Mar 03 2010

ADVOCACY Action Request: ‘Dangerous Liasons”, ‘Carl Toms’ Disgusting Book About MJ Soon For Sale on Amazon

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‘Carl Toms’ himself  MAY be a convicted pedophile who wants to make pedophelia LEGAL – and wants to use Michael Jackson’s good name to do it! Allforloveblog has the scoop on this new information:

Allforloveblog asserts: “Carl Toms – Author of “Dangerous Liasons” is actually convicted pedophile TOM O’CARROLL“. True or NOT – the fact remains that this man has NO business using Michael Jackson’s good and INNOCENT name in this manner – regardless what his true motive is – and especially when Michael is not here to even speak for himself anymore.

We are CERTAIN Michael would not want his name to be used in this filthy manner!

Allforlove blog provides two important links about this book and the author’s motives, background, and about the ‘movement’ to make pedophelia ‘acceptable’ to society by latching themselves onto any name or group that can help them promote their incredibly sick and abusive ’cause’:

A book by “Carl Toms”–pseudonym for a convicted pedophile named Thomas O’Carroll–will be published in June by Troubador Publishing and is already on the internet in practically its full 600+ pages. Here’s a link to this poorly written, poorly cited and just plain trashy book.

Here’s what I think needs to be done:

Provide everyone with a link (above) to the book online. No one will feel compelled to buy it to see how trashy it is. However!–and this is key–ALSO include this link (below) to an article about how pedophiles are trying to make pedophilia as acceptable in society as homosexuality. To the pedos, it’s only a matter of time.

Actually, the pedos already crawled out from under their collective rock and tried to get connected to the gay and lesbian community. The gay and lesbian community won’t have anything to do with pedos. The article cited above, “Endorsement of Adult-Child Sex on Rise,” needs wide distribution as well.

The pedos are trying to conscript Michael Jackson to be their posthumous poster boy. We cannot let them do this! But don’t try–unless you have a really strong stomach–to rebut the pedos yourself. Simply post the link to the book that’s available online, thereby keeping money out of the pedo’s pocket, and include the article from The Washington Times that does all the rebutting for you.


“Carl Toms” is planning to publish a VERY disgusting book about Michael called “Dangerous Liasons“, and it is expected to come out in June of 2010. The book seems to promote pedophelia and the author is apparently using Michael Jackson’s name to do it.

Action Requested: WRITE THE PUBLISHER at any or all of these email addresses:

[email protected]

[email protected]

[email protected]


TAG THE BOOK ON AMAZON’S WEBSITE and leave a comment:

We are not yet able to leave comments on the book on Amazon but we can write letters to the publisher and also tag the book on the Amazon site.
Look for ‘Tags Customers Associate With This Product’
You’ll see tags like:
…and you can add your own.

You can tag the book with certain keywords. Scroll down and look for ‘Tags Customers Associate With This Product‘.   You’ll see tags like:  garbage •  trash lies – and you can add your own tags (please be civil – NO foul language!).

For comments, go to the link where the book is sold and scroll down. You will find discussions about the book under ‘Customer Discussions / This Product’s Forum‘. Leave your comments there. Again, be factual, calm, and civil but firm!  No YELLING and no foul language!  Michael would not approve of that yelling, hysterics, and foul language!


You may also write to AMAZON about this book at: Please respectfully ask them not to carry such books which denigrate Michael Jackson’s name and memory, as a matter of truth, conscience and respect for an INNOCENT, deceased man. The facts support the truth. The media and money-grubbing publishers wish to perpetuate the lies for profit. Any reputable bookseller would not participate in the sale of lies for profit and in degrading the name of the innocent when they are no longer here to speak for themselves. This is unconscionable and immoral.

The following is a sample letter that people can follow when writing to the publishers of Carl Tom’s book.

• • • • • • •


Troubador Publishing Ltd
5 Weir Road
Kibworth Beauchamp
Leicester ENGLAND LE8 0LQ

ATTN: Jeremy Thompson, Managing Director

Dear Mr. Thompson,

I’m writing to give you fair warning that your soon-published book “Michael Jackson’s Dangerous Liaisons” by Carl Toms disparages the reputation, person and legacy of Michael Jackson, and therefore the book will have a hard time generating any sales and that its publication may result in legal action from Mr. Jackson’s Estate. One reason for this is that the book apparently seems to promote the idea of pedophelia and is using Michael Jackson’s innocent and good name to do so.

To prove my point, I share with you the Customer Reviews page for Shmuley Boteach’s book, “The Michael Jackson Tapes,” at

Boteach’s book was literally driven off the shelves in record time. Mr. Toms’ proposed book will be too, since it is slanderous and immoral in nature and doesn’t accurately portray Michael Jackson as the genius entertainer, generous humanitarian and loving father/brother/son/friend and innocent man that he was, and furthermore seeks to use his good name for a disgusting and immoral cause.

For too long, Michael’s dignity—his very person—was violated at its deepest dimension. He was the subject of a cruel spectacle on the world stage. Names were created by the media to ridicule him—“Wacko Jacko!”—and pejoratives—“Weird!” “Strange!” “Bizarre!”—were applied to him at every turn. The sole purpose in all this was to bring the rage of public opinion to bear on him so he would suffer to the very depths of his being.

Mainstream media, including publishers of books by disreputable authors with dubious agendas such as “Carl Tom” (otherwise apparently known as Tom O’Carroll, convicted pedophile), have turned into the schoolyard bully and disgusting leeches.

There exists a veritable army of Michael Jackson advocates and people with a moral conscience who refuse to accept further denigration of Michael Jackson’s character, legacy and reputation in this or any manner. We stand ready to take action against your book. Just because Michael passed away doesn’t mean he has no one looking after his interests and protecting his good name.

We further suggest that you carefully analyze your market. Michael Jackson Haters don’t care to spend money on such a book. Michael Jackson Advocates will destroy such a book. Word is already out among Michael Jackson advocates and others with a moral conscience worldwide that this book is not worth the paper it’s printed on.


Your Name

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