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“They Covered Up a Lot”

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Michael and Jermaine Jackson

No, it wasn’t OK. I’m not going to pretend that it was. I never have and I never will.

People just weren’t allowed to say anything. They had them on ‘lockdown‘, including Michael. We’ve heard about that from multiple quarters. The film (This Is It), created by camera people hired and using equipment purchased by AEG, was not Michael’s and not Michael’s idea. Yes he would typically film rehearsals and performances so he could watch them later and improve his work. But this time it wasn’t his people or his cameras. What we heard from Kenny Ortega and Randy Phillips during rehearsals compared with what we heard later, particularly from Kenny Ortega in the courtroom during the Murray trial, should have told anyone listening that no, it wasn’t OK and no, they didn’t “have it under control“. Nowhere near it.

Who hired Conrad Murray? It really doesn’t matter who hired Murray. What matters is that Michael needed to sleep and no one around him cared if or how he did it. Including Conrad Murray, obviously. And that was the problem. It doesn’t matter because between Tohme Tohme and AEG, there was no way Michael’s family or anyone else who would listen to him or could help would be allowed near him, no matter what was going on. And Michael himself certainly didn’t want anyone else to know he was using propofol to sleep, either.

I constantly hear: “Well why didn’t so-and-so “do anything” when they were there in rehearsals and saw what was going on?”  But in my own opinion, dancers, make-up artists and the like had neither the responsibility or the authority to “do anything” other than alert those in charge. And they did. And they were told it was “under control“. The next thing we all knew Michael was gone.

I don’t blame Michael’s family. I don’t blame the dancers, his make-up artists, his security detail, or his costumers. I put the blame squarely on the shoulders of those who negotiated that contract with AEG and those were in charge of that production. They know who they are. Anyone who gave a damn about anything besides themselves, the show and profits; anyone who could help Michael was flatly denied access. That’s the way they wanted it. It was as if he was some stolen crown jewel being guarded by hungry lions belonging to the thieves. No one could get near him to return him to anyone who cared for him.

If you haven’t read Jermaine Jackson’s book, I highly recommend it. I also highly recommend LaToya’s book. I recommend these because they are written by his own brother and sister and whether you like it or not, no one knew Michael better than his own family. They know his childhood and the history of his adolescence and young adulthood better than anyone else. They were there most of this time, unlike the media and various unscrupulous authors. These are authentic keys to who Michael was as a person. Jermaine’s book in particular lovingly puts truth to much if not all of the media lies about Michael. It is truly a treasure. Even knowing that the media’s claims were not true  (I didn’t need proof of that myself), I still felt that I knew Michael much better after reading Jermaine’s book.

I know Jermaine, Michael and LaToya have had issues in the past. However, it is my own belief that these issues were put behind them long before Michael died. It is my belief that Michael forgave them and that all was settled. And if that was good enough for Michael, it’s good enough for me. I won’t discount some of these books based on grudges against this family when they are valuable snapshots of who Michael was — snapshots that no one other than his own family can provide. They’re important books if you want to know Michael.

I bring up Jermaine because if you haven’t read and listened to the following interview yet, you must. It was inexplicably dropped by the Huffington Post back in September 2011. They simply never published it and apparently gave no reason whatsoever. This was during the controversy that the media created surrounding Jermaine’s book wherein they typically misquoted what he had written  about the 2005 trial. The planned tribute concert in Cardiff had caused a rift in the Jackson family at that time, and the Conrad Murray trial was about to start in mere days. Charles Thomson’s interview with Jermaine provides a glimpse into his state of mind at the time. Now, five months later, we can finally read and hear it.  I think this interview and Jermaine’s book are very important for anyone seeking the truth about Michael, the media, and how Michael was treated during his life and particularly just before his death by the media and others around him.  Some excerpts and audio from the interview follow:

The assumption by many that they know more about Michael than his own family is a bug-bear of Jermaine’s. This attitude, he says, is the result of a decades-long battle against inaccurate media coverage. “This would become a recurring theme for the family,” he writes in the book, “a showdown of fact versus perception – and fact would always be the underdog.”

. . .

The book has been mired in controversy. As Jermaine flew to London, a storm was brewing over a portion of his prologue. Writing about his brother’s 2005 child molestation trial, Jermaine wrote that he was paranoid Michael would fall victim to a terrible injustice, so he hatched a secret escape plan. He arranged for a private jet to be on standby at the nearest airport, ready to whisk his brother to Bahrain if things looked bleak.

But many journalists, apparently too lazy even to read Jermaine’s nine-page prologue before writing about it, got it monumentally wrong. It all started when one story misquoted the prologue and said the Jackson family had planned to spirit Michael away to the Middle East after he was convicted. Copy-and-paste journalism took hold and the story was replicated hundreds of times by newspapers and websites including the New York Post, NY Daily News, Denver Post and Washington Times. Even the Press Association got it wrong.

The nonsensical story made Jermaine’s book look like a work of fiction, a situation worsened when Michael’s 2005 defense attorney Thomas Mesereau publicly blasted the claim.

“One of the reasons I wrote the book was so that my words would stand for themselves, in context,” says Jermaine. “But even in the newspapers’ coverage of my book my words were misreported. There was never a plan to get Michael out of the country ‘if convicted’. Thomas Mesereau had to issue a denial based on something that wasn’t true in the first place. That one change of context showed how one inaccuracy can snowball and how myths are made. I sat back and thought ‘This is what Michael faced all the time’.”

Read more here: http://www.orchardtimes.com/exclusive-jermaine-jackson-interview, and listen to the audio below and more on Charles Thomson’s YouTube Channel.

There are others who are to blame for making Michael Jackson’s life a living Hell before he died. And much of what they did and the reasons they did it are rooted in the same ages-old greed, lust for power and racism that drove Hitler and his Ministry of Propaganda against the Jews – and against black people. This brand of putrid racism still exists today. Far from being anti-semitic, Michael understood all too well the persecution of the Jewish people because he felt so much of it himself during his own lifetime.

Besides being a musical genius, Michael was a revolutionary. He was also one of the biggest forgotten humanitarians of all time. But both his creative and humanitarian work has been successfully buried beneath negative propaganda and innuendo that would astonish Hitler and Goebbels, the forefathers of these tactics. There are various reasons for this. He bucked the system from the get-go. His artistic brilliance enabled him to succeed in spite of an aborted childhood, an abusive father and physical and emotional neglect. As an adult he asserted his freedom, both legal and creative. He was wildly successful, making himself a millionaire before the age of 30. He broke the white establishment’s rules and their records left and right, and then he broke his own records. And yet he was black. Even after he ‘turned white‘ from vitiligo, he was still black. And while that confused and confounded others about who Michael Jackson was and they subsequently projected that confusion onto him — Michael himself was never confused about his own identity.

He fought back against the persecution brought against him for not forcing himself into society’s box – the one pre-made for him when he was born poor and black. See, he was supposed to stay that way. But he didn’t.

He didn’t fight back with guns, violence, crime, or political movements but rather with his music, film, dance, and countless humanitarian efforts. He knew these had more power and were much more inclusive. He rebelled and while the propaganda machine used every weapon in its arsenal to distract everyone from his messages and they were mostly successful — some of us still heard it. Some of us understood it. And we understood the reasons behind it. Many of us experienced the same kinds of persecution in our own lives albiet on a smaller scale. We could relate!

