Aug 31 2011

The media’s apparent refusal to speak to experts regarding the Conrad Murray trial

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Media bias?

Media bias?

During the past week or two, there has been an effort on behalf of a few people to have Dr. Patrick Treacy and Dr. Barry L. Friedberg on the Dr. Drew show. We have contacted Dr. Drew’s PR people, who referred us to booking personnel at CNN/Turner. I acquired the contact info for those responsible for booking guests on the Dr. Drew show and sent them a respectful email asking that they invite these two doctors onto the show, and explaining in detail why I think they’d be excellent guests at this time. I received a pleasant, positive response from Ms. Cameron Baird simply thanking me and stating that she would contact these doctors.

Why the Dr. Drew show? Simply because that show was one of the first out the gate recently with many guests on to speak about the Murray trial. Those guests though, with all due respect, are not those who were around Michael for significant amounts of time in very recent years prior to his death. They were not experts in the field of anesthesia (propofol is an anesthetic and that is what killed Michael), and/or not doctors who treated Michael directly and who have first-hand experience in doing so. Drs. Treacy and Friedberg both have some or all of these qualifications. Yet thus far they have not been invited on to the show.

We are also aware that recently, ‘In Session‘/HLN had scheduled Joe Vogel to be on their show but then rather suddenly pulled him and instead chose to have Diane Dimond on. Vogel is the author of a soon-to-be-released book and an expert on Michael Jackson’s creative legacy.

Dr. Drew, and in some cases his guests, seem very interested in presenting one particular angle or point of view regarding the Murray trial and Michael Jackson. That seems to be the angle that Michael was a drug addict, eccentric, demanding, and that he had no nose and bleached his skin. I’m not sure what the latter two items have to do with the Conrad Murray trial but Dr. Drew discussed these on his program.

Dr. Patrick Treacy treated Michael himself for vitiligo and he has affirmed that Michael did indeed have this disease, as does the autopsy. Karen Faye, Michael’s make-up artist for most of his life, has said unequivocally that Michael had a normal nose, not a “prosthetic” one. These are tabloid rumors that have long-since been debunked, so it is disappointing to hear them repeated by a doctor on television who almost certainly knows better, but that is a separate issue.

What is mainly of concern here is that there are other perspectives or points of view regarding the Murray trial – from those who are experts and who have first-hand knowledge of having treated Michael medically in recent years before his death. For instance Dr. Patrick Treacy’s experience with Michael was that he was no addict at all and never asked for, nor was he prescribed any drugs while Dr. Treacy treated him for the 6-8 months Michael lived in Ireland in 2006-2007. Also, Dr. Treacy has stated that no drugs were seen in Michael’s home while there and that Michael refused any anesthesia for any procedures without a qualified anesthetist present. Further, Michael never asked for anesthesia or any drugs outside of legitimate medical procedures.

Dr. Barry L. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He contends that Conrad Murray was very reckless in his treatment of Michael and claimed that “The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute.“. Dr. Friedberg has also said that since Conrad Murray has publicly admitted giving Michael propofol and then abandoning his patient, that he is not entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Both of these doctors have very different opinions and perspectives about the Murray trial than Dr. Drew or his other guests thus far. In order to provide the public with  balanced knowledge and varied perspectives on the case, it is puzzling that these doctors have not also been invited onto the show, though. Are guests with certain perspectives deliberately being shut out and avoided by the media and in particular, Dr. Drew/HLN?

Below is the letter (email) I sent to Ms. Cameron Baird on August 23rd regarding inviting Dr. Treacy and/or Dr. Friedberg onto the show:

Hi Cameron,

My name is Seven. I was given your name by Maria Ebrahmji at CNN.

Myself and my fellow writers have been watching the publicity surrounding the Conrad Murray case with great interest and admittedly a great deal of consternation. The reason for this is that one of my fellow writers, Deborah Kunesh, as well as myself, have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patrick Treacy, who personally treated Michael Jackson in Ireland in 2006-2007, as well as many other people who were around Jackson during his life, and in the period before his death. Dr. Treacy is a highly-respected cosmetic surgeon and humanitarian from Ireland.

