Jul 03 2012

Happy Independence Day, Americans

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Such as it is, at best a shell of the word. While you may have gained independence from Great Britain in 1776, you have since given it away lock, stock, and barrel to the Great Corporations. Corporations rule and run your country and you are as dependent upon them as a newborn babe on it’s mother. While becoming so, you forgot about your real Mother, Earth, and gave your national independence away to the highest corporate bidder. It wasn’t a very wise direction for you to take, I must say. And look where it’s got you.

At least one man, Michael Jackson, had the wisdom and courage to ask the question: “What more can I give?” – rather than “What more can I GET?” or “What more can I TAKE?” like most corporations and sadly, your nation does. And its history shows that. Time and time again.

You destroyed that man, America. Your media and your legal and political system lynched an innocent man who only wanted to convince yourselves along with the rest of the world to take a look in the mirror to change the world for the better by bettering themselves first.

Instead of doing that, you (your corporate-owned, greed-driven media) made ammunition of all that you should despise about yourselves and aimed it at HIM. You shot the messenger instead of getting the message. Now, he’s dead and you are a failed nation because once again, in all your notorious arrogance – you would not listen. America, you couldn’t see yourselves in your own mirror even if you looked now because it’s covered in oil.

And still you haven’t learned. You destroyed a brilliant light. You destroyed a man that any other country might have been proud to call their son. You persecuted, ridiculed, belittled, and lynched him – and you allowed others to extort and abuse him without consequence to themselves.

Oh, so he was ‘different‘ and you didn’t understand him? That’s a reason to destroy someone? Because they’re different than your status quo and/or you do not understand them?

Where is the ‘freedom and independence‘ of a country that crucifies someone for being ‘different‘? A country which destroys, demonizes and dehumanizes anyone they don’t understand, because they don’t want to be bothered trying and it’s more profitable to just get rid of them for their resources, be it music or oil. That’s your history, America. Independence in such an immoral form doesn’t exist, though you guys try to make a nice pretense of it. A very thin pretense I might add.  It’s not sellable nor is it anything to be proud of.

As much as that hideous mess in your Gulf of Mexico and in your Yellowstone River right now, this is also a catastrophe and is borne of the same disease: greed. In the case of Michael Jackson’s demise, as the demise of the Gulf of Mexico and the Yellowstone River, you haven’t the self-awareness or honesty to recognize, acknowledge, or admit what a loss it truly is. Ignorance abounds thanks to your wholly corporate-owned media, which your laws allow to run rampant when they should not, and which your government muzzles when it should not. And every time it does, something or someone whose value cannot be measured in mere dollars is destroyed in favor of corporate profit.

There is a media blackout as I write this, assisted by the government – federal and local – regarding the Gulf of Mexico oil spill disaster and its continued disasterous effects. If there was a time when the media ought to have maximum voice, it’s now. If there was a time when the media’s voice should have been controlled and regulated by the tremendous responsibility which ought to come with the tremendous power of being able to shape public opinion, it was when Michael Jackson was alive, in regards to every slanted vicious lie told about him. And those lies are still being told about him because your media can still make money off of those lies. And still, as ever, they are not held accountable for their lies and the damage they’ve done and continue to do to the man’s legacy and family. If these predatory parasites can do this to Michael Jackson, who will they do it to next? You? Me? Your brother, mother, family?  If they can make a buck selling lies about you, they will. They’ll do it to anybody. And worse, they’ll get away with it because the almighty dollar rules.

Yes, American corporate-owned media helped send Michael Jackson to an early grave. The political and legal system in the United States, corrupt from top to bottom, also helped to send Michael Jackson to an early grave and there will be no justice hence for his murder either. Just like the concept of “independence” in America is non-existent, propped up by sheer propaganda and pretense, so is the the concept of “justice”. There is little of either in the United States of America, as nice as these concepts are.

When your media need to be heard for the benefit of the people, your government silences them. When the media need to be controlled and regulated for the benefit of the people, you allow them to destroy those same people and their world with bad and unethical reporting, without bounds or consequence. Seems a little backward to me. But then a lot about America does these days. When corporate profit rules, truth and morality go straight out the window. God” in the United States of America is the god-damned dollar bill.

Go where you may, search where you will, roam through all the monarchies and despotisms- of the Old World, travel through South America, search out every abuse, and when you have found the last, lay your facts by the side of the everyday practices of this nation, and you will say with me that, for revolting barbarity and shameless hypocrisy, America reigns without a rival.” -Frederick Douglass Independence Day Speech

Pray tell America, what brand of “independence” is this you’re celebrating? And what brand of morality is it which you so vehemently pretend to subscribe to? You are not One Nation Under God, indivisible, with liberty and justice for all“. That’s a cute and comforting phrase to teach the kids, but it’s not true and is hardly appropriate preparation for what they are going to have to face when they try to live and survive in this brutal country as adults. Because the truth is, America is one nation under Money, sorely divided, with liberty and justice for corporations and little for anyone else. Even our own “supreme court” (which has little credibility itself anymore and exists solely to protect corporations) has declared these predatory, parasitic, psychopathic entities “people“.

I spent thirty-three years and four months in active military service as a member of this country’s most agile military force, the Marine Corps. I served in all commissioned ranks from Second Lieutenant to Major-General. And during that period, I spent most of my time being a high class muscle-man for Big Business, for Wall Street and for the Bankers. In short, I was a racketeer, a gangster for capitalism.

I suspected I was just part of a racket at the time. Now I am sure of it. Like all the members of the military profession, I never had a thought of my own until I left the service. My mental faculties remained in suspended animation while I obeyed the orders of higher-ups. This is typical with everyone in the military service.

I helped make Mexico, especially Tampico, safe for American oil interests in 1914. I helped make Haiti and Cuba a decent place for the National City Bank boys to collect revenues in. I helped in the raping of half a dozen Central American republics for the benefits of Wall Street. The record of racketeering is long. I helped purify Nicaragua for the international banking house of Brown Brothers in 1909-1912. I brought light to the Dominican Republic for American sugar interests in 1916. In China I helped to see to it that Standard Oil went its way unmolested.

During those years, I had, as the boys in the back room would say, a swell racket. Looking back on it, I feel that I could have given Al Capone a few hints. The best he could do was to operate his racket in three districts. I operated on three continents.

-General Smedley Darlington Butler, 1933

I will not let you forget, America. I will not let you forget those you murder around the world for corporate and political domination, for corporate profit and hegemony. I will not let you forget about your theft of resources from this or other countries while indebting their desperate people to you for that theft. I will not let you forget the planet you are helping destroy because you refuse to lead the rest of the world in saving it, favoring the savior of corporate profits instead. I will not let you forget your modus operandi of disaster capitalism which plays out over and over again each time a national or international disaster strikes. I will not let you forget your past of enslaving black people. And I will never let you forget what you did to an innocent black man, Michael Jackson – one of the finest men who ever lived. A man who, because of unethical corporate propaganda and manipulation, because of an abusive and highly corrupt legal and political system, is unjustifiably reviled by too many of yours rather than being a source of pride that such a brilliant artist and human being ought to be to your country and to the world.