If the rest of the world had any clue, it should be ashamed. Michael’s premature death from the human rights abuses he incessantly suffered right up to his very last breath are an indelible bloodstain humanity will bear on its face forever. Anyone who has any interest whatsoever in changing humanity can start by learning what this man’s music was really all about, particularly the most discounted, despised and criticized of it – that he created after he became hugely famous with ‘Thriller‘.

There’s a lot that too many people don’t know about Michael Jackson. And they need to know. Humanity will not change until and unless it can first face its mistakes,its ignorance, its gullible penchant for unquestioningly swallowing propaganda wholesale – and the shame that should rightly come along with all of that. And until it can finally see beyond this to the strength and beauty it daily disses in this world – not just in Michael Jackson but in itself – in all of humanity. The first step is to take the blinders off and start looking beyond the lies we’re being fed every day.

Michael saw it, that strength and beauty. He believed in it. He believed in himself and he believed in the rest of us. Even after he was so badly betrayed by so many people. As jacked as it sounds, the whole system sucks. But it doesn’t have to. Don’t keep these things in an echo chamber. Share them with everyone. There are many eyes to open, much shame to be reconciled, and much beauty to see – everywhere. But we have to expose the ugliness first in order to clear the view.

The videos below were created by the Michael Jackson Academia Project. Their channel on YouTube: http://www.youtube.com/user/TheMJAcademiaProject

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Oct 03 2011

Some thoughts on the first week of the Conrad Murray trial

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Hmm . . .

Hmm . . .

I have a few thoughts to share about the first week of the Conrad Murray trial. There has been not one day of this trial thus far that didn’t feature something shocking, heartbreaking, or just plain disgusting. I am not going to give a detailed analysis of each witness but rather just share some thoughts about various aspects of the week’s proceedings.

If you want a detailed and well-done transcription of each day’s proceedings and each witness’s answers to examination by the prosecution and cross-examination by the defense, you can find those at MJJ Community.

Keep in mind that the prosecution will present their witnesses first, subject to cross-examination by the defense. Later in the trial, the defense will present their own witnesses subject to cross-examination by the prosecution. A partial list of witnesses the prosecution may to call to testify (or have called since we’ve gone through day 4 of the trial at this point) follows below. Witnesses who have already testified may be re-called to testify further during the trial.

I say ‘partial list‘ because the name “Bob Johnson” is not on this list. He was called on Day 3 (Thursday). Bob Johnson is Director of Regulatory Affairs Clinical Research and Quality Assurance at Nonin Medical. He was called to discuss various models of pulse and blood oxygen monitoring equipment. Also, “Kathy Jorrie” is not on this list. She testified on Day 2 (Wednesday). Kathy Jorrie is a lawyer with Luce, Forward, Hamilton, Scripps and is in charge of their LA office. She was contracted by AEG to draft a contract for services involving Conrad Murray and MJ. She began drafting contract in May-June timeframe after being contacted by Tim Wooley of AEG. That contract was never signed by Michael or AEG.

1. Kenneth “Kenny” Ortega – Director/choreographer who was helping to direct Jackson’s upcoming “This Is It” world tour

2. Paul Gongaware – AEG Live CEO

3. Michael Williams – Michael Jackson’s Personal Assistant

4. Faheem Muhammad – Head of Michael Jackson’s security detail

5. Alberto Alvarez – Michael Jackson’s director of logistics

6. Kai Chase – Michael Jackson’s personal chef

7. Richard Senneff – Los Angeles fire fighter/paramedic

8. Martin Blount – Los Angeles fire fighter/paramedic

9. Harry Daliwal – Regional retail sales manager with AT&T, retrieved text
messages from Murray’s phone

10. Jeff Strohn – Records custodian for Sprint/Nextel

11. Dr. Richelle Cooper – Physician who was working at the UCLA Medical
Center emergency room the day Michael Jackson was brought in

12. Dr. Thao Nguyen – Cardiology fellow at UCLA, she was present in the
emergency room when Jackson was brought in

13. Dan Myers – Senior Homicide Detective with the LAPD

14. Sade Anding – Houston cocktail waitress who dated Conrad Murray, she
was on the phone with Murray when Michael Jackson went into distress

15. Bridgette Morgan – Friend of Conrad Murray, she called him 30 minutes
before Jackson went into distress

16. Nicole Alvarez – Actress and ex-girlfriend of Conrad Murray, with whom
he had a child in April 2009

17. Elissa Fleak – Investigator for the Los Angeles County Coroner

18. Stephen Marx – DEA computer forensics examiner

19. Tim Lopez – Pharmacist, testified Conrad Murray purchased several drugs including propofol

20. Jaime Lintemoot – Senior Criminalist for the Los Angeles County Coroner

21. Orlando Martinez – LAPD Detective

22. Dr. Christopher Rogers – Forensic pathologist with the L.A. County
Coroner’s Office

23. Dr. Richard Ruffalo – Anesthesiologist and clinical pharmacologist

Day 1 of opening arguments started out being emotionally devastating. Besides playing a May 10th recording of Michael found on Murray’s iPhone in which Michael was obviously very sedated, a macabre photo of Michael deceased and lying on a gurney was presented by the prosecution to the court. I understand the value of this image and this recording to the prosecution’s case but it was nonetheless very hard for fans and certainly Michael’s family to see this image and to hear Michael in that condition. This recording is not the last one we’ll hear, the prosecution tells us, and some reports are that there are many more recordings like this. Why would Conrad Murray record a patient in this condition? Worse, why would he do it multiple times? We can guess that Murray intended to sell these recordings to the media. Or, that he intended to use them for blackmail purposes in case Michael fired him or for some other reason if things weren’t going well. Perhaps he wanted material for a book he was planning to write or for a film he was planning to do. Over the years many people have unethically obtained photos or recordings of Michael and sold them to the media for tidy sums of money. Else, what other reason would a doctor make such a recording of a patient? If this is legal, it certainly is not ethical.

If this doctor was medicating Michael this heavily, how are we to believe he was attempting to “wean” him off of anything, as he claimed? Further, how are we to believe that Murray thought it was good practice to continue to medicate Michael in this fashion for weeks, insisting to all and sundry that he was “in great shape and perfectly OK”, as more than one witness in testimony this week stated? Clearly that was not the case — and it was not the case because of Conrad Murray. Prosecutor David Walgren stated in opening statements that this shows that Murray knew the effect of his treatment on Michael, yet continued to order propofol in very large quantities, sent to his girlfriend’s home.

Michael said:

We have to be phenomenal. When people leave this show, when people leave my show, I want them to say, “I’ve never seen anything like this in my life.

Go. Go. I’ve never seen nothing like this. Go. It’s amazing. He’s the greatest entertainer in the world. I’m taking that money, a million children, children’s hospital, the biggest in the world, Michael Jackson’s Children’s Hospital.

It’s important to note that even in this sedated condition, Michael Jackson’s primary thoughts were still of others – of building a hospital for children. I hope that the public doesn’t miss this point when considering this heartbreaking recording. There can be no doubt that in Michael Jackson’s heart and soul, he was always about helping others and that the ability to do so was what drove him to be the successful entertainer that he was. Remember that he once told an upset Frank DiLeo during a hospital visit with very sick and possibly terminally ill children: “This is why we do this. It’s not about the stage, it’s about helping others, making them feel good.”  This is what Michael lived – and died for.

