Jun 15 2011

Gardner St. Elementary celebration & other June 25th events and suggestions

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Gardner School Auditorium

Gardner School Auditorium

If you remember, a while back on this site I shared with you the magnificent achievement of having Michael’s name finally uncovered on Gardner St. Elementary School’s auditorium. It was mentioned at that time that a more formal celebration would be planned later. That event has finally been planned: On June 25th from Noon to 4 p.m. Gardner St. Elementary School will host  “A Celebration of M.J.J’s Life”. Special guest appearances are expected from Tom Mesereau, William Wagner, Geraldine Hughes, Larry Nimmer and Majestik Magnificant. Larry Nimmer will be filming the event and you can get more details from Sandy Scott . You MUST have tickets to attend the Gardner St. event. To obtain yours, see http://mjjforeverinnocentfoundation.org/

Also planned for June 25th is of course a special delivery of flowers, cards, and messages from the Sunflowers for Michael group (donations for the June 25th delivery are now closed though) as well as a helicopter fly-over and sunflower drop over Neverland . The deadline for the sunflower drop is June 20th!

Another “event” being planned for June 25th is World Flag Day in and around LA:  “In and around LA, all groups and supporters of Michael Jackson from around the world are invited to carry a large flag or a personal-sized flag representing their nation.”  So – if you’re going to be in LA on June 25th especially from outside the US – carry or wear a flag from your nation in support of Michael.

All these are wonderful ways to remember Michael and I know he’d appreciate any of it.

But if flowers, flights, travel, flags, and public events aren’t for you and you want to do something different, remember what Michael himself lived for – helping others – especially children.

Michael [Jackson] told me, “we’re all put on earth to do something”. He said “I was put here to help children.” Which he did from the time I met him, he was 29 when I met him, that was what his life was all about. It was that way all the way up to the time he died. Michael never changed. Michael had incredible empathy, especially (for) children that were injured or sick or neglected. There were people that were hungry and homeless and that was always in the front of his mind his whole life.”

-David Nordahl on his friend Michael Jackson [Interview conducted by Deborah Kunesh]: http://www.reflectionsonthedance.com/interviewwithdavidnordahl.html



If you have a local friend, neighbor, or organization that needs help or donations, help them that June 25th weekend. Tell them that it’s on behalf of a friend named Michael or tell them Michael sent you. If they ask for more details, tell them who that friend is. Or if it seems appropriate, tell them straight away. If that isn’t possible or you’re uncomfortable with that idea, maybe consider making a memorial donation to a charity in Michael’s name for June 25th.

Michael has supported following charities:

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6 Responses to “Gardner St. Elementary celebration & other June 25th events and suggestions”

  1. Joyce says:

    Thanks for the information about this event Seven. I wish I lived closer so I could attend or even help out if possible. I hope that we will be able to see and hear some of the footage that Larry Nimmer will be filming. What a wonderful way to honor and remember Michael on this sad and painful second anniversary.

    I also agree with @Dee, and thank you for keeping us focused on what is most important, Michael’s heart and his mission of Love and healing. We can all continue Michael’s work just by remembering his mission in everything we do every day. Michael’s love does live on in all of us! It starts with just a smile.

  2. Sina says:

    What amazing and Michael-fitting initiatives to commemorate.
    Thanks Seven for putting it all together, there is indeed something to evryones liking. Its so heartwarming to see the dedication and creativity of Michaels fans who organise this.

    Last weekend I was going through old magazines reading Michael related news. One was a Mojo februari 2009 Motown special edition that I had not read since.In the piece about the Jackson 5 they wrote:
    “Against the current relationship between Michael Jackson and the world in general, its almost impossible to imagine the sheer excitement generated when this record(I want you back) exploded in our consciousnes around christmas 1969 ”
    Well, seeing how Michaels world is coming together to remember and celebrate him, proves them wrong.
    It was not Michaels relationship with the world , it was the medias prejudice towards him that blinded them ,not wanting to see what a great light he was as a kid and as a mature artist.
    I say this :
    We who knew him miss him dearly, those who didnt know him missed out.

  3. Rosario says:

    Thank you Seven for keeping us posted on the June 25 events. I’ve been waiting for this post. The fans and supporters are just marvelous(the best!)organizing these lovely events for Michael. I’m sorry I missed the Sunflowers deadline (best wishes to Sandy who is probably under a lot of stress now–good stress though!)but I did donate to the Neverland flyover which I think is simply awesome.

  4. Dee says:

    Seven, I love the fact that, in spite of how dreaded this date is, you have focussed on Michael’s mission and his heart, and how we can continue his work. I especially adore your line at the end, ‘he’ll know, and he’ll love you more either way.’ Love, love, love this. Thank you.

  5. Greet says:

    Thank you Seven for your dedication. You are amazing. How sad that I only became curious about Michael after June 25, and now my whole world seems to have changed learning about him. He is a true example of how to live and how to love. And if it were not for people like you Seven, I would not have the opportunity to obtain this knowledge.

  6. martina says:

    Dear seven, thank you for your beautiful words about -“remember what Michael himself lived for – helping others – especially children.”
    You really appreciate the soul of Michael.
    God bless you and much love across the ocean.