I would like to suggest that you invite Dr. Treacy on the Dr. Drew show as I feel he has some very important information to share about Mr. Jackson that the public needs to know, especially with the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray next month. With Dr. Drew having covered addiction issues so thoroughly in his shows, this might be of much interest to viewers at this time, and a good forum to help get another perspective out there. I hope you will consider it.

Dr. Treacy was interviewed on a radio show where he shared how Michael Jackson had never asked him for any kinds of drugs or medications during the course of their doctor/patient relationship. He never saw any drugs in Jackson’s Ireland home and to his knowledge, he was the only physician treating Mr. Jackson during his stay in Ireland.

Dr. Treacy also has emphatically stated that during the time he treated Mr. Jackson, that Mr. Jackson refused to be put under for any type of procedure with any drug (propofol, for instance, which Dr. Treacy mentions that he used on Mr. Jackson during a procedure) without a qualified anesthetist present. This is very important information that the public should hear because the opposite impression is being given by much of the media, and it would be coming from a doctor who treated Jackson personally.

Here are links to some interviews that Dr. Treacy did recently in regards to this matter:

The below is an interview Dr. Treacy did along with Ms. Deborah Kunesh:

And, the following is a very important (but heretofore censored) interview that was done with New York Times award-winning journalist Aphrodite Jones where Dr. Treacy speaks on this issue:

I would also suggest that you may want to consider having Dr. Barry L. Friedberg, author of “Getting Over Going Under” on your show. Dr. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist for 30 years. Since propofol is an anesthetic, he has had some very interesting comments about Jackson’s death. In his book, Dr. Friedberg very clearly states that he feels that Dr. Murray was very irresponsible and that Michael’s death was a predictable, avoidable tragedy. He thoroughly explains the use of propofol and also explains how the different benzodiazapines given to Jackson prior to the propofol enhanced the respiratory depressing effect of the propofol, almost assuring that Jackson would stop breathing and, since no resuscitation was available – that he would die. He explains how Murray’s claim of trying to “wean” Mr. Jackson off of his propofol “addiction” was a statement based in fallacy since propofol is not physically addictive. You can view the pages of that particular chapter of Dr. Friedberg’s book below:

We have also been in touch with Dr. Drew’s PR person, Valerie Allen, in regards to inviting Drs. Treacy and Friedberg on Dr. Drew’s HLN show. They indicated that they would speak with the CNN producers about the matter.

Should you choose to invite these two fine doctors onto Dr. Drew’s show, you can contact them via the following:

You can reach Dr. Treacy in Ireland at +0000000000 (NOTE: I’ve omitted Dr. Treacy’s phone here for privacy)

You can reach Dr. Barry Friedberg at one of his California offices:

3535 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 380-0828

Another of his offices:

City Tower
101 The City Dr S Ste 2150
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 456-5501

Here is Dr. Friedberg’s website:

I realize that this is a lot of information, and so I thank you very much for your time and consideration. If there is someone else we should contact regarding this matter, please advise.

Best Regards,


This letter was sent one week ago and thus far, Dr. Treacy has not heard from Ms. Baird, nor has Dr. Friedberg. During this past week though, they did cancel Joe Vogel‘s appearance on ‘In Session‘/HLN and replace him with Diane Dimond.

What does it tell us when certain very qualified and knowledgeable guests such as Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg are apparently excluded from being invited onto Dr. Drew/HLN, while others with lesser expertise and lesser (or no) first-hand experience regarding this case are welcomed? It seems to tell us that coverage of more than one particular perspective on the Murray trial – at least by the Dr. Drew show – is intentionally being avoided. And because millions obtain their information from shows such as this on many issues, that should concern us all, no matter which perspective we agree with, because we’re not getting the whole story and therefore we’re also not getting the truth.