On Tuesday (Day 1), Kenny Ortega testified that on June 19th, 2009, Michael was threatened that if he didn’t start showing up at rehearsals, they would cancel the shows. The same has been stated by Michael’s brothers Randy (in a television interview on CNN) and Jermaine (in his book, which I just finished reading tonight). In Jermaine’s book he writes that Ortega saw something on the last day of rehearsals at The Forum on June 19th that greatly concerned him. That would have been that Ortega saw Michael in a state he desccribed as “chilled, lost and a little incoherent“. Ortega states he gave MJ some food, wrapped him in blankets and gave him a heater. Michael, according to Ortega, asked him if he could sit and watch the performance, with Travis Payne filling in for MJ. Ortega agreed. Ortega emphasizes that he’d never seen MJ like that, and that he suggested Michael go home.

Then, on June 20th, Ortega is asked to go to MJ’s house for a meeting with Randy Phillips, Frank Dileo, Conrad Murray and MJ. The topic is that Murray is upset that Ortega sent Michael home on the 19th. Murray tells Ortega that he should stop being an amateur doctor, and leave that to Murray. Ortega clarifies that he did not make the decision to send Michael home on the rehearsal date 6/19, it was a mutual decision between Ortega and MJ. Ortega states that Murray’s demeanor is stern.

On June 21st, Ortega sent Randy Phillips a letter which read:


I will do whatever I can to be of help with this situation. If you need me to come to the house, just give me a call in the morning. My concern is now that we’ve brought the doctor into the fold and have played the tough love, now or never card is that the artist may be unable to rise to the occasion due to real emotional stuff. He appeared quite weak and fatigued this evening. He had a terrible case of the chills, was trembling, rambling and obsessing. Everything in me says he should be psychologically evaluated. If we have any chance at all to get him back in the light. It’s going to take a strong therapist to help him through this as well as immediate physical nurturing. I was told by our chereographer that during the artists costume fitting with his designer tonight they noticed he’s lost more weight. As far as i can tell there is no one taking care responsibility (caring for) for him on a daily basis. Where was his assistant tonight? Tonight I was feeding him, wrapping him in blankets to warm his chills, massaging his feet to calm him and calling his doctor. There were four security guards outside his door, but no one offering him a cup of hot tea. Finally it’s important for everyone to know , I believe that he really wants this. I twould shatter him, Break his heart if we pulled the plug. He’s terribly frightened it’s all going to go away. He asked me repeatedly tonight if i was going to leave him. He was practically begging for my confidence. It broke my heart. He was like a lost boy. There still may be a chance he can rise to the occasion if we get him the help he needs.


Letter Kenny Ortega wrote to Randy Phillips of AEG on June 20th, 2009

Letter Kenny Ortega wrote to Randy Phillips of AEG on June 20th, 2009

Given this information, I have the same question on my mind that Jermaine and many others have on theirs: How is it that when so many others noticed there was a problem, that Michael was losing a lot of weight, was incoherent at times, was unable to perform, that AEG did not notice this? And why in God’s name were these shows not canceled? I realize that Michael may not have not wanted them canceled. This would have meant he would lose everything. I wrote about this previously when I illustrated how AEG had Michael in financial bondage. And it’s true. They did. The way the contract reads, AEG would have taken his home (which they were paying the rent on), his children’s tutors (whom they were paying), and the most valuable thing he owned – his music catalog (his half of the Sony/ATV catalog) in order to extract the cost of the advances they’d put forth for these shows and for their financial loss due to their cancelation. I was truly a “do or die” situation for Michael. And unfortunately, the latter is what occurred.

But, had these shows been canceled given the obvious signs that Michael was in no physical or psychological condition to complete them, he might still be alive today. Was the Sony/ATV catalog worth his life? That is a key question — and it seems it has been for quite some time. Michael Jackson feared for his life for years because of that catalog. He apparently felt that some might try to kill him for it. It could be argued in moral, sentient terms that what this catalog costed his family and this world is far more than what the catalog itself is actually worth in terms of mere dollars.

From wrongful death suit Jacksons have against AEG. I believe June 18th date may be incorrect, as it was said in testimony to be June 19th

From wrongful death suit Jacksons have against AEG. I believe June 18th date may be incorrect, as it was said in testimony to be June 19th

Also from Jackson's wrongful death suit against AEG - stating that they would recoup their costs by taking Michael's catalogue

Also from Jackson's wrongful death suit against AEG - stating that they would recoup their costs by taking Michael's catalogue

Also on Day 1 and Day 2 (Tuesday/Wednesday) Paul Gongaware of AEG testified. He said that initially Conrad Murray wanted $5 million dollars per year to work for Michael. Murray did not solicit any counteroffers until he was told via Michael Amir Williams that Michael himself said to offer him $150,000/month. Murray accepted that still-outrageous offer. I know we deify doctors in the United States but I still find such amounts stunning, particularly for such poor medical care as Murray apparently provided not only to Michael, but to another patient who testified on Day 4 (Friday). That patient, whose name is Robert Russell, was also abandoned on and before June 25th, 2009 by Conrad Murray. Russell had to threaten legal action to even get a phone call from Murray about his continuing medical care. Prior to this, Murray had informed Russell that was going to work exclusively for Michael Jackson but after that, Murray seemed to completely lose interest in Robert Russell, prompting the legal threats from Russell to Murray’s offices if he did not get a response. Murray finally called Mr. Russell on the morning of June 25th, 2009, but then Murray went on to then abandon yet another patient – Michael Jackson – after apparently pumping him full of benzodiazepines and propofol.

Conrad Murray had been shown to have ordered the approximate equivalent of four gallons of propofol before June 25th,2009. And again, for someone trying to “wean” Michael Jackson off of an alleged addiction to propofol this seems rather excessive, not to mention that propofol isn’t a physically addictive drug so this whole concept is logistically beyond comprehension.

Days 2 and 3 saw Murray’s defense attorneys badger Michael Amir Williams, Faheem Muhammed, Alberto Alvarez, and Kai Chase seemingly about why they didn’t call 911 when Murray called them, starting with Michael Amir Williams, who was 30-40 minutes away when he received Murray’s frantic call. Williams called Faheem Muhammed and Alberto Alvaraz to go to the property and into Michael’s bedroom to see what was going on. What good would it do for anyone other than Murray to call 911 if no one else but Murray knew the situation? Don’t let Murray’s defense cause people to lose sight of these simple logistics. The bottom line is that Conrad Murray was the only one who could or should have called 911.

When a doctor is in charge of a patient and something goes wrong, it is primarily the doctor’s responsibility to call 911 immediately if (s)he is not already in a clinic or hospital. If (s)he is in a clinic or hospital, then the doctor should call an immediate code Red for assistance. If the doctor instead chooses to call everyone else on the planet instead of calling 911 and also does not instruct or fails to instruct anyone else to call 911, then 911 will not be called because others will follow the doctor’s orders. That Murray did not immediately call 911 himself is flatly inexcusable. No one else but Conrad Murray was responsible for making this critical call, yet he failed in even that basic action.

