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“They Covered Up a Lot”

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Michael and Jermaine Jackson

No, it wasn’t OK. I’m not going to pretend that it was. I never have and I never will.

People just weren’t allowed to say anything. They had them on ‘lockdown‘, including Michael. We’ve heard about that from multiple quarters. The film (This Is It), created by camera people hired and using equipment purchased by AEG, was not Michael’s and not Michael’s idea. Yes he would typically film rehearsals and performances so he could watch them later and improve his work. But this time it wasn’t his people or his cameras. What we heard from Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips during rehearsals compared with what we heard later, particularly from Kenny Ortega in the courtroom during the Murray trial, should have told anyone listening that no, it wasn’t OK and no, they didn’t “have it under control“. Nowhere near it.

Who hired Conrad Murray? It really doesn’t matter who hired Murray. What matters is that Michael needed to sleep and no one around him cared if or how he did it. Including Conrad Murray, obviously. And that was the problem. It doesn’t matter because between Tohme Tohme and AEG, there was no way Michael’s family or anyone else who would listen to him or could help would be allowed near him, no matter what was going on. And Michael himself certainly didn’t want anyone else to know he was using propofol to sleep, either.

I constantly hear: “Well why didn’t so-and-so “do anything” when they were there in rehearsals and saw what was going on?”  But in my own opinion, dancers, make-up artists and the like had neither the responsibility or the authority to “do anything” other than alert those in charge. And they did. And they were told it was “under control“. The next thing we all knew Michael was gone.

I don’t blame Michael’s family. I don’t blame the dancers, his make-up artists, his security detail, or his costumers. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who negotiated that contract with AEG and those were in charge of that production. They know who they are. Anyone who gave a damn about anything besides themselves, the show and profits; anyone who could help Michael was flatly denied access. That’s the way they wanted it. It was as if he was some stolen crown jewel being guarded by hungry lions belonging to the thieves. No one could get near him to return him to anyone who cared for him.

If you haven’t read Jermaine Jackson’s book, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend LaToya’s book. I recommend these because they are written by his own brother and sister and whether you like it or not, no one knew Michael better than his own family. They know his childhood and the history of his adolescence and young adulthood better than anyone else. They were there most of this time, unlike the media and various unscrupulous authors. These are authentic keys to who Michael was as a person. Jermaine’s book in particular lovingly puts truth to much if not all of the media lies about Michael. It is truly a treasure. Even knowing that the media’s claims were not true  (I didn’t need proof of that myself), I still felt that I knew Michael much better after reading Jermaine’s book.

I know Jermaine, Michael and LaToya have had issues in the past. However, it is my own belief that these issues were put behind them long before Michael died. It is my belief that Michael forgave them and that all was settled. And if that was good enough for Michael, it’s good enough for me. I won’t discount some of these books based on grudges against this family when they are valuable snapshots of who Michael was — snapshots that no one other than his own family can provide. They’re important books if you want to know Michael.

I bring up Jermaine because if you haven’t read and listened to the following interview yet, you must. It was inexplicably dropped by the Huffington Post back in September 2011. They simply never published it and apparently gave no reason whatsoever. This was during the controversy that the media created surrounding Jermaine’s book wherein they typically misquoted what he had written  about the 2005 trial. The planned tribute concert in Cardiff had caused a rift in the Jackson family at that time, and the Conrad Murray trial was about to start in mere days. Charles Thomson’s interview with Jermaine provides a glimpse into his state of mind at the time. Now, five months later, we can finally read and hear it.  I think this interview and Jermaine’s book are very important for anyone seeking the truth about Michael, the media, and how Michael was treated during his life and particularly just before his death by the media and others around him.  Some excerpts and audio from the interview follow:

The assumption by many that they know more about Michael than his own family is a bug-bear of Jermaine’s. This attitude, he says, is the result of a decades-long battle against inaccurate media coverage. “This would become a recurring theme for the family,” he writes in the book, “a showdown of fact versus perception – and fact would always be the underdog.”

. . .

The book has been mired in controversy. As Jermaine flew to London, a storm was brewing over a portion of his prologue. Writing about his brother’s 2005 child molestation trial, Jermaine wrote that he was paranoid Michael would fall victim to a terrible injustice, so he hatched a secret escape plan. He arranged for a private jet to be on standby at the nearest airport, ready to whisk his brother to Bahrain if things looked bleak.

