Nov 01 2011

Joe Vogel’s new book – Man in the Music – Worldwide Launch!

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Man in the Music

Man in the Music

After nearly five years of research and writing, Joe Vogel’s book is finally available!  And, the worldwide launch of Joe’s book coincides with the launch of a new website called ‘Pay Michael Forward‘, which exists to increase awareness of educational literature about Michael Jackson the artist … educational literature such as Joe’s book.

About his new book, Joe writes:

My goal for this book was simple: I wanted to write about Michael Jackson, the artist. When I started the book in 2005, nearly every book that had been written about Jackson focused on the controversies of his personal life and were often covered in very reductive, superficial ways. That was what publishers were willing to publish and that, they assumed, was what audiences wanted to read. Even Michael Jackson’s autobiography, Moonwalk, and collection of poems and reflections, Dancing the Dream, had gone out of print and could not be found in bookstores. I remember visiting my local Barnes & Noble in 2006. There were dozens of books on Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. But there was only one on Michael Jackson: Diane Dimond’s exposé, Be Careful Who You Love.

I wanted to change that.

Michael Jackson loved books. Throughout his life, he visited bookstores and came home with stacks. He loved to study and learn from the greats he admired, from Chaplin to Disney to Michelangelo. He aspired to be studied and appreciated in the same way, to be respected as an artist, not a tabloid oddity.

It is my hope that Man in the Music will be a book that does that for Michael Jackson. He deserves it. He is, after all, one of the most culturally significant and artistically unique artists of the past century.

We’ve seen enough tabloid-style books make the bestseller list. Perhaps there are enough of us interested in the “man in the music” to prove that a book of substance can do it too.

Copies of Man in the Music are now available at your local Barnes & Noble and Please also check out the premier of a fan-organized effort I have endorsed called Pay Michael Forward to learn about contests, prizes and creative ways readers are sharing Man in the Music.

Thank you for your support!


Joe Vogel

Rev B Kaufmann of Inner Michael says:

What a marvelous idea—to “pay Michael forward.” It is time. In fact it’s long overdue—to elevate Michael Jackson and his musical legacy to its rightful place in history.

Rev. Kaufmann, author of Inner Michael and a frequent Huffington Post writer, reviewed “Man in the Music” and was so impressed that she joined the staff of “Pay Michael Forward.” She believes that if enough people order Joe’s book between November 1st and November 4th, the sales will push it to the top of the Amazon best seller list.

She says this will get their attention as the media sees the popularity of a positive musical biography rise and with the help of traffic on this site and readers‘ participation, we might even see Man in the Music on the New York Times best seller list.

Rev. Kaufmann is asking everyone here to go and purchase more books– perhaps another one for yourself, a couple more to give as Christmas gifts and one to donate to your local library so they have a positive book on Michael Jackson on their shelves.

Rev. Kaufmann is so excited about this book that she is hosting and sponsoring a contest with Pay Michael Forward and Man in the Music readers. Those who purchase 2 or more books in the November 1st – November 13th window will be eligible for prizes and will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize.


Due to a temporary glitch at Amazon and the losses sustained by that, the campaign to get “Man in the Music” onto bestseller lists has been extended to Midnight, Sunday, November 13.  The Amazon glitch is now fixed, so you may once again purchase Joe’s book from Amazon if you wish.

Man in the Music, an extraordinary work by Vogel—a man who pays meticulous attention to fact and detail, brings us the musical life of an inspired millennial genius who lived among us. Michael Jackson’s legacy, unjustly tarnished by a breathless eagerness to unleash darkness—courtesy of a twentieth century press gone mad—is polished once again in a glowing tribute to a man who not only changed the world, but united it in many ways.

Michael’s musical prowess shines throughout this rich and thoroughly researched chronicle of a music man who informed the culture of the twentieth century, marked the milestones of countless human lives, and brought hope and inspiration to an entire generation resigned to giving up on itself and on the world. Michael was singularly responsible for saving many lives of idealistic youth who considered suicide as an exit strategy from a world seen as cynical and hopeless by a whole generation.

Michael’s music soothed those who had become restless and disillusioned with the pseudo-puritanical mood of the twentieth century and its hypocrisy, its treatment of culture and celebrity, and its out-of-control hysteria and madness: tabloid journalism on steroids. The openly sardonic and mercenary press crucified this undeserving man while dissecting him and defining him as a mythical monster with no basis in fact.