On Day 4, paramedic Richard Senneff testified that had Murray called 911 immediately, there was a good chance they could have saved Michael Jackson and got him breathing again. However, rather than doing so, Murray chose instead to call and have security personnel call 911 when they arrived, but only after instructing them to scoop up propofol bottles so that Murray could (unbeknownst to the security guards, they were just following the orders of the doctor in charge) dispose of this evidence. It appears that Murray took at least 20 minutes to even think of making that call. By that time, it was far too late for Michael. Worse, Murray lied to Senneff about when 911 was called. When Senneff asked Murray how long Michael had been dead before the call was made, Murray stated that 911 was called right away. Senneff could tell, he said, that this was a lie because Michael’s eyes were dry and his body was cold to the touch.

Here is a recap of paramedic Richard Senneff’s testimony:

* Richard Senneff said Murray told him he called 911 the second he realized MJ was in distress, when in fact there was an approximate 20 minute delay. Senneff said had Murray called earlier there was a good chance EMTs could have restarted Michael’s heart.

* Senneff said when he arrived at the scene MJ was already dead.

* According to Senneff Murray lied when he told paramedics at the scene MJ had no underlying condition.

* When Senneff asked him what medications MJ was on, Murray lied again, saying “none.” then admitted he had given MJ a sedative, Lorazepam.

* After almost 40 minutes and several unsuccessful rounds of starter drugs, the dispatcher at UCLA decides to call time of death… but Murray insists on continuing.

* Paramedics decide to take Michael to the hospital. After getting him into the ambulance, Senneff goes back to MJ’s room to retrieve his equipment…. that’s when he says, he sees Murray picking up items off the floor.

* Senneff said there was no sign of life at any point during the 47 minutes he treated MJ.

* He also testified that at NO point did Murray ever mention the word Propofol.

That Michael could have been saved if Murray had acted appropriately and called 911 immediately rather than calling practically everyone else on the planet first, and insisting on hiding evidence first, was really hard to hear. My friend Reverend Catherine Gross put it this way:

Defense is questioning why Kai didn’t get security but NOT why Murray didn’t call 911? Really? You gotta be kidding me. . . the only person who knew there was a life and death emergency was MURRAY.. not Kai, Amir, Farheem, Prince.

How painful it was to watch Alberto Alvarez as the tape of him calling 911 for help was replayed. I felt so badly for him on the stand. It was apparent that this was a traumatic event for this man and reliving it in that courtroom was very difficult. Alvarez has had offers from many media outlets (six-digit offers) for interviews but has wisely refused them all. At the same time, he testified that he has had trouble finding work and was financially strapped. Remember too, that I’ve previously mentioned in various different articles here that the media has offered Karen Faye, Jennifer Batten, Patrick Treacy, David Nordahl, and others huge sums of money to tell stories (true or not) about Michael Jackson. And I mentioned above how many people would obtain photos or recordings of Michael and sell them to the media, Conrad Murray possibly being one of those people since he had recorded Michael in an inebriated state that Murray himself put him in. I know that this is how the media operates. It is legalized bribery and I salute those who refuse to participate in it.

Murray’s defense also has annoyed the judge by writing Alvarez’s timeline on a whiteboard – incorrectly. Chernoff tried his best to knock Alvarez off of his timeline when Alvarez would say one thing while Chernoff would write and repeat something else. Chernoff further attempted to bully Alvarez into admitting that he could not possibly accomplish all the tasks Alvarez said he had upon entering the property, in such a short time. But this was an emergency situation. And, Alvarez’s response was: “I’m very efficient, sir.” At some points, jurors could not see this white board and that was another issue. Chernoff was also admonished for making editorial commentary to witnesses ie: “well that’s interesting but..”  Both Chernoff and Nareg Gourjian’s style in the courtroom seemed somewhat thuggish or perhaps borderline mocking at times, bringing back memories of school bullies in the First Grade.

Chernoff has openly admitted that he has no experience with high-profile cases such as this one and that was particularly evident on Friday (Day 4) of the trial, when someone else from his law office did an interview with The Today Show that morning, discussing the case and Alberto Alvarez’s testimony on television. This led to Judge Pastor having a “come to Jesus” meeting with counsel (a very loud and very animated one I understand), admonishing them that they or no one on their team is to speak to media about this case. Pastor issued a gag order and will have a contempt hearing with Matthew Alford, the member of Murray’s defense team who gave the interview, on November 15th.

Also at the end of Day 2 (Wednesday) Judge Pastor delivered what has been described as a “stinging lecture” to prosecution and defense teams. According to this article, he “ticked them off for being late in the morning session, for comments in court “not appropriate” to the trial and snippy remarks between each other.“. It has been stated that defense counsel was particularly guilty of these behaviors.

At the top of this article, I mentioned the pulse oximeter. Bob Johnson of Noni Medical testified that Conrad Murray had used a cheaper model of pulse/blood oxygen monitor that is not meant for continuous monitoring. In other words the device was inappropriate for the treatment Murray was giving Michael (anesthesia). No matter however, because we learned Murray did not use the device at all anyway until after Michael was already dead. Alberto Alvarez testified that only after he arrived and they put Michael on the floor, did Murray put that device on Michael’s finger. Someone might mention to Conrad Murray that this device doesn’t work like that. It’s meant to monitor a patient who is still alive and meant as a tool to help keep the patient alive. However, Murray did not see fit to utilize the device at all until after his patient was dead. The sequence of events as told by Alvarez are as follows. Notice that no pulse oximeter was observed on Michael when Alvarez arrived. Murray only placed it on him after Michael was clearly already deceased:

* AA saw CM giving chest comprehensions to MJ. MJ was in the bed. AA saw MJ lying on his back, his hands extended out to his sides with palms up, his eyes and mouth was open. His face was slightly towards the left. CM was using one hand (his left hand) giving MJ chest comprehensions.

* CM said to him they need to get him to a hospital. AA was walking towards the bed and reaching for his phone in his pocket. Prince and Paris followed him into the room, they were behind him. Paris screamed out “Daddy”. Paris was crying. CM said “don’t let them see their dad like this”. AA ushered the children out the door and told them that everything will be okay and not to worry.

* When returned AA asked CM what happened. CM said “he had a bad reaction”. AA was at the foot of the bed.

* AA saw some sort of a plastic device on his penis to collect urine. AA now knows that it was a condom catheter. AA did not see any monitoring equipment, no ventilation equipment. AA only saw a clear plastic tubing for Oxygen attached to MJ’s nose. AA saw an IV stand.

* CM got some vials from the night stand and asked AA to put them in a bag. AA held out the bag and CM dropped the vials. CM told AA to place that plastic grocery bag to the brown bag. Then CM told AA to get the bag in the IV stand and put it in the blue bag. AA says there was a bottle in the saline bag.

* Walgren: “Why were you following these instructions?” AA ” I believed CM had MJ’s best intentions at mind, I didn’t question his authority. I thought we were getting ready to go to the hospital”.

* IV stand has 2 hooks. One hook had a saline bag, CM didn’t ask AA to remove that one. AA was only asked to remove the saline bag with the bottle. AA saw milky white substance at the bottom of the saline bag.

* Walgren shows the saline bag pictures to AA. The bad has a cut, AA says he didn’t see the cut on june 25th. Walgren shows the cut to the jurors. Walgren then shows empty 100ml Propofol bottle. Walgren replaces the bottle in the saline bag through the slit shows it to AA and the jurors.

* AA says all these events happened very quickly. AA says he was obeying CM’s instructions.