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27 Responses to “The media’s apparent refusal to speak to experts regarding the Conrad Murray trial”

  1. carina for mjj says:

    The media pretend the trial din´t take place at all.The prosecution had had outstanding special witnesses.Among them was Dr. Shafer, a scientist,teacher and a practising anesthesíologist.One of the foremost in the world.He demonstrated,by way of the 500lm urine found in the bladder and content of metabilized Propofol that Michael had received 2063.xx mgs of propofol while that urine was excfeted to the bladder,Not 25mgs as per Muray.And more if you add the amount found in the bottle of urine saved and then he had thrown away the very first he excreated on 6/25 2012.
    PS I will have to be away for a short time and my computer needs an overhaul. But I´ll rfeturn to these matters.

  2. carina for mjj says:


  3. carina for mjj says:

    To start with;Muuray was making phonecalls and texting to the insurers from about 6am or a bit later. He texted to the insurers in London, as a response to their query, that Michael is just fine.He called several girlfriends.All this activity was ongoing ,there is an account of his calls that I will look up later. And above all there is no reason to believe even one of his words. After he noticed(?)that Michael was not breathing he calls on security,Amir Williams.When A.M, arrives Murray instructs him to clean up vials iv tubes and to put then in bags in a closet.
    A.M. then calls 911 and they arrive in 4 minutes.During the call to 911 it was told patient has to be on the floor,not on the bed receiving onehanded inadeguate CPR.Once the paramedics arrive he does not give them any info. Murray was the last person to embark the ambulance,Paramedic saw him busy still in Michaels bedroom through the window.Pramedics had immediately intubated him.With propofol the danger is that breathing will stop.It should never be given in a home and never without rescutative equipment.None of that was present-or there was a cylinder that proved empty.I will not list all the absolutely necessary rescuscitation equipment that was not at hand and not used, Even the CPR Murray was giving was mere sham.There is no reason to believe one word he said.Already the hospital staff had asked patient to be declared dead,but Murray refused.
    At arrival in the ER the doctors asked for medical info. Murray stated he had ginen some bezodiazepins:Lorazepam and Midazolam#.No word re Propofol.He again rerfused to make the call(ie death) and forced the ER Physicians to perform extreme (and by now useless measures)and when asked re med info he with held giving propofol.It had been agreed with ER physicians that if the extreme proceedures he requested did not work the call(death) will be made.Apart from intubation with arificial breathing + various meds to control blood acidity etc, a balloonpump was inserted via femoral artery and aorta to be close to the heart and try to induce activity.Some artificial heart activity was achieved by electric stimulation, but the heart did not start beating normally.After all this the security was going to return to the recidence, Murray asked for a lift but was denied, Then he disappeared for 2 days, PS I will check on the phone and texting records and also if he even told ER doctors about the benzos.more later.#also re the benzos.
    It is unusual that ER doctors would do all this, but they may have felt sorry fot him, a totally healhty person and no meds raelly just drops dead on you,

  4. carina for mjj says:

    All this sullying Michaels image was intensified as a prelude the trial of Murray.The trial was filmed and it was possible to follow it live on the net.It would make a good movie. Who owns the tapes?Muuray was charged with 14 egregious counts on gross negligence.He was found guilty on all charges.He got 4 years jail or prison.His main defence attn Chernoff will not present him when he appeals.The day before the trial begun ,or it could have been while the jury was deliberating ,the movie he had made with his PR Firm was shown.It just worked against him. He put his foot in his mouth and overall came through as ridiculous;Being visited by the Holy Ghost,
    his fake sentimentality and at the end waving his arms in anger stating over and over call 911.
    When it was he who failed in this and in every respect.He is as guilty as can be.I´ll return to this topic at a later time.

  5. truthseeker says:

    To Cris; Drew’s a corporate whore. He’ll do what his puppet master tells him to do. Just like the others.

  6. Okunuga says:

    Personally i stopped watching cnn a long time ago when all the credible journalists like riz khan and christiana annanpur left the place to join al-jazeera and cnn became another tabloid cable channel.