But many journalists, apparently too lazy even to read Jermaine’s nine-page prologue before writing about it, got it monumentally wrong. It all started when one story misquoted the prologue and said the Jackson family had planned to spirit Michael away to the Middle East after he was convicted. Copy-and-paste journalism took hold and the story was replicated hundreds of times by newspapers and websites including the New York Post, NY Daily News, Denver Post and Washington Times. Even the Press Association got it wrong.

The nonsensical story made Jermaine’s book look like a work of fiction, a situation worsened when Michael’s 2005 defense attorney Thomas Mesereau publicly blasted the claim.

“One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that my words would stand for themselves, in context,” says Jermaine. “But even in the newspapers’ coverage of my book my words were misreported. There was never a plan to get Michael out of the country ‘if convicted’. Thomas Mesereau had to issue a denial based on something that wasn’t true in the first place. That one change of context showed how one inaccuracy can snowball and how myths are made. I sat back and thought ‘This is what Michael faced all the time’.”

Read more here: http://www.orchardtimes.com/exclusive-jermaine-jackson-interview, and listen to the audio below and more on Charles Thomson’s YouTube Channel.

There are others who are to blame for making Michael Jackson’s life a living Hell before he died. And much of what they did and the reasons they did it are rooted in the same ages-old greed, lust for power and racism that drove Hitler and his Ministry of Propaganda against the Jews – and against black people. This brand of putrid racism still exists today. Far from being anti-semitic, Michael understood all too well the persecution of the Jewish people because he felt so much of it himself during his own lifetime.

Besides being a musical genius, Michael was a revolutionary. He was also one of the biggest forgotten humanitarians of all time. But both his creative and humanitarian work has been successfully buried beneath negative propaganda and innuendo that would astonish Hitler and Goebbels, the forefathers of these tactics. There are various reasons for this. He bucked the system from the get-go. His artistic brilliance enabled him to succeed in spite of an aborted childhood, an abusive father and physical and emotional neglect. As an adult he asserted his freedom, both legal and creative. He was wildly successful, making himself a millionaire before the age of 30. He broke the white establishment’s rules and their records left and right, and then he broke his own records. And yet he was black. Even after he ‘turned white‘ from vitiligo, he was still black. And while that confused and confounded others about who Michael Jackson was and they subsequently projected that confusion onto him — Michael himself was never confused about his own identity.

He fought back against the persecution brought against him for not forcing himself into society’s box – the one pre-made for him when he was born poor and black. See, he was supposed to stay that way. But he didn’t.

He didn’t fight back with guns, violence, crime, or political movements but rather with his music, film, dance, and countless humanitarian efforts. He knew these had more power and were much more inclusive. He rebelled and while the propaganda machine used every weapon in its arsenal to distract everyone from his messages and they were mostly successful — some of us still heard it. Some of us understood it. And we understood the reasons behind it. Many of us experienced the same kinds of persecution in our own lives albiet on a smaller scale. We could relate!

If the rest of the world had any clue, it should be ashamed. Michael’s premature death from the human rights abuses he incessantly suffered right up to his very last breath are an indelible bloodstain humanity will bear on its face forever. Anyone who has any interest whatsoever in changing humanity can start by learning what this man’s music was really all about, particularly the most discounted, despised and criticized of it – that he created after he became hugely famous with ‘Thriller‘.

There’s a lot that too many people don’t know about Michael Jackson. And they need to know. Humanity will not change until and unless it can first face its mistakes,its ignorance, its gullible penchant for unquestioningly swallowing propaganda wholesale – and the shame that should rightly come along with all of that. And until it can finally see beyond this to the strength and beauty it daily disses in this world – not just in Michael Jackson but in itself – in all of humanity. The first step is to take the blinders off and start looking beyond the lies we’re being fed every day.

Michael saw it, that strength and beauty. He believed in it. He believed in himself and he believed in the rest of us. Even after he was so badly betrayed by so many people. As jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks. But it doesn’t have to. Don’t keep these things in an echo chamber. Share them with everyone. There are many eyes to open, much shame to be reconciled, and much beauty to see – everywhere. But we have to expose the ugliness first in order to clear the view.

