Dec 10 2009

The Facts About Michael’s Skin Condition: Vitiligo

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YES. Michael really DID have this condition. NO. He did NOT “bleach his skin because he didn’t want to be black“. And NO the lightening of his skin was NOT caused by plastic surgery.

The utter cruelty with which Michael has been treated regarding this disease is unconscionable. The media/tabloids (medialoids now, since the media tends to parrot tabloid lies more and more these days), even after Michael told them the truth several times, continues to perpetuate lies about him regarding this disease.

This disease, like the one I have (psoriasis), is chronic, incurable, and causes the person who has it severe emotional and psychological anguish because it affects the person’s physical appearance in a very bad way – it is physically disfiguring. Michael could NOT HELP the fact that he had this disease any more than I can help that I have psoriasis. But unlike Michael, I did not have to suffer – on TOP of the horrible physical disfiguration caused by such diseases – the media and tabloids telling LIES and making rediculous, nasty claims about it, and an ignorant public who believe those lies and would judge me by them.

Not only did Michael Jackson have vitiligo and have to suffer the psychological effects of the physical disfiguration it caused, he had to also suffer nasty lies and cruel public judgements based on those media lies on top of it all. God bless his sweet heart. I have stated on numerous occasions how ASHAMED I am of how Michael Jackson was treated by our World and our Society. This cruelty is truly shameful and unconscionable. And it IS – I believe – part and parcel of what helped drive the man to his early death.  Anyone who participated in this cruel treatment of Michael Jackson, IMO, has his blood on their hands.

Before you judge me, try hard to love me…”, Michael sang.

For God’s sake, it is not only cruel but it is also immoral to judge a person so harshly because they have a disease they cannot help and have no control over. Michael and other human beings with such diseases (including “celebrities”) deserve our understanding and compassion, NOT our ignorance and judgement.

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