* 911 call is played in court. Alberto visibly upset and looks like about to cry when listening to the call.

* AA and CM moved MJ from bed to the floor. AA saw a clear plastic tube coming from the bag on the IV coming to MJ’s leg. CM removed it when they moved MJ. CM took pulse oximeter from a bag and clipped it to MJ’s finger.

We also learned (again) that Murray did not mention to any paramedics or to anyone at UCLA that he had given Michael propofol on June 25th, 2009. By the time paramedics arrived, Murray had hidden the evidence of what he’d done. It wasn’t until two days later when Murray returned all lawyered up and was interviewed by LAPD investigators that he mentioned having given propofol to Michael.

If you’re not on their mailing list, MJTruthNow has provided the following information for those wanting to avoid establishment media spin and who want to avoid giving such outlets ratings:

The public should wake up, trust their own ability to evaluate what they see and hear, and discard these cut-rate pundits, self-styled experts and fakirs whose purpose is not to inform, but to lead viewers by the nose to advertisers. We do not need Grace and her one dimensional cartoon colleagues — Velez-Mitchell, Behar, Positan, Ryan, Dimond, and Pop Doc Drew to explain the Conrad Murray Trial, what we are seeing and how we should feel about it. Anyone interested in seeing the Justice System at work and unfiltered should watch on free streaming video and come to your own conclusions.

Try the two links below for this experience. It’s commercial free, opinion free, discussion free, spin free, and Grace-free. This is where you are free to make your own decision about what you are hearing and learning.

Live Stream Link 1:

Live Stream Link 2:

For a trial schedule, go to this link:

You may also wish to read the documents and transcripts of the trial. Records of the day’s court proceedings will be slightly delayed as verbal proceedings require transcription by a person. Please be patient until they become available. You may access them at this link:

Trial Transcripts

Please do not give HLN the satisfaction of high ratings and the money they generate.

Gatorgirl aka Nikki has written a couple of very interesting articles about Day 1 and Day 2 of the trial. You can find those here and here.

Finally, some interesting interviews and comments this past week. We’ve seen Tom Mesereau on Joy Behar, Dr. Patrick Treacy on Dr. Drew, and Dr. Barry Friedberg this past week commenting talking about the case. And Michael’s friend Lou Ferrigno remembers feeling like Michael was “under tremendous pressure.

Let’s look at some of what they had to say:

OK, if we look at the facts… why is propofol so popular with anesthesiologists? If you give injection of it, there is no antidote, but it only last four minutes and it wears off. So, if he took a 20 mil syringe himself, the most he can give himself a shot of is 200 milligrams, which would only keep him asleep for four minutes and he would wake up again. So, it is almost physically impossible that Michael Jackson could have killed himself.

-Dr. Patrick Treacy, who treated Michael in Ireland in 2006-07

Leaving a sleep deprived, propofol-d­emanding Jackson in a room with propofol was like leaving a pyromaniac in a room with matches & failing to anticipate a match might get lit.

No judgment whatsoever­.

FYI…ther­e is no such thing as a lethal dose of propofol, even if Jackson somehow did open the crude infusion device to self-medic­ate.

The only lethal thing about propofol is its tendency to cause disruption­s in the airway & breathing.

Many critically ill ICU patients receive propofol safely for days on end because they are being mechanical­ly ventilated­.

The only ‘lethal’ thing about propofol is the failure to watch & monitor the patient’s airway & breathing and intervene when appropriat­e.

Read the Michael Jackson chapter in ‘Getting Over Going Under, 5 things you MUST know before anesthesia­.’

-Dr. Barry L. Friedberg, board-certified anesthesiologist

He hugged me and said ‘take care of yourself, I love you’. It gave me a funny feeling because I knew something was wrong. I knew he was under tremendous pressure and that kind of concerned me.

-Lou Ferrigno, ‘The Incredible Hulk‘, and Michael’s personal fitness trainer for This Is It


It’s obviously been a really gut-wrenching Week 1 of the Conrad Murray manslaughter trial. If I can manage to find time to write a similar summary next Sunday for Week 2, I will do so. Meanwhile, I hope I can squeeze in an article or two about more pleasant subjects!

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Jun 29 2011

Who cares now about children in Romanian orphanages?

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At the 'Heal the World' Playground in Romania

That is a line from my poem called ‘Love’s Symphony‘, published here back in 2009.

And it’s true that Michael Jackson was one of the few – if not the only one – who ever gave a thought to children in Romanian orphanages, which are known for being particularly dismal places.

He just felt so bad that there were so many little children in Romania in these orphanages, and he wanted to try to give them homes.”  -Brooke Shields

I recall a story from Kenny Ortega about going with Michael to one of those orphanages and relating how Michael demanded that extra personnel be hired, that new beds and bedding and other items be provided, before he would go on stage the next day. Ortega claimed that Michael had turned that orphanage around in less than 24 hours. Michael – more than anyone else I know – used his stature and his money in ways that helped others. . . others that hardly no one else even gave a thought to.

Following is another story about Michael helping an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania by completely funding the building of a playground there.

SOURCE: http://www.playdale.co.uk/about-us/the-playdale-story/17352003/

The Mystery Client

Unbeknownst to many, in 1992, Michael’s ‘Heal the World Foundation‘ donated a playground for an orphanage in Bucharest, Romania. Here is an excerpt from the essay entitled “The Playdale Story” written in April 2003 by then eleven-year old Hannah Croasdale:

Heal the World’ in Romania:

In 1992, my Dad, John Croasdale, received a phone call from a man who wanted Playdale to build a playground for a big orphanage in Bucharest, Romania, for 500 children. That was the furthest Playdale had ever been to build a playground, the man did not say who wanted the playground to be built, so the designers and installers got to work, they built the playground in the factories and sent it in a massive lorry to Romania, six people went along too, when they arrived in Bucharest, they discovered that MICHAEL JACKSON was the mystery client, and he wanted the playground for his Michael Jackson ‘Heal the World’ foundation. When Michael Jackson opened the playground, my mum managed to take a photo of him, sticking his thumbs up at her and the other people to say thank you.

Heal The World Playground in Romania

Heal The World Playground in Romania


Michael dedicating the playground

Heal the World for Children is a fan-based, registered charity that seeks to carry on Michael’s work. Visit them at: http://www.healtheworldforchildren.org/HTWFC/Heal_The_World_For_Children.html

You can also find “Heal the World for Children” on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Heal-The-World-For-Children/220848587942651

Recently, ‘Heal the World for Children‘ visited and gave love, toys and played games with children in a Romanian orphanage. You can see photos of their visit here: http://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.239536559391104.69736.172932912718136

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May 28 2011

Remember More…

Here in the US, it will be Memorial Day on Monday, May 30th. Memorial Day always falls on the last Monday in May. This is a day on which we honor and remember our fallen soldiers and the ultimate sacrifice they made for their country.

For me, it’s also a day to honor and remember Michael, who is a fallen soldier too. He is a fallen soldier of Love, not war. He made the ultimate sacrifice for the World, to Heal the World. He gave his entire life and his immense talent to the cause, and was always on the frontlines of this battle. His fans are left to carry on as his Army of Love, as he once told them.

