An artisan with over 30 years of experience shares haberdashery, and if you want to save on finishing, you should avoid these 5 points.

They say decorating is a deep business, and everyone who runs a decorating company makes money. In preparation for decoration of new house, I specifically asked my uncle, who had retired and returned to his hometown. It has over 30 years of finishing. There are tricks on how to deal with it, write down these 5 tricks and budget will be cut in half!

Firstly, amount of finishing materials

The main finishing materials are water-based paint, wallpaper, keel, drywall, ceramic tiles, etc. If you know quantity, you should be able to calculate it. Don't always listen to worker and buy him a few more boxes so that he spends generously.

Take latex paint as an example, taking 5 liter specification as an example, it can probably be painted twice on a 35 square meter wall. Then your dosage will be this formula:

Number of barrels={(length+width)*2*room height+length*width-door and window area}/35

To put it simply, this is (wall area + top area - door and window area)/35

Secondly, choice of materials

There are many big and small brands on market these days, and some online brands are also becoming popular very quickly. If you have no experience, you can be easily deceived. Don't even look at it in market, just listen to decorative company and use it casually.

Third, sign official contract

Troubles caused by finishing can be small or big. It is best not to make verbal promises, but to sign contract in black and white, and write in contract as much as possible of what construction party promised. A written contract is better, where commission does not exceed 5%.

Fourthly, transformation of hydropower

We can say that reconstruction of hydroelectric power plant is biggest trap of decorative arts. Whether it's a decorating company or a decorating master, most of profits can come from hydropower. So in beginning, low price was attractive, but later it was said that there was no increase in items, and water and electricity were unpredictable, and they were all actual measurements. If path was wrong, it would still cost two to three thousand dollars for water and electricity. If you can determine price of water and electricity, you will be determined. Don't believe in actually measuring how much you walk, it will be a big loss.

Five, cabinet mounted

The last point concerns cabinets. Let's take most cabinets as an example. If you can't find a professional cabinetry furniture company, then workers hired by a decorating company will. Don't try to be cheap, even if it's appearance and cabinet door panels are same Thickness, material, hanging codes, slides, etc. of cabinets inside should be compared with big brand cabinets Our house is equipped with Lushuihe boards, and bottom board is more than 5000 meters of cabinetry stamps. It's even thicker, and it's same damping rail, and it also comes with a pull-out basket. It's only 1800 linear meters, so it's worth it. If these items are calculated, you can save a lot on decoration, if you don't believe me, do calculation yourself!

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