Oct 25 2011

“I’m very lonely without you, you are my life always, please love me always”

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It’s been 28 months today. Finally there is a trial of the doctor who killed him, but there will never be any justice. I know he’d forgive, but I’m not sure I can.

Burn all Tabloids. . .

Burn all Tabloids. . .

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11 Responses to ““I’m very lonely without you, you are my life always, please love me always””

  1. Naneja says:

    Thank you for counting with me. I count pain every time and it is always more. But the love grows stronger too.

  2. Gullvi says:

    Like you BlueLotus I did not know this man 2½ years ago. I think he needed love to balance all the hatred he received and he is like a light in a dark world. I don’t think he is “insecure” like the meaning we put in that world. He was not afraid of opening his heart showing love. I am 70 years old and have never felt so much pain in my heart as I feel knowing how most of the world judged him. And to what purpose is he always on my mind.

  3. Alice says:

    michael… That note just broke my heart 🙁

  4. BlueLotus says:

    If I try to be a rational person then this sentence, “I am lonely without u…please love me always”, shows me “insecurity”…it tells me this person does not have a sure footing…

    But if I read these words with my heart, it MELTS me…it shows me vulnerability like in true love. It deepens my personal connection to Michael Jackson, like he belongs to me…it makes me weep, yet again.

    I shake my head in disbelief, I did not know this man 2 yrs ago…what is this about? To what purpose, does he find a resting place in my heart?

  5. Vanessa Donovan says:

    Michael our world has not been the same since your passing, I will love you always, be sure of that, your devoted fan foreverx

  6. Michelle says:

    I miss you and I love you every day, Michael.

  7. Joyce says:

    Beautiful and heartbreaking message. I have no doubt that Michael feels all of our love surrounding him now. I know that his spirit and immeasurable love is with all of us forever.
    Michael had an amazing capacity for forgiveness and for love. It is one of the things that made him such a remarkable person. I know that he would not want us to be filled with hate. Forgiveness will take time. True justice will only come after this lifetime. No matter what the outcome of this trial, it will not bring Michael back or change the feeling of loss and sadness that I feel. At the very least, I hope and pray that Conrad Murray will never be allowed to be entrusted with anyone’s care again.
    Conrad Murray will soon be forgotten, a tiny footnote in history, but Michael Jackson will never ever be forgotten. He has left a legacy that will live on forever. His spirit and message of Love will always be alive in each of us as long as we keep him our hearts and pass it on! We can make sure that All the Tabloid lies are “burned” once and for all!

  8. Angel Arkhangael says:

    Hello Seven
    I am certain that Michael would love, forive, and forget. Unconditionally.

    And it should be our duty to honor His legacy by following his footsteps.

    As difficult as this may appear, I am certain it was even more difficult for Him, fighting away these tsunamis of hatred. But even then, never did He turn His back on the World. Instead, where others would fail, He did pour in more Love, and I believe that only this (and his children) kept Him on His feet, fighting FOR us until HIs last breath.

    He was a human being just like you and me, only tremendously gifted artistically and spiritually. Therefore, I believe we can at least try and be like Him.

    Maybe forgiveness could be the first step to show the World that Michael Jackson’s true fans are an important part of His legacy to Humanity.



  9. cjg says:

    I always have and always will love you Michael. My love for you has always been and always will be unwaivering. It’s funny how your words reflect perfectly how the world feels since you were taken from us. “I am very lonely without you (Michael), you are my life always” Only I wish you knew you never had to ask me to love you always as there was never a question of that. L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,L.O.V.E.,YOU

  10. Dialdancer says:

    I miss you Michael and love you more today and tomorrow.

  11. CLEGG777 says:

    this note is beautiful but oh so sad 🙁 xxxx Love him xxx