60,000 and 6 fully packed 78㎡ small two bedroom apartment, practical and beautiful, fully furnished and with graduation photos

The new house I bought is in Binhai New Area. The house is a small house with two bedrooms, only 78 square meters. I found a good big company to decorate it. The all-inclusive price is 60,000. It is decorated in a simple style, warm and practical, and the furniture is beautiful. Tidy her up and take photos after graduation. Friends who like her can learn from her!

This is floor plan, two of bedrooms are quite small and kitchen is right open, which looks a lot more spacious.

When you enter house, you will find a dining room and a kitchen. The shoe closet in hallway is directly adjacent to closet, and they are all connected. The shoe closet, which is right upstairs, has plenty of storage space. Tidy up the house.

The kitchen is made open, with a central island, in middle of which there is a bar. In evening it looks small, but very fresh and well lit during day.

All cabinets feature mint green doors, fresh and elegant, high value and easy to clean.

All cabinets are made to order, and even layout of electrical appliances is designed in advance. The oven, microwave, etc. are all built-in decorations that make them look neater.

The living room is relatively simple, walls are not shaped, and two rows of ceilings are installed on upper surface. With this caramel-colored leather sofa, it is a very popular color this year, super literary.

The wall with TV remains empty, and only TV stand is placed. The white wall matches white TV cabinet. The screen of TV I bought is extra large, so watching TV is more enjoyable. To left is a large potted tree of good luck adorning TV wall.

The master bedroom has wardrobes to top and plenty of storage space. White cabinets match the white walls. Ho Liang is clean and looks more atmospheric.

The master bedroom has a bay window and layout has not changed, but bay window has a set of marble countertops, which is also very convenient for storing things or lying on it to enjoy scenery.

A unique jewelry box is placed on bay window containing all kinds of accessories, all of which are treasures of my own collection!

The children's room is arranged very simply, complex decoration is painting walls, laying floor tiles, installing bunk beds and a set of wardrobes for storing things, space is already filled.

The wardrobe is still using space on side of bay window to create a built-in wardrobe, or there really is no space to install a wardrobe.

The bathroom is small, all sinks are made on site, not to order. The sink is made in shape of a bowl, which is very fashionable.

To increase storage space, mirrors are installed in mirror cabinets, and you can put a lot of toiletries inside, which is very good!

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