250,000 new American-style houses, 50,000 of which are custom-made cabinets. After reading structure of aisle cabinets, I think it's worth it

The new house is a three-bedroom house with an area of ​​108 square meters. Although space is not spacious, it is not compact either. The American-style decoration cost 250,000 yuan, and decoration cost 50,000 yuan. set up wardrobes of whole house. My relatives, friends and neighbors all said that price is a bit expensive, but I was shocked when I opened wardrobe in aisle and saw internal structure. The more you look, more valuable it is!

This is main entrance. The floor from entrance is covered with pear parquet. If you do not feel it carefully, you might think that this is a solid wood floor, of a fairly high quality.

The entrance and living room are small, but dining and living rooms are all together, dining room wall is a custom built-in combined wine cabinet.

The round dining table can be called standard American-style configuration, and when arranged in this way, it truly resembles a high-end tea restaurant.

The living room is not spacious, and even sofa is a three-seat fabric sofa, which is more suitable for small apartments. The background wall is painted light yellow, two paintings are hanging, effect is casual and atmospheric.

The TV wall doesn't have a particularly complex shape, and drywall is treated like a hard bag, which works well, and solid wood TV cabinet is trendy in shades and colors too.

Looking at entrance area from living room, you can see layout of entire hall, which is quite refreshing.

The walls of passage leading to bedroom have also been removed to create built-in wardrobes. It not only looks good, but internal design should be as practical as possible.

This foldable shoe cabinet is very practical. Thus, not only a shoe cabinet is formed, but also a wardrobe. It takes up less space, and a slim custom cabinet can also be very powerful.

The background wall of second bedroom is covered with vertical striped wallpaper, which is a classic American element, and side wall is a custom built-in wardrobe, which is also very practical.

All walls in master bedroom are covered with floral wallpaper, and dark solid wood bed looks more elegant.

The office is small, offices are also designed. Almost all available space is used. Wall-to-wall bookcases and hanging cabinets installed around windowsill are used as writing desks. Two people work and study together. , No problem.

The kitchen is made in style of American cuisine. The white cabinets match antique square bricks and kitchen looks really good.

There is only one bathroom, and it is impossible to completely separate dry and wet, using a shower curtain on wall can also achieve effect of separating dry and wet, and space will not look so cramped.

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