And this is through no fault of his own. You defined him (or allowed him to be defined) in false and negative terms and then lynched him based on that definition. Looking at the life, words, art, and actions of this man tells quite a different story however, about who he really was. Not that I expect this country to ever recognize or acknowledge that, or to even remember or care, considering your reputation where treatment of African-Americans is concerned, both past and present.

Let me ask you THIS America: If the likes of Michael Jackson, your Gulf of Mexico, your Yellowstone River, your Arctic National Wildlife Reserve, and millions of orphaned and starving children in the US and around the world are so disposable and expendable to your country as they evidently are, then what and who else is? The answer would have to be most everyone and everything: Myself. My family. And the families of whoever is reading this, as well. Any families. All families. Everywhere. How moral is that?

Would the “God” you so pretentiously pretend to worship, approve?

You might try for once, asking “What more can we GIVE?” – rather than “What more can we GET?” or “What more can we TAKE?“. You might try requiring the corporations which do business within and without your shores to do the same. You might try requiring your politicians to have the same attitude rather than just jockeying to acquire or save their political butts and collecting corporate dollars for their campaigns. You might try a Department of Peace instead of Department of War (Defense). You might just try doing something different instead of doing the same thing over and over and getting the same or worse results. Until you do so, you are a failed state and each failure is cumulative and therefore worse than the last.

You, America, are going straight to Hell (literally or figuratively speaking) and you have no one to blame but yourselves.

How many starving, homeless children live in the U.S.? How many are living in abject poverty? Why isn’t this reported on the news? Because they are expendable. What is your excuse for this, America?

How many orphans have you created in Iraq? Last count I’m aware of was 2010 and there were one million orphaned children there whose parents had been killed by the illegal U.S. invasion and occupation of that country. Most of them live in the street. And why isn’t this reported on the news? Because they are expendable. And for what have you done this? What could justify it?


Yes, Happy “Independence” Day America.

What you are independent of in the United States seems to be all the wrong things: a conscience, any sense of morality, any sense of your real Mother (Earth), any sense of wise, sensible, or compassionate leadership or any sense of caring for the people within your own shores much less anywhere else in the world. As for animals, the poor, children, the elderly … you know those old people dumped in the alleyways by your “health care” system like so much trash? All of them are expendable for corporate profit. Just like Michael Jackson was.

And you, America, let this happen. You are the architect of your own demise. Sorry I cannot be more encouraging to you on your day of celebration. If you want a sunnier sentiment, you’ll have to earn it by correcting some things – and I mean in a major way. Because at the moment, you are a major source of shame for your people. I know. I’m one of them. I do not align myself with either of what are purportedly two different political parties in this country, so do not try to categorize my sentiments within either of them. They won’t fit.

America, if you’re at all interested in changing anything that is wrong with your country, and there is plenty of it, you might start with listening to Michael Jackson’s music and studying his lyrics whilst keeping your televisions off, your noses out of tabloids and your earplugs firmly inserted when the likes of Diane Dimond, Maureene Orth, Andrea Peyser, Martin Bashir et al are defacating from their mouths. CLUE for Americans and everyone else who reads thisThe truth about Michael Jackson is in his music and his own words, not the profit-driven corporate media or the bogus claims of extortionists and hangers-on who are after money.

America, you cannot afford your own arrogance right now. The world cannot afford your arrogance right now. It never could.

You might try extricating your lives and minds from the corporate tit and reducing and regulating their control over your country and particularly your government. Because right now, they own you, top to bottom. Corporations. All of them. They own your government, your lives, your children, and your minds. You are not free. You are not independent. Because if you were, your Gulf of Mexico would still be clean and thriving, as would your Yellowstone River. What has happened there would have never happened due to proper and enforced regulations (see Norway), and we’d have clean energy by now owned and controlled by people and their communities — not greedy soulless corporations whom your highest court believes ought to be able to plunder and pillage the planet and the economy with utter impunity.

And yes, Michael Jackson would still be alive and his children would have their father.

Seems to me rather than celebrating a non-existent and quite pretentious “independence” in this land you stole from Native American Indians, in this country built by the torture and sweat of African-American slaves, and subsequently sold to the highest corporate bidder, you ought to instead be feverishly working to correct the problems that are preventing you from having any true independence as a nation – much less an independence you can be proud of on this or any other day.

Elizabeth Taylor, when asked if Michael Jackson would ever return to live in the United States again, replied: “Well really why should he? He’s been treated like dirt here.”  See around 3:09 in the video below. I wish Michael Jackson had never set foot again in this barbaric, ignorant country. Had he not, he’d likely still be alive today. It’s an absolute shame that Michael was shredded to death by American society, and also that the United States is too ignorant and too arrogant to even realize what it’s done – not only to Michael Jackson but also to itself – and by extension, the World.

The United States will never be independent of its own avarice, ignorance, and its own barbaric legacy for two reasons: 1) Myself and many others will not allow it to be forgotten; and 2) these things simply have repercussions in the future. America is busily lynching itself and is too stupid to even realize it.

Yes America, you have a lot of damage to both acknowledge and to undo. Meanwhile, your pretentious “dog and pony” show isn’t working. Have a nice day and enjoy your “Independence” (such as it is). When you get back off your holiday, you might want to do something about your country.

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Nov 07 2011

GUILTY: Post Verdict Reflection by Michael Jackson Fans & Advocates

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Conrad Murray is guilty. He has been remanded to custody with no bail, taken away in handcuffs, finally. Sentencing is November 29th, 2011. It is the 7th day of the month, the 7th week of trial, and GUILTY begins with “G”, the 7th letter of the alphabet. 7•7•7

Post Verdict Reflection by Michael Jackson Fans & Advocates

Today, the jury in the trial of The People v Conrad Murray returned a Guilty verdict.

In a statement sent to media outlets, we expressed our gratitude and appreciation to the jurors who put their lives on hold to serve their community, to DDA David Walgren and DDA Deborah Brazil for the outstanding case they presented, and to the honorable Judge Pastor, who ensured this trial – in the courtroom at least – did not echo the disgrace of 2005 and pander to a selective, hystericized media.

Even though this verdict can never compensate for the profound loss that Michael Jackson and his children – Prince, Paris and Blanket, family, friends and fans have suffered – and will continue to; what it does achieve is this:

It declares publicly, the undeniable truth that Conrad Murray’s actions and inconceivable omissions led directly to the death of a human being. It doesn’t matter whether that human
being was Michael Jackson or anyone else. Michael was a friend, brother, son and a father. He was a person. Yes, an unfeasibly famous one. But still a person.

In reaching this result, the court has recognized that something precious was taken – a life. A life that mattered and will always matter, not least because for so long that life was treated with so little regard and even less basic human decency.

