that the statement of Dr. Treacy on TV would make it somehow impossible to call Dr. Treacy on the witness stand, then it is better not aired. Sometimes, I heard, that if a witness has made public statements, they are no longer allowed to be on the witness stand. I don’t know if that is true. It makes me so angry that the truth is not thrown at the public,like they do with the garbage. I will always defend him. Thank you Seven.

  11. carina for mjj says:

    Once again, sad. It is outrageous that this program with Dr.Patrick Treacy is being
    sensored per Dr Murray´s defence´s request.There is nothing salacious or sensational
    in this proposed program.But all positive trivia re dr murray are being broadcast as heroic deeds and the dirt on him, which is plenty and more than you can easily find on the net,is banned in the trial

  12. Marlena says:

    I had been wondering why I wasn’t seeing this Aphrodite Jones episode on the ID channel schedule. Unfortunately, I’m not surprised that it would indeed be censored.

    This has always been one of the greatest questions in my mind: why couldn’t the media make just as much money reporting the reality, the many, many good and inspiring stories about Michael? The answer is that the majority of people don’t want to hear or read about them. This need for scapegoating and persecution of those who are different is and always will be part of the human condition. Not a little of it has to do with innate jealousy and resentment of those who prove themselves somehow special and unique. If there wasn’t a public demand for their slander and character assassination the media would have no outlet for it.

    My heart has been permanently broken by what has been done to Michael. As much as he gave of himself and tried to help to uplift people through his music and humanitarianism, his efforts were all thrown vicously back in his face. Although I continue to live my life with kindness and generosity, as he did, there is always in the back of my mind the knowledge of the ugliness, the mob mentality, just under the surface of the masses.

    I hope that I will live to see the day when all of these lies are disproved and Michael’s reputation is truly restored, and he will come to be appreciated as one of the greatest humanitarians who ever lived.

  13. elisabeth gran says:

    Thank you for an interesting and well written blog i must say this takes it to another level ,and with good insight and amazing eagle eye ..The corruption in the tabloids and the bashing in the media ,makes me think ,Why didn’t.. he feel hate ? i know i would ..Michael could go on and on with his work for charity ,children and helping those who where in need ,but would never get the credit he was worth for it .Its too sad ,and i have a hard time axepting this ..I feel so angry for all the bashing and lies about our dear Angel ,and even more angry for the fact that NO one takes a pledge and clean his name for real ,raise him up ,for the wonderful person he was and get it out on the 7 a clock news ,without adding the “but” ,or the Umm, or all the other “psycological” tool they use to twist everything whats said about him in a positive way .
    I am so grateful that some of you do ,and hope that this will catch the eyes of one brave reporter …I would hope that some of Michael’s superstar “friends” could pop out of theyr arrogant shell and start talking for REAL about who Michael was and what he stood for ,,but they are probably scared of getting to much focus on that and be marked for beeing a Michael supporter ,and in this sick world ,that is “bad Business” .:(( What a shame !! I will honor this wonderful Man and stand up for Him ,no matter what it takes .Im not counting rates ,,only Love and dedication <3