The videos below were created by the Michael Jackson Academia Project. Their channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMJAcademiaProject

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21 Responses to ““They Covered Up a Lot””

  1. cjg says:

    Some last thoughts and I promise I will leave this subject, for now. The concern voiced over Michael’s supposedly not attending rehearsals (though I’ve heard conflicting and contradicting accounts from band members, etc.). Michael had a history of not showing up when he was not happy with the way things were going or being done. It was like it was his silent protest, his non-confrontational, passive resistant way of letting people know he did not like how things were going. I remember John Landis, who did the Thriller and Black or White films with Michael recount how when Michael was working on the Black or White film he would just not show up- for the directors (he went through two others before Landis) and how Landis said he would do the film with Michael but he had to show up and of course he did (I feel it was because he liked working with Landis and didn’t care for the others). I always felt Michael learned this behavior, as a child, because he realized it was the one way he had some authority or control over his life and the decisions made concerning his career. Michael wrote in MOONWALK about a time when he was a child and they had been rehearsing and Joseph was mad at him and threw him across the room and how he had gotten up and told Joseph that if he hit him again he wouldn’t perform the next day. He said Joseph didn’t touch him again. I think it was then he realized he had some power to control decisions because he had something people wanted -his gifts/music/performance abilities/money making ability. It seems to me that these people who supposedly had known Michael for so long and his personality would have said (IF- a big IF- it’s true about his missing rehearsals) uh oh Michael must not be pleased with something we’d better find out what. One more thing, when Kenny Ortega testified about when Michael seemed incoherent, he stated that Michael kept asking Kenny if he was going to leave him too. I wonder if Kenny ever bothered to say, “Hey, Michael what’s wrong? Why are you worried I’m going to leave you? Who else has left you?” Supposedly Michael had kept the company of two women friends maybe one of them broke up with him and left him and he was upset. I wonder did anyone actually talk to him as a human being? I know we’ll never have the answers to these questions but I appreciate the opportunity to voice them as they have been plaguing me since Michael’s death. Thank you.

  2. Sina says:

    Michael told many people over the years that he feared for his life and even mentioned names to Lisa Mary. He probably had good reasons to , he was a veteran in the industry,
    He was not paranoid when he did a check on Thome and found out he was not trustworthy.

    AEG stated under oath that Michael signed a contract with them. and there is enough that indicates that there was an agreement that has legal standing, like advance payments, booking O2 for 50 dates, hiring staff etc .
    We dont know if Michael ever objected to AEG but he told many people that he didnt agree to 50 shows. Could be that Tohme (still?) in poa signed the extra concerts and Michael couldnt do anything about it.
    The question is not the validity of the AEG contract, but who hired Murray and if there was negligence on AEG part.
    Murray also might not have a signed contract but there was an agreement that seems valid. Even if it was Michael who recommended Murray, it was AEG who were negociating the conditions, discussing back and forth about a heartmachine, insurance and health check up.
    When they went to threaten Michael in his home it was Murray they were talking to not Michael. AEG not only knew that Murray was in full service, they even demanded that Michael stick to Murrays treatment ( and not Kleins) in order to fulfill his obligations and Murray reassured them that he would.
    The fact that they could give Murray orders goes to show that AEG had authority over Murray and there was a supervisory relationship . According to Kenny Murray didnt care about Michaels well being , its clear he was working in AEG s interest.
    I have never heard of any artist whose concert promotor deals with his doctor to get him to work.
    What surprises me is that when Michael was at his worst financially and neverland was facing forclosure noone was there to help out.
    But the minute he becomes relevant again business wise because of the concerts , everyone is on board again. Next thing we know Michael is dead.
    And then suddenly noone has a clue about Michaels life or that there were health problems because he compartimentized his life ( quote good friend Deleo)
    No logic thinking can explain the coincidences .

  3. cjg says:

    @june I’m glad you brought up Kai Chase because she did say she prepared food for Michael to eat when he came home from rehearsal and she testified to the fact that when she arrived on the day he was killed that she noticed the food she had left was untouched and still sitting where she had left it which was unusual. This is another reason I don’t believe the timeline of propofol use Murray laid out nor do I necessarily believe Michael asked for it as Murray has always contended. Based on what those around Michael stated in interviews a year after his death (Bush, Thompkins, Faye) his weight loss was rapid and occurred within a two week period or less – Faye may have said within ten days Michael lost 10-15 pounds. That falls into the two week timeline I mentioned before. I believe it was during that two weeks Murray may have been pressuring Michael to use propofol and succeeded in getting him to do so. He was using something to bring him out of it that contained ephedrine. That was the same drug that was marketed as a weight loss drug (as it was an appetite suppressant) phen-phen but it was pulled because of the heart damage it caused. Now, if that stimulant to bring Michael out of being under propofol certainly could have been the cause of the weight loss (and seemingly rapid). Or was Murray putting it in Michael’s food, drinks, etc. without his knowledge hoping to weaken him through weight loss and cause heart damage so that he would go to rehearsal in a weakened state and collapse and die? I believe that episode of Michael being in such bad condition that Kenny O. sent him home was actually the first attempt on Michael’s life which Murray and those involved knew they could spin off as something other than it was. However, when Michael appeared too strong for this to work they went to plan B. This could have been that the only time propofol was used was the night Michael was killed. I’ve often thought it curious that Michael’s body had at one time been laying on what turned out to be prayer beads that had left an impression. Prayers beads are usually a connected circle of beads, however, his were pulled apart in a straight string – I wonder if there was a struggle- that Michael fought Murray and whoever else was in that room trying to inject him with propofol as he was already going to sleep under the influence of the other drugs that had been effective in the past (according to Dr. Metzger- I hope I got his name correct)and what Murray probably had been solely using up to that point (the recording of Michael talking played in court could not have been made when propofol was used as people are knocked out immediately when it hits their system – it’s most likely it was made when the other sedatives -zines had been used and going to sleep takes a little longer)and that is why the beads were pulled apart and he ended up laying on them. Just some thoughts, observations, and questions I’ve had over time.

  4. S. L. Trout says:

    Greet mentioned what I was about to say….remember, Jermaine introduced Tohme Tohme to Michael. What was his connection to him and if it concerned Michael’s finances, why was Jermaine involved?

    Heidi brought up a very valid point. Sooner or later, someone is going to find a publisher and have their exhaustive work published regarding the unanswered questions concerning Michael’s premature death. Michael Jackson was larger than life. I believe there are far too many people who admired him who are simply not satisfied with Murray being the lone wolf. Whether Michael’s death was the result of a carefully and methodically planned conspiracy or not, we may never truly know. One of the people who knew Michael pretty intimately was Frank DiLeo and I find it somewhat telling that he died of heart complications before he could be subpoened and possibly testify at the trial. Sure he had a bad heart but there is a lingering bad odor about his passing.

    It seems that more than two and half years since his death there are still countless unaswered questions.

    Last evening I was watching a special DVD of several of his award appearances and I began to wonder what had happened to Michael during that last year of his life. The reason I ask that is when you look at this issue with a critical eye, you can’t help but wonder why he needed a doctor (especially at the cost of $150k a month) to provide almost 24/7 care? We all know that he employed Kai Chase to provide a very health-conscious and nutritious diet, both for himself and his children. We also know (based on the Murray trial), that he had consulted with and used the services of a private nurse– Cherilyn Lee– to help him with his insomnia issues. I still ask the same questions I asked prior to Murray’s trial–Who ultimately “hired” Conrad Murray and more importantly, Why?

    If the fear of financial ruin was weighing down on MJ if he didn’t agree to those concerts, how did he get into such financial straights to begin with? Was it mismanagement of his wealth by greed-driven staff and organizational people? These are questions I’d like someone to address. Perhaps it was a mistake in not allowing the financial aspects to be considered during the trial. Maybe many questions would have been answered. But just maybe, it would have also opened the proverbial Pandora’s Box and the power brokers knew it and what it would lead to.

    When I recall the testimony presented, it’s hard for me to believe that a doctor, no less a cardiologist for that matter, could have been so negligent and ignorant to put himself into such a dangerous situation, knowing that the outcome could result in the death of his patient. It will never make sense and I know I’m not alone in wanting to know who, and what was really behind Michael Jackson’s death.

    I just started reading You Are Not Alone. I must say I now have a new insight into Joe Jackson’s inability to show emotion. I don’t excuse his behavior with his children, but a veil has been lifted. I haven’t read LaToya’s book. While I think his family knew Michael well, when he became a solo artist and moved out of Havenhurst, his fame moved him out of the orbit of his family. He grew and changed and became his own man. The family closeness began to fade. It was the natural progression of a mega-star. After reading Cascio’s book, I got a clearer understanding of why he became so close with their family. He longed for the love and closeness of a family without the jealousy, unrealistic demands, and petty bickering that emerged during the later Jacksons’ years.

    Even after reading all these books, articles, etc., I’m still left with the unanswered question:

    “What really happened to Michael Jackson?”