Predictably, of course, now that the verdict has come in, there will be endless debates by media and the usual talking heads about whether it was the right one. Our position is that it is. But we recognise that there are wider questions.

This reflection talks about some of those questions and the implications of this trial.

Most of the public tuning into this trial were presented with a picture of Michael Jackson and the fans, that in reality has very little connection to fact. Michael Jackson was not the demanding, selfish ‘addict’ he was typically painted as by many in the media, and most of the fans were certainly not all dressing up in front of the courthouse as a small minority chose to. [Note: Most of the fans at the courthouse were actually not doing this either].

The truth, however, is rather different.

Most Michael Jackson fans are ordinary citizens with ordinary concerns and aspirations. Just like you; we have kids at college, are paying off mortgages, working in jobs we either love or tolerate, are studying for a better life – and just trying to live our lives the best way we can. The only difference between us and those who saw this trial as just another high profile ‘tragic tale’ – is that for us this trial was personal.

Personal, because for decades we have supported and loved Michael for the human being that he was. This was never about how great a performer he was, or how many records he sold or broke. This much delayed trial was about trying to get justice – albeit limited, for Michael, his family, and us – the fans.

This has now been achieved.

But what we also clearly saw in this trial, was the same disturbing distortion we witnessed in 1993, in the years in between, in 2003/5 – and since. Billed as the trial of the century by some, or at least in the running, it was Michael Jackson’s celebrity that stoked the interest of worldwide media in this case and underpinned their attempts to turn the trial of Conrad Murray into the second trial of Michael Jackson.

Whether or not that media accurately reflected or influence the opinions of ordinary people around the world cannot be calculated, but it is certainly no stretch to state it reflected and influenced some of it. The media’s unique role in directing the tone and content of national and international conversation about this trial, evidently reflected the relationship that existed – and still exists, between Michael Jackson and the media.

For over 40 years, approximately the same time he was thrust onto the world stage as a child star, Michael has occupied a complex place in world culture. Evolving from an adored child of America to powerful advocate for those he felt were overlooked and in need – Michael consistently used his profile and resources to help others.

Before any other modern celebrity and to an extent that hasn’t been equalled since, far from being the narcissist he was routinely painted as, Michael Jackson’s endorsement of organizations such as: – Make A Wish, the United Negro College Fund, his fundraising efforts for the Horn of Africa famine relief, his work in collecting funds to vaccinate over 5000 children in developing countries against childhood diseases, assisting the ‘Pajama project’ in providing books, toys and pajamas to children – not to mention Michael’s own organization’s Heal The World Foundation, work in Sarajevo, drug and alcohol abuse education in the USA, and work in raising funds for paedriatric AIDS research; Michael Jackson’s lasting and indisputable commitment to the alleviation of global suffering of our some of most vulnerable social groups stands as a peerless achievement.

Yet none of these achievements were mentioned in the day to day coverage by the media during this trial. With something exceeding glee, the public were blanketed 24/7 to re-cycled images and audio of a man at a critically life-threatening point in his life. Media coverage during the trial invariably misinformed American audiences with the opinions of invested tabloid reporters, miscellaneous talking heads, past employees, those who were once Michael’s friends (but no longer) – and more rarely actual friends.

The question of direct and immediate causality for Michael’s death was clearly answered by the court – but there is a wider one. Media focus during the trial understandably centered on Conrad Murray and Michael Jackson, but whose lens were we viewing that focus through? Whose voices were we hearing, reading and watching?

As renowned author, scholar and music critic Joseph Vogel in a recent seminal article ‘Am I the Beast You Visualized? The Cultural Abuse of Michael Jackson,’ pointedly wrote:

“We have heard the point made over and over these past few weeks: It is not Michael Jackson currently on trial; it is Dr. Conrad Murray. But, of course, we know the reality. This is the ‘Michael Jackson Death Trial’ . He is, as he always was, the main event, the tantalizing spectacle. It is Michael Jackson who is under the microscope as we pry, one more time, through his home, his medical records, his body.”

In the run-up to the trial of Conrad Murray, the media didn’t even attempt to deny the sensationalist nature of their interest. After the payload of 2005, this trial was, after all – the next best thing. In July of this year, respected journalist and media critic, Tim Rutten heavily criticized the increasing tabloid directionalism most networks and press outlets now unashamedly promote as valid news.

In his article ‘The Threat of Nancy Grace’, Rutten asked:

“Why does HLN, a sister channel of CNN, give Grace this sort of abusive license? The answer is simple: Ever since it abandoned its straightforward news cycle some years ago, the one-time Headline News has struggled to find an audience — and, of course, revenue. An unremitting focus on sensational criminal cases — most of them involving missing or dead white women or children — with Grace’s snarl at the center of the coverage has provided that audience. HLN’s saturation coverage of the Anthony trial doubled its daytime ratings and nearly tripled its share of the lucrative prime-time audience.”

Rutten also quoted Scott Safon’s on-record comments to the New York Times earlier this year when Safon – executive Vice President for CNN Worldwide and the man responsible for managing the domestic US television network HLN – said: “I want to replicate this [Anthony trial coverage] when the Conrad Murray trial starts.”

Rutten’s closing question in the same article, leaves no doubts as to his thoughts about the above statement by Safon: “Is Turner Broadcasting’s abuse of its power as a news organization through the biased coverage of criminal trials really any less a betrayal of public trust than the Murdoch tabloid scandal now underway in Britain? ”

Good question. Is it?

British media commentator and academic, Professor Brian Cathcart, who teaches Journalism at Kingston University, London, and founded the highly successful Hacked Off Campaign – an organization launched in the wake of the still on-going hacking scandal that continues to rock Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp organization on both sides of the pond – recently wrote damningly about the behavior of the UK’s Daily Mail newspaper in its coverage of British Actor, Hugh Grant.

In his article, ‘The Mail and Hugh Grant: flagrant intimidation’, Cathcart described how Grant, rehabilitated and now [pretty excellent, actually] media ethics activist, had been subjected to intrusive and personalized targeting by the Daily Mail, as a direct result of Grant’s public denouncements against media overstepping of individual’s Privacy rights and illegal trading in confidential information by specific outlets.

Cathcart wrote: “The Mail’s great broadside against Grant has nothing to do with morality and nothing to do with the perils of fatherhood outside wedlock. It is simply an act of intimidation. The actor has been a prominent critic of privacy intrusion by the press and the Mail has chosen to make an example of him.”

It is saying to any prominent person who challenges the press: if you speak out, this is what we will do to you. One of the most vivid insights into the culture of the old News of the World was a conversation from 2002 that happily was recorded for posterity. “That is what we do,” a news editor told a reporter, “we go out and destroy other people’s lives.”

The Mail plays the same game, and its technique in this case is willful distortion. Take three facts and from those facts derive a dozen assumptions, all of which fit your agenda. From those assumptions weave a narrative as demeaning as can be contrived, and then pile the outrage on top. Never mind that the same three facts could provide the foundation of five entirely different narratives, leading to entirely different perspectives on those involved.

