My cousin's new house has been installed for over half a year, and strong sense of art is so shocking that more you look at it, more attractive it is!

Cousin's new house has been decorated since end of last year, and soft furnishings are still ongoing. It took more than half a year, because it was a slow and delicate work. A 123㎡ space was created in a postmodern black and white style with details. The processing is exquisite, and strong sense of art draws your attention everywhere, so shocking!

The opposite side of entrance has been converted into a platform, and inside is a casual tatami room. An artistic hollow partition with a black and white color scheme was installed. For people with a very high taste, great importance is attached to family feng shui. Such a partition is also because door is opposite door.

Looking at entrance from aisle next to dining room, barn door with a contrasting wood and black color is on right, and kitchen is inside. A black cabinet was built next to dining room, displaying his collection as a work of art.

The barn door leads to kitchen. It's a long strip of space. The overall design is black and white.

The booths in restaurant are made of brick and decorated with cultural stone on the outside, which has an artistic and retro effect. The background wall is directly decorated with black metal, which has a strong sense of art.

The living room is closely connected with dining room. The light brown leather sofa is very textured. The entire background wall is made from old wood floors. From afar, it looks like artistic graffiti.

The TV wall is made of dark and ebony wood, forming a circle of Shenmu combination cabinets, and middle background is made of solid black wood planks. The effect is simple and atmospheric, with artistic meaning.

The mural is a masterpiece, and there is an invisible door on far side of TV wall. If I didn't tell you, you must have just missed it, right? Inside is master bedroom.

The master bedroom is made of many materials such as leather, metal, glass, etc. Overall, it is fashionable and modern. The bathroom is divided by glass and in corner space, a corner shelf has been specially created, which is very suitable as a photo stand.

This is main bathroom. The walls are lined with black wood-like bricks, glass windows + glass doors, transparent and closed. The bathroom design in master bedroom is really worth exploring.

The second bedroom is still empty, furniture has not yet been prepared, my cousin said that this is for their unborn child.

This is a panorama of hollowed-out partition at entrance. All of them are made of tatami, and a lifting platform is specially made for tea drinking and communication. This room will be used very often in the future.

​Ciwei should take a close-up of dry area. What I like most is feeling here. The surrounding area is decorated with cultural stones. The sink in middle is a black countertop. It is like a bowl with super artistic sense and powerful!

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Cousin's new house has been decorated since end of last year, and soft furnishings are still ongoing. It took more than half a year, because it was a slow and delicate work. A 123㎡ space was created in a postmodern black and white...
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