95 square meter Scandinavian-style two-bedroom home with 60,000 pieces of work and materials, and neighbors said they made a profit when they visited!

The decor style of new 95 sq.m house I bought is not meant to be luxurious, as it is simple and comfortable, so whole decoration is Scandinavian log style and almost completely white. equipped with a pool ceiling with a lamp, and all decoration is contracted. All packaging materials cost 60,000 yuan, and neighbors said they made a profit. What do you think?

There is an entrance garden at entrance with a large floor to ceiling window, everything has been changed and a set of porch shoe cabinets built in as a partition in middle.

The dining room and living room are connected together, area is small, and wooden dining table and chairs are relatively inexpensive, there are several decorative paintings on the wall, which does not immediately look monotonous.

The dining room and living room are joined together, and walls are painted only with latex paint of wrong color to create a dado effect. Installed ceiling with light pool. If there is no air conditioning system, I don’t even want to install a ceiling.

This is overall effect of living room. The walls are barely finished, TV wall is also scratched white, and low gray sofa matches log TV cabinet for a fresh and simple look.

The kitchen is equipped with U-shaped cabinets. Base cabinets and wall cabinets are complete. Log cabinets match with white countertops and wall tiles. Storage space is sufficient and more beautiful.

The wall in master bedroom has been lightly painted, almost beige, but bay window hasn't changed much. The marble top is directly installed to create a comfortable lounge table.

The space in master bedroom is small, and closet in back is also made to order, it is more practical to cut it into wall to save space.

The second bedroom is slightly smaller, with a small single bed, and other entire wall is a combination of built-in wardrobes and writing cabinets. The study and walk-in closet are fully functional.

The bathroom is also most common decoration. The washbasin also adjusts in same way as cabinet and is set up against wall to make most of space. The shower room is not installed, but a shower curtain and a water-retaining edge are installed. This kind of dry and wet water separation is also more practical! With such an effect, work and materials 60,000 yuan Do you also feel that you have made a profit?

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