This is horrifying and it is happening. Now.

Many public figures, those that dare to put their heads above the parapet to address what Cathcart calls the Daily Mail’s desperation “to blunt the message that the unregulated mass-circulation press – the press that gave us hacking, the McCann case, the Christopher Jefferies case and so many others – is a threat to the health of our society,” are now finding themselves subjected to similar invasive ’stories’ by certain outlets in the British press.

Tellingly, the reason why the hacking scandal grabbed then pummelled international headlines was because the now defunct News of the World newspaper didn’t limit its criminality to British Princes, celebrities and politicians. It went much further.

Nick Davies – the phenomenal, British, newspaper journalist at the Guardian newspaper, who had been tracking and reporting the evidence against the News of the World for over 4 years prior to the Milly Dowler breakthrough story – broke that shocking story to the world on July 4, 2011. Davies’s story revealed, harrowingly, how missing schoolgirl Milly’s Dowler’s family – desperately waiting for news of Milly – had thought she was still alive when the previously full in-box of voicemails on Milly’s mobile was suddenly able to receive voicemails.

Naturally, Milly’s family assumed Milly was deleting the old voicemails. Their hope and their joy was to be shortlived however. As it turned out, the person deleting voicemails left for Milly was Glenn Mulcaire, a private investigator employed, until very recently, by yet-to-be-determined, senior staff at the News of the World. The reason? To obtain the inside scoop on the Milly Dowler ‘story’ in order to publish and sell newspapers.

The British public were disgusted. One, because the abuse of Milly Dowler and her family’s privacy is, and will remain, a universally agreed low for journalism, but also, secondly, because they perceived it as involving an ‘ordinary person.’ One of them. This distinction between what is considered appropriate journalistic ethics in relation to an ‘ordinary’ individual or a ‘celebrity/public’ individual was made time and time again by commentators in, and by the media, over the weeks and months that followed the Milly Dowler story.

The truth, of course, is simpler. When it comes to damaging, false, explicit or any other serious matter; the things that hurt someone who is famous will equally hurt someone who is not. In fact, the fall-out is often more acute when the person (s) concerned is famous. If a person is considered too privileged or ‘lucky,’ the world will turn on their ‘missteps’ quicker than you can say Tiger Woods.

The distinction between the rights and wrongs of press intrusion into so-called ‘private’ and ‘public’ individuals is a baseless one. Apart from clearly stated instances of public interest, there is no justification for the kind of gross overstepping of media ethics the News of the World – and others – engaged in, and perhaps still do.

None of the above was news to Fleet Street – or Michael Jackson fans.

For years, we have watched helplessly while Michael was slowly dismembered and misrepresented by inflated, inaccurate incendiary stories that had no basis in fact. Word by word, headline by headline, the pressure on one human being was intolerable. Michael wrote about it, sang about it, talked about it. But no-one was listening. No-one but those close to him and us, the fans.

The reason Michael Jackson was treated this way? As always, the bottom line – money. Careers were made, air-time was filled, TV shows shlocked viewers and copy was sold. The reality is; that with few exceptions, if one looks at the media’s coverage over the past twenty plus years of not only the legal challenges Michael faced during his life but also typical news stories, there are relatively few examples of any serious attempt to inform and neutrally cover Michael’s life.

In death, it was no different.

Across-the-board media bombarded the public with stories from opportunists eager for their 15 minutes of fame. From would-be ‘I’m-the’real’daddy’ contenders, to ‘here-buy-my-book/DVD/tapes,’ to Maureen Orth on June 26, 2011, unbelievably telling then host at MSNBC’s Morning Joe program, Matt Lauer, that “I think this ending is great for Michael”, and “He would have wanted to go out this way,” to ‘exclusives’ from everyone and anyone that ever set eyes on Michael Jackson; the queue around the block for face-time by these characters was unprecedented, and inevitably – paid for by media outlets.

During Conrad Murray’s trial, in a million bars and workplaces around the world, from sofas and news-stands, advert screens at Times Square, New York and Piccadilly Circus, London – Michael’s life and death was autopsied by the very people that in an authentic, larger understanding of cause and effect played a critical role in exacerbating the context that would eventually bring June 25, 2009 into being.

This trial was yet another opportunity for the media to continue making money at the expense of Michael’s character – and the truth. For weeks we have watched and listened while the media ignored the clear facts of Michael Jackson’s autopsy and toxicology reports and the reality that he died from acute propofol intoxication, preferring to speculate about issues unrelated to the crucial events of June 25, 2009.

On a daily basis and almost uniformly, sweeping, assumptive judgements were made about Michael Jackson’s life and character by large sections of the media in order to draw eyeballs, ratings and clicks to their outlets. As a result, they painted a picture of Michael Jackson far removed from the reality of a man, in fact, being inadequately treated by the doctor paid to care for him.

It is a well documented fact, corroborated by numerous statements by both Michael Jackson and those who knew or treated him over the years, that Michael suffered from the nightmare of insomnia. It is also a fact that Conrad Murray’s choice to ignore rudimentary safety procedures when administering a demonstrably inappropriate drug to treat that condition led directly to Michael’s death.

While most of the media or independent commentators did not focus on these facts, there were exceptions. Beth Karas, Anthony McCartney, Linda Deutsch and the Associated Press, Law Med, Dr Barry Friedberg, Sky’s Michael McParland, Michael C. Barnes, Dr Patrick Treacy, Matt Semino, Thomas Mesereau, and those of Michael’s friends who spoke up for him – voices that avoided easy soundbites and paid attention to the facts Michael Jackson’s toxicology and autopsy reports established.

Mostly, however, lowest common denominators like TMZ, Harvey Levin, Bill Handel, Dr Drew, legal anachronism Brian Oxman, and the UK’s Kelvin Mackenzie and The Daily Mail chose to either deliberately or simply incompetently disregard those facts.

The misreporting of the circumstances surrounding Michael’s death began just hours after he died. Willful ignorance of the facts was typified by a story in Britain’s Sun newspaper on June 29, 2009, which quoted extensively from a fake autopsy report. The content of this bogus report was then replicated all over the world.

As well as referring to a “network of scars” on Michael’s face, which turned out not to exist, the Sun’s story spoke of a chest “wound” supposedly caused by recent skin cancer surgery. The Sun further claimed that the bridge of Michael’s nose had “vanished,” his nose had “caved in” on one side, and that he had cuts on his back and puncture marks all over his body. Each and every one of these claims would prove to be false.

In fact Coroner Dr. Christopher Rogers, testifying for the prosecution in Murray’s trial stated that Michael Jackson was “healthier than the average person his age.”

The toxicology report established that there was no Demerol in Michael Jackson’s system when he died. In addition, no evidence of Demerol withdrawal was feasibly proven by the defense at this trial. Yet this red herring was continually offered up as mitigation for Murray’s criminality by many in the media for one reason: generating controversial content in order to drive up ratings.