So for Memorial Day, in addition to my previous post on the subject, I have more memories, photos, anecdotes and information about our brilliant superstar, our beloved fallen soldier, that I want to share with my readers:

Here’s something I know Michael himself would absolutely love – a young fan who expresses his love straight from the heart – as only a child can.

A Michael Jackson Tribute Portrait dot member recently shared a beautiful story about her son who is a fan of Michael. She said: “My son is in second grade and tomorrow is hat day at school. He has to choose a hat to wear all day. He chose a hat I have displayed in my home in memory of Michael. I wanted to share with you what he wrote. I attached a copy of the assignment for you to enjoy.” – Linda (Jamgold5) Dot: 251257

Richard's thoughts about his hat on Hat Day

Richard's thoughts about his hat on Hat Day

The hat Richard wore to school.

The hat Richard wore to school.

Remember that photo of Michael with the tarantula on his face that make your skin crawl and itch a little? This one:


MJ and his pet tarantula. (sort of)

Photographer Greg Gorman took this photo in 1987. He  shares his memories of Michael:

Michael was a perfectionist beyond your wildest imagination. Every time we would shoot, he would call me and we’d have a two-hour conversation to discuss what it was we were going to do and how we were going to go about it. He had pet tarantulas; they actually shed their skin. This is the casing of the tarantula that he brought with him.

He never traveled with a big entourage. He was very genuine and really loved photography. I dearly miss him. He was a tragic individual but an amazing human being.

– Greg Gorman, LA based photographer, who has taken photographs of the world’s most interesting people for over 40 years.

This was a real find for me because I had a pet tarantula once too! It’s heartening to know that Michael also had them! I’d seen the photo before, but didn’t know it was Michael’s own tarantula (or the exoskeleton of his pet tarantula) that was in the photo. Very cool!

A while back, I wrote about statues and tributes to Michael that are popping up around the world. But my attention was recently brought to a really unique one. We’re all about recycling these days so this is great:

Michael Jackson scrap metal sculpture

Michael Jackson scrap metal sculpture

The MJ Scrap Metal Sculpture is a unique work of art. Beautifully hand crafted from recycled scrap metals taken from old automobiles, commercial machinery, bicycle parts, old machine guns and other metal machines. The sculpture stands approximately 6 feet tall, and weighs around 400 lbs. Price: $19,500.

If you want to purchase this sculpture, you can do so here: http://www.premiumfountains.com/scrap-metal-sculptures-c-7/michael-jackson-scrap-metal-sculpture-p-123. Unfortunately for me, it’s way beyond my budget!

Michael picked up an honor on May 19, from the Guiness World of Records Museum, who presented him with the first ever Lifetime Achievement Award. The award was in recognition of his many world records: the best selling album in history (Thriller) , winning the most Grammys in a single year (Eight in 1984), the biggest concert (500,000 people in four shows at London’s Wembley Stadium), the biggest contract in the history of show business, (Signed with Sony in 1991), and performing before the largest ever television audience (133.4 million during his halftime performance at the 1993 Super Bowl).

The master of ceremonies for the event was Casey Kasem and the founding editor of the Guiness Book of World Records, Norris McWhirter, flew to Los Angeles from London especially to present the honor. Michael, dressed in black, with large mirrored sunglasses and a fedora, accepted the honor and spoke to the crowd of fans that had brought Hollywood Blvd. to a standstill, “I love you all and thank you very much for coming.”

Lori Byler, president of the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club, then presented Michael with a second award. The plague was in recognition of his work with children and its inscription read:

In deepest appreciation for all you nave done for the children of the world, Because of your great love and sensitivity towards all children, they now have the chance to live a happy and normal life. Without other great humanitarians, like yourself, the lives and future of our children the world over is hopeless.

All of us wish to join hands with you, Michael, to help Heal the World and to preserve the future for all the children of the world.
We, the members of the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club wish to offer you our support, love, loyalty and appreciation for everything you have done for our children, and for all of us.
With our deepest respect and love,
The Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club
of the United States and around the world.

Following the award presentations, Michael went inside the museum to unveil an updated lifesize likeness of himself being added to the museum’s display. The figure of himself stands on top of a giant 45 rpm record in recognition of his unprecedented world records in entertainment Also part of the display are Michael’s albums, memorabilia, and video monitors playing highlights from his entire career. The wax figure later needed repairs when it was damaged in the earthquake that rocked California in January.

SOURCE: ‘King of Pop’s Darkest Hour by Lisa Campbell

Michael with his award from the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club, May 19th,1993

Michael with his award from the Michael Jackson Observer Fan Club, May 19th,1993

A Three Stooges coloring book given to Taj by his ‘Uncle Doo Doo“. So very sweet:

‎"Taj this book is valuable, I was only 3 years old when it came out. Cherish it always. Love Uncle Doo Doo M.J."

‎"Taj this book is valuable, I was only 3 years old when it came out. Cherish it always. Love Uncle Doo Doo M.J."

Bernt Capra, art director for ‘This Is It‘, shares his memories of Michael and his sadness that the sets he directed the design of will never be shown as they were meant to be.

From Capra we learn what the story is behind “The Dome Project“. We also learn the backstory behind that magnificent urban set for “The Way You Make Me Feel“, and that there were live wolves and ravens flying around the set for “Thriller” — All Michael’s ideas that the art director and set designers were responsible for bringing to life.

It really hurts me to think that all this work we did will never be shown. The whole idea to make this concert such a theatrical event was really nice and I don’t think there will be a way for any of us to see it now. It hurts that it won’t ever be seen the way it was supposed to be.

Capra worked here in Los Angeles with Michael Jackson to turn his design conceptions for the O2 Dome concerts into a reality on the “the biggest four sound stages in the Culver Studios, Culver City, all 235 feet by 150 feet, and 45 feet tall. These were the same stages where they shot the burning of Atlanta in Gone with the Wind.

This was supposedly the biggest LED (light emitting diode) screen assembled. It was 33 feet tall and 100 feet wide, and so, …it was to cover the whole stage with a background of videos shot in 3D running the whole time (the audience was supposed to get 3D glasses with their tickets)…. and because of the 3D effect those phantom dancers and sets would blend seamlessly with the real dancers live on stage, much like a hologram would, to give the audience an ultimate image.

We had live wolves and ravens flying around in the cemetery set. There were Mummies and Zombies in the cemetery and the Zombies were dressed like historic characters, Louis XIV, Napoleon, a Federal Soldier… I’m really sad my decomposed pirate will never be seen.

Capra and his partner worked on the remake of five of Jackson’s videos for the tour: “Thriller,” “The Way You Make Me Feel,” “Smooth Criminal,” “They Don’t Care about Us,” and “Earth Song.”

I know all the rumors about Michael Jackson but what I can say is that he was the nicest guy to work with–there was no facemask–he always was elegantly dressed, he definitely looked like Michael Jackson–he’d wear a black military style jacket with elaborate golden braiding to rehearsal, a red leather jacket with elaborate embroidery… but Michael was businesslike, very accessible, super polite and incredibly considerate. I had tickets today for the funeral, but I gave them to a friend,” Capra said over the phone, about an hour after the memorial at the Staples Center had ended. “I was hoping to see the sets used. I was in tears when I saw Paris Jackson speak of her father. Michael introduced his children to us when he took them on a tour of the sets. The children were normal children, very happy children and they just wanted to play on the cemetery set and he played with them. He seemed like a natural dad and I am sure that he loved his children and he obviously doted on them.