  5. june says:

    @Vero, didn’t the chef, Chase, say that every day she prepared dinners for Michael and Murray and left them in the frig before she departed her job that evening, and in the morning the empty plates were found at the bottom of the staircase, the food having apparently been eaten by someone. And I agree with your statement about not being able to eat before receiving anesthesia. A person is supposed to have liquids only for at least the prior 12 hours. Chase didn’t know Murray’s medical regimen was, by his own admission, giving Michael propofol just about every night for six weeks prior to 6.25.09. So she prepared meals for Michael and his empty plate was found at the bottom of the stairs in the morning. Did Murray eat Michael’s meals in addition to his own dinner or did he just toss the food? I would agree this would have caused Michael to lose weight fast. Murray says he “did nothing wrong”, however, it seems that Murray was well aware that food was to be avoided in his experimental russian roulette treatment of Michael.

  6. vero says:

    I have read that there was no contract with AEG, only a letter of intent, signed by MJ. MJ had brought back Branca in the last days to be his lawyer. I think the problem was that MJ was financially indebted to AEG–they had fronted him 6 million and also he was going to pay for production costs out of the tour $. So in essence they were his bankers, and in effect, his employers. Re Murray–no one hired him–there was a contract drawn up but MJ had not signed it–so that’s why he didn’t get any $$–so glad for that! Re the family having access–I read that Joe and Katherine saw MJ in LA b/c Joe wanted to do a ‘family show’ after the tour concerts and had drawn up a letter of intent contract that Mj signed, even though he later reneged. So he was faced with 50 concerts and yet even more concerts were being pushed on him. No wonder he was stressed. Finally, regarding his fears someone wanted to kill him–I read that he felt the same way during the 05 trial. He was severely dehydrated in both cases and that can cause all kinds of mental effects–so were his fears real or the results of physical exhaustion/stress/dehydration–he almost died when he collapsed in NY during the planned concert rehearsals, according to the dr. who treated him. It seems when he was stressed he didn’t eat or drink–he was also taken to a hospital and rehydrated during the 05 trial. The effects of the continual propofol infusions on his body need to be factored in–under anaesthetic you cannot eat beforehand–did that result in the weight loss? Thanks for the links to Jermaine’s interview and to the MJ academic project. I hope Tohme’s involvement and his probable criminal behavior comes to light in the lawsuits. Hell, no to the 15%.

  7. Heidi says:

    Here’s a thought….. instead of all this talk about how the truth of Michael’s death and it’s surrounding circumstances will most likely be buried, never to see the light of day because all who are involved are “powerful”, how about ALL information as we now know it, from ALL available sources (family, rehersal participants, fans, etc.) is COMPILED, DOCUMENTED, and PUBLISHED from every source and resource possible. Who are “they” to rule and reign and control all things Michael??? WHAT COULD THEY POSSIBLY DO WHEN A MOUNTAIN OF BOOKS DOCUMENTING AND EXPOSING THE TRUTH IS MADE AVAILABLE??? IT’S ABOUT VINDICATING MICHAEL BY EXPOSING THE TRUTH. Even if we’re “wrong”, if enough people are all saying the exact same thing, red flags will be raised and questions will begin to be asked, and the RATS will be exposed and THAT is the whole point.

  8. Greet says:

    I wonder how Jermaine feels because he did introduce Tohme to Michael. Of course he did not know what would happen, but I would in any case feel miserable. I wish this was a nightmare and I would wake up one day finding out all this did not really happen…. The fact that Tohme wants this 15% shows what a greedy man this is. And this never ending love of money can make people evil.

  9. cjg says:

    After viewing the videos from the Michael Jackson Academia project I couldn’t help but think of the questionable intelligence of Diane Sawyer and the interview she did of Michael (and Lisa Marie) during the time of the HIStory album release. I hope someone will send these videos to her with a message that perhaps she should educate herself better before conducting herself in such a disrespectful, hateful, judgemental and ignorant manner with an artist who is so obviously better educated, well read, and knowledgable than she.

  10. Sina says:

    Thank you for this piece.
    Jermaines book is fascinating and definately worth reading . It has many layers, brotherhood, coming of age , its a music history and a family history with its ups and downs and a family tragedy as well. A father hell bent to make his children succeed, and the price that came with the fame. Very much recommended. When I have the chance I will also read Latoyas book.