For years Michael Jackson said he had Vitiligo. An inhibitive and exposing condition for anyone – but even more so for a black man whose life was lived so publicly – how painful must it have been to be continually accused of ‘hating’ his own race when in fact the truth was anything but?

That Michael Jackson had the condition of vitiligo was established as a matter of record by the autopsy report of June 26, 2009.

With this verdict we hope that people around the world take a long, hard look at those responsible for informing them with accurate facts – and further, asks serious questions about the growing trend in high profile trials for lawyers to use PR teams to feed deliberately distracting stories to waiting outlets while juries have yet to be chosen.

We would like to be clear:

We welcome this verdict and applaud those who fought for it and awarded it; but it is not the whole story of how we arrived here.

Somewhere along the way that basic human right we all share – the right to be treated with dignity and decency and recognized as a thinking, feeling individual – was taken away from Michael Jackson. And while it was happening the only people raising the alarm were Michael’s family and friends and us – the fans.

In 1993, widespread checkbook-journalism incentivized a parade of disgruntled ex-employees and other dubious ‘sources’ selling their ‘eye-witness’ accounts on prime time.

In the subsequent trial of 2005, all of these ‘sources’ would prove to be utterly without credibility.

Over the next 18 years a coterie of singularly one-sided media commentators – namely Diane Dimond, Maureen Orth, Nancy Grace, Gloria Allred, Joy Behar, Bill O’Reilly and the rest – were given carte blanche to say and write whatever they wanted to about Michael Jackson without attention to fact or journalist ethics. The result? An industry that should – and did – know better, gave credence to the patently extortionate claims of 1993 and the maliciously motivated charges of 2003/5.

After Michael’s death those who actually knew him came forward to reveal the truth of who Michael Jackson was and who he had been all along. During the trial, America and the world heard for itself in an illicit recording made by Conrad Murray, the slurred but humanitarian intentions of a man who even in his lowest moment was thinking of others and what he could do to help them.

In the rush by many to diminish an exceptional man’s legacy and a lifetime spent giving, the secondary issue in this trial – the agony of long-term insomnia – has been forgotten. Michael Jackson died because of the profoundly egregious actions and inaction of Conrad Murray on June 25, 2009; but what about what was done to him for decades before?

Could any of us have lived Michael’s childhood, dealt with the competing demands of uber fame and the longing for normalcy, empathized on such a core level with children in need – while yet being so reviled, used and betrayed? Could any of us have stood it? Or would we too have been confused, frightened and in need of help? Is it any wonder that Michael Jackson suffered from insomnia?

Yet amid the frenzied speculation the one question no-one is asking is: Why?

It seems a media that was content to conscript public opinion and so effectively hystericize it to act as judge and jury when Jackson was being turned into an object of worldwide derision, is now reluctant to turn that same spotlight on itself. Where is the frank self-examination of that behavior? Behavior, which – if those who participated in it are honest – know was little more than legitimized abuse by an industry that refuses all attempts to regulate itself.

During this trial an implausible defense team overtly banking on the nearly 20 years of ignorance and embedded misinformation that many still believe about a proven, innocent man, asked America and opinion around the world to swallow the premise that Michael Jackson would actually pay a man to inadequately monitor him and provide a less than 25% chance that he would wake up and see his children again.

Thankfully, 12 men and women saw through this absurdity and handed down a verdict that reflected the facts and evidence presented by an outstanding prosecution team.

Meanwhile the one question the media is still refusing to ask; what brought a man who gave so much joy, art, and selfless example, to a place where his best-case scenario was nightly oblivion – remains unanswered and unexplored? Predictably, the echo chamber continues to rattle with the wrong questions, the prurient questions. The ones that go underneath a picture of a dead, naked man on a gurney.

Is Conrad Murray the cause of Michael Jackson’s death on June 25, 2009? Undeniably, and now legally, yes. But let us not forget what came before and those who share collusive responsibility for that.


What the world needs to read and watch:

Journalist Charles Thomson: One of the Most Shameful Episodes in Journalistic History

Joseph Vogel, author of  ‘Man in the Music: The Creative Life and work of Michael Jackson

Man Behind the Myth by Walking Moon Studios.

_ _ _

NOTE: By way of credit, readers should know I did not write this post-verdict reflection. I can’t say who did but rest assured the writer(s) are very loyal MJ fans and advocates who spent considerable time putting this beautiful article together in response to the verdict.


Nov 01 2011

Joe Vogel’s new book – Man in the Music – Worldwide Launch!

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Man in the Music

Man in the Music

After nearly five years of research and writing, Joe Vogel’s book is finally available!  And, the worldwide launch of Joe’s book coincides with the launch of a new website called ‘Pay Michael Forward‘, which exists to increase awareness of educational literature about Michael Jackson the artist … educational literature such as Joe’s book.

About his new book, Joe writes:

My goal for this book was simple: I wanted to write about Michael Jackson, the artist. When I started the book in 2005, nearly every book that had been written about Jackson focused on the controversies of his personal life and were often covered in very reductive, superficial ways. That was what publishers were willing to publish and that, they assumed, was what audiences wanted to read. Even Michael Jackson’s autobiography, Moonwalk, and collection of poems and reflections, Dancing the Dream, had gone out of print and could not be found in bookstores. I remember visiting my local Barnes & Noble in 2006. There were dozens of books on Bob Dylan, John Lennon and Kurt Cobain. But there was only one on Michael Jackson: Diane Dimond’s exposé, Be Careful Who You Love.

I wanted to change that.

Michael Jackson loved books. Throughout his life, he visited bookstores and came home with stacks. He loved to study and learn from the greats he admired, from Chaplin to Disney to Michelangelo. He aspired to be studied and appreciated in the same way, to be respected as an artist, not a tabloid oddity.

It is my hope that Man in the Music will be a book that does that for Michael Jackson. He deserves it. He is, after all, one of the most culturally significant and artistically unique artists of the past century.

We’ve seen enough tabloid-style books make the bestseller list. Perhaps there are enough of us interested in the “man in the music” to prove that a book of substance can do it too.

Copies of Man in the Music are now available at your local Barnes & Noble and Amazon.com. Please also check out the premier of a fan-organized effort I have endorsed called Pay Michael Forward to learn about contests, prizes and creative ways readers are sharing Man in the Music.

Thank you for your support!


Joe Vogel

Rev B Kaufmann of Inner Michael says:

What a marvelous idea—to “pay Michael forward.” It is time. In fact it’s long overdue—to elevate Michael Jackson and his musical legacy to its rightful place in history.

Rev. Kaufmann, author of Inner Michael and a frequent Huffington Post writer, reviewed “Man in the Music” and was so impressed that she joined the staff of “Pay Michael Forward.” She believes that if enough people order Joe’s book between November 1st and November 4th, the sales will push it to the top of the Amazon best seller list.

She says this will get their attention as the media sees the popularity of a positive musical biography rise and with the help of traffic on this site and readers‘ participation, we might even see Man in the Music on the New York Times best seller list.