  7. Salsalsa says:

    Thank you Seven. How long we have to bear this unfair treatment against Michael? It seems forever… On the other hand Conrad Murray’s team tries to postpone the trial again because of media and juror. World should know what is fair or unfair and most importantly the world should know the truth.

  8. Paula says:

    OMG, Dr. Drew,Diane Diamond et al….Can you believe the gall of that Nancy Grace saying she is going to do her Michael Jackson moves on Dancing With the Stars??? Can you believe she said that after all the years she has accused him of being a pedophile and practically crucified him on the cross? By the way, she is going to be in LA any way covering the trial of Conrad Murray!!!!!!! I can hardly take this anymore……….I fear for this month and until the end of the trial….MJ may you rest in peace lovely one….Thank you Seven for all this information that you give us and all the hard work you do. You are totally amazing!!!!

  9. Maria says:

    @ Sina
    I agree that the tabloids in Britain are very brutal. That is why we have case the News of the World. America is a country of Michael and there he was destroyed. America must first fix everything. It is her duty. Harm must be shown and repaired. The world hears it. It is difficult to respect the country if this country destroys innocent people. Michael was lynched in America, there he has been crucified in front of the whole world.

  10. Dialdancer says:

    Even as I type this I am waiting to record Dr. Drew’s program. It has been advertised as “Dr. Drew to explain why the 26 witnesses were blocked” Now like most Drew is a thinking person with his own opinions, but why and how would he know what the real…legal reason these people were removed from the potential witness list. He had not made us aware he possesses a legal degree. And what does this have to do with his field?

    As said at other times, the Media is at its most dangerous when they do not have a fresh war, disaster or scandal to wax forth on. It becomes a perilous time for those involved in currently old or not so exciting news stories. It is as if they become angry, the retold stories become more vicious and vulgar until fresh meat comes along.

  11. Sina says:

    @ Maria:in all fairnes,it wasnt all and only American media that were/are cruel and ignorant towards Michael.
    Wacko Jacko was created by UK tabloids and that hurt Michael more than anything. See his 1997 interview with Barbara walters

    It was Discovery UK that wanted to air the autopsy documentary.
    And its contagious.
    In my country a gossip show host made a business of slandering and ridiculing Michael and when he died had the nerve to stage a 3 days tribute show that was sold out, making money on the mans back.
    Travelling in non western countries Ive seen much love and respect for Michael, but also talkshows and tabloid reports that were complete rubbish.
    In many of these countries there are even less institutions for journalistic ethics and standards so its a free for all. They copy paste much without factchecking. In this respect social media are more of a curse than a blessing. Negativity spreads faster than good news and anyone can say whatever they want regardless of the truth. Being the star that he is, he is also the biggest target.

  12. Maria says:

    @ cris
    I was also shocked by the cruelty of American media. I also do not come from America and this causes a real shock. It was not a one journalist, it really was a massive attack directed against Michael. It killed him. I still respect America. America is a country of MJ and many His fans. Nevertheless, I believe that the whole country should account for this has been done MJ. It was unprecedented in world history, what is done MJ. A completely innocent man was lynched.

  13. zenriver says:

    Thank you as ever Seven for your thorough reporting, clear writing, and heartfelt advocacy. I had never watched Drew Pinsky before and just looked up his website. I wonder what you make of this clip that is featured on the home page Who is Mike La Perruque? and notice the pictures they use to illustrate Michael’s supposed “passing out from drugs” where Michael clearly has an injured foot and is on crutches. In another clip the so-called “Doctor” reveals his bias and ignorance regarding vitiligo. The “Doctor’s” tone and agenda is clearly a giddy gossipy TV-bobble-head out to make hay from rumours, distortions, and whopper lies regarding Michael. He’s not really a doctor, or if he ever was he has sold his soul to narcissistic TV-land. Clearly he’s on a big ego trip looking for his turn at the trough of tabloid-lie ratings at Michael’s expense. All the people who fed off Michael during his life, and continue to do so — the hordes of leeches!