His life was obviously a little surreal. When he arrived to work, he’d have to come with heavy security of course. There was an entourage of dark suits, at least four body guards. We even had a code name for the production stages in Culver City – “DOME.” We were the Dome Project. AEG was obviously worried about security. He would arrive in one of the two or three brand new shiny dark Cadillac SUVs that would accompany him to rehearsal. One vehicle for him and the children, one that contained the four bodyguards and sometimes there was a third car just to throw off the paparazzi a little. None of the cars had license plates.

Michael Jackson was very well read and he loved art, and he knew his photography, and he liked this photographer, Lewis Hine, who had been a social worker in the depression era and shot photographs of victims of child labor – four, five, six year olds working in mills and mines. He was also very well known for a collection of photos of the construction of the Empire State Building which are very valuable now. Michael loves this guy and he based “The Way You Make Me Feel” choreography and set design on the photos of the men constructing steel beams as if they were on the top of a skyscraper having a lunch break.

Usually when Michael came to the sets, he was there to work; he just wanted to show us what he was doing and choreograph the dancers on the sets with the show’s choreographer, Travis Payne and with the director, Kenny Ortega, who is also a long-time choreographer. The rehearsals were amazing to watch. I think Michael invented all the moves. Michael defied the laws of nature. From where I stood, which was about 30 feet away from the stage, he looked like he was dancing like he did thirty years ago, he was beautiful to watch. He was so lithe, and his dancing so fluid–there is no one that could dance like this–for me there was no better dancer, not Nureyev, not Fred Astaire.

One thing you realize when you meet Michael is that he has this natural charisma–I don’t know what to call it really–I don’t know if it’s a chemical reaction, because I’ve worked with Leonardo DiCaprio and Robert DeNiro but working with Michael felt so different from anything I’ve ever experienced. We only had five weeks to go from conception to production, which is so little time for a project like this–but whenever he saw me, he was very considerate of me and the sets and very nice. There was no time to do things over, everything had to be approved and there was no going back. I only saw him for the first time when we were halfway through the construction stages that they had rented for him to rehearse at the Forum.

-Bernt Capra

Read the rest of Mr. Capra’s memories here: http://topangamessenger.com/articles.asp?SectionID=17&ArticleID=3581

Michael’s objective with all this, which he typically achieved beautifully and would have done again had these sets been used as intended:

‎”I love to draw, pencil, ink pen, I love art. When I go on tour and visit museums Holland, Germany or England, you know those huge paintings? I’m just amazed. You don’t think a painter could do something like that. I can look at a piece of sculpture or a painting and totally lose myself in it. Standing there watching it and becoming part of the scene. It can draw tears, it can touch you so much. See, that’s where I think the actor or performer should be, to touch that truth inside of the person. Touch that reality so much that they become a part of what you’re doing and you can take them anywhere you want to. You’re happy, they’re happy. Whatever the human emotions, they’re right there with you. I love realism. I don’t like plastics. Deep down inside we’re all the same.”

-Michael Jackson


"Whatever the human emotions, they’re right there with you. I love realism. I don’t like plastics. Deep down inside we’re all the same." -Michael

On July 16th 1997, one of Michael’s vans accidentally ran over a fan’s leg, causing a broken foot. The fan, Joe Jenish, later received a phone call to inform him that Michael knew of the accident and was concerned enough to want to arrange to meet him. The next day, Joe got to go backstage at Wembley stadium where Michael apologized profusely for the accident (though it was not his fault) and signed his cast twice. Here is a photo of Michael signing Joe’s cast for him:

Michael signing Joe Jenish's cast

Michael signing Joe Jenish's cast

On February 24, 1988, two-year old cancer patient Allan Bufford met his favorite entertainer backstage in Kansas City, Missouri on occasion of Michael’s US leg of his first solo world tour, the Bad Tour. The boy’s doctor gave permission for him to attend the sold-out show. Below is a photo of Allan Bufford, held by his mother, Brenda, with Michael:

With Allan Bufford, Feb. 24th, 1988

With Allan Bufford, Feb. 24th, 1988

Patricia Peckley who suffers from lung problems, asked the Make a Wish Foundation for the chance to meet Michael. She and her daughter Maria celebrated Michael’s 45th birthday at Neverland, where they visited his dressing room, enjoyed a concert and watched videos on his movie theater. “Michael Jackson is a wonderful human being, an amazing person to talk to.” says Peckley.

Patricia Peckley and Michael

Patricia Peckley's daughter Maria, and Michael

He influenced me in so many ways, more than just music … as a humanitarian, as a philanthropist, as an artist, as an individual who transcended culture. I wouldn’t be who I am today without Michael Jackson. They say if you ever want to be great, you’ve got to study who the greats studied, so, of course, I studied his moves — studied them down to a T. But there was much more to him than that.

-Usher on Michael Jackson – SOURCE: http://www.mtv.com/news/articles/1615068/usher-remembers-michael-jackson.jhtml

Did you know that Michael is singing the chorus in this song? Listen closely. I very much remember when this song was popular. It received heavy radio play. But I never knew it was Michael was singing the chorus. Very interesting. I’m sure he felt that way too – with all the paparazzi and tabloids always following him everywhere – “I always feel like somebody’s watching me….

Finally, some words about why the public’s knowledge and memory of who Michael really was is so horribly distorted from reality:

The world’s ways have become more perverted. We see through glasses that are cracked, perception is skewed. We are drawn to everything that is wrong instead of what is right. Michael Jackson was about all of the things that were right. helping others, being humble, showing humility, being kind and showing love to our fellow man….THIS is why Michael Jackson was so misunderstood….because we’ve lost the ability to recognize goodness. In many ways, we’ve lost being able to recognize truth when it stares us in the face because our appetite for the vile, our appetite for false, sensational information, has taken over our good sense.

Deborah L. Kunesh of Reflections on the Dance

This is the loop Michael [Jackson] got caught in…I’ve been caught in it myself. These people have offered me money if I could say something bad about Michael, but they’re not the slightest bit
interested in hearing anything good about him… the absence of regulation in the marketplace of the media leads to gross defamation of character.

Dr. Patrick Treacy

Jennifer Batten, Karen Faye, Patrick Treacy, David Nordahl, and no doubt many others have been offered 5-figures in cash money by media(loids) to say bad things about Michael that they could print, publish or broadcast. These people refused the money and refuse to tell lies about their friend. Unfortunately, many others took the dirty money and stabbed Michael in the back and continue to do so.

There is also much validity to what Deborah says about the world’s ways and society’s appetite for the vile, false, sensational information – which feeds the media(loids) that Patrick Treacy talked about. Michael tried to tell us – by being a living example. Will we ever learn?

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May 24 2011

Michael’s death: desperation or intent? Sure doesn’t seem like an accident

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Desperation, Intent, or "Accident", don't expect any justice from the courts in Michael's murder.

Desperation, intent, or "accident", don't expect any justice from the courts in the death of Michael Jackson

I’ve been thinking as many of us have about why Michael would allow Murray to administer propofol to him when he would never before have allowed any doctor to give him that drug unless the doctor was a certified anesthesiologist. We know that to be the case because of Dr. Patrick Treacy’s comments to Aphrodite Jones on Investigation Discovery and because of his past history with the drug, having had it administered to him during the HIStory tour as well – but then again, by a certified anesthesiologist. At no time that I’m aware of did Michael previously allow any doctor to anesthetize him unless the doctor was a certified anesthesiologist.