    I agree that there seem to be much cover up.
    How I see it is that anyone who needs a 150k per month doctor to put him to sleep just to get trough rehearsals is not fit to do 50 concerts even if its residency .
    Michael was cornered with Thome in poa . heavy loans against his catalogue and his estate, the production cost of the show on his shoulders, , preparations for the show not up to bis standard, advance payments from AEG that would be hard to recoup, leaving him empty handed and 50 concerts he couldnt do without sleeping under anaestetics. Michaels worst nightmare was coming true , the media were having a field day. Those are the only reasons I can think of why a caring father would risk his life and risk his children see him in a comatose state , hooked to an IV
    It was a disaster in the making and there was just no way out.

    Everyone involved knew that something was seriously wrong with Michael. It was serious enough for Kenny to write an alarming email to AEG, for Deleo to ask for a blood test and for AEG to go confront him in his house and read him tough love in the presence of a doctor. A doctor who was asking them for a heart machine!!. They were there threatening Michael only to secure their business, not for his wellbeing.
    Whatelse did they expect from the doctor than to pump him up with whatever was needed to keep him to his obligations.
    Much of what was said in the months after MJ passed makes sense now.
    Joe tried to get to Michael but was kept out by his security . Cynics say that he was kept out because he came for money. However not long before that , according to different sources, Michael himself had called his father to help him with the AEG contract.
    I believe Joe was tipped that something was wrong with Michael( he said Prince had told him about needle marks) Michael obviously didnt want anyone to know what was going on with him and Murray. There was nothing more they could do. The only ones who had the power to do something were the concert promotors. And that was not in their best interest.
    It still upsets me that Michael was all alone and had noone in the world he could open up to in such a stressful and agonizing time in his life.
    I hope both the lawsuit against Thome and Katherines against AEG will shed some light on what happened and that all parties involved take responsibility for their part of the exploitation and the negligence.

  11. Seven says:

    I hope the Estate’s litigation does reveal some information about Tohme, his background and his motivations. I had said before that they had him in financial bondage via that contract and I still believe they did. Tohme was apparently the arbiter of the agreement with AEG. I do believe he had a stranglehold on Michael – at least on his contractual obligations, assets and finances – complete control, it seems. Michael obviously did not trust him after he discovered how oppressive and controlling he was.

    As for his claims to be still representing Michael after 6-25-09, I’d also like to know why he made that claim when Michael apparently fired him in March. It appears on the surface (without knowing any other facts or having any other information) that Tohme deemed Michael Jackson his own personal property – even after he was fired. That’s an interesting attitude to observe. And he still believes he has some claim to Michael’s property and the profits of his Estate.

    I don’t think Tohme could have much standing against the estate if that letter wherein Michael fired him is valid. If Michael gave Tohme power of attorney over all of his assets as Frank DiLeo claimed, then why? Is that a normal agreement between an artist and his/her manager? I would find it hard to believe that it is.

    The courts will decide what Tohme’s legal rights were and are and if there is any validity to his claims against the Estate. I hope we learn more, even though it will likely be very unpleasant.

  12. June says:

    Seven, what do you think of the Estate’s litigation against Tohme and his countersuit? Do you think there will be revelations of Tohme’s underhanded involvement in Michael’s life which apparently occurred from spring of 2008 through June 2009? The signatures purported to be Michael’s on the AEG/MJ performance contract are not consistent. The various documents attached to the contract itself would have the effect of Michael losing everything he owned including his stake in the ATV catalog if the tour were not completed successfully. Michael had no attorney representation; all notices were to go to Tohme and his own attorney, no notice provisions to Michael, the artist. Did this man have a stranglehold on Michael?

    CJG in these comments mentioned an “immense threat” that Michael must have felt to allow Murray to abuse him in this fashion. While I don’t think Tohme was the “immense threat”, his actions in the last few months of Michael’s life demonstrate sinister motivation. He claims to have turned over to the Estate $5M after Michael’s death. How much more was he holding onto? Now he wants 15% of all $ brought into the Estate up to the present time? It’s published that Michael fired him in March 2009, so why is he showing up at the hospital on 6.25.09 with Phillips, and being interviewed post 6.25.09 portraying himself as “Michael’s manager”. I hope the litigation reveals some truths, although unlikely we will ever get the straight picture.

  13. Jovana says:

    I just want to say Thank you for this wonderful post. <3

  14. Seven says:

    It’s true cjg, that he feared for his life and mentioned that to many people. I don’t think this was without reason. I also don’t think it should lie uninvestigated. But unfortunately it likely will because very powerful politicians, corporations, and lawyers will do their damnedest to see that the truth never sees the light of day, particularly when some of them were involved – and not just during the last months and weeks of Michael’s life, but rather for decades. I believe these people and entities either are indifferent and think it unimportant and/or they were directly involved in Michael’s premature death and are enjoying the profits and benefits of his absence too much to ever divulge the malfeasance used to gain it all.