    I admire your persistence in pursuing equal time for Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg to appear on the show. I’m not surprised at the cold-shoulder treatment. I also admire your professionalism in how you’re pursuing this — and for documenting the pattern of dismissing credible guests in favor of those who feed the gossip mill. “Dr” Drew’s subtitle for the interview with La Perruque sums it up: “Jack-o Insider Tells All.” Shameful. and. Vicious.

    To save ourselves, as Michael told us and showed us, we must all unplug from the mass media. Honest reporting is now independent, and you are the best writer/archivist for Dear Michael. Bless you Seven.

  14. celesteluna says:

    You have already spent an amazing amount of time to make Dr. Drew’s staff’s jobs easy. They need all the help they can get.
    Here’s something to know about talk show bookers:

    1 Bookers are underpaid and overworked. Like 7 days a week overworked. 2. Bookers have to pitch their guests up the show food chain to execs. 3. Decisions on booking guests for the Murray trial will be made at an executive level – I’m sure Dr. Drew will have final approval on CM/MJ bookings. 4. The Casey Anthony trial was a home run for HLN – the single most successful news event in the history of the channel. Murray’s trial will be bigger. 5. Every show on TV is about ratings, ratings, ratings, ratings, ratings!!! Which is why freaks like Rabbi Shmuley and Diane Dimond – and other trashmongers will be very, very popular in the coming months. 6.. That said, I think Dr. Drew is the best shot for booking Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg, who will be considered “Pro-Michael” guests. What you’re doing is so important for all of us.

  15. NellieO231 says:

    People need to start posting in mass on Dr. Drew’s Facebook page as well as HLN’s etc. They need to be publicly exposed for what they are doing. I addition to getting the “message” to THEM it might also serve to educate a few of their “fans” who are still believing the tabloid version of Michael Jackson.

  16. jenny dillon says:

    Seven,they don’t want to hear the Truth,nothing good or positive about Michael..sadly,they wouldn’t have anyone to gossip about and slander,if they let “real” people who knew Michael and know about Anesthesia..the Dr.Drews and Diane Dimonds and Oprahs of the world would have no audience if they let the Truth be told on their gossip shows<3

  17. Joyce says:

    Thanks Seven for your valiant effort to open the eyes of the purposefully blind media to the truth! It is obvious to me, from their disregard of your communication, that they simply continue to not care about presenting factual, informative interviews. They are only concerned with presenting what they believe the public should hear in order to perpetuate the lies, innuendo and hype that they believe attracts the most viewers and makes them the most money!
    When will the viewing public wake up and say enough is enough! Sadly, too many people have been “brainwashed” with all of the tabloids, reality TV etc…and they continue to “feed the beast” and perpetuate the vicious cycle. Sorry for my soapbox moment.

    Do you think it would help if we also sent letters or emails to CNN and/or HLN? I would be glad to do so.
    I think it is a travesty that HLN has pulled the Joe Vogel interview and has the audacity to replace it with the complete antithesis ( I refuse to type that name D.D.) of what that show would have been.
    I will continue to hope that you will soon be posting an article that tells us that CNN has contacted Dr Treacy and Dr Friedberg to schedule interviews.
    Thanks again for your never ending dedication!

    I hope this isn’t a repeat but my first attempt at submitting this comment did not seem to go through.

  18. Sina says:

    You could send them a reminder and part of transcript of Treacys interview.
    Editorials like to get their item screening presented on a platter like fast food. They get hundreds of ideas sent to them.
    Dont give up!

  19. June says:

    Thanks for all you do, Seven. I also emailed Ms. Baird to invite Dr. Treacy to Drew’s show but received no response at all. I know for certain other supporters have done the same. You certainly provided Ms. Baird with enough information to reach both Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg; however, unfortunately, I would not be looking for them any time soon on Drew’s show. Drew practically salivates at any derogatory mention of Michael, and I do not see this leopard changing his spots any time soon. I surely admire your efforts.

  20. Ara says:

    For What It’s Worth, Part 1

    Reporting (as in media): an unbiased, straightforward presentation of facts covering the scope of an event.

