Spend 100,000 to build a simple and beautiful new 97 sq. m, kitchen has custom-made stainless steel cabinets, and relatives' jokes exploded

The heavy decoration of new house of 97 m² cost 100,000 yuan to create a new stylish house with a simple and beautiful style. The living room effect is really better than model room, and atmosphere is high-end. .My wife insisted on installing a complete stainless steel kit in kitchen. The cabinets were said to be easy to maintain and very durable, but a bunch of relatives laughed at them when they were finished, saying that beautiful appearance of whole house angered kitchen, and cabinets from stainless steel were bursting with dirt. Is it really so ugly?

This is overall effect of living room. The floor is completely paved, and TV wall is a particularly thin gray cultural brick. The finishes are stylish and retro. With a brown leather sofa, it's really retro and trendy. .

The bay window is also converted into a tatami mat that can be used as a sofa bed and stored underneath, which is beautiful and practical.

Initially, there was a partition in dining room and living room, but during renovation it was removed, and sofa became a soft partition between two spaces, which made space more open and bright.

I know how to make good use of wall space. The wall on side of living and dining area only uses a depth of 45 cm to create a full wall of cabinets. Regardless of size of house, it is last word to have a strong storage capacity.

The dining room also has a window, blinds are drawn, and American log-style dining table and chairs look very cool in an industrial style without losing family warmth.

This is kitchen. The whole cabinet is made of stainless steel custom made by Shiquan, which is easy to clean and durable.

There is no special decoration in bedroom, they are all painted with latex paint, and bed is also American made of solid wood.

The upper surface of four corners of master bedroom is decorated with plaster lines, and white furniture looks more fresh and cozy.

The bathroom is divided into wet and dry, sink is placed outside bathroom, background wall is also decorated with popular art mosaic, which is very beautiful. What do you think of stainless steel cabinets? Is it really as dirty as they say, like a restaurant kitchen?

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