  15. cjg says:

    Michael had a legitimate, real fear that someone would try to kill him. With that said I think it is important who hired Murray as he acted as a hitman. I’ve always felt so many things surrounding Michael’s death were orchestrated to present the picture the perpetrators wanted the media to present to the world. 1.Immediately upon his death you started to hear familiar words being thrown around like -Demerol- that the media new the public would recall from past information and misinformation given about Michael and start to assume that he was just another addict who had brought his death upon himself. 2. As things unfolded the world became aware Michael couldn’t sleep. Why was this such an issue that it resulted in the use of propofol? This was not a new issue for Michael. It was a lifelong condition that he coped with – it was well known he had stress induced insomnia, yet had never resorted to such extreme measures. The severity usually increased while he was actually on tour -not while preparing- from the difficulty of coming down from the huge adrelin rush of performing and traveling through so many different time zones day to day NOT while in one location preparing. I’ve always felt some unknown immense threat was made to him to allow himself to be subjected to the conditions someone imposed on him of allowing this doctor to abuse him in this way – I do not think it was his choice he was backed into a serious corner that made him feel helpless. 3. Why such a hurried, short time frame to develop, prepare, and rehearse for these concerts – the pressure was on and the threats made to Michael, yet two weeks before they’re set to leave for England costumes, sets, and details are NOT ready – that does not make sense. It makes me wonder if they ever planned to complete them or they only planned to make them to a point (so it looked legitimate) knowing the outcome would be Michael’s death before any concerts would take place. 4. I remember Kenny Ortega narrating in the THIS IS IT film that “No one knew we’d be making a film like this” and that “there was only one camera” to capture rehearsals because Michael liked to look at rehearsal footage and as I sat in the audience watching I noted that that was a mistake because I was looking at one camera’s footage which had obviously filmed another man with a camera so there were at least two cameras used. 5. If you listen to the countless stories floating around from the public(even the media), friends, and employees who had frequent contact with Michael as he was out and about a very clear TWO WEEK window is evident when something drastic changed, as that is the time frame in which they all lost contact with Michael, including his bodyguards who had wanted to write a book called, “In Defense of the King” and appeared on Good Morning America and that is when I believe some evil, sinister wheels were set in motion to kill Michael. At least this my interpretation of events and my belief. There are too many unanswered questions concerning Michael’s death that I don’t believe will ever be allowed to be answered as much as I wish they would.

  16. Seven says:

    I can’t say I’m sure that if the brothers or other family members had appeared at rehearsals, they’d have been given access. I also can’t say I’m sure they completely knew what was going on then so I can’t assume they did. They do now of course, after talking with others who were there but that doesn’t mean they did at the time. This is why Jermaine asked why Jonathan Moffet or someone didn’t call and tell them. It seems likely they did not know the full extent of what was happening.

    As for Katherine, she is a mother who lost her son in a sudden and very tragic way. I’m not surprised if she can’t bear to hear about the abuse he likely suffered before his death. Perhaps it isn’t indifference but rather pain and sensitivity (which would certainly be understandable) that is the reason for her unwillingness to hear about that abuse now. Would we be so doubtful of her love for her son if she was anyone else’s mother? Probably not.

    Fans were not allowed inside rehearsals – no one was except those who were part of the production – period. Would there have been exceptions for family members? I’m not so sure there would have been. Fans camped outside waiting for Michael to depart late at night and hung out at his home during the day to greet him as he left for rehearsals. Then, once Michael started expressing to them how unhappy and upset he was with how things were being handled and how concerned he was, security severely limited their access – on someone’s orders. I’d like to know whose orders. This was just a day or so before he died. Their only recourse was to write him a letter about their concerns for him and hand it to guards to give to Michael, which was done. But they don’t know Michael ever got to read their letter or not since that was the night before he died. I can’t imagine how this must haunt them.