    Commentary: expression of personal opinion and/or interpretation about an event, person, or situation in which facts need not be present or represented at all.

    Evil: to cause and/or inflict harm on another, with malice, forethought, and intent.

    Ghoul: a person morbidly interested in someone else’s anguish, pain, death, or disaster.

    Victim: the casualty.

    “Mistah Jackson–he dead.” T.S. Eliot (The Hollow Men)

    “I believe in equality for all people, except photographers and reporters.” Mahatma Gandhi

    “If I am a phantom, it is because man’s hatred has made me so.” (Gaston Leroux, Phantom of the Opera)

    Michael Jackson was tortured and condemned to death–and deliberately murdered by malevolent media ghouls.

    But Gandhi also said this: “Whenever I despair, I remember that the way of truth and love has always won. There may be tyrants and murderers, and for a time, they may seem invincible, but in the end, they always fail. Think of it: always.” And this: “Even if you are a minority of one, the truth is the truth.”

    Michael was a personification of truth and love, and his whole life was a dedication to shining these two lights throughout the world.

    We must have faith that “the truth will out.”

    And we must do everything we can to help “bring light into the world” as Michael Jackson said and did.

    Thank you, Seven (and others), for all that you do.

    We can take heart in knowing there are millions of us who are dedicated to defending Michael with our love.

  21. Joyce says:

    Thank you Seven for your valiant efforts to open the eyes of the purposefully blind media! It is obvious, by their disregard, that the media continues to care nothing about presenting factual, informative interviews that the public needs to hear. Instead they continue to only present what they believe the public should hear in order to keep the public believing their lies and hype which the media thinks will keep them coming back for more which means more viewers, higher ratings and more money–the bottome line! When will the public finally say enough is enough!
    Unfortunately, the sad truth is that too many people have been so brainwashed by all the tabloids, reality TV etc… that they don’t know what truth and facts are anymore. They just keep “feeding the beast”! Sorry for my soapbox!

    Do you think it would help if we also sent letters or emails to CNN and HLN? It is a travesty that HLN canceled Joe Vogel and has the audacity to replace that time slot with the complete antithesis (I refuse to even type that name, D.D.) to what that show should have been about!
    I am still holding out some hope that you will be putting out another post soon letting us know that CNN has contacted Dr Treacy and/or Dr Friedberg.

    Thanks again for all of your never ending dedication.

  22. Jane says:

    Do you think it might help if we unite and all write letters asking them to have the Drs. on the show? I agree the fans have to ban together to get the change we are looking for in the media. It is so sad that they refuse to interview people who personally spent time with Michael or people who have a positive point of view.

  23. cris says:

    I can’t believe what I’m hearing! I’m not from America and it’s very odd
    to find out that MJ is still treated like dirt in your country. But, I
    still don’t get it… is this show important? And HLN? Or is just tabloid
    trash? Compared with Dr. Oz (because I watch his show and I find it
    educative) how it is?
    Much L.O.V.E.:)

  24. Karen in Houston says:

    This is a sad situation considering that just yesterday there was all this talk about Michael Vick and how his contract was justified. I heard a journalist doing commentary about that situation and one of his final remarks was that America is known as the land of second chances. That sure doesn’t seem the case in this instance. The media seems to be stuck in one gear and that is reverse. I hope that one day we can get fair and unbiased reporting on all issues. Reporters opinions need to stay in their own heads not trying to influence us one way or the other if they are not going to present both sides of the story. Fair and balanced. My back side!!!

  25. Sunny says:

    Well, at least you tried.

  26. yasmine says:

    Dr drew needs to be boycotted..they only understand when the pocket is affected..until fan ban together and challenge advertisers not to buy ad spots..they Will keep the slander angle.

  27. Karen says:

    Thank you Seven, for your attempts to get more reliable sources to the media. Their reaction reminds me of that quote from Michael about “what happened to the truth – did it go out of style?”. It would seem that they think it has!