Rev. Kaufmann is asking everyone here to go and purchase more books– perhaps another one for yourself, a couple more to give as Christmas gifts and one to donate to your local library so they have a positive book on Michael Jackson on their shelves.

Rev. Kaufmann is so excited about this book that she is hosting and sponsoring a contest with Pay Michael Forward and Man in the Music readers. Those who purchase 2 or more books in the November 1st – November 13th window will be eligible for prizes and will be entered into a drawing for the grand prize.


Due to a temporary glitch at Amazon and the losses sustained by that, the campaign to get “Man in the Music” onto bestseller lists has been extended to Midnight, Sunday, November 13.  The Amazon glitch is now fixed, so you may once again purchase Joe’s book from Amazon if you wish.

Man in the Music, an extraordinary work by Vogel—a man who pays meticulous attention to fact and detail, brings us the musical life of an inspired millennial genius who lived among us. Michael Jackson’s legacy, unjustly tarnished by a breathless eagerness to unleash darkness—courtesy of a twentieth century press gone mad—is polished once again in a glowing tribute to a man who not only changed the world, but united it in many ways.

Michael’s musical prowess shines throughout this rich and thoroughly researched chronicle of a music man who informed the culture of the twentieth century, marked the milestones of countless human lives, and brought hope and inspiration to an entire generation resigned to giving up on itself and on the world. Michael was singularly responsible for saving many lives of idealistic youth who considered suicide as an exit strategy from a world seen as cynical and hopeless by a whole generation.

Michael’s music soothed those who had become restless and disillusioned with the pseudo-puritanical mood of the twentieth century and its hypocrisy, its treatment of culture and celebrity, and its out-of-control hysteria and madness: tabloid journalism on steroids. The openly sardonic and mercenary press crucified this undeserving man while dissecting him and defining him as a mythical monster with no basis in fact.

Now, along comes the book Man in the Music to set the record straight and sound the final notes on the musical legacy of Michael Jackson. To intellectually honor a man whose music defined an era and a generation. It contrasts better than anything could, the hypocrisy of the industries that impacted the life of Jackson—the music industry, law enforcement and media.

In the midst of a misanthropic mind set created through illusion and sleight of hand via sleight of word, Joe Vogel brings light and truth to recorded history. Vogel reveals the wizardry that made the twentieth century’s song and dance man a legend in his own time and beyond his life in a world that didn’t understand or appreciate the artistic genius in its midst. Michael Jackson, conscripted and scripted as a twentieth century cultural mirror, is deliciously examined by an insightful academic and artist in his own right with the written word—Joseph Vogel.

About the contest:

Pay Michael Forward, Inner Michael, Voices Education Project will feature a contest and a push in sales for Joe’s book to push it to the number one spot on Amazon’s best seller list and then hopefully to the New York Times list.

Order two or more books and enter the contest by filling out the contest form on this page, at Inner Michael or at Voices. Using the link on the form will open another window where you may order books through the Voices Education Project link at Amazon and contributes a 5% commission to “Voices” who hosts the amazing “Words and Violence” curriculum dedicated to Michael Jackson and Lady Diana Spencer. PMF (Pay Michael Forward) encourages you to use that link as a win/win for everyone.

Order two or more books and become eligible for prizes:

Everyone who enters the contest will receive an invitation to a fireside chat via telephone and internet hosted by Rev. B at Inner Michael and featuring Joe Vogel and a surprise special guest. The date of the fireside chat is to be determined.

Winners will be determined by the number of books purchased; the grand prize winner will be determined by a drawing; and additional prizes will be awarded to those with the most creative ideas for how to promote the book Man in the Music and/or Pay Michael Forward, the website as judged by the PMF staff.

The First Place Winner will receive an additional signed copy of Man in the Music, a signed hardbound copy of Joe Vogel’s Earth Song and a giant poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Second Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song, a small poster “Everything I Ever Needed to Know I Learned from Michael Jackson” by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Third Place Winner will receive a signed copy of Earth Song and a T-shirt designed by Amy Grace. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

The Grand Prize winner will be determined by a drawing by Joe Vogel at a to-be-determined date filmed and presented on youtube. The winner will receive the Ultimate Collection by Michael Jackson, signed copies of Man in the Music and Earth Song. And of course—an invitation to the fireside chat.

Additional Prizes (signed copies of Joe’s book Earth Song) will be awarded to contestants who send in the most creative ideas of how to promote Joe Vogel’s books and the website Pay Michael Forward. Or, those who have already creatively promoted the books and website—tell us how you did it! The additional prize winners are judged and chosen by the PMF staff.

Good Luck and be sure to Pay Michael Forward!

Pay Michael Forward

Pay Michael Forward

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Sep 10 2011

Beware the sewage flying around on the internet(s)

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Septic Tank . . .

Septic Tank . . .

Yesterday we were all subjected to yet another media(loid) “expert” talking about Michael, or in this case, his fans. We’re not going to let this one slide without comment. At least I’m not.

If the media was interested in inviting experts to talk about MJ, the Murray case, MJ’s fans, they’d invite Aphrodite Jones, Patrick Treacy, Barry Friedberg, Joe Vogel, and Larry Nimmer,  rather than crackpots like Wendy Walsh.

Wendy Walsh is the “psychologist” who claimed fans believed Michael was their “savior” and that Murray was “satan” – and that MJ fans were living in a “fantasy” world. Here is the link to Wendy Walsh’s bubbleheaded babble:


The thought that Michael’s tragic death and the Murray trial is yet another horrible travesty of justice apparently doesn’t enter Walsh’s mind while she’s spouting her medialoid, medialoud, pseudo-science about MJ fans.

I don’t know of any MJ fans who believe Conrad Murray is “satan” – and I know a lot of MJ fans. I do know that quite a few of them believe Conrad Murray is a sociopath. It’s also interesting to note that Dr. Barry Friedberg has unequivocally stated that Murray is a sociopath. Wendy Walsh might spend some time talking on that subject but she won’t. Her employers would likely not allow it, just as they will not invite Dr. Barry Friedberg onto their shows to speak about anesthesia and propofol – about what Conrad Murray did wrong and how egregious it truly was. They also have not invited Dr. Patrick Treacy who was Michael’s primary physician in Ireland just a year or two before he died. Treacy said that Michael was in no way an addict or on any drugs while being treated by him. None of these ideas, facts, or stories from people with firsthand knowledge and expertise in their fields seem to make it into the establishment media because they don’t fit the portrayal of Michael that they want to bring to the public eye.

The caricature Walsh portrayed of Michael’s fans was not only lacking basis in fact but was strictly based on her personal opinion, or possibly what she knew she was expected to say about them by the network she works for. It was unprofessional, disrespectful, ignorant, and insensitive. Walsh is a primarily a “television personality“, not a psychologist. She may have psychologist credentials, but I cannot see a professional psychologist “diagnosing” or portraying an entire worldwide group of people (whom she’s certainly never met) in such a way.  Her comments tell us more about her than they do about Michael’s fans. It’s called psychological projection. Being a psychologist, I’m sure she is familiar with the term.