    Joe Jackson and other family members said they’d tried to get in contact with Michael. They said they went to the LA home and were turned away by security and told they had to “have an appointment”. All the security was fired and replaced with new personnel the day Michael died – by Tohme Tohme apparently. Bottom line is I think there were a lot of people around Michael – from Tohme, Murray, and AEG (and their reps) – who were simply protecting their own interests, primary among them their profit stream. They were not interested in protecting or even considering the needs of a human being who likely needed help – but simply protecting their profit stream – their moneymaker. He was a means to an end for them, rather than a human being with human needs or troubles. I suspect few people in Michael’s life considered his humanity at all. That’s another reason Jermaine says he wrote his book and he discussed that in his interview with Charles.

    Sadly in the end, the rather single-minded psychopathic desires of those around Michael and the humanity of Michael himself clashed in a horrible and deadly manner. And Michael’s humanity lost to their desires, resulting in his very human death.

    I would personally like to see it legally mandated that *all* film footage of the rehearsals created by AEG be released (at least to his family), and I would like Tohme thoroughly investigated, including his sketchy background. That’s only a start but I think we’d learn a few things from these two actions.

  17. june says:

    Seven, I read the printout of Thomson’s interview with Jermaine Jackson, and I’ve read both Jermaine’s and LaToya’s books; I find affirmatives and negatives in both. Yes, it would have been great if the drummer had called Jermaine or another brother to alert them what was going on during rehearsals, but what also would have been great is if one of the brothers would have taken a proactive approach and just “shown up” at a rehearsal. I would think that even with a “lockdown” (very subjective word), if two, three or four of them showed up, they would have been permitted in. If fans were able to get a few words with Michael after rehearsals late at night as he arrived home, wouldn’t it have been possible for the brothers to show up then as well? Just as Jermaine states his Mother doesn’t want to hear about the abuse now, I get the feeling they didn’t want to hear it then either, or were afraid of what they might see. I do believe slowly but surely the truth about Michael’s final weeks at rehearsal will be revealed, particularly with the Estate suing Tohme, the house of cards should fall as there is no honor among thieves.

    As for Jermaine’s comment about the apparent slowness of the court action against Murray, the DA’s office had to build this manslaughter case from improbable circumstances (remember the Judge saying it was a “medical experiment”?), and in the end the correct verdict was rendered, although I wish the max sentence were longer.

  18. Seven says:

    Yes, I’ve linked to that in my article, above, just below the excerpts.

  19. TLS says:

    PS: You can read Charles Thomson’s full interview with Jermaine at


  20. cris says:

    I agree with TLS that MJ’s brothers are subjective – and this is not a bad thing, each one of us are. Yet after reading their books or read their tweets, we could see just how different points of view they’ve had regarding some themes, including the thought of LaToya that her brother was murdered by other people, not (only) Conrad Murray, and Jermaine’s ideas that Murray was to blame for his death, no one else, not even the media, the lies, the events in ’93, 2005 etc. And I 100% agree in this one. As for the fact that most of the fans consider that the press tried to destroy Michael for money, I don’t agree at all. I think making money was the less of their problems. The big problem is that he was different, he wasn’t like them, like they would wanted him to be – superficial, selfish, human-trash just how they are. The fact that MJ was so implied in humanitarian actions since he was a little boy (we know his father’s memories with candy and all stuff) and his increase interest in help everyone, was a real threat to them because 1) they know they’ve could never be like that, so the jealousy comes and 2) that’s not what people are supposed to be like, they are not supposed to fellow his example, to make their main goal help and heal others, bring joy into their lives just how Michael did, because the world would be a better place and they would be out. And it’s not a stupid belief – imagine that with all their garbage and non-sense stories, there are still millions of fans around the world, what about the rest of it, those who were infested with lies – if they’ve got the chance to know and see the real Michael, wouldn’t they fellow his steps? I think yes and I’m sure the world would be much different now.

  21. TLS says:

    Great post, Seven.

    I subscribe to Charles Thomson’s youtube channel, but didn’t get notified of these latest posts. So thanks for calling attention to them. Also, I’d heard of the Academia Project but hadn’t checked in lately, so again thanks.

    I think you’re right to suggest others read Jermaine’s and LaToya’s books–not to consider every word gospel (all people are subjective when it comes to remembering their own experiences), but to balance it with everything else that’s out there and decide for ourselves what makes sense, rings true.

    I find that when I listen to most members of the Jackson family, they come across as ordinary people–not slick media/corporate types. Ordinary people make mistakes–misconstrue, misunderstand, misremember, etc., but ordinary people also often speak the truth. Jermaine sounds particularly open in his interview with Charles; I believe he’s sincere in what he’s saying–and as accurate as anything else we’ve heard about MJ’s last days.