Now, along comes the book Man in the Music to set the record straight and sound the final notes on the musical legacy of Michael Jackson. To intellectually honor a man whose music defined an era and a generation. It contrasts better than anything could, the hypocrisy of the industries that impacted the life of Jackson—the music industry, law enforcement and media.

In the midst of a misanthropic mind set created through illusion and sleight of hand via sleight of word, Joe Vogel brings light and truth to recorded history. Vogel reveals the wizardry that made the twentieth century’s song and dance man a legend in his own time and beyond his life in a world that didn’t understand or appreciate the artistic genius in its midst. Michael Jackson, conscripted and scripted as a twentieth century cultural mirror, is deliciously examined by an insightful academic and artist in his own right with the written word—Joseph Vogel.

About the contest:

Pay Michael Forward, Inner Michael, Voices Education Project will feature a contest and a push in sales for Joe’s book to push it to the number one spot on Amazon’s best seller list and then hopefully to the New York Times list.

Order two or more books and enter the contest by filling out the contest form on this page, at Inner Michael or at Voices. Using the link on the form will open another window where you may order books through the Voices Education Project link at Amazon and contributes a 5% commission to “Voices” who hosts the amazing “Words and Violence” curriculum dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer. PMF (Pay Michael Forward) encourages you to use that link as a win/win for everyone.

Order two or more books and become eligible for prizes:

Everyone who enters the contest will receive an invitation to a fireside chat via telephone and internet hosted by Rev. B at Inner Michael and featuring Joe Vogel and a surprise special guest. The date of the fireside chat is to be determined.

Winners will be determined by the number of books purchased; the grand prize winner will be determined by a drawing; and additional prizes will be awarded to those with the most creative ideas for how to promote the book Man in the Music and/or Pay Michael Forward, the website as judged by the PMF staff.

The First Place Winner will receive an additional signed copy of Man in the Music, a signed hardbound copy of Joe Vogel’s Earth Song and a giant poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Second Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song, a small poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Third Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song and a T-shirt designed by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

The Grand Prize winner will be determined by a drawing by Joe Vogel at a to-be-determined date filmed and presented on youtube. The winner will receive the Ultimate Collection by Michael Jackson, signed copies of Man in the Music and Earth Song. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Additional Prizes (signed copies of Joe’s book Earth Song) will be awarded to contestants who send in the most creative ideas of how to promote Joe Vogel’s books and the website Pay Michael Forward. Or, those who have already creatively promoted the books and website—tell us how you did it! The additional prize winners are judged and chosen by the PMF staff.

Good Luck and be sure to Pay Michael Forward!

Pay Michael Forward

Pay Michael Forward

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3 Responses to “Joe Vogel’s new book – Man in the Music – Worldwide Launch!”

  1. Susan Trout says:

    I received my book three days ago and though I’d like to read it, non-stop, from cover to cover, time won’t permit it so I’ve been reading as much as I can, every day. The photos, alone, are worth purchasing the book but it is the stories behind each song that are endlessly fascinating.

    All I can say is Joe Vogel has done a great service for Michael. For once people can really get a glimpse into Michael’s incredible creative talent and vision.

    I hope it makes the NY Times Best Seller’s list. It’s that good!

    Thanks so much Joe!

  2. Joyce says:

    I also just received the book that I pre-ordered months ago. From what I have read so far and my glance through all of the incredible photos, I can see what an amazing, informative book this is. I know that I will have to make time to slowly take in each and every word. Thank you so much to Joe Vogel for the incredible amount of time, and effort that went into this extraordinary book.
    I just placed my order for several more copies so that I can “Pay Michael Forward” and pass on this wealth of information about Michael Jackson, the artist and the creative genius. I hope it gets the recognition and appreciation it deserves. It absolutely should make the Best Seller list.

    Thanks Seven for all of the information about the contest and promotion of this book. I encourage everyone to check out the “Pay Michael Forward” website and also to check out the article that Joe Vogel wrote for the “Words and Violence” curriculum at Voices Education. It is excellent.

    The verdict will be known soon and no matter what the outcome, I am ready to focus on the positive and make sure that Michael’s legacy, his amazing music and his spirit lives on in me through my actions. I will never stop “Paying Michael Forward”!!

  3. TLS says:

    I’ve got the book on order. I also went to the Huffington post to read Vogel’s article and found this link:

    it’s one of three parts of a radio show with Steve Harvey talking to MJ, who had actually called in to the show. Everyone will enjoy hearing Michael laugh and laugh and laugh at Harvey’s rendering of some of his songs in part two. Might be a nice antidote to all the “he was a druggie” stories online right now.

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