The requirement for the media’s version of an “expert” seems to be someone who will simply use their credentials to parrot the media’s negative caricature of Michael Jackson, and his fans. There are plenty such crackpots available and willing to be put on the air. Wendy Walsh is obviously one of them. Dr. Drew is obviously another.

Another piece of sewage that somehow escaped proper disposal in a septic tank is from UK tabloids and it has spread from there. That alone renders it questionable, in its intent or its implications. The piece has one objective: to portray Michael Jackson as guilty even though he was acquitted and to give the impression that even his family doubted his innocence and were planning to make him a fugitive if he was convicted.  Here is (one of) the specimens:


The thinking goes: “Well, if he wasn’t guilty, why would he flee if he had been convicted?” – and: “Look! Even his family doubted his innocence!” – and: “Jermaine is exposing his plans to make himself and Michael fugitives from the law!”  This is the impression that piece and others like it is intended to give the public. Even some fans have bought into it whilst missing the bigger story.

If we’re paying attention, reasoning and logistical thinking kicks in when presented with such stories because we’re so used to this type of media manipulation of public opinion in regards to Michael.  Reference: Diane Dimond and Martin Bashir among others (speaking of crackpots).

In the minds of the public, he was guilty regardless whether he had fled the country or not. Because that’s the storyline that has been fed to them by the media, who have made billions if not trillions off of manufactured Michael Jackson scandals in past couple of decades — and they’re still doing it. Big name. Easy target. Easy money. That’s what this is all about – keeping that storyline (and those profits and careers) pumped up. And the truth – or at least any mention that these stories are often logistically senseless? Well – that’s just not included.

I know that often, a person who is made a pariah by, or otherwise ousted from his/her own country for various reasons (not necessarily that they are a criminal) will flee that country and / or denounce their citizenship.

Is the Dalai Llama guilty because he fled Tibet? Of what his he guilty? Being too peaceful? Same as Michael I suppose. There’s a lot to be said about that.

According to Jermaine’s comments both in and outside of his book, as well as other Jackson family members, they did not doubt Michael’s innocence. They doubted the justice system and the possible outcome. Who could blame them when such a flimsy case had ever even made it into a courtroom on the wings of a vengeful, malicious, racist DA, and various self-serving media personalities and media entities out to build their careers and fortunes out of destroying a talented, wealthy, powerful entertainer with these scandals?

Here’s an interesting distinction in regards to these articles – Jermaine tweeted this today:

my book doesn’t say ‘if convicted” but thanku for demonstrating my point about those in media not interested in facts

So the tabloids did put their own “spin” on the story. The excerpt the tabloids based their story on is from Jermaine’s new book: “You Are Not Alone“, where Jermaine explains a plan to help Michael out of the country during (not after) the 2005 trial. Michael was not aware of these plans, and Jermaine did not say the plan was to be carried out only if Michael was convicted.

There’s a logistical issue with this story as presented by the media: If convicted, it would have been difficult if not impossible for Michael to flee, regardless Jermaine’s plans. Michael would likely have been taken into custody immediately. Also, his passport had been seized by authorities until the trial was over. If convicted, he’d be unlikely to have gotten his passport back and thus could not have gone out of the country. So in that regard the story also makes no sense given the limited context it has been presented in. The tabloids then put their own spin on it which made it even more senseless.

Tom Mesereau and Jermaine have said the same thing I’ve written here on the subject: that is that there would have been no way Michael could flee if convicted even if he planned to (which he did not as he was unaware of Jermaine’s plans). The story Jermaine relates is to illustrate how unfair he thought the system had been to Michael and how desperate he was to save his brother from wrongly being persecuted and to save him from certain death in prison if things began to turn against them in the trialbefore any verdict was decided.

It’s a story of desperation – with good reason behind it. That good reason is completely lost in the focus on Jermaine’s plans and the spin the media placed on them.

The media has taken this one paragraph from his book and micro-focused on that, leaving out the rest of the story (and any nuance along with it) and further twisted it for the purposes of sensationalism. Fans who dislike Jermaine have taken that twisted version and used it as a further excuse to lambaste him.

I can understand fully his desire to take his brother from a situation in which he might be wrongly convicted of something he didn’t do. He explains this in his book and interviews. The REAL crime – was committed against Michael Jackson. Many of us know that. That’s what Jermaine expresses and that is the bigger story that is being completely ignored here in favor of simply focusing on Jermaine’s plans as twisted by the media.

And as it turns out Michael did flee to Bahrain – legally. Because he didn’t want to be in a country where he was constantly targeted. Tom Mesereau told Michael he should go after he was acquitted for that very reason – because he would continue to be targeted in the U.S..

When he finally returned – he was murdered. Lambaste Jermaine Jackson if you want but Jermaine isn’t the problem here! It’s bigger than him.

I can understand Jermaine being very emotionally honest in his book about his concern for his brother and his desperation to help save him at the time – but unfortunately emotional honesty sometimes causes trouble – especially when the media gets hold of the story and twists it for sensationalism. It shouldn’t happen, but it does. How many times has the same happened to Michael, that his emotional honesty got him into trouble and he was completely misunderstood as relates to a bigger picture? Didn’t we empathize with him anyway? Didn’t we want others to empathize with him anyway? Of course we did. Then, can we not afford the same consideration to his brother when he is being honest? If not, we are hypocrites.

The whole world needs to grow up and think – preferably about someone besides themselves. Else, what is it that the media and fans who need a reason to dislike Jermaine Jackson are trying to make people believe – while the bigger story about the horrific injustices against Michael and the numerous violations of his civil rights goes ignored?  I think it’s pretty obvious.  If you’re a Michael Jackson fan, you might need to examine why you have gotten sucked into this distraction.

© Seven Bowie, 2011


Aug 31 2011

The media’s apparent refusal to speak to experts regarding the Conrad Murray trial

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Media bias?

Media bias?

During the past week or two, there has been an effort on behalf of a few people to have Dr. Patrick Treacy and Dr. Barry L. Friedberg on the Dr. Drew show. We have contacted Dr. Drew’s PR people, who referred us to booking personnel at CNN/Turner. I acquired the contact info for those responsible for booking guests on the Dr. Drew show and sent them a respectful email asking that they invite these two doctors onto the show, and explaining in detail why I think they’d be excellent guests at this time. I received a pleasant, positive response from Ms. Cameron Baird simply thanking me and stating that she would contact these doctors.

Why the Dr. Drew show? Simply because that show was one of the first out the gate recently with many guests on to speak about the Murray trial. Those guests though, with all due respect, are not those who were around Michael for significant amounts of time in very recent years prior to his death. They were not experts in the field of anesthesia (propofol is an anesthetic and that is what killed Michael), and/or not doctors who treated Michael directly and who have first-hand experience in doing so. Drs. Treacy and Friedberg both have some or all of these qualifications. Yet thus far they have not been invited on to the show.

