Jun 25 2010

June 25th – SEVENTH Delivery Photos!

Seven @ 9:09 pm

SunflowersForMichaelUpdateDue to all the activity today around Forest Lawn and for several days following, Sandy was unable to get  proper photos of all the flowers and cards from that day though she tried numerous times!

There were simply too many people there, rails and yellow tape up, and no privacy. DO REST ASSURED your beautiful flowers and cards DID make it into Michael ON JUNE 25th! You can see them with the cards attached in the photos below.

Sandy says:

These two large arrangements are our “Sunflowers for Michael”, plus the white center arrangement is also ours but was funded by our Sunflower friend Ekaterina Kofman and her group. Tomorrow I will go back to FL and take photos of all the cards with our flowers. I will have more privacy then.

Sandy tried on Saturday, Sunday and Monday again to get photos but could not do so. The rails and yellow tape remained up for days. Sandy can’t go behind the rails, so FL’s Rosario has agreed to let Sandy take photos of the June 25th cards when the next flower delivery is made on Friday, July 2nd.

ALL PHOTOS ARE © 2010, SANDY LEE SCOTT AND ‘Sunflowers for Michael Program

Sunflowers for Michael June 25th 2010

Sunflowers for Michael June 25th 2010

Your June 25th Cards and Flowers Before They Went In To Michael!

Your June 25th Cards and Flowers Before They Went In To Michael!

Below are photos taken by Forest Lawn Flower Shop for us on June 25th. You can see the cards a little bit and on July 2nd, we’ll get to see the messages inside them:


Sprays & Cards


Cards for Michael June 25th, 2010


Flowers and Cards for Michael June 25th, 2010


One of the Beautiful Sprays


Lots of Beauty for Michael - One Year Anniversary

2 Responses to “June 25th – SEVENTH Delivery Photos!”

  1. Michelle says:

    Hi Sandy & Seven,

    Thank you so much for all that you do to include us in this weekly gift to Michael. You are angels walking upon this earth who took on the task of helping to heal the souls of the world! Our hearts have been shattered, but each week when we see the amazing flowers and cards and notes from all the fans all over the world something beautiful happens…..a tiny piece of our broken heart is mended. It gives all of us peace of mind to know that we can still make sure Micheal is being cared for and treated with the dignity and respect he is so deserving of.
    With each flower being sent by a fan in all different areas of the world, we are also making a global statement–that unity is possible and beautiful. We all work together for a common purpose, and the result is magnificent. We are Michael’s dream realized! He wanted to bring people together, and we are a living testament to his belief in a united world.

    Peace be with you, and everyone in the world who has found it in their heart to show the world that united we are stronger and better!

  2. Liz says:

    Wow, they look fabulous! I’m sure MJ would have appreciated the sentiment and all the work behind these beautiful arrangements.