A small apartment is decorated with a built-in wardrobe, which becomes more spacious when it is hidden in wall!

Housing prices are rising. More and more people are choosing small apartments for simply necessary living. They also live with their families. The house is too small and storage cabinets seem very depressing. A small area is even smaller. , built-in wardrobes are clean and tidy, and interior is spacious Do you like these designs?

The porch closet is most everyday closet. The wall is broken, and closet is used as a partition to make a built-in shoe cabinet upstairs, which can meet storage needs of the whole house.

Because house is small, many people sometimes forego buffet because it takes up space, even dining room probably has to compete for living room space. To make such a built-in wardrobe, it only needs one square meter of space to make wardrobe, one side is a built-in shoe cabinet, and other side can be used to store refrigerator. It's practical and beautiful, right?

Small living rooms need storage most. If back of living room is still an interior space and wall can be removed, it can also be used as a built-in storage cabinet. This niche is very convenient. good for storage.

There is always a place at end of corridor, maybe depth is not so great, but built-in wardrobes that are built into threshold can gain two levels of storage for nothing, how beautiful it is.

The wardrobe in bedroom is built in and bedroom looks spacious and simple, with appropriate depth, even a walk-in closet can be used.

If there is a separate study space, no matter what room it is connected to, if wall is load-bearing and can be removed, then you can put wall to good use to create a built-in bookcase. , Practical.

Today, people are chasing practicality, and balcony will be turned into a residential-type balcony. In addition to accommodating air conditioner, folded space can be used as a built-in wardrobe, if other space will not affect access to external machine setting.

Actually, best way to use indoor space is to selectively turn a solid wall into a built-in storage cabinet that can meet your storage needs and look beautiful.

​If space permits, built-in wardrobes can be used everywhere, i.e. dining room can be used as a terrace, and built-in wardrobes can be built into both sides of extended wall. know how to design it. Look at built-in one side of sofa. Just look at cabinet body!

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