We are also aware that recently, ‘In Session‘/HLN had scheduled Joe Vogel to be on their show but then rather suddenly pulled him and instead chose to have Diane Dimond on. Vogel is the author of a soon-to-be-released book and an expert on Michael Jackson’s creative legacy.

Dr. Drew, and in some cases his guests, seem very interested in presenting one particular angle or point of view regarding the Murray trial and Michael Jackson. That seems to be the angle that Michael was a drug addict, eccentric, demanding, and that he had no nose and bleached his skin. I’m not sure what the latter two items have to do with the Conrad Murray trial but Dr. Drew discussed these on his program.

Dr. Patrick Treacy treated Michael himself for vitiligo and he has affirmed that Michael did indeed have this disease, as does the autopsy. Karen Faye, Michael’s make-up artist for most of his life, has said unequivocally that Michael had a normal nose, not a “prosthetic” one. These are tabloid rumors that have long-since been debunked, so it is disappointing to hear them repeated by a doctor on television who almost certainly knows better, but that is a separate issue.

What is mainly of concern here is that there are other perspectives or points of view regarding the Murray trial – from those who are experts and who have first-hand knowledge of having treated Michael medically in recent years before his death. For instance Dr. Patrick Treacy’s experience with Michael was that he was no addict at all and never asked for, nor was he prescribed any drugs while Dr. Treacy treated him for the 6-8 months Michael lived in Ireland in 2006-2007. Also, Dr. Treacy has stated that no drugs were seen in Michael’s home while there and that Michael refused any anesthesia for any procedures without a qualified anesthetist present. Further, Michael never asked for anesthesia or any drugs outside of legitimate medical procedures.

Dr. Barry L. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist. He contends that Conrad Murray was very reckless in his treatment of Michael and claimed that “The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute.“. Dr. Friedberg has also said that since Conrad Murray has publicly admitted giving Michael propofol and then abandoning his patient, that he is not entitled to a presumption of innocence.

Both of these doctors have very different opinions and perspectives about the Murray trial than Dr. Drew or his other guests thus far. In order to provide the public with  balanced knowledge and varied perspectives on the case, it is puzzling that these doctors have not also been invited onto the show, though. Are guests with certain perspectives deliberately being shut out and avoided by the media and in particular, Dr. Drew/HLN?

Below is the letter (email) I sent to Ms. Cameron Baird on August 23rd regarding inviting Dr. Treacy and/or Dr. Friedberg onto the show:

Hi Cameron,

My name is Seven. I was given your name by Maria Ebrahmji at CNN.

Myself and my fellow writers have been watching the publicity surrounding the Conrad Murray case with great interest and admittedly a great deal of consternation. The reason for this is that one of my fellow writers, Deborah Kunesh, as well as myself, have had the opportunity to interview Dr. Patrick Treacy, who personally treated Michael Jackson in Ireland in 2006-2007, as well as many other people who were around Jackson during his life, and in the period before his death. Dr. Treacy is a highly-respected cosmetic surgeon and humanitarian from Ireland.

I would like to suggest that you invite Dr. Treacy on the Dr. Drew show as I feel he has some very important information to share about Mr. Jackson that the public needs to know, especially with the upcoming trial of Dr. Conrad Murray next month. With Dr. Drew having covered addiction issues so thoroughly in his shows, this might be of much interest to viewers at this time, and a good forum to help get another perspective out there. I hope you will consider it.

Dr. Treacy was interviewed on a radio show where he shared how Michael Jackson had never asked him for any kinds of drugs or medications during the course of their doctor/patient relationship. He never saw any drugs in Jackson’s Ireland home and to his knowledge, he was the only physician treating Mr. Jackson during his stay in Ireland.

Dr. Treacy also has emphatically stated that during the time he treated Mr. Jackson, that Mr. Jackson refused to be put under for any type of procedure with any drug (propofol, for instance, which Dr. Treacy mentions that he used on Mr. Jackson during a procedure) without a qualified anesthetist present. This is very important information that the public should hear because the opposite impression is being given by much of the media, and it would be coming from a doctor who treated Jackson personally.

Here are links to some interviews that Dr. Treacy did recently in regards to this matter:

The below is an interview Dr. Treacy did along with Ms. Deborah Kunesh:

And, the following is a very important (but heretofore censored) interview that was done with New York Times award-winning journalist Aphrodite Jones where Dr. Treacy speaks on this issue:

I would also suggest that you may want to consider having Dr. Barry L. Friedberg, author of “Getting Over Going Under” on your show. Dr. Friedberg is a board-certified anesthesiologist for 30 years. Since propofol is an anesthetic, he has had some very interesting comments about Jackson’s death. In his book, Dr. Friedberg very clearly states that he feels that Dr. Murray was very irresponsible and that Michael’s death was a predictable, avoidable tragedy. He thoroughly explains the use of propofol and also explains how the different benzodiazapines given to Jackson prior to the propofol enhanced the respiratory depressing effect of the propofol, almost assuring that Jackson would stop breathing and, since no resuscitation was available – that he would die. He explains how Murray’s claim of trying to “wean” Mr. Jackson off of his propofol “addiction” was a statement based in fallacy since propofol is not physically addictive. You can view the pages of that particular chapter of Dr. Friedberg’s book below:


We have also been in touch with Dr. Drew’s PR person, Valerie Allen, in regards to inviting Drs. Treacy and Friedberg on Dr. Drew’s HLN show. They indicated that they would speak with the CNN producers about the matter.

Should you choose to invite these two fine doctors onto Dr. Drew’s show, you can contact them via the following:

You can reach Dr. Treacy in Ireland at +0000000000 (NOTE: I’ve omitted Dr. Treacy’s phone here for privacy)

You can reach Dr. Barry Friedberg at one of his California offices:

3535 E Coast Hwy
Corona Del Mar, CA 92625
(949) 380-0828

Another of his offices:

City Tower
101 The City Dr S Ste 2150
Orange, CA 92868
(714) 456-5501

Here is Dr. Friedberg’s website:

I realize that this is a lot of information, and so I thank you very much for your time and consideration. If there is someone else we should contact regarding this matter, please advise.

Best Regards,


This letter was sent one week ago and thus far, Dr. Treacy has not heard from Ms. Baird, nor has Dr. Friedberg. During this past week though, they did cancel Joe Vogel‘s appearance on ‘In Session‘/HLN and replace him with Diane Dimond.

What does it tell us when certain very qualified and knowledgeable guests such as Dr. Treacy and Dr. Friedberg are apparently excluded from being invited onto Dr. Drew/HLN, while others with lesser expertise and lesser (or no) first-hand experience regarding this case are welcomed? It seems to tell us that coverage of more than one particular perspective on the Murray trial – at least by the Dr. Drew show – is intentionally being avoided. And because millions obtain their information from shows such as this on many issues, that should concern us all, no matter which perspective we agree with, because we’re not getting the whole story and therefore we’re also not getting the truth.

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