During our radio show last Sunday, among many other things, it was mentioned that Michael had asked Arnold Klein to help find him an anesthesiologist as late as February 2009. But still he ended up with only Murray. Why did he allow Murray to anesthetize him? Did he “allow” Murray to anesthetize him?

Let’s look at AEG’s part in this:

If AEG would not pay for an anesthesiologist addition to Murray, then Michael may have had no choice but to use Murray for all services he wanted or needed. They held the pursestrings. And it’s doubtful that AEG would want to foot the bill for an anesthesiologist on top of the exorbitant $150,000/month they were set to pay Murray for medical services for the tour.

Remember too that AEG’s Randy Phillips, Kenny Ortega, Michael, and Murray had a rather tense meeting on June 20th, 2009 wherein Michael was told not to take any drugs from any doctor other than Conrad Murray.

It could be that even if Michael wanted a qualified anesthesiologist, he couldn’t have gotten one, and even if he had gotten one, he’d have been violating the “new rule” that was apparently laid down on June 20th not to use any other doctor than Murray.  So Michael may have simply felt he had no choice if he wanted to “sleep” using propofol (which is something NO competent doctor should have ever told him was safe to begin with years ago).

Of course it’s doubtful that Michael was even awake when Murray injected him with the deadly bolus and doubts exist too about whether Michael knew or approved of Murray’s administering propofol to him. It’s certainly possible that Murray has lied about this. He apparently kept no records on Michael (at least where he treated him in his home), and Michael is not here to speak for himself on the matter.

Regardless, if these points about AEG’s involvement are not part of Mrs. Jackson’s wrongful death suit, maybe they ought to be, because this would mean that in addition to the pushing, pressure and “tough love” aka bullying, financial bondage, and threats against him, AEG certainly had a part in creating the circumstances in which Michael died.

AEG was desperate to have Michael at those rehearsals. Every one of them. And, to have him fully engaged and ready to go on tour, if there was to be a tour, and to make them a lot of money.

And what about Michael?

Michael was desperate to save his Neverland belongings whose auctioning off I believe may have been being used as a means to manipulate him. He was also desperate to ‘make money‘ as he was told he had to by Tom Barrack of Colony Capitol, who involved AEG to produce the tour. Colony Capitol agreed to bail Michael out of his debt while they assumed ownership of Neverland. And as part of the deal Michael, after a thirteen-year hiatus, would go back on tour to generate revenue. At this point, Michael was being manipulated by a small world of entities, each with their own interests. At one point, he was even being threatened that everything he had would be taken from him if he didn’t capitulate to doing all the shows – his home, children’s education, his Sony/ATV catalog, his Neverland items – everything. Finally, after being roped into the entire deal, Michael was desperate for sleep as he prepared for being on stage again. Michael of course would make his shows about love and saving the planet and he would do them for his fans – because Michael never, ever did anything just for the sake of money. And, left to his own devices, we know he’d rather be making films. That was the dream he had for years, yet he was sadly never able to fully realize it.

And what about Conrad Murray?

He was also desperate for money. Conrad Murray had in the area of around $2 million in judgements against him, based on what I’ve been able to determine so far:

In February 2002, the Clark County district attorney’s office filed a lien against Murray because of unpaid child support owed to Nenita Malibiran in California. That case followed him throughout the decade.

In 2006 he was hit with another lien for nearly $3,100 in unpaid child support, and as recently as June 2009, the district attorney’s office filed to collect $10,893 in back child support owed to Malibiran in Santa Clara County in California, according to county records.

Murray had trouble paying other personal debts as well – for instance he was in default on his mortgage on his Red Rock home and he has or had tax liens against him.

Murray failed to repay his student loans from having gone to medical school at Meharry Medical College in Nashville, TN. HICA Education Loan Corp won a $71,332 civil judgement against him which is still collecting interest.

Citicorp Vendor Finance ($228,420)and Popular Leasing U.S.A. ($135,302) have judgments against Murray totaling $363,722, and two pending lawsuits from Digirad Imaging Solutions ($132,000) and Siemens Financial Services ($309,046) are seeking judgments totalling $366,541, the Siemens debt accumulating interest at $83.66/day.

SOURCE: http://webofdeception.com/michaeljacksondoctor.html

Murray also apparently owes the US government around $1.5 million for overbilling. The details of this are sketchy and I’ve only been able to find one link. I am assuming that if this is true, it may be Medicare fraud since Murray is a cardiologist and many of his patients are likely elderly.  Add all this up, and there is around $2 million in debt and judgements against Murray.

To top all this off, he was arrested on domestic abuse charges in 1994, and for driving without a license plate or insurance in 2003. I shouldn’t fail to mention his wife, his multitude of mistresses, and several children by several different women.

Murray’s financial and personal life is a terrible mess. Obviously, he managed his patient on June 25th 2009 the same way: Badly.

The courts don’t want to discuss any of this, though it is all certainly relevant.  Doing so might implicate some very large corporate interests who have herds of high-priced lawyers which would come against the prosecution to get them out of absolutely anything. I suspect that is one reason the courts avoided casting their nets very wide in this case.

None of this in any way excuses Murray’s deliberate failure to follow appropriate standards of care when treating Michael.  Dr. Barry Friedberg if you remember, said that “The only thing more reckless Murray could have done was taking Jackson up in an airplane and pushing him out without a parachute“.  How any doctor could make that many “mistakes” on one patient in one day is beyond anything that could in my opinion reasonably be defined as an “accident“.

Even allowing Michael to go to rehearsals after giving him propofol again deviates from the standard of care. Propofol patient advice reads: “Don’t do anything that requires you to be awake and alert for at least 24 hours after you have been treated with propofol.” In fact, I’ve been treated with it during procedures and there is NO way I could have sang and danced during the next 24 hours. It would have been impossible. I couldn’t even drive!

I’m not sure it was only Murray who did the pushing, either. Clearly, Michael had people pushing and pulling him from all sides. I’m also not sure that it was just too any desperate entities who stirred their various interests together to form a deadly, toxic soup that poisoned Michael to death while the rest consequently made fortunes and Murray gets barely a pat on the wrist. And I certainly am not convinced it was an “accident” given Murray’s blatant disregard for Michael’s life, both before and after he basically euthanized Michael like an unwanted pet – and given Murray’s ever-changing stories, inconsistencies, and lies. The prosecution even had to bar two expert witnesses the defense wanted because what Murray told them was yet again different than what he told investigators. A liar can’t keep his story straight. This is a dead giveaway (pun not really intended).

And what about all those debts, liens and judgements? How is it that Murray still retains that Red Rock home? Who is paying for yet another PR person for him? These people’s services are not cheap. Who is paying this man’s expenses? Why doesn’t he simply admit his guilt and take his little milquetoast pat on the wrist, his book, his TV reality show, and run along rather than wasting everyone’s time and money on a pretentious charade?

Some Oklahoma woman sold $30 worth of pot and got 12 years in prison. Conrad Murray murdered Michael Jackson and he may not see any prison time at all.  So you can get caught selling a little marijuana and get over a decade in prison, but if you murder the biggest pop star in the world you get essentially nothing.  Something is definitely wrong here.

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